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Lesson Plan

Teacher Astra

topic Grammar: Conditional sentences

Grade level Grade:9 45mins
Equipment PPT, Computer, PowerPoint, worksheet, handout
1.Students could distinguish the different tenses.
(Present Tense/ Past Tense/ Future Tense/ Present Perfect Tense/ Past Perfect Tense)

2. Students could use the conjunction to link two sentences.

(S+V+O~, Conjuction S+V+O~.)
Ex: Peter has a green book and his sister has a red book
Prior knowledge
3. Students understand what the sentence is or what the clause is.
Sentence =S+V+O~.
Sentence= Conjuction+S+V+O~, S+V+O~.
(Sub-ordinary clause) (Main clause)
Ex: Because Jack didn’t study hard, he failed the exam.

Key concepts

Inductive approach; grammar translation; grammar communicative
1. Students can understand the structure and formation of subjunctive mood.
Expectations 2. Students can comprehend the meaning in the subjunctive mood sentence.
3. Students can produce subjunctive mood correctly.
Instructional Activity Time
(1)Teacher introduce what we will learn and divides students into 2-3 2mins
groups. 15mins

(2) Teacher gives worksheets to the students to play the matching game.
2.Main Body:
(1) Show the answers for the matching game by group discussion. 10mins

(2) Modify the answers to the matching game and find out the rules for
the subjunctive mood sentences

3.Activity: 1min
(1)Teacher delivers the handout to each group, and makes the 6groups to
Procedures become 2 teams. (One team contains 3 groups)

(2)Every group has to complete the blanks for one paragraph and then 10mins
combines the paragraph with the paragraphs of the other 2 groups .

(3)Check the answer and Read the whole paragraph.

(1)Teacher summary the rules for the subjunctive mood 2mins
(2)Assign the homework.

★Feedback Giving:
Teacher could give some feedback for the winner for
1.matching game
2.or completing the correct answers for the blanks.

Oral performance and writing

Final product writing


I. Matching:

Beginnings… … endings
1. If I were an artist, a. if you study hard. II.
2.They will get lost b. we would not have missed our plane.
3. We would have been neighbors c. I might never work again.
4. If we had arrived earlier, d. we will go for a walk in the country.
5. If I lived in a big house, e. he would have felt better.
6.If you should be free tomorrow, f. the tree would come to life.
7.If the weather is nice tomorrow, g. if they don’t take a map.
8. If he had taken the medicine, h. if they had bought the house.
9. If he were to take part in the game, i. I could plaint a picture of you.
10 You will pass your exam j. we could go shopping.
11.If it should rain, k. we would fight hard.
12. If I won a lot of money, l. I would invite you to stay.
Classify these sentences into 4 types.

【Type 1- Subjunctive Present】

For example:
1.If the weather is nice tomorrow, we will go for a walk in the country.



【Type 2- Subjunctive Past 】

For example:
1. If I lived in a big house, I would invite you to stay.



【Type 3- Subjunctive Present Perfect】

For example:
1. If they had bought the house, we would have been neighbors



【Type 4 –Subjunctive Future】

For example:
1. If it should rain, the tree would come to life.



Have a good Job!


Penny is a girl who likes to make dreams. She dreams she is a beautiful princess and she
could marry with a handsome prince. Now fill in the blank, and you will know what she dreams

I do wish I __________ (be) a princess. If I were a princess, I ____________(know) a lot of
princes and I would choose the handsomest prince. Suppose I _________ (merry) a prince, we
would have a couple of little princes and princesses. That’s really interesting.

If I had known my desire before, I ___________ (be born) in a royal family 25 years ago.
However, all of these are not true but I still know what I can do to fulfill my dream. If I
_________ (live) in London in the future, I would visit the palace every day. I wish I _______
(meet) Prince William.


The newspaper says he _____(be) single now so I will have a chance to know him. If he
_______(fall) in love with me, I would get married with him. What if I ____________(never
meet ) my own prince?


Subjunctive Present

Fill in the blank:

Go /earn be/ get wear/be
not allow/ come cut/dye Get/might have

1. Carol: I think I will wear my short dress tonight.

Mother: If you wear that dress, you will be cold.

2. Carol: I might get my ears pierced next weekend.

Mother: I _____ very angry if you ________ your ears pierced.

3. Carol: And I might_______ dye my hair

Mother: I ___________ your hair off if you ______ it red.

4. Carol: I think I will get a motorbike next year.

Mother: If you ____________ a motorbike, you __________an accident.

5. Carol: I don’t think that I will go to college when I leave school.

Mother: Oh yes you will. If you ________ to college, you ________ much
money when you star working,

6. Carol: I’ll probably come home late.

Mother: I_____________ you to go out again for ma month, if you __________ home late.
Subjunctive Past

Fill in the blank:

1.You would feel (feel) Better if you stopped(stop) smoking.
2.If I ________(own) a boat, I_________ (sail) around the world.
3.You ______ (get) a job if you __________ (dress) smartly.
4. If she _______(practice) every day, she________(speak) Korean much better.
5. IF you________(be) a millionaire, I _______(merry )you.
6.People __________(like) you if you_________(be) more friendly.

Subjunctive Present Perfect

.Make subjunctive mood sentences:

Jack talked to his friend, Sam that he had a bad day last week. Please use the subjunctive mood
sentences to write Sam’s inference.

1.Jack: I stay up late on Sunday so I slept in on Monday.

Sam: If you hadn’t stay up late on Sunday, you wouldn’t have slept in on Monday.

2.Jack: I slept so late on Monday that I missed the train to work.


3. Jack: didn’t bring my umbrella. I got wet on the way to the office.

4. Jack:I didn’t dry myself properly. I caught a cold.


5. Jack:I didn’t know it was my wife’s birthday today. She was very angry with me.

6. Jack:I forgot to lock the door when I got home last night. We were burgled.

Subjunctive Present/Future

If a picture __________ (paint) a thousand words,

then why ______ ____(not) I paint you?
The words will never show,
the you I've come to know.
If a face ______ _______(launch) a thousand ships,
then where ___ (be) I to go?
There's no one's home but you.
You're all that's left me to.

And when my love for life is running dry,

you come and pour yourself on me.

#If a man _____ ____ (be) two places at one time, I___ ___ (be) with you.
Tomorrow and today, beside you all the way.
If the world _______ _______(stop) revolving,
spinning slowly down to die,
I ___ ______ (spend) the end with you.
And when the world was through.

Then one by one the stars would go out.

Then you and I would simply fly away.