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Alcatel 5620 NM

Network Manager | Release 6.1

The Alcatel 5620 Network Manager (NM) is the Enhanced IP/MPLS features
A proven and scalable
cornerstone of the Alcatel family of network and > Improved IP maintenance and diagnostics
network management
service management products for data and access for troubleshooting faults through ping and solution with enriched
networks. The 5620 NM’s purpose in life is to route trace feature operator functionality to
make managing networks easier while enabling > Operator defined configuration templates to manage multi-technology
rapid deployment of services. perform similar configurations on multiple
An integrated part of the Alcatel family of > IP VPN support in conjunction with Alcatel
products, the Alcatel 5620 NM manages wireline Connected partner
and wireless broadband technologies such as IP,
DSL, and ATM on access, edge, and core network Improved operator functionality
elements. The Alcatel 5620 NM is a proven > PVC-SPVC conversion tool to enable bulk
platform, currently installed in more than 1,000 conversion of PVCs to SPVCs
networks worldwide, including more than 350 > SVC diagnostics tool to assist with call
service providers. The scope of the Alcatel 5620 set up features
NM is exemplified in that it supports the > Enhanced diagnostics and troubleshooting,
broadest range of services offered on one including support for path and connection
platform in the industry. trace (SPVC segments) and Route Trace
(PVC segments), as well as segment-based
What’s New in Release 6.1? information to the network edge
Continued evolution of the 5620 DSL
Management solution Initial support for metro ethernet solution
> Alcatel 7300 ASAM path management > VC-VLAN management to enable connectivity
available for selected trials of existing FR/ATM UNIs with new metro
> Support service provider needs to service ethernet services
small remote areas and reduce capital
expenditures through support of the
Conklin FastMux
Alcatel 5620 NM | Release 6.1

Features Features and Optional Modules > Intuitive, sophisticated GUI

> Manages IP, DSL, and ATM interworking > Connection provisioning and activation for
Carrier Class Management from a common graphical user interface multiservice provisioning of PVCs, SPVCs
and Reliability (GUI) and LSPs
> Fault management capabilities, including > Managed products include the Alcatel > Downloadable software upgrades to the
real-time status reporting, trouble tickets, 7770 RCP, the Alcatel 7670 RSP, the network
alarms, fault notifications, performance Alcatel 7670 RSP Edge Service Extender > Network simulation functionality to test
monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance (ESE), the Alcatel 7470 Multiservice and model network resources
> Diagnostic tools for isolating network Platform (MSP), the Alcatel 7300 Advanced
problems, including loopbacks, busy outs, Services Access Manager (ASAM), the
centralized maintenance connections, forced Alcatel 7390 Local Multipoint Distribution
Service (LMDS) platform, and the Alcatel > Minimum requirement: a SunBlade 100
errors and reroutes, and path diagnostics
7770 Optical Broadband Exchange (OBX) or Netra T1 workstation with 1 GB of
> Automatic rerouting function activated on RAM, 36 GB hard drive, 1 CPU at
link or logical failures > Multiservice core/backbone network
500 MHz, CD-ROM drive, LAN or
consolidation (can manage an integrated
> Network management redundancy ensures WAN Ethernet or ATM connection
circuit, packet and cell switched network)
reliability using multiple workstations (active, > Sun Solaris 8 (2.8) support
and multi-access network consolidation
standby) that can be geographically
(providing comprehensive control of the > X11R5-compliant X-server software
network from a single location) (for X-terminal login support only)
> Centrally manages configuration changes
> Multivendor management: IP management > HP OpenView Network Node Manager,
that occur on the Alcatel 7770 Routing
through support of Juniper and Cisco for enhanced LAN management (optional)
Core Platform (RCP), the Alcatel 7670
routers and element management in
Routing Switch Platform (RSP)
combination with the Alcatel 5620 SNMP Standards Compliance
> Complete management solution from the Descriptor Module (SNMP DM)
access to the core for DSL services such > International Standards Organization (ISO)
> Open application programming interfaces
as residential high speed Internet, business SGML
(APIs) provide interfaces at all levels of the
services, extreme density services and > X.Org X11R5
Telecommunications Management Network
voice over DSL > International Telecommunication Union-
(TMN) hierarchy to automate business
> Reduced operator effort through DSL bulk processes with the Alcatel 5620 CMIP Telecommunication Standardization Sector
configuration capability to create, schedule, and Alcatel 5620 CORBA OSS Interface (ITU-T), TMN including CMIP, M.3100,
and execute a bulk configuration request Modules. As well, the Alcatel Connected X.721, X723, X.734
on the Alcatel 7300 ASAM, Release 4.2 Partner program provides pre-certified > TeleManagement Forum Bandwidth
or later interoperable operations support systems Management Ensemble NMF-038
> Single desktop solution for network (OSS) solutions with selected best-in-class > Object Management Group (OMG)
monitoring and operation of mixed data independent software vendors common object request broker architecture
and transport networks through flexible > Scalable, flexible end-to-end service (CORBA)
management of all network elements provisioning of DSL, Frame Relay and ATM > Joint Inter-Domain Management CMIP-
supported by the 5620 NM and the VPN services with the 5620 AXiOSS DSL CORBA Transaction
Alcatel 1353 GEM and VPN Service Modules > Internet Engineering Task Force SNMP
> Scalability: Manages 10,000 core, access > Scalable, automated MPLS performance
and edge ATM nodes, 500,000 remote > Alcatel Distributed Statistics Collector
optimization provided through the 5620
devices standards:
Traffic and Service Optimization Module
> Support for 1.5 million paths; a combination • AT&T 54016
of up to 1 million PVCs and 1 million SPVCs • ANSI T1.403
> Powerful network inventory, optimization,
• 255 simultaneous operator sessions planning and failure analysis capabilities • ITU-T G.821/G.822
• 1,000 service level partitions — through the Alcatel 5620 Analysis and
virtual switched networks Inventory Module (AIM)
• 128 physical network partitions — > Online user documentation for quick,
virtual backbone networks customizable, context-sensitive access

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