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Wireless Condition
Monitoring System
for Vibration
and Temperature


• Wireless configuration
• Customizable software (set alarm
points per application)
• Flexible mounting (magnetic or
• Spring-loaded temperature probe
The StatusCheck™ system is uniquely designed
• Two-axis vibration detection
to cost-effectively detect excessive levels of
temperature and vibration that could lead to • Measures ambient temperature
overheating and breakdown of critical equipment. • Industrial-strength packaging

Commonly, when a bearing, gear or other critical •••••••

machine element becomes worn, contaminated,
• Economical condition monitoring
damaged or is lacking lubrication, the
component and/or the machine itself will • Easy installation
experience an increase in temperature and • Does not interfere with normal
vibration. The StatusCheck system can machine operations
accurately sense and report these increases in • Simple interpretation (no vibration
real time. This allows you to take corrective analysis training is required)
action prior to failures – helping to prevent • Ideal for bearings, bearing housings,
machine damage, expensive repairs and gearboxes, motors, etc.
prolonged downtime. • FCC approved



• Ambient temperature up to 185° F The StatusCheck transmitter is self-contained with its own internal
(85˚ C) at point of transmission
power source, electronics and sensors. It attaches directly to the
• Measuring temperature up to
outer frame of a machine and uses wireless RF communications to
450° F (232˚ C) at tip of probe
transmit vibration and temperature readings from the machine.
• One-half mile line of sight
transmitting range
• 50 G peak shock load measuring With this system, multiple StatusCheck transmitters (up to 100) can
capacity be in use on one or more machines, all of which send signals back to
• Physical size: 3.85” x 3.85” x 2.30” a common central receiver (see below). This receiver is connected
(97mm x 100mm x 58mm) to a PC to display the data and Timken StatusCheck software displays
• Transmission rate interval: adjustable
real-time data, logs information and triggers alarms when set points
(four user-selectable rates)
are surpassed. Alarms can generate e-mails that can be routed to
• Battery life up to three years
depending on transmission rate pagers, cell phones or personal digital assistants (PDAs) for
• Receiver data link: RS-232 or maintenance notification.


Network or Internet
connection with external
alarm output option

Single common receiver

connects to computer

For more information on StatusCheck or other Timken sensor and condition monitoring options, contact your
Timken sales representative.

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