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MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG WORKS STANDARD April 2004

Commercial vehicle manufacturing

Technical drawings M 3056-4
Translation of text in drawings
Dimensions in mm

This English version is a translation. In case of doubt or conflict the valid German-language original will govern.

1 Scope and purpose
2 Definitions
3 Performing the translation
4 Clearance procedure
5 Availability of the translation sheets
Appendix A

1 Scope and purpose

This standard applies to drawing documents that are cleared for use in MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, called
MN in the following.
This standard regulates the procedure for performing the translation in the event that this has not already
been performed in acc. with M 3056-1 Supplement 1 in the original drawing.
Drawings that are used in MN plants where foreign languages are spoken and drawings in foreign
languages that are needed in MN plants where German is spoken must be unambiguous and use
generally understood terms. This requires, among other things, translation of any texts in the drawings
into the necessary language.
General translation of drawing texts, except for the specifications listed in M 3056-1 Supplement 1, is not
economically justifiable for new drawings/changes, since only a small number of drawings are needed in
multiple languages. In addition, the procedure for versions in other languages should remain flexible. For
this reason, translations are not performed generally, but only as need, that is, upon request by technical
departments (e.g. production), on a separate sheet.

The translation is intended only to assure understanding of the text in the drawing. All other information,
such as geometry, technical parameters, material, etc., must always be taken from the original drawing.
Important: The original drawing with the identical drawing and sheet number may have a higher change
index, since translation sheets are changed only as needed.

2 Definitions
Drawing texts
Drawing texts in the sense of this standard are words used to explain the design, assembly etc.
Uncommented technical parameters, such as Rm = 1000N/mm2, MA = 10 Nm, for example, and entries in
text boxes in the drawing, except for names/designations, are not drawing texts as defined in this

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Author: Vielemeyer Release TDN: Replacement for: Material group No.:

2005-12, englisch
MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Aktiengesellschaft, Munich Plant - Standards Department (TDN) x All rights reserved in line with ISO 16160.
Distribution and use of the content without the written approval of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Aktiengesellschaft is strictly prohibited.
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3 Performing the translation

The design liaison office that is on-site or the MN design department that is technically competent in the
country into whose language the drawing text is to be translated is responsible for the translation.
A separate translation sheet is to be prepared for each foreign language.
The translation is performed in the following steps:

3.1 Marking and identifying drawing texts

- The drawing texts should be marked (rectangular border) and identified (Text 1, Text 2, ...) by the
responsible designer as depicted in Fig. 1 when the drawing in being prepared or in the course or other
changes. This applies especially to the internationally active NEOMAN BUS GROUP and in those cases
where it is already apparent from the content of the drawing during drawing preparation or when changes
are being made that international activities are planned.

Text 1


Picture 1: Marking and identifying drawing texts

If identification of the drawing texts in the specified manner is not possible, economically justifiable or
- a copy of each sheet of the drawing with the texts to be translated should be prepared, and the texts marked
and identified with Text 1, Text 2 etc. ... on these.
Important: These specifications apply only until an automated means for marking the texts in the original
drawing comes into use. At that time, the manual procedure can be dispensed with.

3.2 Preparation of a translation sheet

- The translation itself is prepared on a second, separate drawing sheet, preferably
• using a PC with a word processing program (e.g. Word),
• paper size A 4, portrait orientation, text box in acc. with MG.110-01 Section 3.2,
• with item and change number as well as the applicable change index noted in the original
drawing. This applies also to changes if texts are affected. For this reason, it is useful to save this file.
- The translation sheet is to be prepared in the language of the respective country, with "Translation" and the
original drawing designation in the text box. An abbreviation for the language of the translation is to be
placed in the language identification field (previously sheet number). In this regard, the following
abbreviations are to be used:
• DE for German Important: These abbreviations are not to be confused
• EN for English with the abbreviations for original drawings in a foreign
• PL für Polish language or those with a translated name.
• TR für Turkish.
The translation sheet must be prepared in only one language. Deviations are permitted in in the text box.
- Each translation sheet must state the following warning:
"This translation sheet is provided for information purposes only. In cases of doubt or dispute,
the text contained in the original drawing always has priority!
The highest index in the original drawing always applies with regard to geometry, dimensions,
- It is recommended that the translation of the texts be presented in the form of a table (see Appendix A).
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M 3056-4 : 2004-04

3.3 Storage/retention

The translation sheet (when text is identified in the original) or the (marked-up) copy and the translation sheet
(when text is identified on the copy) are always to be stored as Sheet 1 as a pdf document in the EZIS with
the item number, the change number and the change index for the drawing. The translation sheets are then
incorporated into the EZIS via the (T documents/import).

4 Clearance procedure
Clearance within MN occurs in accordance with the procedures established in the respective plant.

4.1 Clearance of original documentation

The original drawing is cleared independently of translations following regular procedures, that is, translation
sheets are not taken into consideration.

4.2 Clearance of translation sheets

The design department in the respective MN plant receives either the request for preparation of a translation
from another technical department or the change from the change service. In the former case, the translation is
performed in acc. with Section 3. In the latter case, the technical department checks whether a translation
already exists and, if so, whether this translation is affected by the change. If this is the case, the change is
made to the translation, using the identical change number and the indentical change index from the original
drawing, and the change is then forwarded. If no texts are affected by the change, the translation is not

5 Availability of the translation sheets

The translation sheets are available via the EZIS, if "translations" is activated under Settings in advance. In this
case, the translation sheets are also displayed when searching for the original drawing.

Standards quoted
M 3056-1 Sheet 1 Technical drawings; reproduction-friendly production
MG.110.01-1 Text boxes for drawings and drawing changes
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Page M 3056-4 : 2004-04

Appendix A