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Wednesday | August 19, 2020

Former city CFO charged with embezzling $290K to strengthen its fiscal man-
Milton Rawle,
former Colum- Mayor: City has strengthened fiscal agement, Mayor Robert
bus CFO, is
escorted to a management, corrected discrepancies Smith told The Dispatch on
Tuesday night.
transport vehi- The embezzlement
BY YUE STELLA YU falsifying documents to
cle after being charge came to light after
arraigned conceal the embezzlement,
State Auditor Shad White a Fiscal Year 2018 audit re-
on Tuesday Former told The Dispatch on Tues- port of the city revealed sev-
in Lowndes
County Circuit
Columbus day morning. eral discrepancies in its fis-
Court. Rawle Chief Finan- The case is the largest cal management, according
was arrested cial Officer municipal embezzlement to a Tuesday press release
Monday after Milton Rawle in the state auditor’s data- from White’s office. Wanda
being indicted was arrest- base, which dates back to Holley, certified public ac-
for embez- ed Monday 1993, Communications Di- countant at Watkins, Ward
zling almost after being Rawle rector Logan Reeves told and Stafford — the firm
$290,000 indicted in that conducted the city au-
The Dispatch on Tuesday
from the city dit — brought the discrep-
June for embezzling almost afternoon. Following the
between 2016 ancies to White’s attention
and 2018. $290,000 from the city be- investigation, the city im-
Antranik Tavitian/ Dispatch Staff tween 2016 and 2018 and plemented several policies See EMBEZZLEMENT, 8A

Taylor touts Communiversity Ex-SPD

as ‘home for partnerships’ officer will
EMCC’s new workforce serve 7 years
manufacturing head says
program has more students
for child
than this time last year, exploitation
despite pandemic BY TESS VRBIN
Starkville police
Courtney Taylor had been executive officer will spend
director for the Communiversity and seven years in
workforce training at East Mississippi prison after a jury
Community College for four months be- found him guilty
fore the COVID-19 pandemic forced the in July of five
college to send all its students home, counts of child ex-
leaving the brand new 143,000 square- ploitation.
foot advanced manufacturing training Circuit Judge
center on Highway 82 empty. Jim Kitchens sentenced Charles
“All of a sudden, we’re looking at how Jordan on Tuesday to 12 years
do we train people in these skilled trades Isabelle Altman/Dispatch Staff with five of them suspended,
when we can’t physically bring them Courtney Taylor, executive director for the Communiversity and workforce training at East meaning he will not be in prison
into a building?” Taylor told members of Mississippi Community College, speaks with Rotary Club member Bobby Harper after the but will be under close supervi-
club’s luncheon Tuesday at Lion Hills Center. Taylor spoke with the club about the Com-
the Columbus Rotary Club during their sion for the last five years of his
muniversity commitment to partner with local industries and students and told Rotarians
weekly luncheon at Lion Hills Center on there are 419 students in EMCC’s workforce training program this year, up from 405 this sentence. He will also have to
Tuesday. “How do you do that? time last year. pay a $5,000 fine.
“The Communiversity all of a sudden Jordan claimed during the
was empty,” she added. “We had a few the Golden Triangle’s manufacturing and Dynamics to the local workforce and con- three-day trial that he believed
people there, a few of us that wanted to industrial community and how the Com- necting high school and college students he was sending sexually explicit
go to work every day because we’re sadis- muniversity could serve those needs. to EMCC’s manufacturing programs. photos and videos to a 19-year-
tic like that. We didn’t have any students Though at its core the Communiver- Reaching those students has been a old in February 2017, when she
there. It was just a really weird time.” sity exists to train students in advanced particular challenge since the pandemic was actually 16. He asked her
But the pandemic allowed Taylor and manufacturing skills, Taylor said it also began, Taylor said, since before students four times to send him explicit
others at the Communiversity to pause is a “home for partnerships,” connecting could visit the Communiversity. She said content in return, and he also
and take stock of the broader needs in local industries such as Paccar and Steel See COMMUNIVERSITY, 8A See SENTENCING, 8A

Aldermen debate tax increase, Stanley Miller, second

from right, asks Mayor
Lynn Spruill, left, and

approve utility rate hike the board of aldermen

Tuesday to consider
waiting a few months
to implement a pro-
“You know I don’t
Board votes to (usually) vote for a
posed property tax
increase of two mills.
tax increase, but I’m
end hiring freeze just wondering where
The increase would
cover about half of the
the funding is com-
implemented in April ing from if we don’t
projected $1.1 million
budget shortfall, but
BY TESS VRBIN do something,” Ward the city cannot change 7 Alderman Henry its millage rate after
Vaughn it passes the budget
Vaughn said.
Starkville aldermen on Tuesday The anticipated in September, even
debated raising property taxes by $540,000 in revenue from two addi- if sales tax revenues
two mills in the Fiscal Year 2021 increase over the
tional mills would only cover about
next few months, said
budget to offset an anticipated $1.1 half of the projected shortfall. The Ward 2 Alderman
million budget shortfall, with some city’s sales tax revenue in FY 2021 Sandra Sistrunk, third
aldermen who usually oppose tax might see a 12-percent drop, mark- from right.
increases firmly in favor of this one. See ALDERMEN, 3A Tess Vrbin/Dispatch Staff


1 In ancient Greek and Egyptian mythol- MEETINGS
ogy, a sphinx has the head of a human Aug. 31: Lowndes
and the body of which animal? County Board of Su-
2 What kind of creature is the blunt- pervisors meeting, 9
nosed vaquita, a rare marine mammal
a.m., Lowndes County
found in the Gulf of California whose
population numbered only 100 in Courthouse, facebook.
Abby Edwards 2014? com/LowndesCounty-
3 What U.S. state was the first to boast Mississippi/
Sixth grade, Heritage
a CrossFit gym, in 1995? Sept. 1: Columbus

88 Low 66
4 Which lake is shared between Swit-
City Council, 5 p.m.,
High zerland and France?
5 What’s the stage name of rapper Municipal Complex,
A few storms
O’Shea Jackson?
Full forecast on Answers, 8B ColumbusMS/
page 3A.
Sept. 8: Lowndes
County Board of Su-
INSIDE pervisors meeting, 9
Classifieds 7,8B Food 4,5B a.m., Lowndes County
Comics 3B Obituaries 4B Jason Gibson, 9, goes to Franklin Courthouse, facebook.
Crossword 8B Opinions 6A Academy. His favorite superhero is com/LowndesCounty-
141st Year, No. 137 Dear Abby 3B Batman. Mississippi/


2A WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2020 The Dispatch •

Trump puts utility in crosshairs

over foreign labor, CEO pay
Environmental groups their customers, invest in infra-
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — When structure and give companies
he joined the Tennessee Valley Au- sue TVA over long-term flexibility to receive some of their
thority as CEO last year, Jeff Lyash power agreements power through locally sourced op-
offered up a lighthearted goal in an MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Environ- tions.
interview: to never be “on either mental groups are suing the Ten- The deals replace existing
end, good or bad, of a presidential nessee Valley Authority over long- agreements of varying lengths,
tweet.” term partnership agreements or follow expiring ones. Contracts
Turns out, that was too much to signed by local power companies require a 20-year notice to termi-
ask for. that receive electricity generated nate, and they renew automatical-
Thanks to President Donald by the nation’s largest public util- ly each year, the plaintiff’s law-
Trump, Lyash has had a head-spin- ity. yers said.
ning August as the head of the na- A lawsuit filed in Memphis fed- TVA officials say many smaller
tion’s largest public utility, created eral court Monday claims the 20- utilities have agreed, as have larg-
in 1933 under the New Deal to pro- year deals signed by more than er ones, including Nashville Elec-
vide electricity, flood control and 130 companies lock the power tric Service.
economic development to Tennes- distributors into exclusive, “nev- But TVA’s biggest customer,
see and parts of surrounding states. er-ending” contracts with the TVA Memphis, Light, Gas & Water,
Trump had already been com- and “will forever deprive distribu- has not signed a long-term deal.
tors and ratepayers the opportuni- The Memphis utility is exploring
plaining about a vote to close a TVA
ty to renegotiate with TVA to ob- other power generation options,
Kentucky coal plant, which predat-
tain cheaper, cleaner electricity,” including alternate suppliers.
ed Lyash. Trump grumbled again
the Southern Environmental Law Memphis has been a TVA cus-
in April about Lyash’s compensa-
Center said in a statement. tomer for 85 years and represents
tion for running the independent
Protect Our Aquifer, Energy about 10% of TVA’s revenue, Lyash
agency, which makes him the high-
Alabama and Appalachian Voices has said.
est-paid federal employee. Then an also allege the deals hurt the abili- The suit also alleges that the
advocacy group’s TV ad — aimed at ty of local power companies to use contracts could have signifi-
an audience of one — hit its target. renewable power from sources cant effects on the environment,
The ad in July, which criticized outside the TVA. “including influencing TVA’s
a TVA plan to outsource 20% of TVA is the nation’s largest pub- decisions to invest in energy re-
its technology jobs to companies lic utility, providing power to more sources, increasing greenhouse
based in foreign countries — pro- than 10 million people in parts of gases and other pollution, and in-
duced a Trump tweet, and soon Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, creasing water usage across the
thereafter, a White House meeting, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Car- Tennessee Valley,” the statement
where Trump met with some of olina and Virginia. said.
the in-house IT workers who were TVA spokesman Scott Brooks MLG&W plans a Wednesday
set to be replaced, fired the TVA’s said 141 of 153 local power com- meeting to discuss the TVA deci-
chairman and another board mem- panies have agreed to the deals sion. A consultant report says the
ber, and called for Lyash to be re- voluntarily. Memphis power company could
placed by a new CEO whose salary TVA President and CEO Jeff save as much as $122 million per
would be capped at $500,000. Lyash said during a Board of Di- year by joining the MISO trans-
During that Aug. 3 meeting, rectors meeting in November that mission system, which delivers
Trump received a note from chief the deals carry a 3.1% monthly power across 15 U.S. states and
of staff Mark Meadows that said rebate on wholesale power rates. the Canadian province of Manito-
Lyash had called the White House Lyash said the local companies ba.
promising to address the labor could pass on those savings to SOURCE: AP
concerns. Lyash then had his own
White House meeting three days
later, reversing course on the IT uation. TVA fully understands and Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee
layoffs. supports the Administration’s com- stress that there’s more nuance sur-
“We were wrong in not fully un- mitment to preserving and growing rounding the CEO’s high compen-
derstanding the impact on our em- American jobs.” sation than critics let on. The utility
ployees, especially during the pan- The interim chairman also said is funded largely by ratepayers and
demic,” Lyash said in a statement there will be a review of the CEO’s doesn’t use tax dollars. Federal law
after he and interim board chair- compensation, which for Lyash requires it to pay competitively with
man John Ryder met with White topped $8.1 million total in his first other major utilities. TVA has said
House officials. “We are taking im- six months on the job. its top executive compensation falls
mediate actions to address this sit- TVA supporters like Republican in the bottom 25% of big utilities.

Today is Wednesday,
Aug. 19, the 232nd day of
2020. There are 134 days
left in the year.

Today’s Highlight
in History:
On August 19, 1814,
during the War of 1812,
British forces landed at
Benedict, Maryland, with
the objective of capturing
Washington D.C.

On this date:
In 1807, Robert Ful-
ton’s North River Steam-
boat arrived in Albany,
two days after leaving
New York.
In 1812, the USS
Constitution defeated
the British frigate HMS
Guerriere off Nova Scotia
during the War of 1812,
earning the nickname
“Old Ironsides.”
In 1848, the New
York Herald reported
the discovery of gold in
In 1909, the first au-
tomobile races were run at
the just-opened Indianap-
olis Motor Speedway; the
winner of the first event
was auto engineer Louis
Schwitzer, who drove a
Stoddard-Dayton touring
car twice around the 2.5-
mile track at an average
speed of 57.4 mph.
In 1942, during
World War II, about 6,000
Canadian and British
soldiers launched a disas-
trous raid against the Ger-
mans at Dieppe, France,
suffering more than
50-percent casualties.
In 1960, a tribunal
in Moscow convicted
American U2 pilot Francis
Gary Powers of espionage.
(Although sentenced to
10 years’ imprisonment,
Powers was returned
to the United States in
1962 as part of a prisoner
The Dispatch • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2020 3A

Coroner’s office investigating death of man on tug boat en Triangle and that paramedics who Marine & Timberlands Corp. Merchant
Boat captain’s death believed to be of natural causes boarded the boat were unable to revive said Freil had worked for the company
him. Firefighters from Columbus Fire for 10 years.
DISPATCH STAFF REPORT Freil had been working on a south- and Rescue had also responded to the Company representatives did not re-
bound boat on Monday, but had been emergency and helped remove Freil’s spond to messages from The Dispatch
Lowndes County Coroner’s Office is feeling ill for several days before that. body from the boat. by press time.
investigating the death of an Alabama Just after 4 p.m., a few hours after his Freil had planned to leave the boat Merchant told The Dispatch Tuesday
man on a Tombigbee River tug boat shift had ended, he asked the pilot to Tuesday to seek medical attention if he Freil’s death is likely to have been from
Monday. call an ambulance for him. didn’t feel better by then, Merchant said. natural causes, and Lowndes County
Coroner Greg Merchant identified Merchant said Freil became unre- The boat Freil captained belongs to Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Brent
the victim as Capt. Huey M. Freil, 47, of sponsive while waiting for an ambulance Mobile, Alabama-based manufacturing Swan said there is no evidence of foul
Dora, Alabama. from Baptist Memorial Hospital-Gold- and transportation company Cooper play.


State sees decrease in average cases of COVID per week

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS es and deaths in July. The state has only The Health Department said Tuesday people have not been tested and studies
seen one day within a 10-day period with that Mississippi, with a population of suggest people can be infected without
JACKSON — The state of Mississippi more than 1,000 new cases reported. about 3 million, has had at least 73,207 feeling sick. The virus causes mild or
reported 34 confirmed deaths from the On July 29, the state’s seven-day aver- reported cases and at least 2,128 deaths moderate symptoms for most but can be
coronavirus and 795 new cases Tuesday. age peaked at 1,390 cases. On Monday, from COVID-19 as of Monday evening. more severe or fatal for some, especial-
Mississippi has seen declining cases the state’s seven-day average was below The true number of virus infections is ly older adults and those with existing
in recent weeks after a surge of new cas- 700. thought to be far higher because many health problems.

Continued from Page 1A
ing an $880,000 decrease agreement for its police and were not present at which would save the city The city’s initial rate in- Rolling Hills project.
from this fiscal year, after department’s body cam- the meeting last year to $575,000, Sistrunk said. crease in September 2018 The aldermen also
the COVID-19 coronavi- eras. approve the FY 2020 bud- The delay would not af- began raising the money voted unanimously, via
rus pandemic started lim- get. fect the current interest required to replace aging the consent agenda, to
iting business and social
activity in March.
‘Why we’re said
Perk ins
rate but could harm the
city’s credit rate for bor-
water and sewage pipes end the hiring freeze im-
in Pleasant Acres, Green
The projected shortfall in this position’ would “very rowing money in the long Oaks and Rolling Hills,
plemented in March as a
also took into consider- Spruill and four of run. cost-saving measure to
reluctantly” the neighborhoods Kemp
ation the potential can- the seven aldermen ex- vote for the Additionally, the FY mitigate the impact of the
pressed their support for said generated the high-
cellation of the college millage in- 2021 budget completely sales tax revenue short-
the proposed budget, in- est volume of calls for re-
football season in the fall, crease for eliminates the city’s re- pair work in 2018. fall. The hiring freeze is
Ward 2 Alderman San- cluding the tax increase. two reasons: cycling program, which the last of the cost-sav-
The board held its first The $1 million Pleas-
dra Sistrunk, the board’s the loss of Perkins Sistrunk said does not ant Acres project is re- ing measures, which also
budget chairperson, pre- public hearing for the sales tax turn a profit and only cently finished, several included furloughing 47
viously told The Dispatch. budget and will vote to revenue since March and has about 10-percent months later than origi- employees and cutting
Mills are used to calcu- approve it after the sec- the fact that the BUILD participation citywide.
ond hearing at the Sept. 1 nally planned, and the city department heads’ pay, to
late property taxes, and grant will “enhance the Curbside recycling pick- is starting the $2.4 million be eliminated.
the city determines each meeting. aesthetics and economic up ended in March with
year how many proper- Starkville resident development” of Highway the purpose of keeping
ty tax mills to levy. For a Stanley Miller told the al- 182. sanitation workers safe
$100,000 home with no dermen he thought they “I don’t want to vote from COVID-19, and par-
homestead exemption, should wait a few months for it because there are ticipants have had the op-
the proposed 2-mill hike to see if tax revenues in- people with low or fixed tion of dropping off their
— from 28.13 to 30.13 crease again with Mis- incomes that are strug- recyclable materials at
— would increase the sissippi State University gling, but at the same the sanitation building
owner’s taxes by $20. For students returning to the time, that’s why we’re in on North Washington
commercial properties, it area, but Sistrunk said this position to make this Street.
would increase taxes by the city does not have that tough decision,” Perkins
option. The city has to
$30 per $100,000 in as-
sessed value. adopt the budget by Sept.
said. Other financial
Aldermen Ben Carver
The budget also in- 15. of Ward 1, David Little of
cludes the 20-percent This would be The board voted 5-2,
Ward 3 and Jason Walker
match of $3 million for the Starkville’s third year with Carver and Little
of Ward 4
federal grant the city re- in a row raising millage opposed, to raise water
all said they
ceived last year to revamp — increasing it by 1.05 and sewer rates in order
wanted to
a mile of Highway 182. in 2018 and 1.5 in 2019 to fund infrastructure
look at oth-
The $12.66 million — but the city still has a replacements in several
er options
grant from the U.S. De- lower-than-average mill- neighborhoods.
to cut costs
partment of Transpor- age rate in Mississippi. The water and sewer
and make base rate will increase
tation’s Better Utilizing Columbus has a millage up for the
Investments to Leverage rate of 51.24. from $4 to $4.50 for usage
s h o r t f a l l . Carver of each after Oct. 1, with a
Development, or BUILD Being Carver and
Transportation Discre- the home variable rate of $4.15 per
Little said they have re- 1,000 gallons, Starkville
tionary Grant program, of a major ceived calls from constit-
would make the area universi- Utilities general manager
uents worried about how Terry Kemp said. The cur-
more pedestrian friendly ty means they would make ends
and wheelchair accessi- rent variable rate, which
“people meet with higher taxes.
ble, increase broadband represents the amount
come and Carver said he was
access and improve infra- charged for every 1,000
throw a lot open to eliminating the gallons of both water and
structure and stormwater of money Beatty BUILD grant or the po-
drainage. sewer use, is $3.25.
at us regu- lice camera funding, and
Failing to Most customers would
larly,” Ward 5 Alderman he suggested closing one
match the see their water and sewer
Hamp Beatty said, but of the city’s five fire sta-
grant would bills increase by $2 to $5,
it is not guaranteed that tions for a year. Spruill
force the according to Kemp, and
MSU can hold sporting and the other aldermen
city to re- the city would see an an-
events or even maintain disagreed.
turn it to the nual revenue of $7.5 mil-
in-person classes. The “I don’t think we
Department lion.
University of North Car- should jeopardize our fire
of Trans- olina-Chapel Hill recent- rating, because we did
p o r t a t i o n , Spruill ly suspended in-person just get it,” Spruill said,
Mayor Lynn classes less than a week referring to an upgrade
Spruill said. into the semester. in the city’s fire insurance
“The federal govern- Beatty supported the classification in July from
ment will not look at us fa- tax increase, as did Vice the Mississippi State Rat-
vorably for any additional Mayor Roy A. Perkins ing Bureau.
federal funds if we turn a of Ward 6. Perkins and The city is also con-
grant back, so that is not Vaughn voted against the sidering delaying its
an option,” she said. millage hike for FY 2019 debt payment for a year,
The city already an-
ticipated at least a 1-mill
increase for the BUILD
grant match, Sistrunk
The budget also al-
locates $200,000 in FY
2021 as the first-year pay-
ment on a lease/purchase

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4A WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2020 The Dispatch •

Millions of women lose contraceptives, abortions in COVID-19

Across 37 countries, nearly 2 million fewer women received services dia Safe Abortion Youth
Advocates organization.
cially “because everyone
who is involved needs to
between January and June than in the same period last year The pandemic has
highlighted how difficult
wear PPE.”
Abortion access has
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS fied” if services falter conceive. and girls were turned it already was for many improved in India, but
elsewhere in Latin Amer- In parts of West Afri- away. Even after NGOs women to safely access the pandemic resulted in
NEW DELHI — Mil- ica, Africa and Asia, Ma- ca, the provision of some in Romania pressured the abortion services, said abortion pill shortages in
lions of women and girls rie Stopes’ director of contraceptives fell by government to declare the Dr. Suchitra Dalvie, a gy- several states surveyed
globally have lost access global evidence, Kathryn nearly 50% compared to services essential, many necologist in Mumbai and by Foundation for Repro-
to contraceptives and Church, has said. the same period last year, hospitals still weren’t coordinator of the Asia ductive Health Services
abortion services be- The World Health Or- said the International providing abortions, said Safe Abortion Partner- India. Only 1% of phar-
cause of the coronavirus ganization this month Planned Parenthood Fed- Daniela Draghici, a mem- ship. macies in northern states
pandemic. Now the first said two-thirds of 103 eration. ber of the IPPF European “All these people ... the like Haryana and Punjab
widespread measure of countries surveyed be- “I’ve never seen any- network’s executive com- marginalized groups, the had them, 2% in the south-
the toll says India with its tween mid-May and early thing like this apart from mittee. vast invisible majority. ern state of Tamil Nadu
abrupt, months-long lock- July reported disruptions countries in conflict,” said “The impact in some This is how life is,” she and 6.5% in the central
down has been hit espe- to family planning and Diana Moreka, a coordi- cases is like what used said. state of Madhya Pradesh.
cially hard. contraception services. nator of the MAMA Net- to happen to young wom- In January, India began In Delhi it was 34%.
Several months into The U.N. Population work that connects wom- en during Communism, amending laws to allow Some contraceptives
the pandemic, many wom- Fund warns of up to 7 mil- en and girls to care across to get an abortion from certain women to obtain are still delayed by sup-
en now have second-tri- lion unintended pregnan- 16 African countries. somebody who claims to abortions up to 24 weeks ply chain disruptions,
mester pregnancies be- cies worldwide. Calls have increased to be a medical provider ... instead of 20. But the pan- said Chris Purdy, CEO
cause they could not find Lockdowns, travel re- their hotlines, including and pray,” she said. demic interrupted it. of the DKT International
care in time. strictions, supply chain those launched since the In India’s megacity No one expected the social marketing organi-
Across 37 countries, disruptions, the massive pandemic began in Con- of Mumbai, one woman lockdown to continue for zation for family planning
nearly 2 million fewer shift of health resources go, Zambia and Camer- was unable to find a preg- months, Dalvie said. Now products. Production is
women received services to combat COVID-19 and oon. More than 20,000 nancy testing kit after many women face sec- back online, but shipping
between January and fear of infection continue women have called since the lockdown started in ond-trimester abortions, routes are crowded and
June than in the same to prevent many women January. March, and then couldn’t which are more expensive ports clogged with back
period last year, Marie and girls from care. Like others, Moreka find transport to reach and complicated, espe- orders, he said.
Stopes International says A surge in teen preg- predicts a coming baby care in time, said Dr.
in a new report — 1.3 nancies was reported in boom in some parts of Shewetangi Shinde, who
million in India alone. Kenya, while some young the world. “The pandem- attended to her in a public
The organization expects women in Nairobi’s Kib- ic ... has taken us many hospital. By then, medical
900,000 unintended preg- era slum resorted to us- years backwards” in fam- abortion wasn’t an option
nancies worldwide as a ing broken glass, sticks ily planning services, she since the pregnancy was
result, along with 1.5 mil- and pens to try to abort said. too advanced.
lion unsafe abortions and pregnancies, said Diana Some countries didn’t India listed abortions
more than 3,000 maternal Kihima with the Women deem sexual and repro- as essential services un-
deaths. Promotion Center. Two ductive health services der lockdown but many
Those numbers “will died of their injuries, as essential under lock- weren’t aware, said Shin-
likely be greatly ampli- while some can no longer down, meaning women de, who is part of the In-

Pope: Rich can’t get the world can’t return pope said in his speech. that brings the entire
to normality if normal “And the virus, while it world to its knees.”
priority for vaccine, means social injustice doesn’t make exceptions On the other hand, “we
poor need help and degradation of the among persons, has must treat a great virus,
VATICAN CITY — natural environment. found in its path, devas- that of social injustice, of
Pope Francis on Wednes- Francis said: “How tating, great inequalities inequality of opportuni-
day warned against any sad it would be if for the and discrimination,” ty, of being marginalized
prospect that rich people COVID-19 vaccine priori- Francis said, adding “and and of lack of protection
would get priority for a ty is given to the richest.” it has increased them. of the weakest,” Francis
coronavirus vaccine. “It would be sad if this Throughout the pan- said.
“The pandemic is a vaccine were to become demic, many poor, who Francis has dedicated
crisis. You don’t come the property of this na- often have jobs that don’t much of his papacy to
out of it the tion or another, rather allow them to work from highlighting the plight
same — ei- than universal and for home, have found them-
of those living on life’s
ther better all,” the pontiff added, selves less able to shel-
margins, saying societies
or worse,’’ without indicating any ter from possible conta-
Fra ncis must put them at the cen-
particular country. gion during stay-at-home
said, adding He also said it would strategies enacted by ter of their attention.
improv ised be scandalous if all the many nations to reduce SOURCE: AP
remarks to economic assistance in the contagion rate. Ac-
his planned Pope Francis the works, most of it us- cess to the best health
speech for ing public funds, ends up care for the poor is often
his weekly public audi- reviving industries that impossible in many parts
ence. don’t help the poor or the of the world.
“We must come environment. Francis said response
out better” from the “The pandemic has to the pandemic must be
COVID-19 pandemic, the laid bare the difficult sit- twofold. On one hand,
pope said. uation of the poor and “it’s indispensable to find
After the COVID-19 the great inequality that the cure for such a small
pandemic, the pope said, reigns in the world,’’ the but tremendous virus,

COMMERCIAL DISPATCH Mrs. Collins was She was formerly
OBITUARY POLICY born June 27, 1973, in employed as a house-
Obituaries with basic informa-
tion including visitation and
Tupelo, to David W. keeper.
service times, are provided Houston III and the late In addition to her
free of charge. Extended Anne O’Neil Norman. parents, she was
obituaries with a photograph, She was a graduate of preceded in death by
detailed biographical informa- All Saints Episcopal her children, Sammie
tion and other details families School and the Univer- Bland and Rebecca
may wish to include, are avail-
sity of Mississippi. She McNeil.
able for a fee. Obituaries must
be submitted through funeral
was formerly employed She is survived by
homes unless the deceased’s as a teacher with East her children, Woodrow
body has been donated to Amory Elementary McNeil and Johnny
science. If the deceased’s School and as senior Bland both of West
body was donated to science, administrative assistant Point; brother, Johnny
the family must provide official with the Council on
proof of death. Please submit
Bland Sr. of Middle-
all obituaries on the form pro-
Occupational Education ton, Tennessee; four
vided by The Commercial Dis- in Atlanta, Georgia. grandchildren; and 10
patch. Free notices must be In addition to her great-grandchildren.
submitted to the newspaper father, she is survived
no later than 3 p.m. the day by her children, Baylor
prior for publication Tuesday Houston Collins and
through Friday; no later than 4
Griffin David Collins;
p.m. Saturday for the Sunday
edition; and no later than 7:30
and siblings, David W.
a.m. for the Monday edition. Houston IV, Dorothy
Incomplete notices must be re- Elizabeth “Beth” Hous-
ceived no later than 7:30 a.m. ton Smith and Locke
for the Monday through Friday Houston Waldrop.
editions. Paid notices must be
finalized by 3 p.m. for inclusion
the next day Monday through Mary McNeil
Thursday; and on Friday by 3 WEST POINT —
p.m. for Sunday and Monday Mary L. McNeil, 76,
publication. For more informa- died Aug. 11, 2020, at
tion, call 662-328-2471. her residence.
Graveside services
Laura Collins were held at 11 a.m.
CUMMINGS, Ga. — Tuesday, in Green-
Laura Susan Houston wood Cemetery, with
Collins, 47, died Aug. Willie Dale officiating.
14, 2020, at her resi- A private family visita-
dence. tion was held Monday,
A graveside service at Carter’s Mortuary
was held at 2 p.m. Tues- Services. Carter’s Mor-
day, in Odd Fellows tuary Services of West
Rest Cemetery of Aber- Point was in charge of
deen, with Tim Murphy arrangements.
and Pam Rhea officiat- Mrs. McNeil was
ing. Tisdale-Lann Me- born Oct. 6, 1943, in
morial Funeral Home of Middleton, Tennessee,
Aberdeen was in charge to the late Willie Joe
of arrangements. Pete and Mary Bland.
The Dispatch • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2020 5A

Postal Service halts some

changes amid outcry, lawsuits
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS master general,” Pelosi said in San was the newly imposed constraints
Francisco. on when mail can go out for deliv-
WA S H I NG T ON The crisis at the Postal Service ery — a change postal workers
— Facing mount- has erupted as a major election have said is fueling delays. The
ing public pressure year issue as DeJoy, a Republican statement also did not specify
and a crush of state donor who took control of the agen- whether the agency would restore
lawsuits, President cy in June, has swiftly engineered mail-sorting machines that have
Donald Trump’s new cuts and operational changes that recently been taken offline.
postmaster general are disrupting mail delivery op- A Postal Service spokesman de-
announced Tuesday erations and raising alarms that clined to comment beyond DeJoy’s
he is halting some DeJoy Trump is trying to undermine the statement.
operational chang- agency ahead of the election. “What’s going on right now is
es to mail delivery that critics At the White House, Trump has nothing less than a full-on assault
blamed for widespread delays and flatly denied he is seeking to slow by this administration on the U.S.
warned could disrupt the Novem- down the mail, even as he leveled Postal Service, an institution that
ber election. fresh assaults Tuesday on mail-in millions of Americans rely on ev-
Postmaster General Louis De-
voting and universal ballots. More ery single day,” said Bob Fergu-
Joy said he would “suspend” sev-
Americans than ever are expected son, the attorney general in Wash-
eral of his initiatives — including
to choose to vote absentee during ington state, at a news conference.
the removal of the distinctive blue
the coronavirus outbreak. Ferguson and Pennsylvania
mailboxes that prompted an out-
“You can’t have millions and Attorney General Josh Shapiro
cry — until after the election “to
millions of ballots sent all over announced they were leading col-
avoid even the appearance of im-
pact on election mail.” the place, sent to people that are lections of other states in suing to
“We will deliver the nation’s dead, sent to dogs, cats, sent ev- block service changes at the Post-
election mail on time,” DeJoy said erywhere,” Trump told reporters. al Service, just as the postmaster
in a statement. “This isn’t games and you have was making his own statement
The abrupt reversal from De- to get it right,” Trump said. Tuesday. Both Shapiro and Fergu-
Joy, who is set to testify Friday Some of the initiatives DeJoy son said they would not take De-
before the Senate, comes as more said he was shelving until after Joy at his word.
than 20 states, from New York to the election had already been an- “We need to see binding action
California, announced they would nounced. to reverse these changes,” Shap-
be suing to stop the changes. Sev- DeJoy said Tuesday he is iro said.
eral vowed they would press on, halting the planned removal of Trump made clear last week
keeping a watchful eye on the mail-processing machines and that he was blocking $25 billion in
Postal Service ahead of the elec- blue collection boxes, as well as an emergency aid to the Postal Ser-
tion. initiative to change retail hours at vice, acknowledging he wanted to
Speaker Nancy Pelosi is push- post offices. He also said no mail curtail election mail operations,
ing ahead with Saturday’s vote to processing facilities will be closed as well as a Democratic proposal
prevent election-year mail chang- and said the agency has not elimi- to provide $3.6 billion in addition-
es and provide emergency postal nated overtime. al election money to the states to
funds. One initiative that DeJoy didn’t help process an expected surge of
“I don’t, frankly, trust the post- single out in his announcement mail-in ballots.

A US WeChat ban could hurt many in America, not just China

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS my network of business aimed at the popular, Chi- der on WeChat in a con-
contacts I built over 22 nese-owned video app ference call with White
For millions of people years,” says Braybrook, TikTok. Both orders have House officials, the Wall
in the U.S. who use the who now lives in Grand thrown users into confu- Street Journal reported
Chinese app WeChat, it’s Rapids, Michigan. sion, leading some to be- Thursday. Some feared
a lifeline to friends, fam- Trump’s Aug. 6 order, gin moving to alternative the order might prevent
ily, customers and busi- released after hours with- services. But that’s espe- their subsidiaries in Chi-
ness contacts in China. out additional explana- cially difficult for regular na from using the app,
That lifeline is now tion, purportedly aims to users of WeChat. which could place them
under attack by an execu- ban all “transactions re- Executives of more at a competitive disadvan-
tive order from President lated to WeChat.” Trump than a dozen U.S. mul- tage.
Donald Trump that could simultaneously issued tinationals pushed back
ban the app in the U.S. as a nearly identical order against the Trump or-
early as mid-September,
potentially severing vital
“It’s the first thing I
check in the morning,”
Sha Zhu, a Chinese-Amer-
ican in Washington, says
of WeChat. It’s how she
talks to her mother and
old friends from China,
which she left in 2008,
and how she communi-
cates with her colleagues
as a public relations man-
ager for a Chinese-owned
consulting company. It’s
where she stores Chinese
currency in her virtual
Most important, it’s
where she keeps videos
and audio clips of her fa-
ther, who died four years
In China, WeChat, or
Weixin as it’s known, is
critical infrastructure
— texting, social media,
cab-hailing, payments
and more, all wrapped
into one app. Many Chi-
nese businesses don’t
even take credit cards
anymore, just WeChat.
It has over a billion us-
ers, owner Tencent says,
mostly in China. Mobile
app firms have varying
estimates for U.S. down-
loads — in the range of 19
to 26 million.
For people in the U.S.,
WeChat has less function-
ality than it does in China.
But it’s what connects
immigrants and students
from China to their pasts
and to each other. Chi-
nese restaurants in the
U.S. use it to take food
orders. Businesspeople in
the U.S. that have work in
China rely on it as well.
Kurt Braybrook, who
spent 22 years doing busi-
ness in Shanghai before
moving back to the U.S.
in 2017, says the app is
irreplaceable for him and
his China-born wife. He
could lose roughly 500
WeChat contacts, few
of which he could reach
without the app.
“If they banned it en-
tirely, it will wipe out
connections to my wife’s
family, all our friends and
PETER BIRNEY IMES Editor/Publisher
BIRNEY IMES III Editor/Publisher 1998-2018
BIRNEY IMES JR. Editor/Publisher 1947-2003

BIRNEY IMES SR. Editor/Publisher 1922-1947

ZACK PLAIR, Managing Editor

BETH PROFFITT Advertising Director
MICHAEL FLOYD Circulation/Production Manager


Proper city fiscal

checks and balances
long overdue
The arrest of former Columbus chief financial
officer Milton Rawle on Monday doesn’t close the
book on the financial disaster that robbed or wast-
ed $1.6 million of taxpayer money between 2016
and 2018.
Two years after a city audit report revealed
discrepancies in the city’s finances, leading to both
an independent audit and an investigation by the
state auditor’s office, Rawle who resigned under
pressure in 2019, was arrested on an embezzle-
ment charge.
State auditor Shad White said Rawle embezzled
almost $290,000 between 2016 and 2018. With
interest and investigative fees, he owes the city a
little more than $350,000. How much of that money
will ever be recouped is difficult to determine.
While Rawle will be held accountable for what-
ever criminal offense that can be proven, the entire
culpability cannot be attributed to a single person.
The painful — and expensive — lesson is that CAMPAIGN 2020
accountability must be built into city finances.
What we see here is what happens in the absence
of proper checks and balances. As we have said be-
fore on this page, that lack of checks and balances
‘Donald Trump is the wrong
has been present in the CFO’s office as well as in
city council meetings.
Mayor Robert Smith said the city has made
president for our country’
changes in light of the investigation. No longer Well, that’s one As they say in church, means it’s within our reach, even
will the CFO handle transactions and sign checks speech Melania Trump if you can’t say “Amen,” now, to be bigger and better, kind-
independently. The mayor will approve transfers won’t be plagiarizing. at least say “ouch.” er and gentler than the small and
submitted by the CFO and will co-sign all checks Donald Trump’s But what lifted niggardly behavior of recent days.
issued by the city with city HR Director Pat Mitch- wife, who famously Obama’s speech be- Bruce Springsteen would
ell. stole parts of her 2016 yond the moment was surely agree. He appeared briefly
In addition to the regular claims docket provid- address to the Repub- not solely or even pri- in a video set to “The Rising,” his
ed to the mayor and council, the CFO now must lican National Con- marily its indictment of rousing 2002 anthem celebrating
present a monthly financial statement to the mayor vention from a speech Trump. Rather, it was the courage and sacrifice of New
and council. Michelle Obama gave its appeal to misplaced York City firefighters at the World
These are good policies and long overdue. before the Democrats ideals of American Trade Center on Sept. 11. The
Beyond that, it’s important the council carefully in 2008, won’t find fairness and compas- video repurposed the song as a
review the claims docket, which historically has much to work with in Leonard Pitts sion, its defense of call for renewal, counterpointing
almost always been approved by consent and rarely Obama’s latest oration. that which should not images of Trump’s dystopian
discussed. That’s because the need defending, but America — polluted skies, police
White referred to the amount of money taken as speech, a galvanizing capstone apparently does, meaning simple violence, the infamous Bible pho-
“disturbing,” especially compared to the size of the to the surprisingly effective first decency. to op — against images of Amer-
city budget. He also referenced the fact the city ex- night of the Democrats’ virtual “When we close out the noise icans in their rainbow-coalition
ceeded its budget two years in a row and suggest- convention, prosecuted the case and the fear and truly open our glory, fighting for one another,
ed some of those overages could not be accounted against Melania’s husband with hearts,” she said, “we know that caring for one another, helping
for. Neither state not private auditors could account withering power. what’s going on in this country is one another, with one another.
for all of the expenditures. It’s hard to accept that Enumerating the sense of just not right.” The drums crack sharply, and
taxpayer funds have simply disappeared into thin perpetual chaos that has attended It isn’t. And we do. Even those Springsteen leads a chorus call-
air, but it appears that’s what we are faced with. Trump’s 43 months in the White of us who cheer it on or make ing us up to higher ground. Small
It’s a hard, expensive lesson that has under- House — the economic collapse, excuses for it, surely do, albeit wonder the clip has gone viral.
mined citizens’ confidence. the pandemic death toll, the evic- perhaps in some subterranean Yes, it’s schmaltz, three and
Despite the measures now in place, it will take a tion crisis, the betrayal of allies, recess of their souls. “Sadly,” a half minutes of manufactured
long time for that confidence to be restored. the caging of children, the violent said Obama, her eyes alight, her feel-good. And so what? For-
assaults on peaceful protesters, delivery impassioned, “this is the ty-three dispiriting months later,
the mainstreaming of racism — America that is on display for the who needs a pep talk, more than
she told us what we already know. next generation, a nation that’s we?
“Donald Trump is the wrong underperforming not simply on Between them, the former first
Voice of the People president for our country. He has matters of policy, but on matters lady and the bard of the Jersey
A letter to the editor is an excellent way to partic- had more than enough time to of character.” Shore gave us one for the ages
ipate in your community. We request the tone of your prove that he can do the job, but “This,” she said, “is not who we Monday night. They offered a
letters be constructive and respectful and the length be he is clearly in over his head. He want to be.” Note that she did not resuscitation of hope. And this
limited to 450 words. We reserve the right to edit let- cannot meet this moment. He sim- make the earnest, yet ludicrous prayer to our better angels:
ters for clarity, grammar and length. While commen- ply cannot be who we need him to claim too many others have made. Make America good again.
tary on national issues is always welcome, we limit be for us. It is what it is.” She did not say, “This isn’t who Leonard Pitts Jr., winner of the
candidate endorsements to one per letter-writer. We That, you will recall, is exactly we are.” 2004 Pulitzer Prize for commen-
welcome all letters emailed to what Trump said recently about Because, of course, it is. But tary, is a columnist for the Miami
or mailed to The Dispatch, Attn: Letters to the Editor, tens of thousands of Americans as Obama implicitly reminded Herald. Email him at lpitts@
PO Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703-0511. dead on his watch: It is what it is. us, who we are is a choice. Which


Outraged over USPS developments How in the world does this make of politics; that is not what makes me misleading claims over the course of
Last month I had trouble paying my sense in the midst of a pandemic re- write. I write because I am terrified. I his presidency. Why would Trump lie
light and water bill on time because it sponse already magnificently botched have never thought that the democra- instead of telling the truth? He’s hiding
took forever to get the bill. My meter by this same administration — and on cy I have enjoyed my entire life could something.
was read on July 17th, my bill mailed the cusp of a presidential election — un- crumble before my eyes. Now, the Republicans are on to this
on the 20th, received the 29th. That bill less the delays are specifically intended Until now. QAnon deal, which is a conspiracy.
took 9 days to get to me! It was already to both undermine confidence in the Paul Mack I see no difference in it than a cult.
too late to pay online like I always do election and delay or disqualify mail-in Columbus The FBI says it is a possible domestic
without getting charged a late fee! Hard votes?! terrorist threat. Reminds me of Jim
to believe; yet recent changes and activ- For some reason, Trump failed to Comments on recent news Jones, preacher, faith healer, turned cult
ities at USPS uncovered this past week note the Postal Service, an essential Yesterday, U.S. Senate committee leader, who poisoned all his followers.
provide a likely explanation. service for so many reasons is also concluded Russia used Manafort and Maybe some of our local Trump
1. Changes in staffing, overtime the most trusted of all government WikiLeaks to boost Trump in the 2016 supporters can explain it to us in more
allowed, and time spent sorting mail, services, with 91 percent approval in election. Remember in the primary detail.
verified to me by more than one local an April Pew poll. The huge public when Trump said on several occasions And here’s another item maybe
postal worker; backlash over the latest events is, he loves WikiLeaks? Now we know why. Trump supporters can explain to us: I
2. At least 671 mail sorting machines thus, no surprise. Yet I do not take any Putin put Trump where he is today. recently saw on Facebook a picture of
have been removed or scheduled for solace from the official postponement Let’s hope the 2020 election will be Trump saying to pray for this man, he’s
removal from their current locations, of deposit box removal until “after the decided by the American people only. fighting an evil which we can’t even
some reportedly seen in dumpsters election” or White House Chief of Staff Donald Trump admitted on August imagine.
rather than transferred elsewhere as Mark Meadows’ promise Sunday that 13, that he opposes funding for the This could very well be a Russian
initially claimed; no more mail sorting machines will get USPS in order to make it more difficult post.
3. Removal of deposit boxes in dismantled. to deliver mail-in ballots. Trump admits He’s failed to revitalize the coal
Arizona, Maine, Montana, New York, Why? Because the President already he is undermining USPS to make it industry.
Pennsylvania, and Oregon; made his intent clear last Thursday harder to vote by mail. Trump says if Mexico hasn’t paid for the wall.
4. On August 7, 9-week postmaster when he said, “Now, if we don’t make USPS can’t get the money that’s in the Our economy is in shambles.
Louis DeJoy, major Trump donor and in- a deal, that means they don’t get the Democrats’ coronavirus relief bill that Hillary is not in jail.
vestor in several USPS competitors, met money. That means they can’t have he will not sign. They won’t be able Has not made MAGA.
with Trump, later with the USPS board, universal mail-in voting, they just can’t to handle all the mail-in ballots. More He signed an executive order the
and capped the evening with another have it.” Democrats vote by mail than Republi- other day guaranteeing pre-existing
Trump Friday Night massacre that Fresh outrages arrive daily with this cans. healthcare conditions will be covered,
reassigned or “displaced” 23 high-level administration, but I have never been A reporter asked Trump after three and that’s already in Obamacare, which
USPS executives, concentrating all so mad, so livid, as when news started and a half years, do you regret, at he has been trying to get rid of for three
USPS control in DeJoy’s hands. leaking out about these developments all, all the lying you have done to the and a half years.
Wow! Then, in a USPS memo last at USPS. This is so brazen, so in your American people on everything, all the Truly, Biden should not have to come
week, DeJoy called the resulting delays face, that I feel like I’m living in a re- dishonesties. Next question please. out of the basement.
“unintended consequences”. Either al-life “Animal Farm”! The Washington Post says Trump James Hodges
DeJoy is stupid — or he thinks we are. Like many, I don’t enjoy the game has told more than 20,000 false or Steens
The Dispatch • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2020 7A


Belarus detentions resume as

opposition pushes for new vote

MINSK, Belarus — Authorities

‘It’s unprecedented that in the 21st century law
in Belarus on Wednesday resumed enforcement is deployed to a cultural institution.
detentions of protesters who keep
taking to the streets to demand the The situation speaks for itself.’
resignation of authoritarian Presi- Director of the Janka Kupala National Theater in Minsk,
dent Alexander Lukashenko, as op- Pavel Latushko, who was fired for siding with protesters
position leaders ratchet up pressure
on the government by forming a co- “I call on you not to recognize to seize power” in the country. Nev-
ordination council to push for for a these fraudulent elections. Mr. Lu- ertheless, the council is set to con-
new election. kashenko has lost all the legitima- vene for the first time Wednesday.
Several dozen people were de- cy in the eyes of our nation and the Hundreds of thousands of peo-
tained in front of the Minsk Tractor world,” Tsikhanouskaya said in a ple have protested in Belarus since
Factory, where workers have been video statement. A former English Aug. 9. The rallies have continued
on strike since Monday, Sergei teacher who united fractured oppo- for 10 straight days despite a brutal
Dylevsky, leader of the factory’s sition groups and drew tens of thou- response from the police, who in
strike committee, told The Associ- sands to rally in her support, the the first four days of demonstrations
ated Press. The country’s Interior 37-year-old Tsikhanouskaya got only detained almost 7,000 people and in-
Ministry said in a statement that po- 10% of votes in the election, accord- jured hundreds with rubber bullets,
lice detained only two protesters and ing to official results. stun grenades and clubs. At least
pushed the remaining crowd aside. She dismissed the results as fal- three protesters died.
The new detentions come after sified and demanded a recount, but This week, workers at several
days of peaceful protests, which po- then suddenly left the country for major industrial plants, including a
lice didn’t interfere with. They also Lithuania in a move her campaign huge factory that accounts for a fifth
came hours before the first meet- said was made under duress. of the world’s potash fertilizer out-
ing of the opposition’s coordination On Monday, Tsikhanouskaya said put, have started a strike demand-
council, which was formed to facili- she was ready to act as a national ing the embattled president resign.
tate peaceful transition of power and On Wednesday morning, rallies re-
leader to facilitate a rerun of the elec-
denounced by Lukashenko as “an at- sumed in Minsk.
tion, and her associates announced
tempt to seize power” in the country. Police blocked all entrances to
the formation of a “coordination the Janka Kupala National Theater
Lukashenko, who last week won
his six term in office with 80% of council” to help create a platform for in Minsk, where the troupe on Tues-
votes in an election widely seen as a peaceful transition of power. day gave notice en masse after its di-
rigged, blasted the opposition again “I have initiated the national co- rector, Pavel Latushko, was fired for
on Wednesday for creating “alter- ordination council of Belarus. It will siding with protesters. Actors who
native (government) bodies” and lead the process of a peaceful tran- arrived at the theater on Wednesday
warned them they may be prosecut- sition of power via dialogue. It will morning weren’t allowed in.
ed for it. immediately call for new fair and “It’s unprecedented that in the
“If someone thinks that the gov- democratic presidential elections 21st century law enforcement is de-
ernment bent down and teetered, ployed to a cultural institution. The
with international supervision,”
you’re mistaken,” Lukashenko said situation speaks for itself,” Latushko
Tsikhanouskaya said in the latest
at a meeting with security officials. said.
video statement. Western officials refused to rec-
“We will not waver.”
Earlier this week, opposition Lukashenko repeatedly rejected ognize the election as free or fair
leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya demands to step down and bristled and criticized the violent crackdown.
has called on European leaders not at the idea of talks with the opposi- The EU is preparing a list of Belaru-
to recognize “fraudulent elections” tion, denouncing the coordination sian officials who could be blacklist-
that extended Lukashenko’s rule. council on Tuesday as a “an attempt ed from Europe over their roles.

UAE-Israel agreement cy is the biggest driver of between the UAE and Is- finance, according to a
instability in today’s Mid- rael took place on June 17, U.S. official who partici-
followed many years dle East,” the U.S. spe- 2019, in Washington. pated but was not autho-
of discreet talks cial envoy for Iran, Brian The trilateral focused rized to discuss the mat-
DUBAI, United Arab Hook, told The Associat- on regional, cyber and ter publicly and spoke on
Emirates — Secret talks ed Press. maritime security, as well condition of anonymity.
and quiet ties — that’s Four months after the as diplomatic coordina- SOURCE: AP
what paved the way for summit, a secret meeting tion and disrupting terror
last week’s deal between
the United Arab Emirates
and Israel to normalize re-
Touted by President
Donald Trump as a major
Mideast breakthrough,
the agreement was in fact
the culmination of more
than a decade of quiet
links rooted in frenzied
opposition to Iran that
predated Trump and even
Barack Obama, as well as
Trump’s avowed goal to
undo his predecessor’s
Mideast legacy.
And the deal leaves
behind what had been a
cornerstone of U.S. policy
in the region: resolution
of the Israeli-Palestinian
The effort to achieve
that goal picked up speed
17 months ago at a U.S.-
led conference in Warsaw,
according to officials in-
That February 2019
meeting, originally con-
ceived as an anti-Iran
gathering, morphed into a
broader Mideast security
endeavor after European
objections to its agenda.
Many countries opted
not to send their top dip-
lomats, and Russia, Chi-
na and the Palestinians
skipped it entirely. Israeli
Prime Minister Benja-
min Netanyahu attend-
ed, however, as did the
foreign ministers of key
Arab states.
At the summit, diplo-
mats from Saudi Arabia,
the UAE and Bahrain
spoke of the threat Iran
posed to their security
and its use of Shiite prox-
ies in Iraq, Syria, Leb-
anon and Yemen. They
stressed that confront-
ing Iran had become the
top priority — ahead of
resolving the Israeli-Pal-
estinian conflict — in
comments appearing in
leaked video, whose au-
thenticity was confirmed
by a U.S. official who at-
tended the gathering.
Netanyahu followed,
echoing similar concerns.
“Iran was very high on
the agenda in Warsaw be-
cause Iran’s foreign poli-
8A WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2020 The Dispatch •

Man fakes his kidnapping to get money from father

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Hawks’ father told investigators lice did not disclose how much money
the incident happened in Lee County, Hawks was trying to receive. When
TUPELO — A man has been ac- and that the alleged kidnappers had investigators arrived at the store
cused of faking his own kidnapping demanded money in exchange for his where the money would be picked
in Mississippi to extort money from son’s life. up, deputies said they saw Hawks,
his father who lives in Virginia. When they did not receive the 24, attempting to get the money. He
The investigation into the case be- money by the deadline that same day, was arrested at the scene.
gan Thursday when Andrew Blake deputies said the alleged kidnappers Deputies said his accomplice,
Hawks’ father told deputies he had threatened to cut off Hawks’ fingers David Fisher Jr., 36, was in the store
received a video call that showed and fired gunshots that led his father shopping at that time and was also ar-
his son tied against a tree with a gun to believe Hawks was killed. rested. They have both been charged
pointed to his head, the Lee County Later that evening, the suspects with extortion.
Sheriff’s Office said in a statement were told the money had been trans- It was not clear if they had attor-
Monday. ferred through Western Union. Po- neys who could comment.

Continued from Page 1A
asked her to “meet with him for that she did not create the Face- County, declined to comment to
the purpose of engaging in sexu- book page Jordan referenced. The Dispatch on Tuesday.
ally explicit conduct,” according to Colom said he consulted with The Starkville board of alder-
circuit court documents. the victim to decide on Jordan’s men voted in June 2017 to suspend
Jordan claimed the victim told sentence, for which seven years in Jordan from the police force with-
him she was 19, which lined up prison would be the minimum. out pay after the Oktibbeha Coun-
with the birth date on what he Marty Haug, Jordan’s attorney ty Sheriff’s Office began investi-
thought was her Facebook profile. who is also who is also District 3 gating the inappropriate texts he
However, she testified at the trial Justice Court Judge in Oktibbeha sent, and Jordan later resigned.

Continued from Page 1A
in August 2019, which White said. “Some of that “Mr. Rawle stole much Smith said he is “very
prompted the investiga- overspending could have more than many burglars confident” that the city
tion, White told The Dis- just been, of course, in- could ever get away with,” will salvage the damage
patch on Tuesday. competence — spending White said. “We shouldn’t caused by the embezzle-
The audit, conducted more money than you treat him differently just ment.
in November 2019 and have. That’s not neces- because he wore a tie and When asked why Raw-
accepted by the city coun- sarily criminal, but it is stole with a pen.” le was embezzling for as
cil in July, documents the incompetence. … Some- long as two years under
poor health of city financ- times there’s an amount City has strengthened the city’s radar and what
es during FY 2018 and of money that we believe
points out multiple defi- may have been taken, but management he thinks of the city’s
of taxpayer money, past fiscal management
ciencies, including unap- it’s impossible to prove be-
system, Smith declined
proved money transfers yond a reasonable doubt mayor says to comment in detail and
and the city’s failure to that it was taken.” The state investiga-
monitor the use of public White added that the cited concerns about the
tion sparked changes in
funds, The Dispatch re- amount of money embez- ongoing litigation against
the city’s fiscal manage-
ported. zled was “disturbing,” es- Rawle.
ment system, Smith told
Rawle — who worked pecially in the context of “I can’t go into de-
The Dispatch on Tuesday
as the city’s CFO between the city’s budget size. The night. tails because the auditor
2013 and 2019 — made city approved a $24.31 mil- Instead of letting the and the district attorney
unauthorized transfers lion budget for FY 2018, CFO handle transac- asked us not to discuss it,”
from the city’s bank ac- The Dispatch reported. tions and signing checks, Smith said. “But … there
counts between Decem- “When you are talking Smith said he now has was check and balance to
ber 2016 and December about a city missing to approve and sign all a certain extent.”
2018, which amounted $288,000, it’s not just how Council members Eth-
transfers and co-sign
to $288,000, White said the $288,000 compares to el Taylor Stewart of Ward
the checks with Human
Tuesday. To cover his all the other cases we’ve 1, Charlie Box of Ward
Resources Director Pat
tracks, Rawle is believed had,” he said. “These are 3 and Stephen Jones of
Mitchell. Deposits are
to have labeled those large numbers for the city,
verified daily by the CFO, Ward 5 all declined to
unauthorized transac- so the taxpayers of Co-
he said, but are collected comment when asked the
tions as “payroll” or “re- lumbus have taken a big
and made by other desig- same questions. Other
imbursement” and used hit thanks to Mr. Rawle.”
nated employees. council members could If you don’t read The Dispatch,
“clip art” to alter the city’s Rawle was released on
bank statements, accord- $65,000 bond Tuesday The council already not be reached for com- how are you gonna know?
ing to the release. Com- from Lowndes County reviews the claim dockets ment by press time.
bined with interest and Adult Detention Center, — which documents the
investigative expenses, where he was held af- city’s monthly payout —
Rawle now owes the city ter his arrest in Jackson at each council meeting.
$354,896.27, White said. County, according to the In terms of transparency,
The 49-year-old CFO facility and the Circuit the CFO now has to pres-
resigned in February 2019 Court Clerk’s Office. A ent a monthly financial
after a 16-workday sus- court date was set for Nov. report to Smith and the
pension for failing to alert 18. council along with bank
council members of the If convicted, the for- statements, Smith said.
city’s steep deficit until mer CFO will face up to Faced with the dis-
November 2018. The city 20 years in prison and crepancies found in the
operated at a deficit ex- up to $25,000 in fines, in FY 2018 audit, Smith said
ceeding $800,000 in both addition to restitution. the city has corrected all
FY 2017 and FY 2018, Local District Attorney of them. For example, he
plunging its general fund Scott Colom, who will said the city now makes
balance to $2.3 million. prosecute the case, told monthly reconciliations
White said state inves- The Dispatch on Tuesday with the bank — a mea-
tigators are aware of the morning his priority is sure to compare the city’s
city’s deficits. However, to get the money back to ledger with the bank
the $288,000 was all the Columbus taxpayers as statements to catch finan-
money they could prove quickly as possible. cial mistakes and correct
that Rawle stole from the In his Tuesday press re- them — and gives Chief
city. lease, White urged prose- Operations Officer David
“We try to identify ev- cutors to “not go lightly” Armstrong the authority
ery single dollar that we about the case due to its to approve them.
can prove was stolen,” gravity. With the measures,

Continued from Page 1A
her team is currently ramping up mar- have called you a liar,” she said. “Be-
keting efforts and in the process of pro- cause we’re very nervous in education
ducing videos about particular job skills because students are very nervous. How
that teachers could show their students do you get people to leave the house
or that anyone interested could find on when they’re scared to death? How do
Google. you get people interested in occupations
“We hope to, by the time February, when the world around them is telling
March rolls around, to have that bank of
them nobody’s hiring — which by the
‘This is what these people do, and this is
way is not true. People are hiring.”
how you find it,’” she said.
“One of the things that’s fun in EMCC received just more than $2.1
(manufacturing) programs like ours million in CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Re-
is feeling the instructors’ excitement lief, and Economic Security) Act funds,
and letting them just geek out about some of which will fund the video pro-
their equipment and the opportunities duction and equipment the Communi-
and things like that, and I think that’s versity can use to help students keep
important for people to feel,” she add- social distancing while they’re learning
ed. “Some of that comes through with in person.
a video, but sometimes you put people Taylor finished her speech with a per-
on camera and they’re like, ‘OK, this is sonal note about the Columbus commu-
fine.’ And that doesn’t really sell to the nity.
students, so that’s what we’re trying to “I have never been accepted so quick-
simulate.” ly in a community,” she said. “My hus-
That’s a work in progress, Taylor band was military. We’ve lived kind of
said. Right now the Communiversity is
all over, and so I think the Columbus re-
primarily working with adults.
gion is very very special for that. I know
The pandemic does not seem to have
slowed down training in the Communi- you guys … reached out really quickly,
versity or EMCC’s workforce training and I really didn’t have a choice but to
program itself, Taylor said. Currently get connected and get things figured
there are 419 students in the program out, so I really appreciate that oppor-
— up from 405 this time last year. tunity to do those things and to really
“If you had told me in June that this feel settled here so that we could get our
would be the case, I would probably horses here.”

HA senior
Despite improvement, Patriots fall to Rebels Tipton talks
with virus

Madison Tipton
doesn’t know how she
got COVID-19.
The rising senior
at Heritage Academy
didn’t travel anywhere.
She wasn’t
to anyone
she knew
to have the
But one Tipton
day a few
weeks ago, the symp-
toms hit Tipton hard: a
headache, a cough and
“It felt like any other
flu,” Tipton said.
She went to a clinic in
West Point for rapid test-
ing and found she was
positive for the disease,
which is caused by the
novel coronavirus. Then
she went home to quar-
But as of Tuesday’s
home game against
Antranik Tavitian/Dispatch Staff Leake Academy, Tipton
Heritage Academy senior shortstop Carley Martin makes contact during Tuesday’s game against Leake Academy in Columbus. The Patriots is back on the field for
lost 13-2 to the Rebels. “We just couldn’t connect,” Heritage Academy coach Heidi Matthews said. “That’s all it was.” the Patriots — with one
major takeaway from
BY THEO DEROSA own, and the Patriots fell delivered a solid perfor- ning, with two coming on come out here and we’re her experience with the
to 1-3 on the season with mance and has kept get- a single by first baseman going to play the best we
a 13-2 run-rule loss on ting better since a 23-11 Caroline Jackson. Third can, so it doesn’t matter “I wasn’t really scared
Sara Kate Thompson Tuesday. loss in a July 31 season baseman Miley Billie had who we play,” Matthews
leapt back from the pitch of it, but now I think I
“We just couldn’t con- opener against Kemper a two-RBI base hit of her says she tells her team. should have stayed home
headed for her ankles, Tipton said that de-
nect,” Heritage Academy Academy. own in the third as Leake more,” she said.
then heard a voice from
coach Heidi Matthews “They are 110 percent built up its lead, expand- spite the loss, the Pats She said she was
the on-deck circle.
said. “That’s all it was.” improved from Day 1 to ing the advantage to 13-1 delivered a solid perfor- somewhat “traveling the
“Hey,” Heritage Acad-
The Pats’ first run now, and they’re going in the top of the fifth. mance ahead of Thurs- streets” of Columbus, in-
emy senior teammate
came right after Thomp- to continue to improve,” Heritage Academy day’s home rivalry dou- viting the inherent risk
Madison Tipton told
son’s brush with a Burt Matthews said. got a run back on Rhett’s bleheader with Starkville of the highly transmissi-
Thompson, “let it hit you.”
pitch, as Leake’s right But there’s still plenty run-scoring single to left Academy. ble disease but believing
Thompson didn’t need
fielder lost Tipton’s sub- to work on, including de- in the bottom of the in- “We did pretty good to- she’d be fine.
the free base — she “I’m a teenager, so it’s
sequent fly ball in the sun fensive fundamentals like ning, but it wasn’t enough. day,” Tipton said. “We re-
ripped a single into left not as hard on me,” Tip-
field — but Tipton’s jok- and let it drop. Their sec- hitting the cutoff man, Matthews said Heri- ally could have done bet-
ond was too little, too late which cost the Pats sever- tage Academy didn’t sim- ter; everyone could have ton said.
ing advice might have But her symptoms
been a sound strategy for — an RBI single by pitch- al extra bases — and, ulti- ply host a team of Leake’s done better. We played as
a team. That’s all you can begged to differ, espe-
the Patriots against dan- er McKenzie Rhett one mately, Leake runs — in caliber as a mere tune-up
do.” cially the first few days.
gerous Leake Academy out before the game was the contest. for district play; rather, Tipton lives with her
pitcher Lynleigh Burt in called on the 10-run mer- “There’s certain she and assistant Ken- grandparents, and her
Tuesday’s game in Co- cy rule after five innings. things we’ve just got to dall Wilkinson instruct Other scores grandmother also con-
lumbus. But overall, against a tweak and keep getting the Patriots to treat every Winston Academy 10, tracted the virus, wor-
Burt kept Heritage Leake team that won the better at,” Matthews said. game the same. Starkville Academy 3 rying the center fielder
Academy to just two runs, 2018 MAIS Class 3A title, The Rebels scored “It doesn’t matter Marshall Academy 16, considerably.
Leake scored plenty of its Matthews said her team three runs in the first in- because we’re going to Oak Hill Academy 6 See TIPTON, 2B


Quarterback situation fluid; Malik Heath update

BY BEN PORTNOY ed to be the front-runner The biggest knock on the issued a slew of charges, to take the reins under Charlotte native has been including a DUI and was
center when the Bulldogs his lacking accuracy — a booked into the Win-
STARKVILLE — open the season in Death weakness that led to his ston-Choctaw County/
Mike Leach isn’t naming Valley. Committing to 57.5 percent completion Regional Correctional
a starting quarterback MSU in February, Costel- rate a season ago. Facility before posting a
anytime soon. lo completed 495 of 791 Rogers is also an in- $3,000 bond.
Speaking with the passes for 6,151 yards and triguing name worth Leach said he had no
media Tuesday for the 49 touchdowns to just 18 watching throughout update on Heath’s status
first time since National interceptions over 28 ca- camp as he was previous- with the team. “We’re still
Signing Day, Leach said reer games at Stanford ly recruited by Leach’s looking at it and getting
the quarterback compe- and is far and away the staff at Washington State all the facts,” he said.
tition amongst Stanford most experienced passer and comes from the same A former Under Ar-
graduate transfer K.J. on the roster. Brandon High School mour All-American
Costello, sophomore Gar- “I think that K.J.’s program that bred one- during his prep days at
rett Shrader and fresh- experience helps him time Cougar quarterback Callaway High School
man Will Rogers — all of some,” Leach said. “Ev- Gardner Minshew II. in Jackson, Heath spent
whom were repped in the erybody knows each oth- “It’ll be more of a two years at Copiah-Lin-
Bulldogs’ first fall prac- er’s name and whatnot, sudden decision than I coln Community College
tice — could last until the but as far as K.J. being would,” Leach conced- before joining MSU this
week before the season in tune with this guy ed of how he’ll select his year. During his time at
opener against LSU on goes here and that guy starter. “Because, you Co-Lin, Heath corralled
Sept. 26 given the lack of goes there, it’s been a lit- know, you’d like to see 61 catches for 835 yards
evaluation time he and his tle tough because we’ve more body of work out of and seven touchdowns in
staff have had. repped a lot of receivers.” all of them.” 17 games and was rated
“I hope it doesn’t ex- While Costello pre- the No. 6 junior college
tend that far, but it could,” sumably boasts the in- Courtesy of Mississippi State Athletics
Heath’s availability player in the 2020 class
Leach said. “So we’re try- side track to the starting remains clouded according to 247 Sports’
Mike Leach, hired in January, finally got to hold his first
ing to roll them through role, Shrader earned avid Junior wide receiver composite rankings.
practice as Mississippi State’s head football coach on
… in these practices, get hype during a freshman Tuesday. Leach’s Bulldogs will open the season Sept. Malik Heath did not prac-
the best look that we can.” campaign in which he 26 at LSU, and the coach said Tuesday that MSU’s tice Monday following his Other news and notes
Though things are split time with Penn State competition at quarterback could last until the week arrest last week, accord- While it remains to
early, Costello is expect- transfer Tommy Stevens. prior to the contest in Baton Rouge. ing to Leach. Heath was See FOOTBALL, 2B
2B WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2020 The Dispatch •


Robles’ catch foils Atlanta’s comeback plans Continued from Page 1B
be seen who will start
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS two runners aboard and under center for Leach,
one out. the first-year head coach
ATLANTA — The He fanned Travis d’Ar- says the room is trend-
Braves were poised to naud and got Marcell ing in the right direction.
snatch back the lead. Ozuna to fly out softly in Following Tues-
Victor Robles had oth- foul territory. day’s roster reveal, the
er ideas. “So much of having Bulldogs will boast six
Leaping above the wall a great bullpen is being quarterbacks this fall be-
to deny a homer, Robles able to pick each other tween Costello, Shrader,
made sure the Washing- up,” Finnegan said. Rogers, sophomore Ja-
ton Nationals bounced len Mayden, Vanderbilt
back from a stunning
loss to beat Atlanta 8-5 on
Trainer’s room transfer Allan Walters
Braves: OF Nick and previously unan-
Tuesday night. nounced addition Justin
Markakis went on the 10-
“Awesome catch,” Stolberg from Louisiana
day injured list just before
manager Dave Marti- Tech.
the start of the game after
nez said. “That was a “I would like to have
possibly being exposed
game-saver right there, it three (quarterbacks)
to Covid-19. Markakis
really was. He went back, that I feel real good
initially opted out of the
found the wall and did ev- about, and I think we’re
season because of coro-
erything right.” headed there, and I think
navirus concerns, only
With every starter con- Adam Hagy/USA TODAY Sports to change his mind and we do have a good mix
tributing to a 17-hit attack A general view of Truist Park during the fourth inning of Tuesday’s game between rejoin the Braves a cou- of athleticism and guys
and Eric Thames driving the Atlanta Braves and the Washington Nationals in Atlanta.
ple of weeks ago. Atlan- that throw the ball pretty
in three runs, the Nation-
Rounding first, Riley him to do,” said Braves win with that big assist ta called up OF Cristian well,” Leach said. “The
als overcame a 5-2 deficit
buckled backward in dis- manager Brian Snitker, from Robles. Hudson was Pache, one of the team’s biggest thing is we’ve got
with a four-run fifth in-
belief when he saw Ro- who has struggled to put handed another three- top prospects. to polish it all up; we’ve
bles holding up his glove together a consistent ro- run lead in the ninth, and got to put it all together.”
This time, the bullpen
made it stand up, one to display the ball. On the tation. this time he retired the Up next Other transfer news
night after closer Dan- mound, Wander Suero But the Nationals side in order with two Nationals: RH Er- included the additions
iel Hudson surrendered thrust his right arm to- torched Matzek (2-2), strikeouts to earn his ick Fedde (1-1, 2.55) will of one-time Georgia
a three-run lead in the ward the sky, clearly re- who surrendered six hits fifth save. make his first start since Southern wide receiv-
ninth, giving up a pair of lieved that his teammate and four runs — and com- “I wanted to get him July 30. He has worked er Christian ‘Scoobie’
homers including Dansby had bailed him out. mitted a throwing error back out there as soon as out of the bullpen in his Ford and junior college
Swanson’s two-run, two- “It was complete in- — while recording only a possible,” Martinez said last three appearances, imports running back
out shot. stinct,” Robles said single out. “It was good to see him but essentially made a Omni Wells (Mississippi
Freddie Freeman hom- through an interpreter. Adam Eaton, Juan Soto throw the ball as well as start his last time out af- Gulf Coast Community
ered for the Braves, and “Right now, I would put and Yan Gomes all had he did.” ter taking over for the College), offensive line-
Austin Riley could’ve had that at the top of the list RBI singles off Matzek ailing Strasburg. Fedde man Ramble Johnson
one in the fifth if not for because it saved two before Thames drove in Parade of relievers pitched two-hit ball over (Northwest Mississippi
Robles. runs.” the go-ahead run with a Hudson finished off 5 1/3 scoreless innings to Community College)
With two outs and Josh Tomlin, com- hard grounder to first. a brilliant night for the earn the win in a 15-3 rout and wide receivers Bo
a runner aboard, Riley ing out of the bullpen to Freeman knocked it Washington bullpen, of Baltimore. Brooks (Copiah-Lin-
hit a shot that appeared make his first start of the down, but his only play which turned in five Braves: RH Kyle coln) and Carson Banks
headed over the wall in season for Atlanta, gave was to step on the bag scoreless innings after Wright (0-3, 7.20) will (Northeast Mississippi
the deepest part of Truist the Braves four decent while Asdrúbal Cabrera another rough outing for take another shot at his Community College).
Park. But Robles drift- innings before handing scooted home starter Austin Voth. first big league win. He Leach also noted
ed back, timed his leap off to a 5-2 lead to Tyler “The fifth inning kind The Nationals used has a career mark of 0-6, Tuesday that junior cor-
perfectly and stretched Matzek. of got away from us,” Snit- seven relievers to finish struggling to find any nerback Tyler Williams
above the yellow line to “We got exactly what ker said. “It snowballed out the game. Kyle Fin- consistency despite being didn’t participate in prac-
make the catch, preserv- we wanted out of Josh, there pretty quick.” negan came up big in the one of Atlanta’s top pitch- tice and that he was un-
ing a 6-5 lead. exactly what we needed Suero (1-0) earned the eighth, taking over with ing prospects. sure of where he was.

Continued from Page 1B
“It’s not as hard on the with a strong arm and bat
young kids — yeah, you as well as a leader among
have symptoms, but you the Patriots, and losing
can recover from it a lot her even for a few weeks
easier than the older gen- wasn’t easy.
eration,” she said. But Tipton saw the
Tipton and her grand- team’s younger players —
mother spent the better freshmen Anna Harrell
part of two weeks recover- and Avery Russell, eighth
ing while Tipton’s grand- grader Jeoreia Henry and
father kept to the other seventh grader Bella So-
side of the house to avoid tomeneses — step up in
being infected. her stead.
“They were kind of “All the little kids, they
mad, but they were also Antranik Tavitian/Dispatch Staff have come so far from
like, ‘It’s not your fault,’” Heritage Academy senior center fielder Madison Tipton whenever they started,”
Tipton said. “There’s no walks to the plate during Tuesday’s game against Tipton said. “It’s been
telling where I could have Leake Academy in Columbus. The contest was Tipton’s amazing. I’m so proud of
gotten it from.” first game back after contracting COVID-19. them.”
Ultimately, Tipton said, nearly three weeks and I couldn’t experience the Now, Tipton has made
her own symptoms were couldn’t participate in the last first game with them,” her return to school and
worse than her grand- final season opener of her Tipton said. “It was really softball, and while fight-
mother’s. They forced high school career along- hard on me.” ing COVID-19 was hard,
Tipton to miss the start side fellow seniors Carley Heritage Academy she’s happy to be healthy
of her senior softball sea- Martin, McKenzie Rhett coach Heidi Matthews and back on the field.
son, which was difficult, and Sara Kate Thompson. described Tipton as an “I love my team so
too. She had to sit out for “It was crazy because “all-around great kid” much,” Tipton said.

“I wasn’t really scared of it, but now I think I

should have stayed home more.”
Heritage Academy center fielder Madison Tipton on COVID-19
The Dispatch • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2020 3B

Lillard scores 34; Blazers beat Lakers in Game 1

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS stayed close the rest of Portland won the first have a starting lineup to stay in front through- other game, Stotts said.
the way. play-in postseason NBA with Dame, CJ, Melo and out the third quarter, but “There’s not a lot that he
LAKE BUENA VIS- Trailing 78-75 going game since 1956, beat- Nurk, I think he comple- the Lakers kept it close. hasn’t seen or that we ha-
TA, Fla. — Damian Lil- into the final period, the ing Memphis 126-122 ments them. He doesn’t The game was delayed ven’t seen,” Stotts said. ...
lard had 34 points and Lakers tied it at 78 on on Saturday to make the need the ball and I think for a time in the first half Portland is also without
the Portland Trail Blazers Kyle Kuzma’s 3-pointer. playoffs for the seventh he’ll make the plays that when the Lakers’ rim got Rodney Hood, who con-
spoiled LeBron James’ James’ layup gave Los An- consecutive season. The we need.” tilted and had to be adjust- tinues to rehab from an
first playoff appearance geles the lead, and Kuz- Blazers were among Lilliard hit a 3-pointer ed. Achilles injury, and Trev-
for the Los Angeles Lak- ma added a pair of free three teams with losing to put the Blazers up 26- The teams have met or Ariza, who opted not to
ers with a 100-93 victory six times in a first-round play in Florida.
throws and another layup overall records to make 15 in the opening quarter.
on Tuesday night in Game series, with the Lakers Lakers: Rajon Rando
to extend it to 84-78. the bubble playoffs. No Portland extended the
1 of the teams’ playoff se- winning five. It is the 12th is in the bubble and has
Lillard’s 3-pointer tied team below .500 had ad- lead to 33-17 after Nur-
ries. time the teams have met returned to limited prac-
James had 23 points, 17 it at 87 with 5:46 to go and vanced to the postseason kic’s dunk. Lillard had 15
CJ McCollum’s floater since 2015. points in the quarter. in the playoffs. tice heading into the play-
rebounds and 15 assists
gave Portland the lead. The Blazers were with- James’s spin move be- off, after being out with
for this 24th postseason
triple-double. His assists After Danny Green’s out forward Zach Collins fore his layup closed the Tip-ins a fractured left thumb.
layup tied it again for Los because of inflammation gap to 39-30. The Lak- Trail Blazers: Lillard Coach Frank Vogel said
were a career playoff
Angeles, Lillard nailed a in his left ankle. Wenyen ers got within 40-38 but had 48 points in Port- Rondo’s “close, but we’ll
Jusuf Nurkic had 16 3-pointer. Anthony Davis’ Gabriel started instead. couldn’t pull in front until land’s 127-119 victory continue to evaluate it day
points and 15 rebounds dunk got the Lakers with- “I like his energy, Davis’ dunk off of James’ over the Lakers in Los by day.”
for Portland, which led in 95-93, but Gary Trent particularly at the defen- pass made it 50-49 with Angeles on Jan. 31. So of
by as many as 16 points in Jr. made a 3-pointer that sive end,” coach Terry just over three minute left course the Lakers were Up next
the first half. The Lakers put Portland up 98-93 be- Stotts said about Gabri- in the half. But the lead going to try to stop the The series continues
narrowed the advantage fore Nurkic dunked to all el. “I like his length and was brief. bubble MVP. But that’s with Game 2 on Thurs-
to 57-56 at the break and but seal it. athleticism. When you The Blazers were able no different than every day.

Comics & Puzzles

Dear Abby
EAR pendent on her but a cyst. Breast cancer in
ABBY: My as you have de- teen girls is rare, but cysts
husband’s scribed, he may are quite common. (It might
mother recently need counseling also be nothing.) That said,
told him he no to get past this. because of your family history,
longer matters The way to deal you should be checked by a
to her because with her emo- doctor.
he is an atheist. tional blackmail I don’t believe in keeping
His mother is is to distance secrets of this nature. If you
supposedly a yourselves from would like emotional support
Christian, but her financially when you get the test for the
she rarely acts and emotionally, BRCA gene, your father — or a
ZITS like one. It has because she is female relative — would be a
left my husband manipulative and logical choice to go with you.
devastated and toxic. Please give it some thought.
feeling more lone- DEAR ABBY: DEAR ABBY: I have a med-
ly than ever. When I was a ical alert service dog. People
I can’t find
Dear Abby little girl, my at the store won’t leave him
the right words to mother died of alone to do his job, and I don’t
comfort him when he’s going breast cancer. I always sus- know what to do. I don’t want
through something I haven’t pected that I might have the to be rude to these people,
got a clue about. How do I gene, too. To make matters but my life depends on his
empathize with him to let him worse, my dad got skin cancer alerting. Each time I must
know he did nothing wrong a couple of years ago, mean- shop for groceries, I am very
and that he never deserved to ing my risk of getting cancer afraid. Advice? — NO PETTING
have those words thrown at is higher because of both my IN PENNSYLVANIA
him by his own mother? parents having it. DEAR NO PETTING: You
GARFIELD It infuriates me, but I don’t I’m turning 18 in a couple are a nice person. Too nice, in
think it would be right for of months, and I want to get fact. When someone attempts
me to step in and talk to her tested to see what my risk is, to distract your service
directly. How do you deal with but I’m terrified. I sometimes animal, TELL the person em-
a narcissist who constantly feel a stabbing pain in my phatically to stop immediately
plays the victim even after all chest and think I feel a lump. because he is on duty, work-
the support you’ve given to I’m not sure if I’m imagining it ing to ensure your safety, and
her, financially and emotion- due to my stress and fear or if being distracted could cost
ally? — SUPPORTIVE WIFE IN it’s true. I don’t want to tell my you your life. It is the truth.
ALABAMA dad until after my appoint- Dear Abby is written by
DEAR WIFE: I’m glad you ment, which I plan on doing Abigail Van Buren, also known
asked. Explain to your hus- alone. What do you think I as Jeanne Phillips, and was
band that by emotionally abus- should do? Should I tell him? founded by her mother,
ing him this way, his mother — AFRAID IN FLORIDA Pauline Phillips. Contact Dear
is attempting to control him. DEAR AFRAID: Try to calm Abby at or
CANDORVILLE What she said is despicable,
and if he is as emotionally de-
yourself. The lump you felt
may not be what you fear,
P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles,
CA 90069.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Aug. finish in a day. messaging system is going
19). Focus is might. You’re on TAURUS (April 20-May 20). strong, and you will telegraph
to bigger things this year, and To love a person wholly is to your needs, even when you’re
you’ll notice that what used to love many versions of that per- not aware of it.
distract you now seems like a son, past, present and future. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22).
quaint decoration with no power Those versions are always alive Intellect and intelligence are two
over your attention. Family somewhere in the totality of a different things. You’ll gravi-
learns from you. The new year person. Loving a person means tate to the latter, doing what’s
shows a shift in your presenta- loving change. smart, graceful, logical and
tion style. You’ll attract different GEMINI (May 21-June 21). practical without bothering with
professional and personal If you can detect the difference the facts, history or mechanics
BABY BLUES situations. Cancer and Scorpio between what you know and of a thing.
adore you. Your lucky numbers what you merely feel like you VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
are: 3, 30, 31, 2 and 15. know, then you are quite a rare With your focused mindset, you
ARIES (March 21-April 19). human indeed. To be safe, can accomplish exactly what
An industrious mood takes hold. check your facts. you need to without getting
Avoid applying it to long-term CANCER (June 22-July 22). wrapped up in the side effects,
commitments. You’ll have the You won’t have to say what pitfalls and traps that typically
sort of flair that is best put to you want in order to get what come with the endeavor.
use on a task you’re likely to you want. Your subconscious LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).
What’s now appropriate was,
once upon a time, not at all.
Your ability to read the room
and adjust to suit your audience
will put you ahead of the com-
21). Life is usually a trade-off,
but sometimes you hit those
lucky times when you can have
your cake and eat it, too. Today
brings such good fortune. You
won’t have to let go of what you
have to add something new.
21). There’s security in blending
in, but that’s the only upside.
The prize will go to the stand-
out. To beat the competition, do
more. To make a memory, do it
19). It’s harmful to the car’s
transmission to stay in the
same gear for too long. The
same goes for relationships.
Stay in the same mode too long
and things wear badly. Change
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). The vision could become
an invention or a reality if you’re
willing and able to put the work
in. But a lot of visions have
this potential. It’s a matter of
deciding on the one you’ll love
FAMILY CIRCUS to spend hundreds of hours on.
PISCES (Feb. 19-March
20). Compassion is the best
growth agent around. Apply it
and watch people heal, sprout,
improve, create and more. The
power of compassion is almost

A stitch in time
Jan Swoope: 328-2471

Time for a dip

This veggie egg casserole calls
for sweet onion, bell peppers,
broccoli and low-fat cottage

Eggs as a
rich ‘first

ggs are for everyone,
including babies and
toddlers, according to
the 2020 Dietary Guidelines
Advisory Committee that released its Scientific Report
This easy salsa yogurt dip is made by mixing two parts plain yogurt with one part salsa. For example, mix 1 cup plain yogurt outlining nutritional recom-
with 1/2 cup salsa. Read on for dip recipes from area cookbooks, suited to serve on the patio or around the pool as we say mendations for Americans. For
goodbye to summer during the weeks ahead. the first time, this committee,
comprised of leading doctors

Dips are just-right for summer’s last days

and nutrition scientists, in-
cluded nutritional guidance for
younger children.
The committee recom-
mends eggs as a first food
BY JAN SWOOPE one, or al fresco dining. Appetizer BLUE CHEESE BACON DIP for babies and toddlers since dips are perfectly suited to the casual they provide eight essential

atmosphere and fluid movement of 7 slices bacon, chopped nutrients that can help build a
dmittedly, I haven’t gotten
those gatherings, even if they’re 2 cloves garlic, minced healthy foundation for life at a
out and about much during 1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened
limited to 20 people. time when every bite counts.
“corona-geddon,” as a niece 1/4 cup half-and-half
The “same-old” dips still go over 4 ounces blue cheese, crumbled (1 cup) Eggs provide nutrition for
refers to this pandemic period. But
well, but I plumbed a few local cook- 2 tablespoons fresh chives (optional) children and moms-to-be, as
this past Friday, I really needed some
books that go back a few years for 3 tablespoons smoked almonds, chopped well. However, the report found
sympathy cards. What a jolt to walk
something a bit different. There were most pregnant women and kids
into the card section of a Columbus n Cook bacon in large skillet over medi-
plenty of standard favorites, but I also need more choline – an essen-
store to be met with row after row of um-high heat until almost crisp, about 7 min-
found recipes calling for amaretto, or utes. Drain excess fat from skillet; add garlic. tial nutrient critical for brain
Halloween and Thanksgiving greet-
chopped dates, or even Dr. Pepper. If Cook until bacon is crisp, about 3 minutes. health – in their diets.
ing cards — abrupt reminders that
you’re feeling like something out of n Preheat oven to 350 F. According to research
seasons continue to come and go, n Beat cream cheese until smooth; add half-
the box, you just may find it in today’s published in the “Journal of the
whether we’ve lately lost track of days and-half. Stir in bacon mixture, blue cheese
collection of eight savory and sweet American College of Nutri-
or even weeks. Summer is marching and chives.
tion,” 92% of pregnant women
its way toward a finale. dips. n Transfer to a 2-cup ovenproof serving dish
and cover with foil. Bake until thoroughly heat- don’t get enough choline in
Mississippi, of course, still has Make the most of summer’s last
ed, about 30 minutes. their diets. Choosing foods
weeks of heat ahead, plenty of time hurrah. And may we all be thriving n Sprinkle with almonds. Serve with Wheat high in choline, like eggs, can
for more family days around the pool, before we ever need those Halloween Thins, Triscuits or French bread. help pregnant women con-
if you’re fortunate enough to have and Thanksgiving cards. See DIPS, 5B sume enough of this essential
nutrient, helping a baby’s brain
See EGGS, 5B

Give spicy A cheesy, creamy, kid-friendly meal


urning to easy recipes that

sweet touch require minimal cooking time

can help your loved ones take
the stress out of busy back-to-school

with grapes evenings while increasing the oppor-

tunities for sharing family moments
FAMILY FEATURES Skip the long cook times of com-
plicated dishes and instead turn to an

hen looking to guide your option like this Skillet Macaroni and
family toward healthier Cheese, a kid-friendly and parent-ap-
snacks, success can be as proved meal to turn hectic school
simple as rethinking the ingredients nights into happy time with family.
you choose to use, including your With a slight twist on the childhood
favorite produce, such as grapes. classic, this version calls for chicken
Fresh California grapes, for exam- to add protein along with spinach and
ple, make for an ideal snack because cherry tomatoes for increased veggie
they are tasty, healthy, hydrating
intake. Plus, it’s made with milk and Skillet mac and cheese with chicken, onion and a hint of hot sauce can serve as a
and refreshing, but grapes can also cheese as part of an important daily family-pleasing weeknight meal.
be used to make dishes that are intake of dairy, an irreplaceable part
satisfying and delicious like these of a balanced diet as a source of essen- 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut n Heat large skillet over medium-high heat.
Sweet and Spicy Nachos. Grapes of into 1-inch pieces Add olive oil, chicken and onion. Cook 6-8 min-
tial nutrients. 1/2 cup onion, finely chopped utes, or until chicken is no longer pink.
all colors — red, green and black Visit to find 1 package (5 ounces) semisoft cheese with n Reduce heat to medium. Stir in semisoft
— are a natural source of beneficial more kid-friendly meals. garlic and fine herbs cheese. Gradually add milk and flour. Continue
antioxidants and other polyphenols. 1 1/2 cups fat-free milk stirring and cooking until mixture is thickened
Plus, they are naturally fat-free, 1 tablespoon flour and bubbly.
cholesterol-free and contain virtually SKILLET MACARONI AND CHEESE 1 teaspoon hot sauce
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
n Reduce heat to low. Add hot sauce, cheddar
cheese and cooked macaroni. Cook and stir 1-2
Prep time: 5 minutes
no sodium. Cook time: 25 minutes 2 cups fresh baby spinach minutes until cheese is melted. Stir in spinach.
Find more better-for-you snack Servings: 4-6 1 cup quartered cherry tomatoes Top with cherry tomatoes and serve.
ideas at (Source: Recipe courtesy of Katie Serbinski
1 cup dried elbow macaroni n Cook macaroni according to package of “Mom to Mom Nutrition” on behalf of Milk
See NACHOS, 5B 2 tablespoons olive oil directions; drain. Means More)
The Dispatch • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2020 5B

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Servings: 2

Chipotle barbecue sauce:

1 tablespoon canned chipotle pepper in adobo sauce
2 tablespoons barbecue sauce
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice
1 teaspoon honey

3 ounces baked tortilla chips (about 28 chips)

1/2 jalapeno, seeded, stemmed and finely minced
2 tablespoons finely diced red onion
4 ounces grilled chicken, diced (about 3/4 cup)
1/4 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese
1/4 cup queso Cotija Mexican cheese, crumbled
1/2 avocado, halved, pitted, peeled and diced
1 cup halved California grapes
3 tablespoons chopped cilantro

n Heat oven to broil.

n In food processor or blender, puree chipotle
pepper, barbecue sauce, lime juice and honey until
n Line baking sheet with aluminum foil and arrange
tortilla chips in single layer.
n Sprinkle chips with jalapeno, if desired; onion;
chicken; and Monterey Jack cheese. Drizzle with
chipotle barbecue sauce.
n Place tray in oven about 6 inches below element;
broil 1-2 minutes until cheese is melted. Remove
from oven, sprinkle with Cotija Mexican cheese,
avocado, grapes and cilantro.
(Source: Recipe courtesy of the California Table
Grape Commission) Grapes add a sweet twist to nachos flavored with a chipotle barbecue sauce.

Continued from Page 4B
and spinal cord develop You can adapt a Salt, to taste
properly. Just two eggs
In your kitchen Veggie Egg Casserole Pepper, to taste
Eggs are a nutritional
provide more than half of powerhouse that con- to your child’s develop- n Preheat oven to 350 F.
the recommended daily tribute to health and ment and motor skills by Grease 9-by-13-inch pan with
amount of choline. well-being at every age, cutting small squares or nonstick cooking spray.
At only 70 calories, and there are plenty making a simple mash. n Chop onion and bell pepper
one egg contains 6 Find more kid-friend- to age-appropriate sizes. Pick
of ways to enjoy eggs apart broccoli florets into small
grams of high-quality beyond the basic boiled, ly recipes and advice
pieces and remove most of
protein and all nine scrambled or sunny- about introducing eggs
essential amino acids. side-up. In fact, eggs to your youngest family n Heat medium-sized frying
Eggs are also a source work well in meals all members at EggNutri- pan over medium heat. Add
of vitamin B12, biotin day long. Toss hard- oil and swirl around pan. Add
(B7), iodine, selenium, onions and cook 3-4 minutes
boiled eggs in a salad, until they start to soften. Add
high-quality protein, top a sweet potato with VEGGIE EGG CASSEROLE broccoli and bell pepper. Mix
riboflavin (B2) and pan- an egg for lunch or try a Recipe developed by Stacey with onions and add salt and
tothenic acid (B5). Ad- spinach and mushroom Mattinson, RD pepper, to taste. Cook 1-2
ditionally, eggs contain frittata for dinner. Prep time: 20 minutes minutes then cover with lid to
lutein and zeaxanthin Cook time: 40 minutes steam another 2-3 minutes
One simple way to Servings: 4
that can help protect until broccoli is bright green.
introduce eggs as a first Remove veggies from stovetop.
your eyes from harmful food is a soft and fluffy Nonstick cooking spray n In large mixing bowl, beat
blue light that comes egg casserole. You can 1/2 sweet onion eggs. Add cottage cheese,
from electronic devices. 1 red, yellow or orange bell
also incorporate veggies pepper shredded cheese, baking
The committee rec- for some added nutri- 1 head broccoli florets powder and flour. Add veggies
ommends introducing tion, since eggs can help 2 teaspoons canola, avocado and salt and pepper, to taste.
eggs when your baby you better absorb the or olive oil Transfer to prepared pan and
1 dozen eggs bake 40 minutes.
is ready for first foods, nutrients found in vege- (Source: Recipe developed by
2 cups low-fat cottage cheese
which may help reduce tables, such as vitamin 1 cup shredded cheese Stacey Mattinson, RD)
the chances of develop- E and carotenoids like 1 teaspoon baking powder
ing an egg allergy. lutein and zeaxanthin. 1 tablespoon flour

Have you checked the
Continued from Page 4B
3/4 cup chopped walnuts
Makes 1 1/4 cups
n Mix together the cream cheese, dates, walnut
1/2 (8-ounce) cream cheese, softened and honey. Place in a favorite dish and serve with
1 cup sharp cheddar cheese Wheat Thins.
1 tablespoons amaretto (Source: “After the Harvest,” Annice Jenkins/
1 tablespoon brandy First United Methodist Church, Columbus)
1/2 cup finely chopped almonds, toasted

n Combine cream cheese, sharp cheese, amaret-

to and brandy in a mixing bowl. Beat at medium
speed until smooth. Stir in toasted almonds.
n Spoon onto a serving dish. Garnish with addi-
1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese
1 cup Dr. Pepper
tional almonds, if desired. Serve with assorted 1 cup toasted pecans or peanuts
fruit or crackers.
(Source: “After the Harvest,” Barbara Heard/First n Beat cream cheese until smooth. Gradually
United Methodist Church, Columbus) add Dr. Pepper. Stir in chopped nuts. Chill for
several hours or overnight.

n Serve with potato chips, corn chips or sliced
(Source: “A Taste of Grace,” Sharon Williams/
1 loaf French bread Grace Baptist Church, Columbus)
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
1/3 cup chopped green onion

REal EStatE
1/2 cup chopped ham
Dash Worcestershire sauce
1 1/2 cups sour cream 1 cup milk
1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, room temp. 1/2 cup sour cream
1/3 cup chopped green chilies 1 (3.4-ounce) box instant vanilla pudding

1 (8-ounce) can crushed pineapple, undrained
n Slice off top of bread and hollow out inside. 1/2 cup shredded coconut
n Mix all ingredients. Pour into hollowed bread Cantaloupe, halved and scooped out for serving
and put top back on bread. Wrap in foil.
n Bake at 350 F for 1 hour. Serve as a dip or with n Combine milk, sour cream and pudding. Whisk
hollowed out pieces of bread, crackers or chips.

until smooth.
(“Southern Blend II,” Robert Ward Shows/Church n Mix pineapple and coconut with pudding
of Christ, Columbus) mixture. Refrigerate at least 30 minutes before
n Fill center of cantaloupe with dip. Serve with
DIPSY DIP fruits such as strawberries, grapes, banana

Makes 1 cup sliced, kiwi, etc.
(Source: “Taste and See Too,” Katy Susan
1 (5-ounce) jar cream cheese with pimento Allen/First Baptist Church, West Point)
1 (2.25-ounce) can deviled ham
1/4 cup mayonnaise
2 tablespoons snipped parsley
1 tablespoon minced onion
4 drops red pepper sauce 1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese
1/2 cup caramel sauce
n Beat ingredients in mixer until creamy. Chill 1/4 cup honey
before serving.

1/2-1 teaspoon cinnamon
(Source: “Southern Blend II,” Church of Christ,
Columbus) n Beat cream cheese until smooth. Add caramel,
honey and cinnamon.
n Mix until well blended. Chill and serve with fruit
DATES DIP such as strawberries, grapes, pineapple, apples,

kiwi or cantaloupe.
16 ounces fat-free cream cheese (Source: “A Taste of Grace,” Sharon Williams/
3/4 cup chopped dates Grace Baptist Church, Columbus)

Local journalism matters

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6B WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2020 The Dispatch •
Court of Lowndes County, Mis- not applicable to the proposed Mississippi, final approval of

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gust, 2020. This is to give no- and authority for the issuance

Ads appear in The Commercial Dispatch,

tice to all persons having
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2020. THE DISPATCH n CDISPATCH.COMissuing the Notesn of the Dis- qualified under the provisions
trict as evidence of the same.
of Section 19, 2020
13-3-31 Mis-7B
of the n
Estate of Mary C. Gardner sissippi Code of 1972, as
By: G.C. Gardner, Jr., Co-Ex- NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RE- amended. Said Resolution
ecutor SOLVED, by the Board of Edu- shall be published once a week
By: Kay Gardner Aasand, Co-Ex- cation of the Lowndes County for two consecutive weeks,
Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices
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School District, as follows: Legalthe
with Notices
first publication there-

of to be made not less than 15
IN THE COUNTY COURT OF IN THE COUNTY COURT OF IN THE COUNTY COURT OF OF COUNSEL: Section 1. The Board does days prior to August 28, 2020,
LOWNDES COUNTY LOWNDES COUNTY LOWNDES COUNTY John W. Crowell (MSB 7906) hereby find, determine and ad- on which date the Board will
STATE OF MISSISSIPPI STATE OF MISSISSIPPI STATE OF MISSISSIPPI Crowell Gillis & Cooper, PLLC judicate that the foregoing take final action on the ques-
Post Office Box 1827
Columbus, MS 39703
premises are true and correct. tion of authorizing the borrow-
ing of said money.
Legal Notices hereby declare that it is neces- Section 7. That all orders, res-
VS. VS. VS. sary to borrow an amount not olutions or proceedings of the
Notice to Bidders PUBLISH: 8/12, 8/19 & exceeding One Million Five Hun- Board in conflict with the provi-
DARCELLIA WINDHAM; DARCELLIA WINDHAM; DARCELLIA WINDHAM; 8/26/2020 dred Thousand and No/100 sions of this Resolution shall
Sealed bids will be received in ROOSEVELT LATHAM; AND THE ROOSEVELT LATHAM; AND THE ROOSEVELT LATHAM; AND THE Dollars ($1,500,000.00) for be and the same are hereby re-
the office of the General Man- UNKNOWN OCCUPANTS OF UNKNOWN OCCUPANTS OF UNKNOWN OCCUPANTS OF RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD the purpose of paying the costs pealed.
ager, City of Columbus, Missis- 117 Beech Street, Columbus, 117 Beech Street, Columbus, 117 Beech Street, Columbus, OF EDUCATION OF THE of the Project, previously de-
sippi, Light and Water Depart- MS 39702 MS 39702 MS 39702 LOWNDES COUNTY SCHOOL scribed herein, all at a total Having received a majority of
ment until 10:00 a.m. on Au- DISTRICT DECLARING THE NE- cost approximately equal to the the affirmative votes of the
gust 28, 2020 for NO. 2020-0025-CV NO. 2020-0025-CV NO. 2020-0025-CV CESSITY FOR AND ITS INTEN- principal amount of the Notes Board, the Resolution passed
“Chemicals.” TION OF BORROWING MONEY to be issued hereunder. on August 7, 2020.
Specifications may be ob- THE COSTS DESCRIBED Section 3. The Board does BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE
7192 ext. 121. Any questions OLUTION TO BE PUBLISHED; funds are available in the DISTRICT
regarding the bid may be direc- TO: Roosevelt Latham TO: Unknown Occupants TO: Darcella Windham AND SETTING THE DATE UPON school funds of the District or
ted to Steve Barksdale at (662) WHICH THE BOARD OF EDUCA- from any other source with PUBLISH: 8/12 & 8/19/2020
251-4512. You have been made a Defend- You have been made a Defend- You have been made a Defend- TION IS TO TAKE FINAL AC- which to pay the costs of the
ant in the suit filed in this ant in the suit filed in this ant in the suit filed in this TION UPON THE QUESTION OF Project, and that it is neces-
Booze Legal Notices
Bids should be signed by an Court by Carrington Mortgage Court by Carrington Mortgage Court by Carrington Mortgage AUTHORIZING THE BORROW- sary that the costs thereof be
authorized agent of the com- Services, LLC, Plaintiff, seek- Services, LLC, Plaintiff, seek- Services, LLC, Plaintiff, seek- ING OF SAID MONEY. borrowed in the manner and I, the officer of Laxmi
pany and delivered to 420 4th ing possession of property at ing possession of property at ing possession of property at form provided by Section 37-
Avenue South, Columbus, MS 117 Beech Street, Columbus, 117 Beech Street, Columbus, 117 Beech Street, Columbus, WHEREAS, the Board of Educa- 59-101, et. seq., of the Missis- Ma Inc. intend to
or mailed to General Manager’s MS 39702. Defendants other MS 39702. Defendants other MS 39702. Defendants other tion of the Lowndes County sippi Code of 1972, as make application for
office, P.O. Box 949, Colum- than you are Darcella Wind- than you are Roosevelt Lath- than you are Roosevelt Lath- School District, Lowndes amended.
bus, MS 39703 and should be ham and the Unknown Occu- am and Darcella Windham. am and the Unknown Occu- County, Mississippi (the a package retailer
pants of 117 Beech Street, pants of 117 Beech Street,
clearly marked on the outside
of the envelope “Bid For Chem- Columbus, MS 39702. You are summoned to appear Columbus, MS 39702.
"Board"), acting for and on be- Section 4. The Board hereby
declares its intention to bor-
half of the Lowndes County
icals.” and defend against the Com- School District (the "District"), row such money and to issue
You are summoned to appear plaint or Petition filed against You are summoned to appear the Notes as evidence of the
Columbus Light & Water re- and defend against the Com- you in this action at 1:30 and defend against the Com-
does hereby find, determine,
same. The loan evidenced by
As provided for by the
adjudicate and declare:
serves the right to reject any plaint or Petition filed against o'clock P.M. on the 15th day of plaint or Petition filed against the Notes shall bear interest at Local Option Alcohol-
and/or all bids and to hold bids you in this action at 1:30 September, 2020, before you in this action at 1:30 1. It is necessary and desir- a rate to be specified by fur-
ic Beverage Control
for a period of 30 days or until o'clock P.M. on the 15th day of Judge Allison P. Kizer, in the o'clock P.M. on the 15th day of able that a maximum of One ther resolution of the Board,
after the monthly Board of September, 2020, before courtroom of the Lowndes September, 2020, before Million Five Hundred Thousand but shall not exceed a greater Laws, Section 67-1-1,
Commissioner’s meeting be- Judge Allison P. Kizer, in the County Court located at 502 Judge Allison P. Kizer, in the and No/100 Dollars overall maximum interest rate
fore award or rejection. courtroom of the Lowndes 2nd Avenue, Columbus, Missis- courtroom of the Lowndes ($1,500,000.00) be borrowed to maturity than the rates now et seq., of the Missis-
County Court located at 502 sippi, and in case of your fail- County Court located at 502 for the purposes of making re- or hereafter authorized under sippi Code of 1972,
No bidder may withdraw a bid 2nd Avenue, Columbus, Missis- ure to appear and defend a 2nd Avenue, Columbus, Missis- pairs, alterations and addi- the provisions of Section 19-9-
for a period of thirty (30) days sippi, and in case of your fail- judgment will be entered sippi, and in case of your fail- tions to school buildings of the 19 of the Mississippi Code of Annotated. If granted
after the date set for opening ure to appear and defend a against you for the money or ure to appear and defend a District, purchasing heating 1972, as amended. The Notes such permit I pro-
of bids. judgment will be entered other things demanded in the judgment will be entered plants, air conditioning, fix- shall be dated from the date
against you for the money or Complaint or Petition. against you for the money or tures and equipment for such the loan is made and shall ma- pose to operate as a
City of Columbus, Mississippi other things demanded in the other things demanded in the buildings, purchasing school ture over a period not to ex- corporation under the
Light and Water Department Complaint or Petition. You are not required to file an Complaint or Petition. buses and transportation ceed two (2) years, with the
answer or other pleading but equipment and paying the first installment of principal trade name of Colum-
You are not required to file an you may do so if you desire. You are not required to file an and/or interest thereon to be
Todd Gale
General Manager answer or other pleading but answer or other pleading but
costs of such borrowing (the
made within one year from the
bus Discount Wine
you may do so if you desire. Issued under my hand and the you may do so if you desire. date thereof. and Liquor, located at
Publish: August 12, 2020 seal of said Court, this 29th
August 19, 2020 Issued under my hand and the day of July, 2020. Issued under my hand and the
2. No funds are available in the
school funds of the District or Section 5. Unless a petition
323 Idlewild Road,
seal of said Court, this 29th seal of said Court, this 29th from any other source with signed by 20% of the qualified Columbus, MS
day of July, 2020. Lowndes County Court Clerk day of July, 2020. which to pay the costs of the electors of said District, re-
IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF P.O. Box 31 Project; questing that an election be 39702.
LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- Lowndes County Court Clerk Columbus, MS 39703 Lowndes County Court Clerk called on the question of incur-
SIPPI P.O. Box 31 P.O. Box 31 3. It would be in the best in- ring said indebtedness, is filed
Columbus, MS 39703 (Seal) Columbus, MS 39703 terests and to the advantage of prior to 12:30 p.m. on August
The name, title, and
IN RE: THE ESTATE OF PATRI- By: Ann Marie Langford, D.C. the District that the funds 28, 2020 in the Central Office address of the corpor-
CIA LYNNE SCHMITT, DE- (Seal) (Seal) needed for the Project be ob- of the District located at 1053
CEASED, By: Ann Marie Langford, D.C. PUBLISH: 8/12, 8/19 & By: Ann Marie Langford, D.C. tained by a loan in the maxim- Highway 45 South, Columbus, ate officer and/or ma-
8/26/2020 um principal amount of One Mississippi, final approval of jority stockholder of
CHRISTOPHER JEAN SCHMITT PUBLISH: 8/12, 8/19 & PUBLISH: 8/12, 8/19 & Million Five Hundred Thousand the borrowing of said money
AND AMBER LYNNE SHACK- 8/26/2020 8/26/2020 and No/100 Dollars and authority for the issuance the above named
ELFORD, CO-ADMINISTRATORS IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF ($1,500,000.00) evidenced by of said Notes shall be given by business are:
LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- a note or notes (the "Notes") the Board at a meeting held on
CAUSE NO. 2020-0100-PDE SIPPI IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF issued in the manner and form such date and hour at the
IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- provided by Section 37-59-101, aforesaid address. Naimesh Patel
SIPPI TATE OF GARY DON SPEED, DE- Code of 1972, as amended Section 6. The Secretary of the President
STATE OF MISSISSIPPI Board is hereby authorized and
(the "Act");
directed to cause this Resolu-
605 Leigh Drive, APT
TATE OF HILDA PEARL RATLIFF, CAUSE NO: 2020-0118-S DECEASED 4. An annual levy of a special tion, as adopted, to be pub- L107
Letters of Administration have DECEASED tax which shall not exceed lished in The Commercial Dis-
been granted and issued to the NOTICE TO CREDITORS NO. 2020-0157 three (3) mills on the dollar of patch, a newspaper of general Columbus, MS
undersigned upon the Estate of NO. 2020-0146 assessed value of taxable circulation in the District and 39705
Patricia Lynne Schmitt, De- THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI G.C. GARDNER, JR. AND KAY property within the District, qualified under the provisions
ceased, by the Chancery Court SHANNON L. RUSSELL, EX- LOWNDES COUNTY GARDNER AASAND, CO-EX- along with any other funds the of Section 13-3-31 of the Mis-
of Lowndes County, Missis- ECUTOR ECUTORS District may pledge, shall be sissippi Code of 1972, as If any person wishes
sippi on the 13th day of Au- Letters of Administration have sufficient to pay the principal amended. Said Resolution
gust, 2020. This is to give no- NOTICE TO CREDITORS been granted and issued to the NOTICE TO CREDITORS and interest on the Notes to be shall be published once a week to request a hearing
tice to all persons having
Letters Testamentary have
undersigned upon the Estate of issued hereunder and all other for two consecutive weeks, to object to the issu-
claims against said estate to Gary Don Speed, deceased, by Letters Testamentary have notes issued and outstanding with the first publication there-
probate and register same with been granted and issued to the Chancery Court of Lowndes been granted and issued to under the Act, as the same of to be made not less than 15 ance of this permit a
the Chancery Clerk of Lowndes Shannon L. Russell, Executor County, Mississippi, on the 6th G.C. Gardner, Jr. and Kay Gard- shall respectively mature and days prior to August 28, 2020, request for a hearing
County, Mississippi, within 90 of the Estate of Hilda Pearl Rat- day of August, A. D., 2020. ner Aasand, Co-Executors of accrue. on which date the Board will
(ninety) days from the date of liff, deceased, by the Chancery This is to give notice to all per- Legal final
take Noticesaction on the ques- must be made in writ-
the Estate of Mary C. Gardner,
the first publication. A failure to Court of Lowndes County, Mis- sons having claims against deceased, by the Chancery 5. Under the provisions of Sec- tion of authorizing the borrow- ing and received by
so probate and register said sissippi, on the 24th day of Ju- said estate to Probate and Re- Court of Lowndes County, Mis- tion 37-59-115 of the Missis- ing of said money.
claim will forever bar the same. ly, 2020. This is to give notice gister same with the Chancery sissippi, on the 6th day of Au- sippi Code of 1972, as the Department of
to all persons having claims Clerk of Lowndes County, Mis- gust, 2020. This is to give no- amended, the limitation of Sec- Section 7. That all orders, res- Revenue within (15)
This the 14th day of August, against the estate to Probate sissippi, within ninety (90) days tice to all persons having tion 37-59-5 of the Mississippi olutions or proceedings of the
2020. and Register same with the from the first publication date claims against the estate to Code of 1972, as amended, on Board in conflict with the provi- fifteen days from the
Chancery Clerk of Lowndes of this Notice to Creditors. A Probate and Register same the indebtedness which may be sions of this Resolution shall
Christopher Jean Schmitt and County, Mississippi, within failure to so Probate and Re- with the Chancery Clerk of incurred by school districts is be and the same are hereby re- first date this notice
Amber Lynne Shackelford ninety (90) days from the date gister said claim will forever Lowndes County, Mississippi, not applicable to the proposed pealed. was published.
Co-Administrators of the Es- of first publication of this No- bar the same. within ninety (90) days from the loan evidenced by the Notes;
tate of Patricia Lynn Schmitt, tice. A failure to so Probate date of first publication of this Having received a majority of
Deceased and Register the claim will This the 7th day of August, Notice. A failure to so Probate 6. The purposes for which the the affirmative votes of the Requests shall be
forever bar the same. 2020. and Register the claim will proposed Notes are to be is- Board, the Resolution passed
Prepared by: forever bar the same. sued as herein set forth in this on August 7, 2020. sent to:
Jeffrey J. Turnage, Esq. THIS the 10th day of August, /s/AMANDA SPEED, Adminis- resolution are purposes author-
(MSB#9447) 2020. trator THIS the 10th day of August, ized by the laws of the State of BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE
Mitchell McNutt & Sams, PA 2020. Mississippi, and particularly in LOWNDES COUNTY SCHOOL Chief Counsel, Legal
215 5th Street North Estate of Hilda Pearl Ratliff McEwen Law Firm Section 37-59-101, et. seq., of DISTRICT Division
P.O. Box 1366 By: Shannon L. Russell, Execut- Steven R. McEwen Estate of Mary C. Gardner the Mississippi Code of 1972,
Columbus, MS 39703-1366 or P. O. Box 709 By: G.C. Gardner, Jr., Co-Ex- as amended, and the Board is PUBLISH: 8/12 & 8/19/2020 Department of Reven-
Telephone: 662-328-2316 Columbus, MS 39703 ecutor authorized and required to de- ue
OF COUNSEL: By: Kay Gardner Aasand, Co-Ex- clare the necessity and its in-
PUBLISH: 8/19, 8/26 & John W. Crowell (MSB 7906) PUBLISH: 8/12, 8/19 & ecutor tention of borrowing money and P.O. Box 22828
9/2/2020 Crowell Gillis & Cooper, PLLC 8/26/2020 issuing the Notes of the Dis-
Post Office Box 1827 OF COUNSEL: trict as evidence of the same.
Jackson, MS 39225
Columbus, MS 39703 John W. Crowell (MSB 7906)
PHONE: (662) 243-7308 Crowell Gillis & Cooper, PLLC NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RE- Date of First Publica-
Read local.
All notices mustPost
be Office
emailedBox 1827
Columbus, MS 39703
to SOLVED, by the Board of Edu-
cation of the Lowndes County tion: 8/19/2020 PUBLISH: 8/12, 8/19 &
PHONE: (662) 243-7308 School District, as follows:
Section 1. The Board does PUBLISH: 8/19 &

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PUBLISH: 8/12, 8/19 & hereby find, determine and ad-
8/26/2020 judicate that the foregoing 8/20/2020
premises are true and correct.

Section 2. The Board does

hereby declare that it is neces-
sary to borrow an amount not
exceeding One Million Five Hun-
dred Thousand and No/100
Dollars ($1,500,000.00) for
the purpose of paying the costs
of the Project, previously de-
scribed herein, all at a total
cost approximately equal to the
principal amount of the Notes
to be issued hereunder.

The best place for personalized Section 3. The Board does

hereby further declare that no
funds are available in the

advertising in your community.

school funds of the District or
from any other source with
which to pay the costs of the
Project, and that it is neces-
sary that the costs thereof be
borrowed in the manner and
form provided by Section 37-
59-101, et. seq., of the Missis-
sippi Code of 1972, as

Section 4. The Board hereby

declares its intention to bor-
row such money and to issue
the Notes as evidence of the
same. The loan evidenced by
the Notes shall bear interest at
a rate to be specified by fur-


ther resolution of the Board,
but shall not exceed a greater
overall maximum interest rate
to maturity than the rates now
or hereafter authorized under

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the provisions of Section 19-9-
19 of the Mississippi Code of
1972, as amended. The Notes
shall be dated from the date
Premium placement Preferred placement in search
the loan is made and shall ma-
ture over a period not to ex-
on classifieds home page. results and highlighted online.
ceed two (2) years, with the
first installment of principal
and/or interest thereon to be

Highlight $3 Graphic $10.50

made within one year from the
date thereof.

Section 5. Unless a petition

Highlight your ad Enhance your ad with
signed by 20% of the qualified
electors of said District, re-
with a dash of color. an attention getter.
questing that an election be
called on the question of incur-
ring said indebtedness, is filed
prior to 12:30 p.m. on August ADS STARTING AT

28, 2020 in the Central Office
of the District located at 1053
Highway 45 South, Columbus,
Mississippi, final approval of
the borrowing of said money
and authority for the issuance
of said Notes shall be given by
the Board at a meeting held on
such date and hour at the
aforesaid address.
If any
8B person wishes
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2020 The Dispatch •
to request a hearing
to object to the issu-
Booze Legal Notices Apts For Rent: Other
ance of this permit a
request for a hearing
must be made in writ-
Merchandise Vehicles ON THE WEB
ing and received by Ads starting at $12 Ads starting at $12 Visit
the Department of
Revenue within (15) Appliances Motorcycles & ATVs for a printable copy of
fifteen days from the WASHER & DRYER, solid 2005 HONDA 250 REBEL these puzzles.
first date this notice wood bookcase, solid wood MOTORCYCLE.
was published. end tables, dinette tables, Black, red, and gray.
chairs & butcher block 1,428 miles. $1500.
table. Call 662−328−6224 662−364−0120.
Requests shall be between 9−5.
Trucks, Vans & Buses
sent to: Burial Plots

Chief Counsel, Legal Burial Plots For Sale 3

Burial Plots for Sale −
Division Friendship Cemetery
Department of Reven- $600.00 662−352−4723
ue Furniture
P.O. Box 22828
Sectional Sofa Four year
Jackson, MS 39225
COLEMAN old sectional sofa brown/
beige speckled fabric. Exceptional one−owner
Date of First Publica- RENTALS Good condition. Has two maintained Ram 3500
TOWNHOUSES & APARTMENTS holes on the side that need w/5.9L Cummins
tion: 8/19/2020 repairing. $300.00 662− engine, automatic
1 BEDROOM 574−9397 transmission & spray−
PUBLISH: 8/19 & 2 BEDROOMS General Merchandise
in Bedliner. Truck has
203,000+ miles, but
8/20/2020 3 BEDROOMS runs like new and looks
1987 CORVETTE with great! $12,000.
LEASE, removable top, less than
© The Dispatch

90k mi. Needs work,

$2,550. Cashier’s Check
only. Antique sofa with Sudoku YESTERDAY’S ANSWER

original tapestry, $150
CREDIT CHECK OBO. 662−241−7148. Sudoku is a number- Yesterday’s answer
Call us: 662-328-2424 placing puzzle based on
Sell idle items
662-329-2323 with a quick action
a 9x9 gridis witha several
num- 8 3 5 4 1 7 9 2 6
General Help Wanted
Shop ber-placing
given numbers.puzzleThe object 2 6 7 3 9 8 5 1 4

2020 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

NOWETA'S Flower Shop is
2411 HWY 45 N classified ad. based onthe
is to place a 9x9
numbers 1 4 9 2 6 5 8 7 3
accepting applications for COLUMBUS, MS Classifieds grid
1 to 9with
in theseveral
empty spaces 4 2 1 9 8 3 6 5 7
an experienced Floral so thatnumbers.
each row, each The 9 7 6 5 4 2 1 3 8
Designer. EXPERIENCE Houses For Rent: Other object
column and each 3x3 the
is to place box
numbers 3 5 8 6 7 1 2 4 9
contains the1same to 9 number
REQUIRED. Apply Mon-Fri,
2-4pm or Sat 9am-12pm
at 1325 Main Street.
3BR/2.5BA, CUSTOM− Five Questions: 4 Lake the empty spaces so
only once. The difficulty
5 8 4 1 3 9 7 6 2
1 Lion Geneva 6 9 2 7 5 4 3 8 1
No phone calls please. that each row, each
ACRES. 10 minutes from level increases from
column and each 7 1 3 8 2 6 4 9 5
2 Porpoise 5 Ice Cube
CAFB, 5 minutes from West
Point. Very private. CH/A. Monday
3x3 boxtocontains
Sunday. Difficulty Level 8/18

Restaurant / Hotel Fenced backyard. Ceramic the same number only once. The difficulty level
CAFE UNIQUE: Part-time
tile throughout. Pets
negotiable. No HUD.
3 California increases from Monday to Sunday.
Prep cook and dish washer $1,200/mo + $1,200 dep.
wanted. 15-20 hours per 864−634−4192 General Help Wanted
week. Apply in person @ 94
Airline Rd. or call 662-327-
0840 or 662-386-1554 for NEAR CAFB: 3BR/2BA @
more information. Leave 525 Co−Op Rd, Columbus.
message if no answer. 1600sqft, quiet area,
Columbus City Schools.
ALL appliances, washer/
Transportation dryer, pool table, & dining
room furn incl. Large
PART TIME Shuttle Bus private lot close to golf
Drivers needed for Stark- course. $850/mo + dep.
ville area. CDL with pas-
senger endorsement req. Mobile Homes for Rent
Contact Cory 314-422-
3BR/2BA Trailer, New
Hope school dist. $650/
mo & $650 dep. No pets,
no drugs, no partying. Call

Rentals b/w 10a−9p. 662−386−

4292. NO TEXT MGS.

Ads starting at $25

Apts For Rent: North Real Estate
FOX RUN APARTMENTS 1 Ads starting at $25
& 2 BR near hospital.
$595−$645 monthly. Commercial Property For Sale
Military discount, pet area, Houses For Sale: Other
pet friendly, and furnished
corporate apts. MILITARY QUICK STOP for
24−HOUR PROFESSIONAL lease or sale. High traffic
GYM. ON SITE SECURITY. count. Busy location.
ON SITE MAINTENANCE. Possibly some owner
ON SITE MANAGEMENT. financing. B.F. at 662−329
24−HOUR CAMERA −3833 or 662−889−0837.
Ashleigh, 662−386−4446. Houses For Sale: Other

House & 5 wooded acres in

Apts For Rent: West Vernon, AL. Inside city
limits, but with the privacy

of living in the country.
Turner Hill Subdivision. Fish

pond, block shop bldg,
storage bldg & large storm
shelter. 2,100 sqft. Older
home, quality construction,
Apartments & Houses 1956, can easily be up−
1 Bedrooms
dated. See North MS
Craigslist, real estate, for
2 Bedroooms photos. No texts please!
Call for appointment to 1 Piece of data
3 Bedrooms see. $139,000. 5 Grant
Furnished & Unfurnished 11 Massage
Lots & Acreage target
1, 2, & 3 Baths 12 Run out
Lease, Deposit 1.75 ACRE LOTS. Good/ 13 Magnetic
Bad Credit Options. Good
& Credit Check credit as low as 20% down, metal $499/mo. Eaton Land, 14 Made head-
662−361−7711. way
15 Workout unit
36 ACRES ON GATLIN RD. 16 Treaty
Excellent timber & building 17 Garden item
Rooms For Rent sites. $72,000. For more 19 Pigeon call
info, call 205−799−9846
ROOM FOR RENT, or 205−695−2248. 22 Halloween
IN WEST POINT. 24 Composer
Includes appliances, Copland
furniture & utilities. 45 Nimble bills
$400/mo. 662−295−4701 26 Gangsters’ DOWN 22 Snare
guns 1 Uncloudy 23 Spa wear

Service Directory
27 Take a nap 2 Lot unit 25 Eden name
28 Borders 3 Diced 29 Dishwashing
30 Stares 4 Hamilton’s bill aid
stupidly 5 Kicked off 30 Colt creation
31 Energy 6 Track bet 33 Was fond of
Promote your small business starting at only $25 32 Chubby 7 Rotisserie part 34 Worthless
34 Put together 8 Badge metal stuff
Building & Remodeling General Services General Services Painting & Papering 35 Building wing 9 Vein yield 36 Tragic king
38 Backwater 10 Tie the knot 37 Lord’s wife
Bucket truck & stump Ext/Int Painting. town 16 Light touch 38 Fork over
removal. Free est. Sheet Rock Hang, Finish & 41 Notion 18 Ultimate 39 Eggs, in Latin
Serving Columbus Repair. Pressure Washing. 42 Get even for 19 Arose 40 Bear abode
since 1987. Senior Free Estimates. Ask for
citizen disc. Call Alvin @ specials! Larry Webber, 43 Campus part 20 Move like 41 Mensa entry
242−0324/241−4447 662−242−4932. 44 Removed molasses numbers
"We’ll go out on a limb for
Painting & Papering
unceremoniously 21 Washington’s
Residential Carpentry, Slag − $400 SERVICE
Electrical, Painting, Clay Gravel − $250 Special Prices.
Appliance Repair & Minor Available for hauling any Interior & Exterior Painting.
Plumbing. Free estimate. materials. Columbus. Call 662−435−6528
Call 662−570−5570. Walter, 662−251−8664.
Tree Services
Carpet & Flooring
& Bonded. Carpentry, minor Lawn Care / Landscaping Work from a bucket truck.
electrical, minor plumbing, Insured/bonded.
insulation, painting, demo− JESSE & BEVERLY’S Call Jimmy Prescott for free
lition, gutters cleaned, LAWN SERVICE estimate, 662−386−6286.
pressure washing, land− Mowing, cleanup,
scaping, cleanup work. landscaping, sodding,
662−242−3608. & tree cutting.
DAVID’S CARPET & Residential. House, No lawn too large or too
UPHOLSTERY concrete, sidewalks & small. Mowing, trimming &
CLEANING mobile washing. Free est. weedeating.
1 Room − $50 662−386−8925. Call 662−243−1694
2 Rooms − $70
3+ Rooms − $30 EA
Grow your
business in the
Rugs−Must Be Seen
Car Upholstery Cleaning Got leaky pipes?
service directory.
662−722−1758 Find a plumber in the classifieds.