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Copparo - August 31, 2006

Dear dealer / customer,
Berco continues its commitment to providing its dealers with the services they need to make their work
simpler and more productive. The latest development in this direction is the creation of the new BOPIS Light
platform, a new online service for Berco dealers using the latest available computer technologies.
The software quickly and easily resolves problems and meets the needs of Berco authorized distributors.
While maintaining functional and data compatibility with its big brother BOPIS, BOPIS Light offers a number of new
features for navigation and searches, both of which are now simpler and more intuitive. The user now has new
search methods which guide him directly to the product he is interested in, as well as simplified management of
machine layouts using automatic search filters and keywords.
Furthermore, a new function has been added which suggests an alternative product to that required by the
customer on the basis of the assembly dimensions. In a similar way, searching for alternative configurations (e.g.
arctic version, heavy duty, etc.) is now easier than ever: they are displayed on separate screens and compared to
the "standard configuration". The new search algorithm identifies a product number even when the code is partially
incorrect or incomplete (spaces, uppercase, etc.).
Taking a closer look, you will see straight away that the system has been made considerably more user
friendly relatively to the older BOPIS, thanks above all to the use of tree-structured visual menus capable of making
the new system very intuitive.
All these improvements result in faster searches and greater ease of use without losing sight of the
requirement for effective, complete information, but, above all, have made it possible even for people not fully
confident with undercarriage technology to use the system.
Finally, the approach still puts a premium on data security and protection: the authentication procedure has
been streamlined and simplified with the installation on each client of a secure access management software,
which will take care of your login data (username and password) once and for all. In this way it is no longer
necessary to authenticate yourself at every access (especially after session timeouts), and of course it is no longer
necessary to connect through a static IP address, as currently required by BOPIS specifications. This removes the
need to connect to the system always from the same geographic location: you can easily install the client software
on a notebook PC and access BOPIS Light from everywhere in the world.
Thanks to the new security approach, also Sub-dealers and selected customers without full BOPIS access
can be authorized to use BOPIS Light. The previous static-IP access mode will be shutdown in the near future, so
installing the client software is going to become necessary for everyone in the short term. For dealers with full
BOPIS accounts, full compatibility with the old BOPIS is still assured: once a product has been identified, a click of
the mouse will take the authorized users to the old system for further information.
We are proud to present this new version of our services, and hope that these improvements will translate
in concrete benefits for the daily work of our dealers and partners. With this letter you will find a CD-ROM
containing the access client software to be installed on your PC, and an exhaustive user guide to help you
configuring your system. If you need support, feel free to contact us at “” .
As a start-up limited offer, Berco is currently providing the complete service for free to all of you esteemed
dealers and contributors. However, in the near future, yearly fees will be requested to access the BOPIS database,
dependant on the number of authorized users. We’ll inform you about the details in a convenient advance. This
policy, largely justified by the high costs of the information technology infrastructure, will guarantee the continuous
development of the tool and a consistent and updated data flow.
Dr. Eng. Mauro Fabbri
Sales Director

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