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Meta Description:- Get Complete Information On What Is A Bachelor's Degree,

List Of Bachelor Degree Courses And Further Insights Into Different Bachelor's
Degree For Science/arts/commerce Stream.

Bachelor degrees or also called as Undergraduate courses, in India offer the perfect
platform for students before they step up on their careers. With a wide range of
universities offering diverse Bachelor degrees, India will soon be considered the
best hub for education.
With the world's second-largest higher education system, India has approximately
550 educational institutions accompanying 17,000 colleges that offer bachelor
degrees in various domains. There are many undergraduate courses from a wide
range of universities/colleges that offer different kinds of bachelor programs in

Why a Bachelor's Degree?:

Bachelor's degree is a must for all the students who wish to build their careers in a
wide range of career opportunities. Bachelor's degree is a college degree in India
offered for the undergraduates. In India and worldwide, the minimum requirement
for having a job in today's economy is through Bachelor's degrees. For jobs where
a bachelor's degree is not specified, employers are likely to prefer those candidates
with a degree.
There are many career opportunities, and a wide career scope is offered with a
bachelor's degree. Earning a bachelor's degree will eventually lead to higher
earning potential than lesser educational qualifications.
Today in this scenario, there are many programs offered in the educational system
that can fetch a bachelor's degree in any of the fields of your choice. There is a
wide range of universities that offer diverse Bachelor's degrees in various domains.
It is part-time, full time, and online programs that allow students to pursue their
Bachelor's degrees from their comfort zone. Students can also pursue Bachelor's
degrees even from their work, as you can work and as well prepare for a bachelor's
degree. Many students who entered the workforce without a bachelor's degree now
wish to complete their degree and gain knowledge of the higher lifetime earning
potential that usually accompanies a degree.

Different Types of Bachelor Degrees:

Bachelor's degrees in India are numerous, various universities/colleges offering a
wide range of diverse degrees. These bachelor degrees can be classified or grouped
based on their domains, and these domains are listed below

● Science Courses:
The degree offered in science courses is ​the Bachelor of Science[B.Sc]​. B.Sc is an
undergraduate degree that comes under the theory-research oriented stem of
science. The B.Sc course duration is three years, with six semesters. The B.Sc
course's eligibility criteria are the completion of 12th grade with a minimum of
50% aggregate marks from a recognized board. These science courses focus
mainly on theory and research-oriented concepts. Though most universities refer to
the degree as B.Sc, it is also sometimes referred to as BS. Science course
combinations include various branches of Physics, Biology, Chemistry,
Mathematics, Computer Science, Psychology, Statistics. The most popular B.Sc
courses are:
1. Bachelor in Science (B.Sc) [Agriculture]
2. Bachelor in Science (B.Sc) [Nursing]
3. Bachelor in Science(B.Sc) [Horticulture]
4. Bachelor in Science(B.Sc){Hons}[Computer Science]
5. Bachelor in Science(B.Sc){hons}[Physics]
6. Bachelor in Science(B.Sc) [Biotechnology]
7. Bachelor in Science(B.Sc) {Hons} [Chemistry]
8. Bachelor in Science(B.Sc) [Biochemistry]

● Engineering Courses:
Engineering is a vast and interesting field with numerous specialization courses to
offer students who wish to pursue engineering courses. The Engineering course
requires students to apply mathematics, empirical evidence, and scientific theories
and practical knowledge to develop and invent machines & tools.
Develop innovative designs, maintain, research, and improve mechanisms and
structures, systems, processes, and organizations to make lives better around
There are two types of engineering courses offered in India ​Bachelor of
Engineering[B.E] and ​Bachelor of Technology[B.Tech]​. It is the most popular and
favorite programs opted by science students after completing 12th boards as it
offers the highest paid jobs in the world.
Candidates should pass the 12th boards examination with a minimum aggregate of
60% marks in Science(PCM/PCB). The engineering aspirants need to clear
entrance exams to secure a seat in engineering colleges. National levels entrance
exams like Jee Main & ​Jee Advanced​, and other state-level entrance exams
preferred by the state boards. The Most popular Bachelor degree course offered in
engineering stream are:
● B.Tech Aerospace Engineering
● B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering
● B.Tech Computer Science Engineering
● B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
● B.Tech Electrical Engineering
● B.Tech Civil Engineering
● Mechanical Engineering
● Electrical and Electronics Engineering
● Civil Engineering
● Electronics and Communication Engineering
● Computer Science and Engineering

● Arts Courses:
Bachelor of Arts undergraduate courses that fall under the discipline of
humanities/arts. BA course duration is three years. BA course is divided equally
into six semesters. One having 10+2 degrees in any stream can take up this course.
There are various BA specializations available, namely Philosophy, Literature,
Anthropology, Psychology, Theology, Journalism, French, Sanskrit, etc., and many
more. The most preferred and popular courses offered in BA are
● Bachelor of Arts [English​]
● Bachelor of Arts​ [ Political Science​]
● Bachelor of Arts​ [History​]
● Bachelor of Arts​ [Psychology​]
● Bachelor of Arts​ [Philosophy​]
● Bachelor of Arts​ [Social Work​]
● Bachelor of Arts​ [Economics​]
● Bachelor of Arts​ [Sociology​]
● Bachelor of Arts​ [Geography​]
● Bachelor of Arts​ [Anthropology]

● Commerce Courses:
The degree holders in Commerce are referred to as Bachelors of Commerce.
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] is an undergraduate academic degree awarded for
a course or program in Commerce. The duration of the B.Com course is three years
in India, divided into six distinct semesters. The B.Com courses list includes
Marketing, Human Resource, Finance specialization as the subjects of study. The
eligibility criteria for pursuing a bachelor's degree in Commerce is a minimum of
45% in 10+2 from a recognized Board/University.
● BACHELOR OF COMMERCE (Advertising & Sales Management)
● BACHELOR OF COMMERCE (Computer Application)
● BACHELOR OF COMMERCE (Office Management)
● Medical Courses:
The Healthcare sector is one of the promising, rapidly growing sectors in India.
Lakhs of students every year apply for Medical admissions in prestigious colleges
all over India after completing their 12th boards(PCB).
Medical-BDS (Bachelors in Dental Surgeon) and MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine
and Bachelor of Surgery) are two most preferred and popular courses in the
Medical stream among students. These courses require students to appear for the
National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test conducted by National Testing Agency
(NTA) for admission to MBBS/BDS Courses and other undergraduate medical
courses in recognized Medical/Dental Colleges/ Institutes in India. The eligibility
criteria for medical courses are the completion of 12th boards in Science(PCB)
with an aggregate of 60%. The medical courses popular among students are
● Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery(MBBS)
● Bachelor of Dental Science(BDS)
● Bachelor of Pharmacy [B. Pharm]
● B.Sc in Physiotherapy
● B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics
● B.Sc Biotechnology Course
● B.Sc in Cardiac Perfusion
● B.Sc Nursing

● Management Courses:
In an organization or business, a person who strategizes and coordinates
employees' efforts is known as management. Students interested in planning,
organizing, selecting staff, leading workforce, directing, and controlling an
organization to accomplish organizational goals, and management courses are the
best ideal courses one can pursue.
Management courses involve students in proper management with effective
utilization of resources and optimal use of all the resources for the best results.
Eligibility criteria for management courses are 50% aggregate at 12th class from a
recognized board.
Specializations include Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management,
Management of Services, Management of Global Business, and Tourism
Management. The most popular Bachelor's degree courses in management are:

● Bachelor of Management Studies(BMS)

● Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
● Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)
● Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS)

● Law Courses:
The Law courses or Bachelor of Legislative Law courses are an undergraduate law
course. The law is a unique set of categorized rules and regulations under which
any society or country is governed. The LLB course duration is three years, in
which the LLB curriculum is divided into six semesters. The integrated law course
is having a course duration of 5 years. Minimum 40% marks in 12th class in any
stream for Bachelor's courses.
Specializations include Criminal Law, Civil Law, Labour Law, International Law.
The LLB courses include seminars, tutorial work, practical training programs, and
moot courts that help aspirants improve in the field of law.
● Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)
● B.A. LL.B.,
● B.Sc. LL.B(Hons.)
● B.Com LL.B

● Designing Courses:
Bachelor in Design courses is all about developing a skill of adaptable thinking
using imagination and merging it with technicalities. The program aims to create
professional designers with a technical outlook and a meaningful sense of a
dynamic world of design.
The eligibility criteria for the course are to complete one (10+2) degree in
Secondary and Higher secondary with a minimum of 50% in the corresponding
● Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design)
● Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design.
● Bachelor of Design in Interior and Furniture Design.
● Bachelor of Design in Animation.
● Bachelor of Design in Industrial/ Product Design.
● Bachelor of Design in Jewellery/ Accessory Design.