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Volume 12. October 1975, Published Monthly by the Church of Scientology of California, 2723 W. Temple St., Los Angeles, Calif. 90026


by L. Ron Hubbard

There are certain basic truths and laws about the human mind. There are the game. He might include the various parts of the E-Meter and TRs and
not very many. They are astonishingly few. You audit by those, not by how things like that. He could go over that checklist very carefully checking if
reasonable it is that something else would work. You mustn't be reasonable. at any time in any recent session he was worried about any part of this
You must be fundamental. checklist. Just ask himself honestly, "In the last sessions have I had any
You actually have to isolate out for yourself what is true and what is concern with this?" Then just take those points he's checked and go ahead
fundamental. and drill them. Treat them like a plain old drill, that's all.
I could give you a list of fundamentals and get you examined on them When a dancer finds that he usually stumbles on his exit, he practices the
until you were green in the face. I could say "These are the truths and step that gets him exited until he doesn't stumble on his exit.
that's all there is to it." And actually, all that gives you is a stable datum Well, that's what it takes to become a master of a craft. Don't think that
fixed in by a confusion, not understanding. That datum then isn't available you're going to get results, real honest-to-goodness results if you're anything
in a tight spot. And if the auditor is unable to regurgitate the proper datum else.
in any tough situation in an auditing session, at that instant he'd be sunk. Only with this drilling on fundamentals will you be free to be a craftsman,
You must recognize the fundamental for what it is. A fundamental is a a master of what you're doing. Only then will you be free to audit the pc in
fundamental. front of you.
I could go this far: I could say to you "This is a fundamental, find out You won't be free to audit the pc in front of you as long as you're
about it," and tell you eight, ten, fifteen times, "It's a fundamental, find enslaved with "don't knows" amongst your auditing tools, because you'll
out about it." Then one fine day you'll say, "Well I haven't got anything else have a chain of error which mounts in the session from the basic not-,
to do. 1 think I'll find out about it. Oh my god, it is a fundamental!" At knowingness.
that point it becomes a useable tool. Today's auditing is not aimed at the repetitive process with no attention •
You could go on believing these fundamentals are fundamentals but never on the pc and "hoping for the best." Today's techniques require a master's
use them at the time they're required. You'll miss on pc after pc. All of a touch. They are that strong, that powerful. The pc's reactive mind doesn't
sudden you'll say "Why am I missing on this pc?" It'll be something on this have a prayer if you do auditing right.
basis: you, the auditor, do not recognize what fundamental applies. You have in Sciento'ogy broadlv workable technology. At the same tinv
When you know these fundamentals you can get an enormously speeded- Continued on page 2
up look at auditing. You've got a chance to look at the fundamentals and
eventually see that you don't need 8,655 superstitions like "I must not stand
under a carob tree because that's what gives women babies" and other "true"
data of the human race. You get down to the bottom of the pile and all
these superstitions become understandable.
What I expect of an auditor is that he audit the pc right there in front of
him, by the most fundamental fundamentals that he can command and
understand. This auditor will always get wins.
Now, these fundamentals must be applied with exactness to small details.
The common denominator of all great art is a great ability to do a small
detail. You look at the Japanese working with the brush. He paints a
bamboo. He paints it all up, and boy he paints, and when he's all finished
there's a beautiful sketch of a bamboo. So you say, "That's easy," and you
take some charcoal and a big piece of paper and say, "Well . . . let's see
. . . " and you never get anywhere. It looks so easy, but they don't do it
Well, the little Japanese knows where to get the inkstone. He knows how
to grind it up. He knows how to mix it. He knows how to handle brushes,
and he could probably write with a brush as fast as you can write with a pen.
All of this great art is built out of a great ability to do a small detail.
That's why the schools of drawing that you see lined up along the board
and fence down in Greenwich Village will never get anywhere. In fifty years
nobody will be able to find those pictures around. One sketch definitely
will not be going for £285.000. More likely you'll find them filling a mouse-
hole somewhere to keep the draft out.
That's because those boys work on an entirely different idea. They see
the ease with which art is done by masters, and mistake the tremendous
skill in the tiny detail. The tiny detail looks easy. It all looks so natural and
easy. They use the same abandon with which the master works to paint their
paintings or sculpt their sculptings, and that's madness. The only thing that's
missing is how do you take a small brush and flip it across a palette to bring
it to a point and paint an absolutely straight line. How do you do that?
I'll give you some idea of this. Michelangelo used to go calling on his
friends, and if they weren't home he'd take a piece of chalk and draw a
perfect freehand circle on the door. They always knew Michelangelo had
been to visit them as he was the only man in all of Italy who could draw a
freehand circle that was perfect. This was recognized as a badge.
There's a craftsmanship, a know-how, an exact skill, an exact response in
this. I don't care how great the man's name or how splendid the accomplish-
ment he's trying to accomplish, or how tiny or unimportant the kind of task.
The factor is still there - it's still craftsmanship, and craftsmanship is built
out of tremendous expertness on the tiny detail.
A student of auditing could make himself a checklist of the fundamental
parts of auditing. I'm talking now about the "mixing the pigments" stage of
T h e First Annual Class
VIII Re-Union was a per-
fect success! It was held
at the Manor on July 26,
and a t t e n d e d by over 100.
Five guest speakers gave
their own personal exper-
iences on the Class VIII
Course: Artie Maren, Peter
Crundall, Drew J o h n s t o n ,
Alan Walter, and Pam
A large card, "Greet-
ings to the C o m m o d o r e
from Class VIIIs of the
First Class VIII R e - U n i o n " Class VIII Aitie Maren shares a joke with the roomful of Class VIIIs at the First Annual Class VIII
was signed by all, and sent Re-L'nion.
to L. Ron H u b b a r d .
There were seven Class VIIIs there from the ( A n y Class VIIIs not in contact with ASHO Class
original Class VIII Course on Flag in 1968: Charles VIII Supervisor, write her immediately at ASHO. A
Groff, Mary Jane (Jewell) Hertz, Esther Mangold, Class VIII Newsletter is coming o u t soon and y o u r
Artie Maren, Pern Wall, Alan Walter and Bob L y p k o . current address is needed.)
Each Class VIII at the Re-Union was given a " C o d e of
H o n o r " , donated by Class VIII Bruce Bishop.
There are now two families with T H R E E Class VIIIs
in each: Phil Spickler, Teri Spickler and Mimi Spickler;
and George Seidler, Andy Seidler and Melanie Seidler.
Next year's Class VIII Re-Union will be t h e 4 t h
Saturday in July, 1976.

Bruce Harrell, Sue F.lkinton, Phil Angier. Ned Higginbotham,
Kingsley Wimbush, Gayle Teele, Pete Summers, Jack Hersh-
berger. Stan Sussberg, Derris Biggins, Karl Meyers, Doug Russell,
Michael Biggins, Danielle Harrell, Cris Lickert, Rick White,
Barbara Slatkin. Billy McCall, Ruth Knudson. Darlene Eggan,
Renee Ansort, Mae Rice, Ellen Rockwell, Donna Taylor, Bob
Azevedo, Valerie Leany, Abi Luscy, Kathy Reed, Kent Thornell
Debbie Butler. Peter Rundberg, Susan Blanchard, Mike Hamra,
Freyde Isley, Allan Collins.

Dave Trebas, Marie Bernadine, Ray Jenson, Skyle Peterson,
Craig Bell, Nick Eckleberry, Nancy Schmiedeke, Jan Gildersleeve,
Eva Reimer, T. Tolles, Shelley Reynolds, Paul Smith, Bill
Lorenzen, John Vollbrecht, Dale Moore, Wayne Ball, Bina
Cynion, Eric Rix, Debbie Butter, Sue Strickland, Bette Rehden.
Bill Martin, Lucy Martin, Dave Jordan, Carrie Kerman, Kerry
Gordon, Sam Fullerton, Garth Thompson, Lars Asplund, Tom
Laughlan, Steve Demogenies.

Personal Notices

HOMEMAKER and BABYSITTER wants live-in position, L.A.

area. 1-2 children. Gd. exp. Power Release. 714-546-5258.
authorized by Ron in the West U.S. specializing in Vitamin E
and original GUK formula. We carry enteric coated (see HCOB
25 Oct 71) vitamins. Price lists on request. 740 S. Alvarado,
L.A., Ca. 90057. 213-HUbbard 3-9832. We ship FREE anywhere
in Continental U.S.
Up-stat space. All meals wkly/mnthly rates. 1919 Beachwood,
Hollywood 90028. 463-6079. A Home Away from Home with
WANTED: Recordings of radio talks given in Los Angeles by
L. Ron Hubbard in 1950-51. Send any info to Mike Smith,
6724 Hollywood Blvd., L.A., CA. 90028.

You can have personal notices in this column at the rate

of $5 for three lines or a fraction thereof. (Approximately
30 words). Professional and center ads are not printed.
Only personal arrangements and advices, items for sale
or rent, etc. are accepted. Send us the exact wording you
want clearly printed or typed with the cash, check or
money order. Send to Editor of the Auditor, New
American Saint Hill.

ASHO Release Tally

This figure changes daily.
Watch the next Auditor for the latest tally.

Page 10 - Issue 116- THE AUDITOR

At O r l a n d o , Florida
married on July 3, 1975 by the Rev. Edson L. Chrissinger.
At Amityville, Long Island, N e w York
RACHF.L G O L D S T E I N and RON H A U G E N were married on
July 6, 1975 by the Rev. Richard D. Alexander.
At Washington, D.C.
KATHY ZAREMBA and HUGH W I L H E R E were married on
J u n e 2 8 , 1975 by the Rev. Greg Wilhere in the c o u r t y a r d of the
F o u n d i n g Church of Scientology.
At Vancouver, British C o l u m b i a , Canada
A P R I L R O G E R S and J O H N N U I S K E R were married on January
2 5 , 1975 by the Rev. Hilarie Rockl.
At Old S a c r a m e n t o , California
ADDIF. C A E T A N O and PAUL O ' N E I L L were married on
August 16, 1975 by the Rev. Doug L i n d e m a n .
At R o s e m o n t , Pennsylvania
B A R B A R A H U T C H I N S O N and B R A D F O R D PF.TTIT were
married on July 19, 1975 in Austin Memorial Park by the Rev.
Andy Leonard.
At San Diego, California
ENID V I E N , Class V I I I , and DUNCAN A N G U S were married
on August 30, 197 5 by the Rev. Carl Carlson.
At Austin, Texas
OT HI X, were married on May 17, 1975 by the Rev. Frank
At Saint Paul, Minnesota
M A R E E N BABCOCK and MIKE S T A P L E S were married on
July 3, 1975 by Father Heshen.
At H o l l y w o o d , California
J O Y C E W R I G H T and DOUG F I A N D A C A were married on
August 2, 1975 at t h e Manor by the Rev. R o n Fiandaca.
At H o l l y w o o d , California
R O N ! LEIBGOLD and WILLIAM H E D S T R O M were married
August 2, 1975 in the Manor garden by the Rev. H o w a r d Becker.
At Davis, California
J U D I T H A R D E N S H A F R A N and LYNN I R O N S were married
on J u n e 18, 1975 by the Rev. Steve Besio.
At Washington, D.C.
W E N D L A N D III were married on August 30, 1975 by the Rev.
Sandy Wilhere.
At Minneapolis, Minnesota
A N G E L A K R U G E R and J O H N W A A R A N I E M I were married on
August 2, 1975 by the Rev. Paul Torola.
At Davis, California
D O N N A S Y N H O R S T and R O B E R T R E I F E R were married o n
June 2 1 , 197 5 by the Rev. Steve Besio.
At Palo Alto, California
B A R B A R A PEASE and BRIAN ZWAN were married on March 8.
1975 by the Rev. Phil Spickler and Dr. Hal Puthoff.
At North A d a m s , Massachusetts
T R A C Y C L O U G H and J E R R Y M A R K L A N D were married on
March 15, 1 9 7 5 .
At Los Angeles, California
S U Z A N N E GLASGOW and C R A I G W R I G H T were married on
August 2 9 , 1975 by the Rev. Sam Loria.
At St. Helena, California
C L A R I C E M a c D O N A L D and CHUCK DALY were married on
May 17, 1975 by t h e Rev. Russel McKevitt.
At Phoenix, Arizona
J O A N N E F O L L I S and L A R R Y C H R I S T I A N S O N were married
on May 17, 1975 by t h e Rev. Diane K. Koel.
At W o o d l a n d , California
J U L I E W A R R E N and M A R K H A M I L T O N were married on
August 16, 1975 by the Rev. J o h n D o u g h t y .
At Geyserville, California
RONA ISAACSON and T I M O T H Y B O R O L E S were married
on J u n e 2 2 , 1975 by Rabbi A b r a h a m Feinberg.
At Nevada City. California
M A R L E N E W O L F E and MICHAEL P A R O D I were married
on May 10, 1975 by the Rev. Lawrence Lynn.
At C o r o n a Del Mar, California
B A R B A R A F R E D E R I C K S and R A N D Y SMITH were married
at the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club in a d o u b l e ring c e r e m o n y
on August 17, 1975 by the Rev. T o m Morgan.

MARK W. FISK and JOY A R C H E R a n n o u n c e their engagement
to be married on December 2 5 , 1 9 7 5 .
J O H N BREWER and H E L E N HANSEN a n n o u n c e their engage-
m e n t to be married on O c t o b e r 18, 1 9 7 5 .
RICK JOHNSON and DEE H O I . L I N G S W O R T H a n n o u n c e their
engagement to be married on O c t o b e r 1 1 , 1 9 7 5 .
MARK MADDY and KATHY R I T T E R a n n o u n c e their intention
to be married on S e p t e m b e r 2 0 , 1975 in Davis, California by
t h e Rev. Albert Alexander P o l h a m u s IV.

At H o l l y w o o d , California
To VICKY and PETER LEWIS, a d a u g h t e r . S U Z A N N E
V I C T O R I A , born on August 15, 1 9 7 5 . At Flint, Michigan
At Vancouver, British C o l u m b i a , Canada
To G L O R I A and JOHN HANCOCK, a daughter, DIANA AMY
J O A N , born on May 17, 197S.
To L A U R I E and RANDY P A T E R S O N , a daughter, R A C H A E L
L A I N E , born August S, 1 9 7 5 . ASHO's
At H o n o l u l u , Hawaii
To DF.BRA and A N T H O N Y S H A F T E L , a son, T A D N A T H A N ,
born on July 7, 1975.
At Tustin, California
REBECCA LYNN, daughter of MARSH and D E E G I E P H E L P S ,
Interned Auditors
At Los Angeles, California
To PEGGY ANN and SCOTT PEDEN, a d a u g h t e r , P A T R I C I A
J O A N N , born o n June 2 1 , 1 9 7 5 .
At Newhall, California
was christened on June 8, 1975 by the Rev. T h o m a s Morgan.
R e b e c c a ' s g o d p a r e n t s are DEBBIE and BILL S U P L E E .
At P h o e n i x , Arizona
Make Releases
To SUSAN and J O H N B O R D E N , a d a u g h t e r , C A T H E R I N E
christened on May 1 1 , 1975 by the Rev. Juanita Allen.
R O S A M O N D , born o n J u n e 2 3 , 1 9 7 5 . Christine Giannotti, Barbara Sinclair, Ellie Blankenship,
Kiersten's g o d p a r e n t s are LILA P E E P L E S and JIM MAY.
At Washington, D.C.
To SANDY and G R E G W I L H E R E , a son, D A R I U S S T E V E N S ,
At P h o e n i x , Arizona Coyla Seeley, Margaret Logwood, Joseph Scogna, Jr.,
J O N A T H O N J., son of LES and D I A N E K. K O E L , was
born on J u n e 2 0 , 1 9 7 5 . christened on May 1 1 , 1975 by the Rev. Juanita Allen. Richard Jimenez, James Hunter, Emma Erickson, Mitch
At Los Angeles, California J o n a t h o n ' s godparents are JUDY D A R L A N D and JIM MAY. Esterman, Danielle Harrell, Shan Chandler, Howard
To D O N N A and DAVID K A R A S , a daughter, MEGHAN
C H R I S T I N A , born on May 2 9 , 1 9 7 5 . FUNERAL Becker, Diane Leakakos, Barbara Benjamin, Deborah
At Los Angeles. California At T o r o n t o . O n t a r i o , Canada White. Malcolm Laffey, Bill Hurst, Anita Hedrich,
To R A E C H A S E , a daughter, Z E R R I N A L E T H I E A LYN, born
on J u n e 2 5 , 197S.
On August 5, 1975 a funeral service was conducted for Leonard Pergerson, Ernest Corbett, Hugh "Sandy"
W A L T E R C U R R Y by the Rev. Les C. Rogers.
At R i c h m o n d , California Sanford, Joseph Mennone.
To J U L I A and C A R L S U T T O N , a son, T R A C Y R Y A N , born on POWER RELEASES:
J a n u a r y 19, 1975.
At Los Angeles, California Ellie Blankenship, Peter Brown, Coyla Seeley, Mary
To K A R E N and L A R R Y S P E N C E R , a d a u g h t e r , ALISON
E L I Z A B E T H , born on August 14, 1 9 7 5 .
Houghtaling, Kay Biggs, Ron Tatum, Margaret Logwood,
At Los Angeles, California Joseph Scogna, Richard Jimenez, Kathy Lickter, Mary
To D O N N A and TY HUSAK, a d a u g h t e r , J E N N I F E R Ann Gallant, Craig Morris, James Hunter, Chel Hender-
C A T H R Y N . born on August 1 1 , 1975.
At Boston, Massachusettes
son, Mitch Esterman, Sergio Lan, Linda Hutchins, Rick
To J O A N and R I C H A R D GAMBINO, a daughter, J E N N I F E R , Batha, Howard Becker, Diane Leakakos, Ray Mitoff,
born on March 15, 1 9 7 5 . Alison F. Pergusen, John R. Munn, Anne Munn, Marcia
At C o p e n h a g e n , Denmark
To R E N N I E and IVAN W A T S O N , a d a u g h t e r , R O S A L I N D Shepard, Andrea Nathan, Mary Kneipp. Deborah White,
M E R E D I T H , b o r n in natural childbirth on August 12, 197S. Malcolm Laffey, Anita Hedrich, Leonard Pergerson,
At Minneapolis, Minnesota.
To J A N E and KEITH T R U E , a son, JASON S A M U E L , born
Ernest Corbett, Lorie Runnion, Patrick McClure, Shan
on May 13, 1 9 7 5 . Chandler.
Issue 116 - page 11
Continued from front page

you inherit along with it a precision

of application which knows no
second class or just-as-good-as. All
of the various points which make
precision in auditing must be
actually precise.

When a pc sits down across from

an auditor who is E-Metering so
well that he never worries about an
E-Meter, does his TRs so well that
he never worries about his TRs,
does his model session so well that
he never worries about his model
session, who knows what he's
supposed to do with the processes
and does just those things - when a
pc sits down across from such an
auditor, he will just say "Gosh,
it's so easy! I am so comfortable
sitting here being audited. How
come? How did that combination
of events take place? Was it because
the auditor was born the seventh
son of a seventh son? Was it some
fantastic prescience of some kind?
Is it because his thetan can read my

It doesn't happen to be a single In the center of the humming Briefing Course room at ASHO a supervisor orients new day students just arrived from Hawaii. (Left to right, Jordan
Nagasako, Gail Peterson, Peter Alexandre.)
one of these things. It was merely
because the auditor knew the little
points of auditing absolutely per- TRAINING FASTER NOW!
fectly and did them as a whole
with perfection. He presented no
tension by reason of auditing
because he knew all the time and SAINT HILL SPECIAL BRIEFING COURSE
could then apply fundamentals to
what he was doing.
By order of L. Ron Hubbard, the in either case for the student going on to
First and foremost, to attain internship requirements after Dianetics Level V
any result requires a technology. and Class IV training have been abolished NOW YOU CAN GET TO ASHO
We have this technology. for those going right on to the Saint Hill WITHIN 3 MONTHS OR LESS.
Special Briefing Course at ASHO. As a full time student you can now
The Dianetic internship is not required do your training from the beginning to
You have to also get a con- before going on to Class 0. The Class IV Class IV in just 3 months with the Con-
fidence that when you sit down internship is not required before beginning ditional Certificate system.
and audit somebody by the use Level V (the Saint Hill Special Briefing After you complete the Briefing
Course). Course (Class V) and Senior Briefing
of this technology he is going to When doing your Dianetic and Class Course (Class VI), you will do your
get a result. That takes the last not IV training you may now achieve either internship at ASHO to earn your per-
know out of it. Is the pc going to a PROVISIONAL CERTIFICATE manent certificate. The Class VI Intern-
(meaning you have done the theory, ship includes your full internship on
gain or win? And if you do it right, practical and auditing for your level) OR Dianetics and then 0-VI on just the right
the pc keeps winning. You win, the the new CONDITIONAL CERTIFICATE gradient to craftsmanship.
pc wins, everybody wins. (meaning you have done the theory, Take advantage of the new faster
and practical drills but not the auditing). route and speed your own progress up Class VI Intern Mike Miller hops off the Manor
bus at ASHO just in time for roll call and
Either Conditional Class IV or Provisional the Bridge! Write the Letter Registrar at another exciting day on his internship. The
That's the final tension that goes Class IV makes you eligible for the ASHO right now for friendly assistance Manor makes a special morning run to ASHO
out of it, and after that the results SHSBC. Internships are not required in making your plans. for interns.
you can get in auditing are just
And frankly, that's what I expect
of you. I expect you to learn how
to audit like a master.

From Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Tape

"Craftsmanship - Fundamentals."

The Monthly Journal of Scientology
Edition for the Americas
Volume 12, Issue 116
October 1975


Editor: Diane Collctto
Assistant Editor: Lynn Baldwin
Copyright (c) 1962, 1964, 1973, 1975
by L. Ron Hubbard. All rights reserved.
Published monthly by the Church of
Scientology of California, Publications
Organization. 2723 W. Temple Street,
Los Angeles, California 90026. 213/
2nd Class postage paid at Los Angeles,
California. (A non profit organization.
Scientology is an applied religious
philosophy.)Scientology® and Dianetics
a are registered names.

page 2 - Issue 116 - THE AUDITOR

to learn the craftsmanship of auditing
More t h a n 50 new s t u d e n t s have p o u r e d into A S H O NEW STUDENTS ON THE SAINT HILL
to start the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course in the last SPECIAL BRIEFING COURSE:
few weeks!
Holly E p s t e i n . J o h n i Hurst, J o a n Biggs, R o m y N u i r h e a d ,
There are now more s t u d e n t s on Level V and VI
than ever in A S H O history, with a total of 3 5 7 enrolled Marie Tyler. Sioux B u s h m a n , Marion F u m e n t o , Karen
for either day or evening schedules. Kuever, Ken Traeger, Jan Welda, Dick P r o u l x . Keith
Staff and Supervisors were-thrilled to see all t h e new F o z z a r o , David West, Mark Brown, Gail Peterson. J o r d a n
s t u d e n t s arrive. The large Briefing Course r o o m has Nagasako, Peter A l e x a n d r e , Myrna J a c o b s , O w e n
been e x p a n d e d to take over the adjoining space, almost
R e y n o l d s , N a n c y H o c h m a n , Joe H o c h m a n . Alice
doubling its size, to make r o o m for more s t u d e n t s .
"Listening to the Briefing Course r o o m during after- D a y t o n , Vikki Walker, Cindy Woodruff, Dan F u m e n t o ,
noon practical time is like listening to the h u m of the Debbie Baer, Sue S n o w , Charlie Garner, Larry Meyers,
New York Stock E x c h a n g e , " said one observer. T h e Jose Menendez, Paul G a m b e r g , Bob Kosal, Doris
incredible a m o u n t of purposeful activity is exciting L e o n a r d s o n , Tim Orloff, Celia Hawkes. B o b b y D u b o w ,
to see and even more exciting to be part of! Each set
Gill Bailo, Mary Ribiero, Leslie Tyrer, A n d y Rush, Pat
of twins, intent u p o n their drills, have their total con-
c e n t r a t i o n on learning auditing to R o n ' s standards and C o o k , Bill Penninger, S t e p h e n Rodriguez, Sheila Marsh,
progressing through the course. Debbie McFarland, Bob Sigsbee, Sarita L a n n , Faith
As Scientology e x p a n d s at a high roar, m o r e Class Stella, Sherry R o b i n s o n . Alan Pearson, Lynn Verhoeff,
Vis, Class VIIIs, Class VI Case Supervisors and HSSTs Dan Mackenzie, T o m Lane, Ed Maher, Doug Taylor,
are needed across the c o u n t r y to hold in Standard
Tech. Gerald F r e n c h , Joan DeAngelo. Linda P e t e r s o n , Herb
T h e auditors now on the Briefing Course at A S H O Z e r d e n , Brad Sweigert, Lorretta Warren. Beth Shaffer,
are the Class VI I N T E R N S of t o m o r r o w , w h o will Alfred Belleza. K a t h y Brown, Ed Miller. Bill S h e p a r d .
then be going out to deliver auditing with real crafts-
manship to the people of the Western Hemisphere.
Now is the time to gain the knowledge and cer-
tainty these a u d i t o r s are gaining. Join t h e m on t h e COURSE:
Briefing Course t o d a y ! Steve Crivello. Happy new arrival for the Briefing Course Mark Brown (seated)
is greeted by an ASHO registrar! New students lined up behind
him (left to right) are Jan Welda, Alan Pearson, Tom Lane, Jose
Menendez, Brad Sweigert, Darrin Michell, Dave West.

Auditors gain professional experience and
certainty on ASHO internships!
/ gained the stability to audit Class VI materials plus really To me it doesn't make much sense to do a course without
cleaned up and handled weak areas in my tech that I've had for doing an internship the two go hand in hand.
years. The internship rehabilitated my willingness to help pre- An internship is the 'proof of the pudding' where the rough
clears and audit. edges stand up and salute'
Rand Shipley, Permanent Class VI On my first internship at ASHO I learned it really was OK
to have a Texas accent, and that I didn't have to come on with
a phony voice to get reads on the meter.
BEST POSSIBLE CLASS VI At ASHO one has the advantage of being trained by top
/ learned so much about auditing on this internship-1 really tech terminals. This may sound awesome and a little frighten-
improved in handling preclears and doing assessments. ing, but it's not. It actually makes it much easier because the
To be totally truthful I received as much knowledge about tech is 100% standard.
auditing in practical on the Class VI Internship as I did theory Carol Cowan
on the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. That's a lot' Permanent Class VIII
You really need this internship to be the best possible Class
VI you can. Your mission, org and preclears will be glad you SAFE ENVIRONMENT Interns Barbara Slatkin and Peter Rundberg work on a practical
did it! After not auditing for over 2 years, coming in for my Class drill at ASHO. Intern Cramming Officer (standing) points out a
Dede Dizik VI Internship scared me a bit! But soon after the initial shock bulletin by L. Ron Hubbard for them to re-study.
Permanent Class VI of long hours of study and very demanding supervisors, I started
to roll and my basics came to full view again. I felt confident
and ready to audit.
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE I audited in the safe environment of the Hubbard Guidance
When I finished the Briefing Course I could audit with very
good results.
According to the Grade Chart my next step was the intern-
ship. On the internship I found out I wasn't a student anymore,
Center under very expert Case Supervisors and from the very
first session I was winning and the preclear was winning. Flubs
were handled smoothly and quickly and within a few weeks
I was out the top and graduated.
I was a professional auditor, and that as an auditor I was Having some time left over, I did the Class VIII Course and
expected to audit.' that put things together on a new plane of simplicity. Then on
Then I found just auditing the preclear to a win wasn 't quite to Expanded Dianetics for more breathtaking tech straight
enough I had to get the results that were expected and intended from source. And now I'm on the Expanded Dianetics Intern-
in the preclear's program. That was the test. Whenever I fell back ship.
there was correction.
Then one day I found I was able to audit any case that was
given to me, with no effort. It was really easy. My confidence
All this in about 4 months!
Thanks to ASHO and Ron for making it so simple.
Peter Rundberg,
Intern at ASHO
had improved 100%. Class VIII
My purposes all aligned. If you look at the Awareness Charac-
teristic column, you'll notice it goes up the middle of the chart PERMANENT CERTIFICATE! A S H O is where y o u b e c o m e a professional
(not just the processing side). The Class VI internship stabilized Permanent OK to audit as a Class VI is a fantastic feeling. auditor. A S H O is where you really learn w h a t
me at "purposes". It made more change in me than anything else I feel competent and very valuable as a being. craftsmanship is all a b o u t .
I've ever done in Scientology. Dick Killion
Permanent Class VI An A S H O internship is t o u g h , challenging.
Ellen Rockwell
Permanent Class VI A n d it's w o r t h every m i n u t e . Y o u c o m e t h r o u g h
CERTAINTY FOR MYSELF rapidly as a confident, certain auditor of proven
The Class VI Internship gave me exactly what I came to flawless ability.
TECH NEVER LETS ME DOWN Los Angeles to get. I got certainty for myself on the tech. I You'll audit all kinds of preclears. Soon you'll
I've been auditing now for 6 weeks in the field since com- usually felt pretty good about programs that Case Supervisors
pleting the Class VI Internship at ASHO. My own sense of cer- had written and on the day to day ClSes in general. But as a be able to give any of t h e m c o n t i n u o u s , standard
tainty in executing any auditing program continues to grow. Class IV I never felt I had enough knowingness to know for gains -- no u n c e r t a i n t y , no goofs, just 100%
The tech I now have under my belt' never lets me down, and myself that everything was 100%. standard. The VI Internship S t a n d a r d Tech session after session.
standard application leaves my preclear looking like a neon gave me that knowingness.
At A S H O y o u have Flag-trained tech terminals
light almost immediately. No more desperation for me or the Nancy Beatty
preclear. Permanent Class VI w h o k n o w their business to back you u p . Y o u r
Jackie Matthiesen Intern Supervisor is a Power Class VIII. A PER-
Permanent Class VI INTERNING AT ASHO M A N E N T certificate from A S H O m e a n s y o u
All auditors should be so lucky to do their internship at KNOW y o u r tech is S T A N D A R D .
ASHO. This is the place to do them. I feel fantastic. Thank you
I'm really glad I did internships right away after the Briefing If you're a provisional Class VI, get on your Class VI
Course. I was on a co-audit, hut I found I couldn 't just keep Bruce Harrell Internship at ASHO now. What you already know will be
co-auditing and do nothing else. I couldn't stay keyed-in long Class VIII validated. Your tech will be brought totally up to date.
enough' You really do have to keep busy with life. I found it Any weak points will be quickly cleared up with source
balances the wins of auditing and the satisfaction of producing. EFFORTLESS AUDITING materials.
Mark Dale / came here in June to do the Class VI Internship. Now in If you're on or planning to do the Briefing Course,
Permanent Class VI early August I'm graduating as a permanent Class VI. I feel complete the training cycle by interning immediately
absolutely marvelous. after you graduate. With the data fresh in your mind,
I now know I can apply standard tech flawlessly with total you'll get through faster and easier. When you go home,
BACK ON PURPOSE certainty of achieving the desired results. I can audit for many you'll take a PERMANENT certificate from ASHO!
This has been quite an experience for me. I have been off hours effortlessly, taking the preclear through cycle after cycle
lines and off purpose for about 3 years. I found if you don 7 on up the grade chart. I can handle bogged students, repairs, in Class VI Internship: $375, including Dianetics and
use it you lose it.' With the help of the Supervisors. Case fact anything at all that needs handling. I'm finding I enjoy 0-VI. Allow 3 weeks for each internship.
Supervisors and Cramming Officer I've ground off a lot of auditing more than ever. Reserve your place now. Write the Letter Registrar,
rust and feel I'm a pretty shiny auditor again. (My preclear The training here is superb. It's such a joy to experience Church of Scientology of California. ASHO, 2723 West
is shiny too and that's what it's all about). top-notch supervision all the way, to audit in a totally upstat Temple. Los Angeles, California 90026.
I worked hard and I'm glad because I broke through some place - I look forward to coming back for the next training
barriers and now I'm not efforting. Thanks to Ron and the cycle. And I encourage all auditors who have not yet interned You owe it to yourself, to your preclears, and to
ASHO tech and Qualifications staff. to get on out here and do it now' Ron to be the very best auditor you can be.
Helen Kit chin Betty Magnan
Class VI Permanent Class VI

Issue 116 page 3


Direct from Ron
The Road
to Perfection
a taped lecture by L. Ron Hubbard
Just how do y o u a p p r o a c h perfection?
What is the secret to getting others
started on t h e road to an ultimate t r u t h ?
Hear the fascinating answers on this 70
m i n u t e lecture given to professional auditors
by L. R o n H u b b a r d .
Perfect y o u r auditing craftsmanship!
Have this data-packed tape to s t u d y and
enjoy whenever y o u like.
On the o t h e r side of t h e IVi inch reel,
hear Ron explain a startling new idea for
world peace in a talk called " I n t e r n a t i o n a l
$25 per lecture. To HASI m e m b e r s ,
just $ 4 0 for b o t h .
Order t o d a y from Dept. 116, Church of
Scientology of California, Publications
Organization, 2 7 2 3 W. T e m p l e , Los Angeles,
California 9 0 0 2 6 .


/ am more at cause than I have ever been and KNOW that
my postulates for the future will all be realized. This planet
is my backyard and I no longer feel overwhelmed or afraid of
acting in it. I can now operate as a highly efficient, mobile
tactical viewpoint and plot my goals with no self-invalidation
or doubt. It sure feels good to feel GOOD! Somebody once
said we are as Gods; and we might as well get used to operating
as such. I know I am on my way now and nothing will stop me.
Thanks and a tip o' the oT hat to my auditor, Carter
Flag-trained JERVIS JOHNSON (left) and Power Class VIII WILL CARTER, two of the many interned auditors in ASHO's Hubbard James Hunter
Guidance Center, on their way to audit the Power Processes.
Expanded Dianetics has made me see myself and others in
a new light. . . a nice light.
Since being at ASHO getting audited I've had more energy
and renewed old purposes.
YOU WIN AND YOUR PRECLEARS WIN I'd like to thank my auditor, Carter, and Jenny and Chris for
getting me through so fast.


It's hard to put what I've achieved here in words. I made
more case gain in 30 hours of Expanded Dianetics than in 500
hours of everything else. I used to be obnoxiously critical and
VER Y right. The universe looked like something 10 trillion years
// everyone knew that they could get the kind of gains I Before I found Scientology, my doctor told me I should Now I'm here and I see what's really there. When I do some-
got from ASHO's help in delivering fantastic auditing, they have been dead 15 years ago. Also, my son's life was hanging thing I do it - no one or nothing else is making me do it. Wow!
would literally be lined up around and around the block. in the balance after 2 major operations. Since auditing this Thanks, Tim, Exilda, ASHO and of course Ron.
My gains have been absolutely - not good, or great, but last year the doctors can find nothing wrong with either of us. Howard Becker
completely and totally fantastic, beyond my imaginings. They call us "wonder patients" (ex-patients that is).
I had been away from auditing for a while, had an operation In this last year my family and I have had progressively more GROWN-UP THETANS
and came in finally. Oh, I thought, I have already done the Drug wins. This business of survival is a real joy and pleasure. Expanded Dianetics has to do with evil, and the confront of
Rundown what I didn't know was that I hadn't had it at Faith Stella, Now SHSBC Student evil is what makes grown-ups. The wins my preclears and I have
ASHO with a great C/S and auditor and staff to back it up. made on this level has been uniformly miraculous and it is a
I was already a Grade IV Expanded, but my confront came ASHO GOT ME THROUGH pleasure and an honor to have this tech for with it we will be a
up to handle things that hadn 't been confrontable before. Little The people here at ASHO who helped me get through the race of grown-up thetans- something we have all been striving
did I know what crazy considerations I had stored in my bank to cycle of Expanded Dianetics and Power are really fabulous. for forever. Thank you Ron, however inadequate that sounds it
keep me at effect. No longer true. I am here as a Scientologist When I was at the other end it all looked impossible, but with is heartfelt, and thanks also to the excellent ASHO staff.
and that is the only valid reality - Scientology works! Thank their help getting through was easy. The auditing was fantastic. Vivien Crandall
you Helen Kitchin for fantastic auditing. Ned Higginbotham Permanent Class VI
Rosalyn Carlton (now Clear and on his Class VI Internship at ASHO) Expanded Diane tic A uditor

page 4 - Issue 116 - THE AUDITOR

TOLOGY WORK, not the big crashing reasons why the The preclear's upset is traced back to a failure to
preclear's mind isn't perfect. acknowledge well, to chopping the preclear's communi-
It isn't finding what's wrong with the preclear that cation, to a failure to give the preclear something to
really counts, it's the auditor's craftsmanlike attention answer, to evaluation, to invalidation - not to the late
to the little points of auditing that makes for big gains. hour or the position of Saturn.
Just one effective, received acknowledgement that An auditing session is made. It doesn't just happen.
makes the preclear know he's been acknowledged may ARC Breaks are constructed out of bad basics. Failures
be worth a dozen processes! to improve a preclear begin with failures to do good TRs.
An Auditor becomes an auditor- when he or she An auditing session gets wins only when the auditor
finds out that it's the basics that count. is right there running it and running it smoothly.
And this can be very hard to teach. The auditor The whole essence of auditing is not finding what is
who is so sure that all errors are explained by the con- wrong with the preclear and hammering at it. That's a
dition of the preclear seldom gets results. And it's medical-surgical approach, not a way to betterment. The
results that count. You can get results with Scien- essence of auditing is ARC handled and controlled by
tology and get them rather easily, too, so long as you the auditor.
know that the way the auditing is administered to the The auditor gives the preclear something to answer.
preclear is more important than the process run. The preclear answers it and when the preclear has
An auditor who consistently fails to get results is answered it to his or her satisfaction, the auditor acknow-
always the auditor who is most sure that all the errors ledges it. That's auditing. That's why auditing works.
for failure lay with the preclear or Scientology, and That's why the tone arm moves. That's why the preclear
never with the auditor's own basics. gets better.
How difficult it is to see oneself! How easy it is to But that simple cycle can have a thousand ways to go
blame the other fellow. wrong. The auditor gives the preclear something the
When I first started to teach by self-appreciation of preclear doesn't understand and can't answer. The pre-
one's own auditing here on the Saint Hill Course, even clear isn't permitted to complete his or her answer. The
the most veteran auditors were completely baulked. preclear answers fully and then never gets acknow-
ledged for it and rambles on. Class VI Intern at ASHO ELLEN ROCKWELL compares a tape
They have surmounted this now, but it was a mighty of hei auditing with a tape of a session given by L. Ron Hubbard.
high hurdle for a while. The saga of it was quite funny. Those are the things self-appreciation of one's audit-
I had the auditor give a session which was recorded on ing should reveal.
tape. Then I had the auditor listen to his own session Scientology has been getting fine results for a dozen
to find out his or her errors in basics. years. In the hands of a good auditor, there are no big
Well! You should have seen some of the early case failures. So it isn't the techniques.
reports I got! I even did an HCO Bulletin to show what It's this: What is a good auditor?
to look for, but to no avail!
A good auditor is one who knows Scientology and its
Some reports gave the session command by command. techniques and who audits with all basics in. That's a
Some gave all the preclear's errors. Some went primary thing we stress in training here at Saint Hill.
Russianesque in 'How horrible I am.' But at first nobody,
just nobody, caught on. A good auditor gives the preclear something to do
that the preclear can do, lets the preclear do it, and,
Let me give you the example of the first test made to when the preclear has, acknowledges well that the pre-
show what I mean. I taped a session noting needle clear has done it and promptly gives the preclear some-
action and condition of the preclear during session. thing to do. A good auditor never evaluates or
Then 1 listened to the tape. And I found that every time invalidates. A good auditor understands what the pre-
the auditor had gotten a dirty needle or a bad reaction clear has said and never goes on until he or she has
from the preclear, the auditor some minutes or seconds understood what the preclear said.
before had slipped up on his basics. In other words I
found that these basic errors were causing all the bad A technically skilled auditor can choose the very
preclear reactions. best processes, but unless these are run with all basics
in, the wins are few.
I found that the auditor made the session always and
the preclear never. The preclear got better because the That's why I started the Saint Hill Course - to make
auditor audited with smooth basics or got roughed up good auditors become good auditors who could also
because the basics skidded a bit - a slip up on an make good auditors.
acknowledgement, an over-hasty command, a failure to It's been successful in the extreme here at Saint Hill.
let the preclear fully answer the question. Seconds or But it's still a battle with basics.
minutes later, a bad reaction appeared in the preclear.
For whatever else an auditor must know about the
As a result of such studies of taped sessions, my mind, however valid the technology, it takes plain down
complete conclusion is that it is only the auditor's to earth good auditing to pull preclears through.
handling of the session that makes the session. There
For the only reason any process works is the auditor's
is nobody and nothing else to blame. Because the
handling of the session and the basics of the auditing
preclear's bad reaction comes later than the auditor's
skid in the basics, the auditor often does not connect his
error with the preclear's reaction and thinks it is just the Record some of a session you give, on tape. Note the
way the preclear is. rough spots for the preclear in the session while you give
it. Playback the tape in private and spot exactly where
You'd think this would be easy to learn; but no, and how each subsequent rough spot was caused by the
student reports continued to come in about their taped failure of the auditor to observe basics.
sessions that completely avoided the point. These
reports described anything and everything except the Suddenly it shows up like a crashed airplane at a
Auditor as Cause. picnic. The auditor caused those rough bits the pre-
clear went through and the auditor caused them by
Examples: 'The session went badly because the pre- failing to observe the simple basics.
clear had had no sleep.' 'The session was slow because
the preclear had a present time problem.' 'It was late in There may be lots of others reasons, too, but these
the evening, and the preclear always has a high tone arm don't give the preclear a rough time. They only make the
after 9:00 p.m.' The Instructor had given me another pc's progress fast or slow.
process, so when I tried to change the preclear got Preclears don't fail because Scientology doesn't work.
upset.' 'This preclear is always critical of auditors.' 'I had Preclears fail only when Scientology isn't administered
to end off because the preclear was upset.' with all basics in.
Horrible. In no case was the auditor making the
session. The session always depended on outer influences.
Next thing I'd have heard, 'We didn't have a good session
because the stars were not in the preclear's favour.'
Then some light began to dawn here and there and
they started to make it. The students began to see that
the failure of the preclear to progress was due to auditor
errors, not preclear meanness. And these are the things
Issue 116 - page 5

Scientology Churches (Peterson) N E G L E Y are e x p a n d i n g t h e San Francisco C h u r c h

while n o w Class VIIIs LYN and RON F I A N D A C A do their
internships at A S H O .
G R A D E VI: Janine Clarke, Bob Ealy, Bob G o r d o n , Jerry
I N T R O D U C T O R Y SCIENTOLOGY C O U R S E : Alex Mauroni,
Angie Kolevris, M o h a m m e d R a h m o u n . Abdessalem Derdouri.
H u t c h i n s , Drew Meredith, Jeff Nichols. Barbara R o w l e y , Gerd
Schlieman, Martel Schlieman, Butch Wolery. OT I: Kassandra
Baker, A n n Carlson. Bibbe Hansen, Jim J a c k s o n , Barbara John-
son. Wilberta Kiplinger, Dick K r a m a n , Joe Kuhns, Paul M u m f o r d .
A n t o n i o Siqueiros, Sherman Lovell, Carlos Garcia. Andy Collins.
Lancy McDowell, Jim Gallagher, Peter Brask, Joseph Lucero,
Alan Kahley, Avery H u d s o n , Daniel Aguilera, R o n n y Rosen,
Kristine A s p d e n , Jo Anne Meyer, Pia Vierra, Ken Fitzgerald.
Patty Martino, Rene N o r t o n , Lynn Rogers, J o h n S h e w m a k e , Constance T h o m s o n . Ed S t u a r t , T o m Christensen. H A S : Pat "My rise in movies has coincided with my rise in
Linda Velasquez. OT 11: Ron C o n n o r s , J o h n Higgins. Diane O'Halloran. H Q S : Bob R i c h m o n d , Steve C o l e m a n , Barry Morte,
Kidwell. Lorainne Lee, Roy Lee, Bill L o r e n t z e n , A n d y Marcus, Tim M u r p h y . R u t h H u r t a d o , Jim Feller, Merl Mauroni, Jamie Scientology," says actor GEOFF LEWIS, now doing
Ed Norstrand, Diane N e w m a n , Caroline O p o c e n s k y , Paula T h o m a s Barnes, S t e p h e n Dark, Paul Allbright, Tim Alderman. his Dianetic Internship.
Paiewonsky, Jim Rogers, Carron R o d r e , Dan Sjostrom. Pete H S D C : Annie Dillard, Larry Marshall, Celeste Ritz, Don Fell,
S u m m e r s , Loren Sherman. OT III: Sally Allerdice, Paige Becker, D o r o t h y A n n L y k e n s - E d m i s t o n . Debbie Carpenter, Bob Azevedo, Before Scientology, Geoff admits he was way off
Steve Goldfield, J o h n Grider, Lloyd Guderjohn, Steve L e d e r m a n , R o b e r t D ' E m i d i o , Betty Sivila, Janet Harrington. Sue Muckler. purpose and getting nowhere. Having read Dianetics
Dave Oyler, Bruce Partridge, Nancy Perry, Libba Pinchot, l e d Dave Ford, Ted Scheer, Paul Nielsen. Mike Finley, Mike W o o d s ,
Russell, Shirley R i t t e n h a u s , Steve Stevens, Ed Walters, J o h n Brian Pearce Ed H o n e s t y , Julia Ann Heick, Bob Ullrich,
several years back, he got in and started training and
Zegal. OT VII P R O C E S S E S : John B o o t h . Blake Huffam. Shannon Lufkin, Cat F'irstman, Karen Keis, Mark Fey. auditing. Since then, his career has really taken off. His
OT I1IX: Louise Holland, Bernard Percy, Darby S i m p s o n , M I N I S T E R ' S C O U R S E : Steve Hagerth, Lewis S t o n e , Brad recent film credits include Smile. The Wind and the Lion,
Martin Weimer. OT I V : Trish Papike. OT V: Clair Bryner. Mooney, Ed Krug, Mike J o h n s t o n e . T o m Francis, Glenn Rodgers.
Kim McDonald, Sue Sullivan, Dick Trimble. OT VI: Larry Jay H a n s o n . Chris Baer, Mark C h a m b e r s . Tim DeCarie, Bill The Great Waldo Pepper, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot,
Brennan, Gail Holland, Gloria Leonard, Scott Taylor. FULL OT S c h u b e r t . Nancy Nelson, Celeste Ritz, Larry Marshall, David Macon County Line, High Plains Drifter. And the future
VII: Sandra Carey, Virginia C o h e n , Russell Fisher, Carol Irvin, Langley. Dave R o c k w o o d , Don Fell. Debbie Carpenter. Annie
Faye Morris, Glenn Simms. Dillard. Jerd Bright, Babs Howell, J a n e t Harrington, Bruce looks brighter and brighter!
Ploetz, J o a n Casey, A n d r e w McCluskey, Ken Brown, Valerie "My confidence in handling other people both on the
L a n d r y , Bob D ' E m i d i o . L E V E L 0: Mike G u t t m a n . Tom Hall.
Les S w a n s o n . Doug Miller, Marlys F'rey. Tim DeCarie. L E V E L I: set and off has improved since I started my Dianetic
FOUNDING CHURCH WASHINGTON, DC. J o y c e Noll. L E V E L II: Jerry Martinez, Jeanne Falk. George Internship," he notes. "It's just easier to work with
More t h a n 9 0 0 0 people have b o u g h t DIANETICS, Modern Wynns, Kurt D a m b a c h e r , Sioux B u s h m a n . Doug Miller, Jim people."
Science of Mental Health in the Washington area since a b r o a d McKinley. L E V E L III: Mike Hedrick, J e a n n e Falk, Alice P a t o n ,
public campaign began in J u l y ! Well k n o w n Scientologists such Myrna O r e n b a c h , Sharon Barnes. L E V E L IV: J o h n Kretz, Al In filming the recently released movie "Smile," Geoff
as Milton Katselas, A m a n d a A m b r o s e . J u d y N o r t o n , Chick Corea
C a r p e n t e r , Jeanne Falk, Roy Estrada, Alica Paton. DIANETIC disseminated to one of the other performers, JOAN
I N T E R N S H I P : Curt Wilson, Doug Miller. Jim Deake, Art Peter
and t h e popular g r o u p Rocking House have b e e n on TV and son, Paul Friccero, Dave F o r d , Alice H o o p e n g a r d n e r , Chuck PRATHER, who got right into Scientology and is now
radio talk shows as part of the campaign. McDougal. Bruce K o b r i n , Mike Wright, Lucille McEvilly, l e d on her Dianetic Internship too!
Scheer. 0-IV I N T E R N S H I P : Dennis Gregory, Clif Trolin, Linda
GRADUATES Svendsen. DIANETIC C/S C O U R S E : Pam T o t h . Running his administrative affairs has gotten a lot
I N T R O D U C T O R Y S C I E N T O L O G Y C O U R S E : Ruth P a r k h a m . RELEASES easier too since he read Volume VII of the Org Exec
Bruce Kostreski, Ann Means, Laird Swaggert, David Graves,
Richard Gruver, Bill M o r t o n , Sharon F a r m e r . Walter Perkins. L I F E R E P A I R : Criss Farmer, D o n n a Alderman, Jamie T h o m a s , Course. He made time to do that between takes in his
Andrea S m i t h , Steve A n d e r s o n , Vaughn Prost, Lewis S t o n e , Bob
Mike Schoelles. Rose A n n a Haslup, R o b e r t S i m p s o n . Roy
Wheeler, Adele Mauroni, Ann Fiore, Pat O'Halloran, Carmel last movie shooting. Lucky Lady (a soon to be released
Williamson, Joe Peil, Renee Snide, Chris Jensen, J o h n Welsch.
H Q S : Judy McCrea, Jennifer Manse. J o a n n e T e r b u s h . Franz Sullivan, Richard Gazlay, Frank Vedder, Jack N e e d h a m . D R U G film with Liza Minelli, Gene Hackman and Burt
Burkstaller, Pauline Dross. H S D C : Barbara T e n o r , Pati Pease. R U N D O W N : Linda Bradbury, Ted Sullivan, Valorie Landry, Reynolds). Geoff manages his 6-man back up organiza-
Agnes K e m p e , Laurie Winters, Bob F l o r e n t z . J a n e t Cassella. Andy L i n d e m a n , S c o t t y Ross. Glenn Rodgers. ARC S T R A I G H T -
Ray Fink, Randy J o h n s o n , Judy R o s e m a n , Mick McCoy, Jerry W I R E : Max Krawez. D I A N E T I C CASE C O M P L E T I O N : Carolyn tion using Ron's tech now. "It helped get everybody
Schuler, Chris S m i t h , J o h n T a y l o r , Taz Delaney. L E V E L 0: Gross. G R A D E 0: Andy McCluskey, Steve Goldstein, Don Peter- moving in the same direction, in agreement on their
Mike Leach, Tony Dryer, Doug T r o o p , Ginnie Bulat, Margie son, Linda Blaine, D o r o t h y Ann Lykens-Edmiston, J o y c e
D u n n . LEVEL I: Keith D a m m . Becky Lewis, Phil Geisler. Nichelini, Valerie L a n d r y . G R A D E I: Teddie Milligan. G R A D E jobs and purposes." His job as an executive doesn't
L E V E L II: Ed T h o m p s o n , Brian Grimes. Charlie Shay. Ray II: Tim DeCarie, Val D a m b a c h e r , Chris Zarri, T o m Francis, take much time now, which leaves him free to do what
Ted Sullivan. G R A D E III: Dana Krawez. Mike Carraher, Sharon
Miller, L E V E L IV: Ted Horner, Bob Elder, Ben Lewis, Phil
Barnes, Jim Gillies. G R A D E IV: Bob Meinsma, Sarina Bass, he enjoys doing-acting.
RELEASES Tim DeCarie. Ev Pugh. Jolee Marshall. Jerry Martinez. EX- Geoff is a Grade IV Release and plans to be Clear by
P A N D E D D I A N E T I C S : S c o t t y Ross.
L I F E R E P A I R : Pat D u n c a n , William Reed. Irene Cassell. Gene year's end. He's very keen on training too and wants to
Showalter. Pat Elkin, George M o n o k a n , Anita D ' A m i c o , Doug continue to Class XII.
Legum, Gale Livingston, Steward Lewis. G R A D E 0: Verne TWIN CITIES
Landers, Ginnie Bulat, Agnes K e m p e . G R A D E I: R a n d y J o h n s o n , GRADUATES
Becky Lewis, Brad Sweigart, Neil Farren. GRADE. II: George
I N T R O D U C T O R Y S C I E N T O L O G Y C O U R S E : Gail J e n s e n . BOSTON
Baker, Joe Burns. G R A D E 111: l o r n Mertes, Oliver R a i k k o ,
Gene Street. G R A D E IV: Mike Morler, J o d y G u m p e r t . Jim Dave F i n s t r o m . Barbara F i n s t r o m . H Q S : Judy R e y n o l d s . Lynn GRADUATES
Busch, Lolly Williams, Robert Mosler. E X P A N D E D D I A N E T I C S : Burkhart, Faye Getchell, Wynne Gray, Avis Kotoski, Ted Hovey, I N T R O D U C T O R Y S C I E N T O L O G Y C O U R S E : Fred Morris,
Jane Kennedy, J o h n Ragusa, Paul Missionis, Joan DeAngelo. Sue Kotoski. Bob Stanek, R a n d y Carlson. H S D C : Mary Lynne D. French, B. Weiss, Sophia Molshan, Mark C u n n i n g h a m , Nermin
H a b e r m a n . David H a b e r m a n , Lois Engelmann, Rick Wm. Y o u n g Clear 4 4 9 0 , Colleen C o w a n , tells her p r o u d father, Mullen. Vincent Bordenaro, Linda Puchek, J o h n Horoland, Jim
J o h n s o n , Terry Pavek, Mike Staples, Paul McConville, Kirby Kaller, Mark G a r a b e d i a m , Sam N u a h m , D. Lefebvre, F.lise
Class VIII s t u d e n t J o h n C o w a n , the great n e w s ! D u n h a m , Larry Manning, Diane Altmannsberger, Beverly Howell,
J o n e s , Forrest D o c k e r y , Phill N o r d a k e r , Myron Mathiason, On set b r e a k s y o u can find movie a c t o r G E O F F LEWIS i n t e n t l y s t u d y i n g his Org Exec Course volumes!
LOS ANGELES Fred N u g e n t , Laurie Ulmer, Lowell R i c h a r d s o n , Rose Marie Hernan Michelangeli, Mark Styles, Marie Maio, Lauren W h i t m a n ,
I N T O R D U C T O R Y SCIENTOLOGY C O U R S E : Paul Braham,
Calisto, Jeff Dorn, Cathy H o , T o m Belisle. Vernon Livingston.
Sylvia Hessedal, Brian Torola, Jean J o h n s o n , Marie R o o u . Jody
N o r d a k e r , Charles S t r o m q u i s t , Jim Marsh. Dale Christiansen.
DAUGHTER OF Gina Burri. Bob Wylde, Patricia H a t c h , Maryann Seale, Larry
Furaci, Peter Halamendaris, Paul Laquerre, Dale Reed, Elliot
Benjamin, Ben Saccacio, Ann Fleming, Drew Minte, Rebecca
Charlie S m i t h . Peter Vilinsky, Chris D e S i m o n e , Angelo Rinaldi.
Yvette Metoyer. Richard Riley, Gail C o l o d n y , Jim R e y n o l d s .
Alice I m b e r y , Dale Albright, Julieta Garcia, Dwight B r o d n e a x . GRADUATES
Billie Merraro, Mark Kingston, Verla Matson, J u d y Hakansan,
Lori Holley. H A S : Nina J a m e s , Mosetta Harris, Larry Mitchell,
Al S c h i p a n s k y . A n n Lee, Jack Lee, Jill Ketter, Lynn Waara,
George Wright, Mike Porter. M I N I S T E R ' S C O U R S E : T o m
INTERNED CLASS VIII J a c k s o n . Andy Kasparian, Stan H e r m a n . Gail G o u l d t h o r p , Ann
Haddlesten, Ed Geremia, Rich E b b s , Leis D u n n , Rosemary
Zichella, Eleanor Brosseau, Willy Bell, J o h n K u s t e m a n n . Kurk
D R U G R U N D O W N : Bruce C a m p i o n , Susan Davis, Mike Walker.
J o h n Segota, Arlene Kline. A R C S T R A I G H T W I R E : Carl
Briseno, Carl Manuellien, Ellen Schoegold, J o a n n e C a d m u s .
H A S : Susan Hase. James H a m l e t t , Cathy Miller. Dennis Morrison,
Ernie Welch. David Malin, Kerth Barker, T o m Murray, Stephen
S u p a k , Forrest Dockery. L E V E L 0: Dale Christiansen, T o m
Eva Schroeder. H O S : David T u r k , Joe M o n z o n , Chris Carling,
Joan Mulder, Jody Sanchez, Asher A r o m , Ron Reed, Gail G e b r o ,
Debbie Roccehetti, Kathy R o b e r t s , Marty Gaugler, Vicki
Waite. L E V E L II: Dillard E u b a n k , Ron Dozier, Paul Torola.
L E V E L IV: Mike Gallagher, L o t t e Seidler, Jim H o u c k , Bruce
GOES CLEAR D u b y . Jeff Alexon, Gilles Marin, Jim Mertes, Randy Derringer,
J o h n Bonin, Richard S m u s , Dan Dinecola, Randy Marner.
J o h n Hanson. DIANETIC C A S E C O M P L E T I O N : Habi Mayer,
Pearl K u n e n . G R A D E 0: Carl Manuellian, Brooks Chanin, Peter
C o n w a y , Elisio O t e r o . G R A D E 1: Alexis Parsons. Vicki
Stein, Ron Davidson, Ron Hext. I N T R O D U C T O R Y SCIEN-
T O L O G Y C O U R S E : Neil Oilier. Bob Lamastins, T o m A r m s t r o n g .
H Q S : J o h n McKinley. Patricia Montemajor, Blake C a n n o n ,
Bromley. D I A N E T I C I N T E R N S H I P : Bob Walker, Lotte Seidler. H Q S : N o r m a n Giggins, Bob George, Carlos A d a m s o n , Dru T o m McGarrigle. Braulo Montemajor, Tim Grider, Terry Mathes.
T a n g o n a n , Janice Sanchez, Mike Mahan, C a t h r y n Elzinburger. Minte, Jim McLeod, Paul Bradford, Fred Mansour, Jerry G a u d i o s o , Mitch D r o b b i n , T e r r y Katz, S c o t t Saks, Marc A r o n s o n .
Sam Durso, Bill Price, Randy M o n t g o m e r y , Patti MacDonald, Mike Gallagher. DIANETIC C/S C O U R S E : Jim H o u c k . DIA- Thirteen year old COLLEEN COWAN, daughter of Velona, Fred Perkins, Neil K u n e n , Pearl S o m a r i o , Bob Lee, GRADF" III: Penny Claussen, Mario Farwell, Bennett Weber, H S D C : Guillermo F r a n c o . Bill N o r m a n , Ralael Guevio, Charles
Holly Ross, Garth Troescher, Wayne MacDonald. H S D C : Andrea NETIC C/S I N T E R N S H I P : Dave Bowers. Rick C u t l e r , T o m Teilly, George De C a r o , J o h n R e d m o n . Biddy. Kathy Reed, Kelly M c F a y d e n , Mike Sholts, Cody
N a t h a n . Kay Snyder, Loren Troescher, Susan P a r k m a n , Hilary RELEASES Class VIIIs JOHN and CAROL COWAN, went Clear on Charles Gibhs, Bob L o m u s , Steve Newkirk, Delores L a p u t k a .
G R A D E IV: Mike Pirone, Paulette Crocini. Rick Barrett. M c F a y d e n , David Miller, Ted Iselsee, Bonnie S i m m o n s , Ed
August 4th! Linda West, Peter Lipson, Sue E m m o n s , Bob Loree, Nelson S m i t h , Mary Parsley, Mike S t o k e y , A r n e t t Peel. Lynne Davidson.
Moskowitz, Louise Calentropio, Paige Becker, Renee O ' C o n n o r . L I F E R E P A I R : Larry Pirila. G R A D E 0: Bruce Bromley. Bjorkman, Steve Aronie, Jeff Williams, Louis H e b e r t , Dave
Julie Rich, Dale S a m p s o n , B.J. Russell, Esther Levi. Car) E. A b e . Colleen took the Communications Course in L E V E L II: Ann Lee. L E V E L IV: Mary Mathes, David Alcorn,
Berger, Jim P l u m b . H S D C : Ned H a u p t n e r , Steve Aronie, Rick Azraran.
Nuel T a t e , Doug Sadwick, Alan Berkowitz, Bill H a m i l t o n ,
Robbi Williams, Neil Phillips. M I N I S T E R ' S C O U R S E : Peter
SEATTLE Albuquerque in 1972, and Hubbard Qualified Scien- Mary Marsden, Neil Koen, Chris Harrison, George F r e e m a n , RELEASES
GRADUATES Bob Harry, Ida MacDougall, Eden Marcelo, Chris Nelson, J o e ASHO INTERNED AUDITORS SET UP
Davidson, Greg West, Cheryl Worth. L E V E L 0: Wayne Ball. tologist Course in Austin. Scoglio, Paul Ferrari, Willie Duffy, Jim Gillet, Karen Harvey,
L I F E R E P A I R : Mary Beth Mitchell. Bonnie C o o p e r . D R U G
Kathy Gregg, Larry Burke, Larry Redallia, Bruce B a r t h o l o m e w , I N T R O D U C T O R Y SCIENTOLOGY C O U R S E : Marcelle Mayer.
Her mother, an interned Class VIII, audited her up to Dave Scimemi. L E V E L 0: Paige W a l g o m o t , Evelyn Byrnes, Jim STANDARD INTERNSHIP IN HAWAII RUNDOWN: Lincoln Wiggins, Chris Day, T o m White.
Mike Head, Lance Ralston. L E V E L I: Perry Morse, Carey H Q S : Nancy Terry. H S D C : Kathy Hendricks, Kenny Cartozian. D I A N E T I C C A S E C O M P L E T I O N . A n n a Wiggins, Bobby Welch.
Bosjolie, J o e Stover. L E V E L I: J o e Osgood. L E V E L II: Alan I N T E R N E D C L A S S VI D A V I D M O O R E writes he is pushing
Burke. L E V E L II: Randi Dvoskin, A n t h o n y Eckleberry, Rene L E V E L IV: Jori Sullivan. DIANETIC C/S C O U R S E : Dianna Grade IV Release. Klebanoff, Bruce Silton. L E V E L III: Chris Harrison, Eden to get up to 2 Class IVs to A S H O for training per w e e k . Since
G R A D E 0: Bill N o r m a n . G R A D E I: Dan McMurray. G R A D E II:
Kristal. L E V E L III: Sally Breaux, James Cardin, J e a n e t t e Tucker. Pat Didiar. Bob Sullivan.
Stevenson. Wayne Ball, Marty Mayer. L E V E L IV: Richard "I used to be very shy before the communications Marcelo, Rich S t o c k d a l e , Ned H a u p t n e r . L E V E L IV: Gail he and interned Class VI TIM M E L C H I O R r e t u r n e d from A S H O ,
RELEASES course," says Colleen, "but not anymore." R o t e n b e r g , Steve F o r d , Alan Klebanoff, David Scimemi, Larry
Beaty, Kathy Gregg, Bob Watson, Ross N a k a m u r a . Mike Hawaii h a s t u r n e d o u t seven G r a d e IV Releases, t w o of which
Rossiter, Sandra Cardin, Dot Vaughn. DIANETIC I N T E R N S H I P : G R A D E IV: Carl Hansen Marshall. D I A N E T I C I N T E R N S H I P : Evelyn Burns, Peter Heer, MONTREAL
Linda Velasquez. Lindy Duncansen, Jeff H a r m o n , Jony Pearson,
"From when I first got in Scientology, I thought Dennis Camara, J o e Stover, Rich S t o c k d a l e , Lucy Gusky. have already b e e n to A S H O and are e n r o u t e to A O L A . David
going Clear was the thing to do," she goes on. So she 0-IV I N T E R N S H I P : Phil Christine, T o m L o u g h r a n . has been working hard to p u t a very successful internship in,
Craig Miller, Gary H o p e , Chris Watson. D I A N E T I C C/S C O U R S E : I N T R O D U C T O R Y S C I E N T O L O G Y C O U R S E : Denis Dublier.
RELEASES modeled after the one he did at A S H O . H A S : Bill Worrall, Ivan Casanegra. P E R S O N A L A W A R E N E S S
Christine Norstrand. 0-1V I N T E R N S H I P : H o w a r d Becker. took responsibility to arrange to keep moving up the L I F E R E P A I R : Kevin O ' D o n n e l l , Clarence Parker. D R U G AND U N D E R S T A N D I N G C O U R S E : David H e m m o n s , Dan
E X P A N D E D D I A N E T I C S C O U R S E : Sue S a l a m o n , Carl Sandin. GRADUATES
E X P A N D E D D I A N E T I C S I N T E R N S H I P : Neil Wilner. EX- Bridge until she made it. R U N D O W N : Sandy LeBlanc. Dave Berger, Jim N e w s t a d t , Alan
I N T R O D U C T O R Y S C I E N T O L O G Y C O U R S E : Nancy Paulson, Phaneuf, Janice S m i t h , Roger Broheimer, Alex Kyermatering,
Klebanoff. Peggy Jo Gill. A R C S T R A I G H T W I R E : J o e Osgood,
P A N D E D DIANETICS C/S C O U R S E : Joe H o c h m a n . Colleen goes to Apple School, a Scientology school. Bob C o n t i , Rich Wheeler, Willy Duffy. D I A N E T I C C A S E COM- Andre S t e p h a n i , Susan Padasdao, Lee Padasdao, James Morikawa, Dave H e w k o , Luc J o u a n n e a u . HSDC: Laurent Thiberge, Bernard
RELEASES She plans to continue up the OT levels, and to do the PLETION: Rich Stockdale, Richard Wheeler, Maryann J o h n P. K o n d r o t a s , Kathy S t e m p i e n , James H e r r m a n , Laurel H o m i e r , S u z a n n e Chevriex, Ande Paquer, Colette Maitel. Chris
L I F E R E P A I R : T o m Stave, Gail G e b r o , Marty Gaugler, Ray T a p p e , Mike Campbell, William C. Steele, Jr. J o h n Atchison, T a b o r , Kader T o u m i .
L e p o n e . D R U G R U N D O W N : J a c o b u s C h i n n , Paul Ferelli, Duane Dianetics Course and Saint Hill Special Briefing Course McCaffrey, Paul G a u d e t t , Steve F o r d , Warren Friske, Chris RELEASE
Garrison. G R A D E 0: George Freeman. G R A D E I: Cindy Best Richard J o h n Wycoff, Kathy Sharer, Bruce D . W e l l s . Rita Wells.
Leazenby. ARC S T R A I G H T W I R E : Rick Bartkey. DIANETIC in addition to her regular schooling. Ed Au, Jan Mojica, James F^. Hesse, J o h n E. E n g m a n . "Michael L I F E R E P A I R . Ken Smith.
CASE C O M P L E T I O N : Doug Sadwick, Larry Redalia, Tim G R A D E II: Charlie Gibbs. G R A D E IV: Pat MacDonald. EX
P A N D E D D I A N E T I C S : Bob G o l d e n . Figueroa, Donald Ferrel, D o n n a Lai Hee Chang, Cheryl
Howell. G R A D E I: Paul Barbaro, Jess Brannan, T h e o Grant. H u n t s m a n , T h o m a s Lazar, Darryl MacConkey, Diane Wakamiya, MIAMI
G R A D E III: Renee O ' C o n n o r . G R A D E I V : Terry T h o m p s o n ,
Tim Mangrum. Howard Becker. E X P A N D E D D I A N E T I C S :
Hank T r u m p .
A n d r e w L. Davis, Connie De Martinez, Ivan Arango. H A S :
Sue F i n u c a n e , Leni Suga, James W. C o n t c h e r . Michael Stiffler.
Joni Harder, Bruce Dunlap, Ian B r o o k b a n k , T o m Lingo,
Ron Moss, Larry Haagar, Ron Baines, Dom Lo, Mike C o n w a y ,
ACROSS THE DYNAMICS I N T R O D U C T O R Y S C I E N T O L O G Y C O U R S E : Brewster S m i t h .
Ina R o t h m a n , Cecil DuValle, Chris Miller, O w e n McGoldrick,
Louis B e c k w i t h , Elaine L e i b e r m a n , N o r m D'Allura, Al Bren-
Katherine G o o d m a n , Edward S a m p s o n , Judy M. Williams, Rex
C h u r c h e r , Teri C. Large, William Suzuki, Gwen Degagne. H Q S :
Ann Tanji, Marsha M o r e n o , Dave Hite, J o h n Keithley, Jane Van
Stella Carroll. I N T R O D U C T O R Y S C I E N T O L O G Y C O U R S E :
Linda Miller, N o r b Bush. H A S : Dave Andrews, Steve Vewrey,
SACRAMENTO necke, Keith D e m a r e , Dottie Woehr, James B r u t o n . H Q S : Mark Devender, Les Miller, Cyle Pegg, Stephen Melleney, J . D .
Bernice Kaplan, Hilda Andrews. H Q S : Jane Waldman. H S D C :
R u t h H u m p h r e y , Rus Bittner, Allen Kirst, Mike Kaplan, Doreen
GRADUATES Class VI Intern at ASHO ELLEN GIFFEN, successful T h o m a s , Bob C a m p , Lisa Russo, Chet Sherba, Dave Canale, Nagatani, Max Singley, Ouida Mancill. Clyde Kobayashi, J o n i Marshall, Dennis Baldwin, Jeff Alt, Dawn Darling, Lynda Mc-
H Q S : Casie C a e t a r o , Mike Frazier, Doug M u r p h y . H S D C : Donna field auditor, is expanding to tell her fellow horse enthu- Connie Speidel, Bunker Jaeger, George Griffith, Cindi Landi. Harder, Pat Finucane, Randy J e t t . H S D C : Matthew Rieder.
Zino. L E V E L 0: Mark Campbell, S t e p h a n i e R y m e r . S u z e t t e D o n o u g h . M I N I S T E R ' S C O U R S E : Phil H a m m e r . Jean Holmes,
H S D C : Cliff S t a n t o n , Alan S h u m a n , Gary G r a h a m . Chris Elliot, Diana L. Elliott, David E. Dyer, J o a n Higgs, Walden Wakamiya, Sue H o r n e r . Rick Hall. N o r m a n Vespi, Irene Marshall. L E V E L
Cormier, Barb G e t t o . Pat C o x . L E V E L I: Charlie Bean, Hank siasts about Scientology! Roger Ward, Mike Belmont. M I N I S T E R ' S C O U R S E : Bob Susan D. J o n e s , Dennis Schliewe, Russell J. Click, Annie 0: Paul Fassa, Kathy Caula, Ed Burns, Terry Sexsmith. L E V E L I::
Bourland. L E V E L II: Doc DaCostello, T. Brown. L E V E L IV: Ellen got into Scientology in New York state in 1961. Sigsbee, Cliff S t a n t o n . C i n d y Shields, Allan Crouse, Jim R u d o l p h . Zenk, David Morse. J o h n W. E s t e p , Kathy J o h n s o n , Larry W.
Richard D i x o n . Mike Shifton, T o m Collinson, T o m L a n e . DIANETIC I N T E R N S H I P : Rick Hall. Rose Marie S e x s m i t h .
LEVEL I: Gloria Leonard, Barb Pettit. DIANETIC Craig, Jerry Mace, Judy Macomber, Fay Ann Nakai, Carol Morse,
Paul Kithian, Bob Riefer, Doug Ervin, Mark C a m p b e l l . DIA- Shortly after she took the Communication Course, she I N T E R N S H I P : Art Chaikin. Kenneth M. Wilson. Erlinda Valdez. Anita R o c h e , Joan Raef,
Linda Hall. DIANETIC I N T E R N S H I P : Rick Hall. Rose Marie
Sexsmith, Norman Vespi. Darrel Kirkland. D I A N E T I C C/S
NETIC I N T E R N S H I P : Doug Ervin. Steve Brackett, Debby Beck. built her own house and began raising Morgan horses— RELEASES Doug Birge. M I N I S T E R ' S C O U R S E : Ron Laney, David Morse, C O U R S E : Jose Diaz.
Stephanie R y m e r , C y n d e e D o n t y , Jeanne Murchison. Debby L I F E R E P A I R : Ernie Wells. J o h n J. R u a n e . Walden Wakamiya, J o h n E s t e p , Diane Elliott.
Cox. Hank Bourland, Paul M a t s u m o t o . 0-IV I N T E R N S H I P : an expansion of a long time interest. Greg S t i n e . Ken Wilson, Walter Florian, Russell J. Click, Ann
L I F E R E P A I R : Eva Singer, Pam Becker, Tim Dowling. Dean
Chris Martelli, Paul M a t s u m o t o . D I A N E T I C C/S C O U R S E : She is now expanding to introduce Scientology to NEW YORK Larson, A n t h o n y Shaftel. Richard N u n n e l e e , Dale Richeson, Milum. D R U G R U N D O W N : Steve Clark, Deena Bruno, Maggie
Doug Fairchild, Karin Duleriel. Wallace H. Warnke, Dick Evans, Kevin S m i t h . Phil Gingrich,
RELEASES people in the equestrian world, showing them how basic GRADUATES
Cecily U r b a n , Ron C o l e m a n , Sher Larson, Fay Ann Nakai.
Blair. N o r m a n Vespi, Dick Springsteed, Marianne Koester. Tim
data such as the emotional tone scale and TRs (Scien- H A S : James R e y n o l d . Brenda V a z q u e z . Kris Sterling, Jay Shah. Dowling. DIANETIC C A S E C O M P L E T I O N : Pat Tuley. G R A D E
L I F E R E P A I R : Jan Evans. D R U G R U N D O W N : Kathy Hadely. INTRODUCTORY SCIENTOLOGY COURSE: Katherine Jerry Mace. Mike Hites, J o a n Higgs, David E. Dyer. Doug Birge. I: Leon H u l e t t , Jim McKendrick. G R A D E III: Bill Wrightson,
Suzette Cormier, Greg Galston. Steve H y d e . Stephanie R y m e r . tology drills) can be applied to horse training. S o l o m a n , Kirk Read. H Q S : Elsie Regensberg, Lila Winters, Tina L E V E L 0: Wally Warnke. L E V E L III: Eliot DeMello. LEVEL Kathy Caula. G R A D E IV: Kathy McKendrick.
A R C S T R A I G H T W I R E : Pat Cox, Debby C o x , Doug Ervin. Class VI Intern Ellen Giffen gets in c o m m u n i c a t i o n with a Claes, Bruce Pick, Dan R e y n o l d s , J o a n n e C a d m u s . HSDC: IV: Derek Watson, Douglas Zierdt, Peter A l e x a n d r e . Larry
G R A D E 0 : Mark Campbell. G R A D E I : R o m a n T a b a y o y o n , Ellen has been a professional auditor since finishing George Paffenbarger III. Aubrey Jasper, Vicki G a u d i o s o . Sue Meyers. Kevin S m i t h , D I A N E T I C I N T E R N S H I P : Cecily Urban,
Morgan horse as his o w n e r squints in the sun. l o o k i n g o n . LAS VEGAS
Chuck B o r o m , Rene T h o m a s . G R A D E I V : Mike Shifton, l o r n the Briefing Course in 1971. "The Briefing Course gave Sajnekoff, A n n e t t e Bonus, Michael Carr, Nancy Piazza. C a r m e n Fay A n n Nakai, Mike Hites, J o r d a n Nagasako, Richard Nunnelee,
Collinson, Greg I.osh. Derek Watson, Phil Gingrich, Wally W a r n k e , Douglas Zierdt. GRADUATES
me ways to handle human problems. It gave me the Suarez. Pauline Ferruzza, Mike Hanson. Karen Nager, Steve
Gail Peterson. Kevin S m i t h . Ron C o l e m a n , Sher Larson. 0-IV
Zweig, Vito Di Piertro, M. Kearney. Harry Rodriguez. Bruce H A S : Bill Hacker, Shirley Hardy, Pam G o r d o n , Joe Grenevicki.
VANCOUVER ability to DO something about them, not just sit there Schaich. Zeilda Dudley S c o r d a t o , Gerald Rucci, Elvira Dovo, I N T E R N S H I P : Charles E. Garner. C L A S S IV C/S C O U R S E : H Q S : Dave Hacker, Bob Parker, Kay H a m i l t o n , Jane Peterson,
GRADUATES and be a victim." she comments. She is on the intern- Nancy Garcia, Phil Reinstein, Karen Sugihara. Jeff Barr, Mel Gloria Neil. T o m Babcock, Lisa Stickrod, Sue Singer, Dick Peterson. H S D C :
TORONTO I N T R O D U C T O R Y S C I E N T O L O G Y C O U R S E : T o m Maclean, ship to bring herself totally up to date on the craft- Driller, Martin Blagrove, Sue Sajnenkoff. M I N I S T E R ' S C O U R S E : RELEASES Alex E e n k h o o r n . Mike Baker, Ron Fitzgerral, Julia Baumer.
GRADUATES Steven Belkin, Nasma Allibai. H A S : Kathy Proctor, Tim Linda Wenner. Aldona Chalinor, Zeilda Dudley S c a r d a t o . Bob L I F E R E P A I R : Sara H. Harris, Isaac Kosasa, Dennis Clarke, Lee Landers. George Kerr, Janie Stoll. LEVEL 0: Drew Finley.
H Q S : Carol Share. H S D C : Sandy C o r b y , Doug Firth, Suzi Proctor, J u d y Plourde. H Q S : Sheila Werner, David R o w o r t h , manship of auditing. Lane, George De Caro, Rick Cutler. H D G : Mitch D r o b b i n . William D. Sherrard, Tim Melchior. J o h n P. K o n d r o t a s , Deborah L E V E L III: Ken Traeger, Bob Kosal. L E V E L IV: Rebecca
H a m m o n d , Frank Malcolm. L E V E L 0: Jeremy Barber, Liz Brenda Yule, Hugh Lafleur, Steve D a n n . Ken Fiachetti. HSDC: L E V E L 0: Kathleen Pullen, Bill H e b b e r d , Lori F e l d m a n , George Perri, Carol Lynne Morse, Douglas Birge. Louise Albagli, Mark Van Horn. DIANETIC I N T E R N S H I P : Phyllis Hagan, Paula
Beaudoin, T h e o Meurmans. L E V E L I: G o r d Moze, Nick Pollicelli. J o h n Fisher, Caroline L e t k e m a n . Duane A r n o t t , M I N I S T E R ' S Paffenbarger. Brooks C h a n i n . Bruce C o n n o r . L E V E L I: Mitch Doswell. David J. Pahk, Angel Ramirez, Max E. Singley, J u d y Ford, Bob Mele, Jim Morrow. Jim Hagan, Barbara Caldwell,
L E V E L II: Dianne Y u r k o w s k i . D I A N E T I C I N T E R N S H I P : C O U R S E : Larry Evoy, J o h n Fisher, Leslie Tyrer, Harry Werner. D r o b b i n , George De Carlo, Rick Barrett, T o m Regnier. L E V E L M a c o m b e r , Lee Evans, Doug Zierdt, Katie Harrold, Chris D. Karen Mitterlehner. 0-IV I N T E R N S H I P : Rebecca Van H o r n .
Liz Beaudoin. L E V E L 0: D. Davidson, Leslie Tyrer, Art Beauregard. L E V E L PORTLAND II: J o a n Saks. Jere Lull, T o m Reilly. Mark Dobson. L E V E L III: Bates, Joni Harder, Pat F i n u c a n e , Donna Lai Hee Chang. D R U G RELEASES
RELEASES II: S h a r m a n Yachnin, Paul Smith. L E V E L III: Carla Hanlan. GRADUATES Terry Katz. Artie Stein, T o m Kearney. L E V E L IV: Lenni R U N D O W N : William F. Ottavi, Clyde Kobayashi, Sher Larson. L I F E R E P A I R : Liz Marren. Beth Y o u n g b l o o d , Sue Singer.
L I F E R E P A I R : Paul Haggis, J o h n F o r e m a n , R o b C o o p e r , RELEASES H Q S : Glenda H a w k . H S D C : Mike Resare, Tony K n o b b s . R u d d e r , Larry Wilson, Rex Mattei, Claire Luhrs. D I A N E T I C Hank Gould, Rick Raef, Beth Perri. D I A N E T I C C A S E COM- D R U G R U N D O W N : Betty Francisco. A R C S T R A I G H T W I R E :
Sandra Havaard, Phil Helmer, Fran S c r u t t o n , Carol Share, Mark L I F E R E P A I R : Brian Travers. ARC S T R A I G H T W I R E : Peter M I N I S T E R ' S C O U R S E : Rys Morhan, Rich Dixon. L E V E L I: I N T E R N S H I P : Eileen D r o b b i n . 0-IV I N T E R N S H I P : Laurel P L E T I O N : Joan Stauffer, Sue J o n e s , Daniel Richeson, Steven Alex E e n k h o o r n . D I A N E T I C CASE C O M P L E T I O N : J o e Weisen-
Webb. D R U G R U N D O W N : K a u k o Kaariainen. G R A D E 0 : Hanlan. G R A D E 0 : Sharman Yachnin. G R A D E III: Barbara Burns. Ellen R a t o w s k y . C L A S S IV C/S C O U R S E : J o e Pinelli. Melleny. G R A D E 0: Kevin S m i t h . G R A D E I: Ed Cesar. G R A D E b o r n , Bill Harrich. G R A D E 0: Bob Mele. G R A D E I: J o e
Brian Fisk. IV: Max Singley. Judy Richeson, Randy S t r y k e r , Fay Ann Nakai,
Thorn Black, Esther Munger, Dianne Y u r k o w s k i . G R A D E IV: Pinto. G R A D E IV: Huntley Giesbrecht. E X P A N D E D DIA RELEASES M e n n o n e . G R A D E II: Starr H a m i l t o n . G R A D E I V : Jan
Domenic Galati, Dave MacDonald, Mike Troiani. N E T I C S : Edith Hodgson. RELEASES LIFE REPAIR: Myra O t e r o , Vince Tolosi, Linda Barragan, Eric Reinertsen, T o m McLaulin, Brigid Sullivan. Platinsky.
D R U G R U N D O W N : Dennis P a t t o n . Ron T h o r e s o n .
After completing his Dianetic Internship in Hawaii, positions. "My first significant management job came
OT I MELVIN R. LARSEN was selected for the 1974-75 within 3 months after Power Processing at ASHO in
Federal Aviation Administration Executive Development 1971."
Program from which the Agency's top executives in The FAA Executive Program is highly competitive.
future years are to be selected. Final screening took place this year from 80 men and
"Things have been going exceedingly well for me, women, of whom only 6 were selected. The final deter-
especially since I've had Scientology tech to apply to my mination was made on the individual's effectiveness in
everyday life and job," he writes. "My future really handling difficult situations under simulated conditions.
looks bright now." Mel's wife, ANN, is a Class IV Auditor. Four of their
The FAA is the government agency responsible for 5 children are members of Scientology's Sea Organiza-
aviation safety and promotion of aviation commerce. tion, and the youngest is training to be a Dianetic
The FAA mans control towers, approves aircraft designs, Auditor!
and does all licensing of aviation personnel and facilities. Now posted as head of the FAA Office in Panama,
Mel had 30 hours of Dianetic auditing in Los Angeles Mel is doing very well and sees much opportunity to
in 1952 and his life hasn't been the same since. He has assist Mankind there.
gone from technician to responsible management
Municipal Court Judge Fenton Jones hard at work on his
Hubbard Qualified Scientologist Course.
From the Republic of the Phillippines comes word of Municipal Court Judge in Westminster, California,
Brigadier General (Ret.) ARISTEO T. FERAREN, one the Hon. FENTON JONES, has completed his Hubbard
of the top businessmen in Pasay City, in the Phillippines. Qualified Scientologist Course. He hopes to be Clear by
He writes: February, 1976, just one year since he discovered
"I can hardly express in words and deeds the tremen- Scientology.
dous benefits that I gained in the attainment of my The judge is registered for the Hubbard Standard
present goals as a businessman from just completing this Dianetics Course and Social Counselor's Course in
initial course. I am fortunate to have found Scientology, Orange County.
an event that will definitely mark my rebirth and "The name of the game as a judge is CONFRONT,"
literally start me off on a new adventure of my life. My he writes. "You must not let your reactive mind in-
companions and I although few at present, are aware of fluence your decisions. Confusion must be solved
the tremendous potentialities of Dianetics and Scien- promptly by picking out a stable datum. You must
tology in being able to provide the magic touch of confront on the proper tone level to insure communica-
enlightenment to our people and pave the way to tion in actuality.
wisdom, advancement, peace and well-being." "My confront was fair before. It's better now and
will improve further. If your confront is up, you can
have good affinity, reality and communication and get
INTERNED AUDITOR TO URBANA the job done in a fraction of the time and better."
CLASS VIII DAN McNICHOLS has returned to Urbana, where
he is Senior Case Supervisor. His certainty on Standard Tech
hasn't stopped growing since he left ASHO!
CHRIS NESBITT, Dianetic Case Supervisor trained at ASHO,
HAS: John Crane, Kay Hall. HQS: Nik Hughes. has been doing great since returning to Davis.
HSDC: Erik Knauerhase, Greg Youell, Terry Arnold, Bonnie
Gerda, Phil Scott, Bob Goltz, Jan Wong, Rick Findley.
ORANGE COUNTY LIFE REPAIR: Wayne Hayes, Chris Tanko, Cleo Beuhler, Rick
GRADUATES Cruzen. DRUG RUNDOWN: Edith Coombs, Linda Hall, Shawn
HAS: Pam Dove, Kathy Morehead, Mark Stricklin, Jeff Rhine. DIANETIC CASE COMPLETION: Don Parmon, Dennis
Frederick, David Page, Irene Hill, Becky Stephens, Margaret Robba, Rita Wolfe. GRADE II: Chuck Shinneman, Cathy
Tomlinson, John Sundstrom, Jim Johnson, Jennifer Leavett, Conner. GRADE III: Bob Hall. EXPANDED DIANETICS: Vikki
Mike Heath, Dorothy Anamonti, Brad Kamph, Mike Evans, Confident Mel Laisen, interned Dianetic Auditor, who was Walker.
Mac McClatchie, Geoff Templeman, Josie Kamph, Phyllis recently put in charge of the Federal Aviation Administration
Mueller, Jeff Gomberg, Jeff Steier, Ray Noorda, Fran Hudzin-
ski. Chuck Jebousek, Chuck Shermerhorn, Barbara Barnes, office in Panama.
Curt Sykes, Jane Scott, Liz Wilson, Pat Shermerhorn, Judy PEORIA
Madrigal. HQS: Bill Burns, Marsh Phelps, John Kirkpatrick, Recent VIII Graduate ANDY SEIDLER is holding the fort
Linda Varner, Susan Wunsch, Conrad Epiley. HSDC: Alan while his father, Class VIII GF.ORGE SEIDLER does more
Berkowitz. DAVIS training at ASHO.
Pat Mattison. Barbara Frederick, Paula Oliver, Greg Wunsch. HAS: Kevin May, Larry Padula, Mark May, Linda Ann Weisz,
DIANETIC CASE COMPLETION: Don Postelwait. GRADE Lisa Roland, Sherry Sagara, Nancy L. Leman, Merle Messamer,
Jim Padula, Susan C. Nelson, David Kirkwood, Cliff Moore,
0: Randy Smith, Cheryl Oldfield, Kathy Van Essen, Brad GRADUATES
Roberts, Laura Pinto, Bill Burns, Dean Pritchett. GRADE I: Cynthia Mitchell. Bill Firestone, Arlene Nakamoto, Steve Dejung,
Tim Wilkerson. GRADE II: Dana Stiff, Scott Sutton, Delon Mike Martin, Fd Weber, Robert Colson, Ralph C. Temps, David HAS: David Neel, LeeAnn McElroy. Peter Baranet.
Anderson, Bill Buell. GRADE IV: Allen Douglas, Gloria Kamph, Puliafico, Morris Mandel, Jay Moore, Ann Irean LaBrum, Joe
John Shewmake, Ed Jakubek, Susan Hutchinson, Gene Mcllroy, DiCarlo, Barbara Halstead, Pat Adams, Donna J. Scholder,
Marshal Phelps, Jon Quast. EXPANDED DIANETICS: Jane Michael Papathakis, Warren Wright, Tim Bowles, Peggy Nahas, PHOENIX
McCormick, Pat McClure, John Shewmake, Ed Jakubek, Allen Arlyn Messamer, Leonard Fisher, Marv Wycoff, Charlie Brown,
Douglas. Phoebe Grigg, Carolyn Fisher, Donald Roddy, Kathy Burnett, GRADUATES
Greg Getty, Douglas S. Brown, Patrick Brejcha, Christine Hills, INTRODUCTORY SCIENTOLOGY COURSE: Beverly Kuntz,
Lucinda Howe, George Allen Robinette, Sharain Jackson, Neva Don Beasley, Guy Rosati, Tommy Lopez, Suzanne Lawrence,
Messamer, Jerry Jackson, Kiwi Jackson, Don Reis, Patti Mecham, Mike McLain. Jan Gotland, Mary Lou Thomson, Loren Macey,
MILWAUKEE Janet DiGirolamo, Peter Porteners, Chuck Daly, Clarice Daly, Tracy Ireland. HQS: Roger Casteel, Bob Temple. HSDC: Randi
Carlson, Steve Silvia, Misha Rice, John Spangler. MINISTER'S
GRADUATES Kery Van Tassel, Jeff May, Kevin Ragan, Jerry Conant, Joe
Delsol, Sharla Cheney, Wally Foster, Brian Walsh, Keith COURSE: John Redfield.
HAS: Jennifer Frauen, Christal Frauen, Roxanne Borenz, Johnson, Don Johnston, Doug Wooley, Darcy Jackson, John RELEASES
Debra Jones, Kay McCarthy. HQS: Joan Niedzialkowski, Eric Howland, Paula Burton, David Hyatt, Ron Torrence, Martha LIFE REPAIR: Alan Gotland, Roger Kaye, Dorland Yellowega,
Frauen, De Elva Sharp. HSDC: Orland Rysgaard. Dewing, Mark Maddy, Herb Shaw, Steve Kazmierski, Brian Barney VanCamp. GRADE IV: Velma Waldo.
RELEASES Matson, Doris Guin, Gary Ganem, Tod Bice, Richard Baker,
Carole Roth, Arthur Puliafico, Sherry Wehr, Becky Rinn, Rick
LIFE REPAIR: John Nardelli. House, Wanda Merritt, Rex Goble, Dan Hollibaugh, Paul Power,
Sharon George, Steve Merritt, Anna Simpson, Heidi Perkins, PORTLAND
Ella Carbullido, Julie Wellings, Mary Michel, Joyce House, PAIGE KOEHLER went back as Senior Academy Supervisor
ALBUQUERQUE Bernard Tomaschitz, Steve Young, Kevin Jones, Debbie Jones, in June after Supervisor training at ASHO. Standard Super-
GRADUATES Dora Biblarz, Susan Wallock, Karen Cirillo, Wayne King, Eileen vision gets results she says: Each student is doing more per hour
HAS: Dan Drury, Scott Cole, Tim Allen. Mike Rogers, Bell, Rick Jesch, Davis Ruff, Charlie Moore, Marguerita Hefti, than ever. Student points are in Power Trend!
Lawrence Padilla, Karen Douglas, Jackie Freed, Carol Leggett, Anne Bozaich, Susan Hamilton, John Kuiken, David Cox,
Damian Gallegos, Jim Bird, Rick Hotchkiss, Mark Day, Marilyn Belinda DeLeuw, Karen Mathews, Sil Herrera, Peter Bergman,
Whitmore. INTRODUCTORY SCIENTOLOGY COURSE: Lori Hicks, Janet DiGirolamo, Justy Stephenson. HQS: Arty
Thomas Gonzales, Ed Garcia, Rita Sallii, Sylvia Montoya, Kan Van Ruitenbeck, Kathy Ritter, Erika Jackson, Dave Fortna. CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS
Tong, Kathy Glines, Ron Romero, Susan Reed, Mike Brainard, HSDC: Bruce Bechtold, Jerry Freeman, Guy Grant, John Daly, GRADUATES
Mike Meyer, Jory Yesmoff, Jessee McBroom, Paul Carson, Liz Van Oss. Debbie Cox, Dave Hjelle, Pam Weissman, Rollin HAS: Jeff Holland, Fred Stacy, Martin Heller. HSDC: Roger
Carmon Salinas, Judy Salinas, Roxy Mitchem, Phil Jones, Laird, Ed Conners, Joe Ziemer, Tom Williams, Scott Bradbury,
Theresa Hetherington. HQS: Molly Jester, Laurie Dickinson, Leo Price, John Repetto. Sandy Nugent, Dave Getto, Dave Portner.
Robin Renwick, Valerie White, Maurico Rocha, Donna Dempsey. Puliafico, Diane Watson, Arlyn Messamer, Marlea Getto. RELEASE
HSDC: Lisa Johonnesson, Jerry Racheff, Ray Hemphill, Ed MINISTER'S COURSE: Deb Cox, Bruce Bechtold. Jerry Freed- LIFE REPAIR: Bill Herron.
Richburg, Alan Lackey. man.
LIFE REPAIR: Halli Roeyer, Rick Shube, Ray Hemphill, Buck LIFE REPAIR: Jim Pederson, Todd MacLennan, Steve Pesis, INTERNED AUDITORS GET RESULTS IN
Bouker, Paulette Palladini, Dennis O'Brien, Lisa Johonnesson, Michael Papathakis, Warren Wright, Mary Lou Henley, Arlyn WEST VIRGINIA
Darris Allen, Laurie Dickinson, Norman Hoyle, Donna Dempsey, Messamer, Steve Bolden, William Boeger, Lisa Roland. Sherry
Tom Gonzales, Ron Russ, Molly Jester, Bill Perry, Steve Lackey, Sagara, Clark Johnson. Christine Hill, Arlene Nakamoto, Nancy Class VIII MARK JONES, after finishing his recent intern-
Karen Douglas, Charlie Dan, Mary Lenk. DRUG RUNDOWN: Leman, Neva Messamer, Norm Jow, Harry Costyk, David Brink, ship at ASHO, has opened a new Scientology Center in Lewis-
Val House, Sherry Wilson. ARC STRIGHTWIRE: Dennis Susan Nelson, Doug Brown, Lynn Jackson, Jeff May, Evelyns burg, the first in West Virginia. With him are Class VIIIs
O'Brien. DIANETIC CASE COMPLETION: Bill Gieber. GRADE Edwards, David Hyatt, Dave Stabenfeldt, Don Johnston, Mark ELLEN JONES, CARL and ELLEN SANDIN. Already, the
0: Mike White, GRADE I: Victory Bonnefoy. GRADE IV: Maddy, Kevin May, Doris Guin, Herb Shaw, Rex Goble, Joyce president of the local bank, manager of the local radio station
Linda Hutchins. EXPANDED DIANETICS: Linda Hutchins. House, Phillip Hanford, Dan Hollibaugh, Heidi Perkins. DRUG and the local pharmacist are on course. ASHO Intern Grads
RUNDOWN: Cathy Moore, Rick Batha, Jim Neal. Mike Parodi, get results!
Tad Dickerson, ARC STRAIGHTWIRE: Robert Reifer, Oody
AMARILLO Frank Camuso, Barbara Getto, Bruce Bechtold, Pricilla
GRADUATES Gaumond, Teri Waggoner, Marina Kalugin, Erika Jackson, Tom RICHARDSON
HAS: Hal Ward, Julia Frederick, Judy Ward, Dal Ward, Michael Puliafico. GRADE 0: Mary Pearson, Mike Clark. GRADE I: Class VI RICK FILISKY writes that his landlord, a prominent
Homer, Dee Copeland, Rusty Copeland, Betty Hood, Jerry Jones, Astrid Neal, John Doughty. GRADE II: Frank Aggio. GRADE attorney, has asked for a program whereby lawyers can send
Diana Jones, Ethel McKinney, Anthony Flynn, John Hood. IV:Carleen Bridgeman, Pat Robinson. EXPANDED DIANETICS:
Pat Robinson. Cathy Moore. people wanting divorces to Scientology for reconciliation.
CHILDREN'S HAS: Glendee Copeland.
Issue 116 - page 9
4957 CLEARS!

Clear 4 8 8 5 LESLIE WYNN P O T T E R ,

New York
Clear 4 8 8 6 LOUISE F E L L E R , San Francisco
Clear 4 8 8 7 PEGGY S P U R L O C K , San Diego
Clear 4 8 8 8 R O B E R T G O R D O N , Los Angeles
Clear 4 8 8 9 RON T A T O M , San Diego
Clear 4 8 9 0 C O L L E E N COWAN, A l b u q u e r q u e
Clear 4 8 9 1 DAVID WHILE, East Bay,
Clear 4 8 9 2 DAVE SILVA, Los Angeles
Clear 4 8 9 3 DRU MF.RIDETH, Los Angeles
Clear 4 8 9 4 C A R O L ADAMSON, Pasadena
Clear 4 8 9 5 DAN S N Y D E R , Orange C o u n t y
Clear 4 8 9 6 JIM DAVIS, New York
Clear 4 8 9 7 DEBBIE BELL. ASHO
Clear 4 9 1 8 BEN KUGI.ER. Chicago
Clear 4 9 1 9 DOUG T A Y L O R , ASHO
Clear 4 9 2 0 DOUG J O N S S O N , St. Louis
Clear 4 9 2 1 CHRIS PALMER, Boston
Clear 4 9 2 2 NAN KUGLER, Chicago
Clear 4 9 2 3 J A N E McCORMICK, Tustin
Clear 4 9 2 4 BERNIE R I G D O N , Los Angeles
Go Clear
Clear 4 9 2 5 D O N A L D A A R O N F R E E D M A N , as a Permanent Class VI
New York
Clear 4 9 2 6 TIM H E E N A N , Los Gatos Clearing gives y o u in a few weeks
what m e n have spent their whole lives
Clear 4 9 2 7 G E O R G E Z U L A U F , Los Angeles
Clear 4 9 2 8 MIRIAM F O U N T A I N , Washington
D. C.
Clear 4 9 2 9 MARY H O U G H T A L I N G , Elmira,
ASHO GRADUATES searching for: peace of mind. When y o u
go Clear, y o u are Y O U - a t peace with
yourself, free to e x p a n d in directions
N. Y. INTERNSHIPS field auditing and soon to do Internships -
G A Y L E T E E L E , n o w o n Internships, soon
YOU w a n t to go.
Clear 4 9 3 0 J A C K I E McANDREW, T o r o n t o
Clear 4931 PAUL MISSONIS, Washington, D.C. CLASS VI INTERNSHIP: to be Senior C/S in Mexico - SHAN As an interned Class VI, you'll
Clear 4 9 3 2 STEVEN D O U G L A S , San Diego Randy Wise, Jon Zegel. Rand Shipley, Neal C H A N D L E R , n o w at A O L A - C H E R Y A N N E start your own clearing knowing y o u ' r e
Clear 4 9 3 3 BETTY YOUNG, San Diego Franson. Helen R. Kitchin, Lesley " D e d e " PINTON, from Seattle, Washington - P A U L A in t h e h a n d s of a flawless auditor.
Dizik, Lyn Fiandaca, D o n n a Taylor, Diana H A R M O N , from Pasadena, Calif., n o w co T h a t ' s a great start t o w a r d peace of
Clear 4 9 3 4 BILL M E Y E R , Tucson Lucarino, Betty Magnan, Trisha Sexsmith,
Clear 4 9 3 5 RALPH C R I S C I O N E , San Francisco auditing C A R O L Y N CRISS L I C K E R T , mind in itself!
Malcolm Cheminais, Ron Fiandaca, Andy
Clear 4 9 3 6 J O E SCOGNA, Philadelphia Pollack, Mike Miller, Paul Mullinger, Dan from San Diego, n o w on Internships — Add a n o t h e r sane being to the world.
Clear 4 9 3 7 ABE A I L O N , New York McNichols. BARBARA JOY SLATKIN, from San Get on the Clearing Course now!
Clear 4 9 3 8 C H R I S T I N E G I A N O T T I , Francisco - B R A N D I E B R A N D T , from San Prerequisite: Grade VI Release.
Philadelphia Francisco, going on Internships.
EXPANDED DIANETICS D o n a t i o n : $ 8 0 0 . With 5% discount for
Clear 4 9 3 9 LOUISE G R E E N B E R G , New York
INTERNSHIP: advance d o n a t i o n : S 7 6 0 .
Clear 4 9 4 0 G E O R G E C A R R I N G E R , SENIOR SAINT HILL SPECIAL Write the Letter Registrar at the
Los Angeles Becky Daniel. James H a m r a , Vivian Crandall. BRIEFING COURSE GRADUATES:
Clear 4 9 4 1 KATHY A N F A N G , Las Vegas A n d y Pollack, Carter Manierre. Advanced Organization for full details
Clear 4 9 4 2 PAM STEIN, Palo Alto T E R R Y L. M I L N E R , from Los Angeles -
J A M E S COX, from New York. on e n r o l l m e n t . Send y o u r d o n a t i o n to
Clear 4 9 4 3 GARY H A R T , Los Angeles CLASS VII INTERNSHIP: C h u r c h of Scientology of California,
Clear 4 9 4 4 S E R G I O LAN, Mexico City A O L A , 9 1 6 S. Westlake, Los Angeles,
Clear 4945 BILL L E N D R I E T , Phoenix Jervis J o h n s o n . CLASS VIII COURSE:
ROBBIE K A N E S , from Los Angeles, auditing California 9 0 0 0 6 .
Clear 4 9 4 6 E L A I N E PAM BIANCO, Los G a t o s CLASS VIII INTERNSHIP:
Clear 4 9 4 7 DON H A L L , Dallas at AOLA - RAY B A R T O N , from New York,
Clear 4 9 4 8 N E A L P A R D E E , Berkeley J o h n B o o t h , Gary Epstein. on Class VIII Internship - DR. A R N O L D
Clear 4 9 4 9 C H E L H E N D E R S O N , Fresno B A R R A C K , from Walnut Creek, Calif., on ASHO FOUNDATION
Clear 4 9 5 0 SANDY T A Y L O R SAINT HILL SPECIAL BRIEFING HSST - DR. A L L E N C O L L I N S , from Detroit,
Clear 4 9 5 1 H O W A R D S T E N I N G E R , Denver COURSE GRADUATES: n o w on Internships - DENNIS P E R O , from
Clear 4 9 5 2 KAREN M I T T E R L E H N E R , RICK WHITE, from Bosie, I d a h o , n o w on Las Vegas, n o w Sr. C/S at Las Vegas Church S A I N T HILL SPECIAL
Las Vegas Internships J A C K S O N P E T E R S O N , from of Scientology. B R I E F I N G C O U R S E : Sharon Dixon.
Clear 4 9 5 3 H O W A R D BECKER, Los Angeles Highland Park. III., on Class VIII Course - C L A S S VIII: Ray Beeson,
Clear 4 9 5 4 C O U R T E N A Y M E N D O Z A , DAVID J O N E S , from Palo A l t o , Calif. - TOM EXPANDED DIANETICS C/S COURSE: Elaine Rowles, Ken Dorsett.
Los Angeles P I A Z Z A , n o w teaching in N e w York - DICK Drew J o h n s t o n , Jill Dunning.
Clear 4955 LINDA BLAINE, Los Angeles THOMPSON, from San Francisco - MARY RELEASES
Clear 4 9 5 6 S T E V E M A R S H A L L , Los Angeles McCULLOUGH. going on Internships - CLASS VI C/S COURSE: POWER: J o h n Quast, Omar Jazzar, Mel
Clear 49S7 DONNA D E E N E R , New York WENDY BUDI.ONG. from Los Angeles, n o w Lottie Adler, Donna Holm. Epstein, Margaret L o g w o o d , A n d r e w N a t h a n .