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Jinhee An

2009 Interactive Design 1

Wonderails is a social networking site for young people (16-24 years olds) based on
Amtrack’s website.This site introduces the places that people have visited by train to
share information about the places and personal experiences.

2009 Visual Communication Design 2

The projects dealt with are of a two- and three-dimensional nature and involve all
elements and concepts of graphic design. I made a plan and visualization promoting
the Light museum. This Light museum shows the beauty of light movement and the
combination of various colors from light.



5-11 May 09
AM 9 - PM 6

Light Museum Poster

2009 Visual Communication Design 2

Light Museum Signage / Calendar

2009 Interactive Design 2

This touch screen menu is for ordering meals at restaurants efficiently. This is for
people who are not knowledgeable about food from different culture to make the
world familiar with Korean culture and food using this menu, which is sustainable
and usable technology.

Touch Restaurant menu

2009 Interactive Design 2

Touch screen restaurant menus

to promote Korean food
2009 Communications Seminar

This is a group project with the core idea behind our campaign “Love comes
back to you and me.” The concept of “The Architecture of Love, Confidence
and Happiness.” Building social connections is crucial for everyone, particularly
those who are isolated and depressed. We came up with this idea of praising one
another through the events and website in which we can exchange messages that
make people happy.

Poster Design
2009 Communications Seminar

Book Design
2009 Communications Seminar


Web Design
2009 Typography 2

This project is for creating a book that communicates the cultural or personal
significance of an actual in the city. I choose Artichoke Pizza located at East Village
in New York to make a visual diary of my experience. I tried to answer the question:
What makes this place unique?

Artichoke Pizza Book

2009 Typography 2

These posters are for promoting Artichoke pizza. The most interesting is there are
many people are waiting to get a pizza even though there is no room to eat, so
people just eat on the street. I tried to express the vintage in style.

A r t i c h o k e  P i z z a  & B r e w e r y  
328 14th st New York NY 10003
212- 228-2004

Long lines, no tables or seats no problem

Artichoke Pizza Poster
2009 Typography 2

The AIDS Community Research Initiative of America is a leading research and educa-
tion organization working both nationally and internationally to help people with HIV
and AIDS live longer, healthier lives. Main typeface : Rockwell Extra Bold

ACRIA Annual Report

Thank You