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Madoes Primary School

Eco Committee Meeting Agenda
7th March 2011
Present IL, SS, LP, DW, LH, PH, NL, NB, HN, CS

Apologies EMcN, JC, CD, AG

Agenda Notes Action to

Point be taken
1.  Members reported back on new compost bins. NB to take
out compost
 Bigger bins seem to be working in infant classes due to fruit bin at play
Composting each day. time and
 Gardening club are going to use compost made in outside bins. inform upper
 New charcoal filters are to be sourced. HN to source
 An outside compost bin at playtime, then lunch time if carbon filters.
successful, is to be trialled for upper classes. HN to order 2
more big bins
from Tesco
2.  Members wrote letter to thank Mercury Signs for their kind Members to
donation of our new recycling bin labels, based on LH’s design. classes about
Recycling  New bins are very popular in early years classes and are filling using both
up well. sides of
 Members to act on information from Mr. Denny re people not paper.
using both sides of paper before recycling and to remind their
classes this week.
3.  Members have decided to spend the rest of the ECO budget on HN, IL and
new bird feeders and food (£44 available). members to
Bird  Project to run until end of April. visit Linden
Feeding /  DW reported back that her family are busy so would not be able to purchase
Bird Table to help us make the bird table. items.
 Members suggested Mr. Wann and Mr. Kennedy as possible IL to speak to
alternatives. parents.
4.  LP brought in a Litter poster and this will be mounted and IL to organise
displayed in GP Room.
Litter  Members were asked to bring for suggestions for activities Members to
relating to Litter for next meeting for Eco / Health Week, research
activity ideas.
5.  Members agreed on Wednesday mornings at 9.15am for NB, NL & DW
to organise
Bloggers to put on their blog. blogging.
Blog  This will happen every 2 weeks and bloggers will collect the
information from classes they wish to put on.
6.  Members reported back on progress in each class, which has IL to put in
been slow to pick up.
Snack in a  P3/4 have had the largest number of Snack in a Box-ers so will Members to
Box win the trophy for Jan / Feb. make posters
 Members wanted to raise awareness of this and will make new for each
posters for each class and put in school newsletter
A. O. C. B.  HN suggested Eco News on hall projector once a week to help IL to co-
ordinate this.
raise awareness of our projects.
DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 9th May 2011

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