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BEE 473 Fall 2004

Watershed Engineering
Assignment 8: Water Supply (Due Nov. 5)

Fall Creek

Ithaca and the surrounding community have three primary drinking water sources,
Sixmile Creek, Cayuga Lake (Boulton Point), and Fall Creek (Cornell’s supply). Of
these, Fall Creek is the least developed. The Town of Ithaca would like to know what the
potential is for developing Fall Creek into a more substantial water supply. Some of the
specific things they would like to know are:

1) What is the “safe yield” if no reservoir was to be built?

2) What is the maximum capacity the stream could supply and how big a reservoir would
be needed?

3) What is the capacity of the current water intake reservoir?

As a general rule, people in the US use about 50 gallons a day (feel free to refine this
number with other sources); it might be useful to put your answers to the three questions
above in the context of the population that could be served relative to the population of
Ithaca and the surrounding communities (roughly 100,150 residents plus another 20,000
college students).

Develop a brief fact-sheet and associated summary of your analyses and post them on the
course mapping website.

Fall Creek stream data are available via the USGS website. We will try to get links and
relevant information on the course website and the mapping website ASAP.