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Cham riding a scooter!

Cham, I noticed that, when it is outside play time, you ran quickly towards the kick scooter
and grab it before anyone else. Day by day, you are becoming an expert rider Ma Sha Allah.
Now, you can ride the scooter from one end to the other of our playground beautifully.
Surely, you are loving and enjoying scooter ride very much.

Scooter riding is fun. It also develops your bodies and brains. Scooter riding requires you to
stand upright and balance with one leg while kicking with the others. Thus, you are achieving
better coordination. Your motor skills are also developing when your head and eyes are
watching where they are heading and looking around for possible obstacles. When you push
to pick up your speed your muscles are also getting strong which is great about scooter
riding. You are also gaining decision making skills when you are turning, slowing down,
stopping and leaning. However, you are also introducing with social skills as well as
tremendous physical benefits such as watching and learning from other children, confidence
and patience.

According to the strand Wellbeing, the goal is to ensure “their health is promoted”. The
learning outcome is “over time with learning and encouragement children become increasing
capable of keeping themselves healthy and caring for themselves.”

Cham, In Sha Allah we will make sure that you got ample opportunities to explore further
with not only kick scooters but also bikes. I hope you are enjoying your magical childhood.
Keep smiling as always!
(Written by Teacher Rowshan Jahan, August 2020)