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Due to COVID19 restrictions, the ArchTIS Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings will be held via a web-based
tool that allows members to attend, vote and ask questions. To attend the meeting, members are required to use a
tablet or computer to allow both audio, video and full voting and question capability. Members who opt to use a
phone only session will only receive an audio session and will be unable to vote at the session and will be required to
submit proxy forms in accordance with our Notice of Meeting.
For personal use only


archTIS is using a secured web-based conference session from CISCO called WEBEX. Instructions for connection to
the meeting are included in the meeting package and via our website. Please note the following:

1. Web based access will require an internet connection and the download of the Webex meeting software or
web-based client. Please do this in advance of the meeting as installation can take up to 5 minutes.
2. Use the provided web address to access the meeting

ArchTIS Extraordinary General Meeting - 27 Aug 2020

3. When joining the meeting please ensure you enter your name as it appears on the shareholder registry in
the client so we have a record of members attending and can validate you as a shareholder.
4. The icons at the bottom of the web page or application allow for members to interact with the meeting.

Audio On/Off Video On/Off Member List Chat Menu End Session

5. To ask a question, please use the Chat icon and enter your question in the chat window on the right-hand
side of the application.
6. When a vote is called (CISCO calls this a POLL), another part of the application at the right-hand side of the
screen will open showing the question and the response options. Please select the option required and
press submit. This will forward the response to the Secretary for recording.

Member View Secretary View