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Personal Audit

We generally have two goals in our life that we dream for; one is our individual goal /target and another
one is our team goal/organizational goal. A person faces so many phases in life simultaneously with his
biological growth. Time is everything and it makes a person to learn from every seconds of life. It is the
behavioral changes that we feel along with our biological growth. Behavioral changes bring in adoption of
various knowledge and skills. A five-year old baby has one kind of skill whereas a 10 years old child may
have different skill and further we find differences in skills and behaviors of 15-year-old child and 25 years
old person and of course, changes will go on with gaining 30+ years of old, 50+ years of old and this is the
actual chain of facing various situations, handling those situations, learning from those situations and
adopting the experience in future.

I personally feel a huge difference in my knowledge, behavior, attitude, maturity and skills at present if I
compare with what I was before my school hood life and further before my college life and further before
my university life.

Yes, I was very extrovert person before joining MBA program: I grew up since my childhood within such
locality where the people care for each other and that helped me all the way throughout my life to become
socially solvent. I could introduce myself toward a new person with no hesitation. I personally never hesitate
to build human and social relationship with my neighbors, with our regular shop-owner, with young friends,
with old people around me.

Very positive side of this feature was- It helped me to build a good new social relationship so that I could
help other in their need and they could help me in my need as well as I could share them my experiences
and thoughts and they could share their experiences and thought with me.

Slightly negative aspect of this feature was- Some people took me so lightly that anyone could speak
anything to because I was socially solvent person. Being socially solvent person is not about accepting
every bad ethics of society and supporting bribes and corruption, keeping all the people engaged in useless
grouping and chatting.

Yes, I was emotional type of person before joining MBA program: I was socially solvent person and
emotional one as well. Since I use to be build social relationship with most of the society members, I used
to know the pain and sorrows of them. I have used many times my emotions rather than brain as a base for
my own decisions I was cheated many times from persons whom I helped financially also. I was actually
not able to distinguish negative habits of people at those days.
Personal Audit

Very positive side of this feature was- I could feel the moment of another human. Most of the times, my
emotional decision helped others in their life. Human are not machine, they need to have emotions and life
touches another life with emotions.

Slightly negative aspect of this feature- Every time my emotions could not be correct base for my decisions.
Many times at that time, I had experienced unjustifiable benefits of my emotional decisions.

Yes, I used to love to create new ideas and thoughts, but I never kept myself available for finishing any
project till the end before joining MBA program:I used to always think with innovation. I always tried to
solve problems at my house myself at first just for example- electrical appliances not working properly. I
always had a thought “why and how” in my life before joining MBA.

Very positive side of this feature was- Those new thoughts always kept me active functionally and mentally.
That helped me to stay optimistic throughout every difficult scenario.

Slightly negative aspect of this feature - Sometimes, I used to think about repairing things which were
technically impossible for normal people and many times that led toward wastage of precious time and
sometimes I used to feel myself as an over confident person.

When I experienced moment as an operational in-charge in my uncle’s Slipper manufacturing

business in my life:

It was after I spent 6 months after joining MBA program that my own uncle had to go Australia with family
to visit their daughter over there at Melbourne. Since I was very extrovert person and bold person to deal
with people, Uncle preferred me to handle his slipper manufacturing business for around 20 days. Yes, my
unlce was right in thinking that I can deal with people very nicely. But, what had happened during those
first 10 days of my first real-life business management event. There were in total 15 employees having
different responsibility in four different operational process i.e,

 People working in “cutting slipper sole sheet” based on various size of die.
 People working in drilling and smoothening
 People working in inserting strap
 People working in packaging and observing condition of hydraulic and automatic machine.

I had a target of manufacturing 1600 pieces of Hawai slippers per day in order to fulfil the current demands
of that time. I was completely failed in first 10 days because:
Personal Audit

 I could not identify the right price of raw material in short time. It is the business and we cannot
excuse ourselves for this and that reason of failure. I could not solve the problem of identifying the
right and reasonable price of raw material with maintained quality. I believed the suppliers as our
regular one and went on paying without availing possible discount percentage.
 I could not co-ordinate properly the different operational group of employees. Yes I could addres
them individually so nicely, but I could not make them give their best performance in a team. It
was possible to manufacture and package 1600 pieces of slippers in a day with the available human
resources and machinery, however, I could only produce 950 pieces only for the first 10 days. That
is due to the lack of proper co-ordination among employees and huge wastes due to low quality of
 I could not get expected margin on sale of the produced pieces since I became emotional in many
cases while dealing with wholesale / retail buyers. Thanks to the God, I could raise just operational
cost for the first 10 days. I actually could not trace out at what rate the end consumers of hawai
slippers are buying the slippers and there remain less difference between me and my wholesale
buyer whereas there remain huge differences between wholesaler and end consumers.

So, with seeing all these scenarios, I gradually started to get pace with the operational nature of that business
and started to trace out the market information from various resources. I used my ability of building social
relationships to build business relationship and information relationship. I was able to feel that I have gained
some skills within my personality:

 I was becoming able to co-ordinate all the employees under the single room of the business saying
them that they are not an asset for their assigned operational part, but are asset of overall the
business. So, able to get skills of “Team-coordinator or Team worker”.
 I could trace out all the market information within instant of time. I started to deal with suppliers
strongly keeping my terms and conditions. I could develop “Self-awareness”, “adaptation”,
“Strong business decisions”.

Competent self-management, good organizing skills, Strong team development capacity, dynamic approach
to people development, a strong customer focus are skills of an effective manager (Woodcock &
Francis,1997). I found myself lack in these areas in first few days of my responsibility that may be because
even though I could build positive social relationship, I had no business exposure before and that’s why I
was not able to convert my ability into proper organized required skill. I found to organize things and
resources in best effective way is the key skill of an effective manager. Sometime we may not have
Personal Audit

resources around us and sometime the fact is that we may not know to use those resources in best effective
way to make them beneficial for our organization. I learnt in 10 days that how important is the organization
of resources in right time with right people and with right decisions. May be I learnt it in short span because
it was the conversion of my existing quality into effective useful skill. It may not always be an issue that
we don’t have any skills, but the fact may be that we may not be pushing ourselves toward it.

It is known that Self awareness, listening, Setting goals, Negotiating becoming key skills of an effective
manager (Robbins & Hunsaker,2012). I pushed myself and tried and tried and ultimately I was able to
organize human resources and other resources so effectively that the business had produced and marketed
1750 pieces of slippers with no overtime with reasonable comparative market price of raw materials.

Verbal communication (including listening) and managing time and stress (Whetten & Cameron ,2011)
also are the key skills. I personally learnt to manage my stress of not achieving golals in 10 days managed
available time with complete dedication, motivating people and dealing positively with upper sectiona and
lower section the supply chain.

Experience matters, keen to learning something matters, converting the feature into effective and useful
skills matters and what I have learnt during my 20 days assignment, my continuity in learning and launching
my idea matters in becoming a leader and effective manager.