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20 January 2011
Research Assistant
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Malaya
50603, Kuala Lumpur,
Cell phone: +60163827684
Tel/Fax: +603 7967 4448

Maters (Aug 2008- Dec 2010):
Masters of Engineering Science (M. Eng. Sc.)
University of Malaya, Malaysia.
GRADUATION (2002-2007):
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh.
Result: CGPA  3.29 (in the scale of 4), June, 2007.

Project Title: Time-Based/Transient Simulation of Engine Coolant Peak Temperature After Key-Off which
is a subproject of techno-fund project titled “Computationally Optimized Fuel Efficient Concept Car”.
PROTON Gen2 model is used for case study and module development. This project is aimed at introducing
a number of design changes based on CAE analysis performed on the grid computing facility in order to
obtain an optimized design.
Optimize Components: Radiator, Cooling Fan, Front Bumper.
Software: Star CCM+, Flow master, Hyperworks.

1. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, Publisher: Elsevier
2. Environment, Development and Sustainability, Publisher: Springer Netherlands

Journal Papers
1. Jayed, M. H., Masjuki, H. H., Kalam, M. A., Mahlia, T. M. I., Husnawan, M. & Liaquat, A. M. 2011.
Prospects of dedicated biodiesel engine vehicles in Malaysia and Indonesia. Renewable and
Sustainable Energy Reviews, 15(1), 220-235. (Impact factor 4.842)
2. Jahirul, M. I., Masjuki, H. H., Saidur, R., Kalam, M. A., Jayed, M. H. & Wazed, M. A. 2010. Comparative
engine performance and emission analysis of CNG and gasoline in a retrofitted car engine. Applied
Thermal Engineering, 30(14-15), 2219-2226. (Impact factor 1.922)
3. Jayed, M. H., Masjuki, H. H., Saidur, R., Kalam, M. A. & Jahirul, M. I. 2009. Environmental aspects and
challenges of oilseed produced biodiesel in Southeast Asia. Renewable and Sustainable Energy
Reviews, 13(9), 2452-2462. (Impact factor 4.842)
4. Liaquat, A. M., Kalam, M. A., Masjuki, H. H. & Jayed, M. H. 2010. Potential emissions reduction in road
transport sector using biofuel in developing countries. Atmospheric Environment, 44(32), 3869-3877.
(Impact Factor: 3.139)
5. Kalam, M. A., Masjuki, H. H., Jayed, M. H. & Liaquat, A. M. 2011. Emission and performance
characteristics of an indirect ignition diesel engine fuelled with waste cooking oil. Energy, 36(1), 397-
402. (Impact Factor: 2.952)

Conference Papers
1. Husnawan, M., Jayed, M. H., Masjuki, H. H., Kalam, M. A., Mahlia, T. M. I., Ropandi, M. & Cheah, M. Y.
(2010). Effectiveness of Combined Additives on Long-term Storage Stability and Fuel Properties of Palm-
Biodiesel. The 2nd AUN/SEED-Net Regional Conference on New & Renewable Energy. Paper no.: B_004.
Jan 21-22, 2010, Thailand.
2. Jayed, M. H., Masjuki, H. H., Kalam, M. A. & Saidur, R. (2009). “Biodiesel: Fruits of Energy Crisis, Venoms
of Food Security and Environment? - A Review”. Seminar on Biomass for Biofuels and Value-Added
Products. 27-28 Oct 2009. The Suajana, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
3. Jayed, M. H., Saidur, R. & Masjuki, H. H. (2009). “Feasibility of Oil-Seed Produced Biodiesel And Engine

2|P a g e
Emissions - A Review”. International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering (ICAME 2009).
24-25 June, 2009. Shah Alam, Malaysia.
4. A.M. Liaquat, M.A. Kalam, H.H. Masjuki, M.H. Jayed. “Biodiesel: The fuel of future for developing
countries. Viewpoint.” The 3rd AUN/SEED-Net Regional Conference on New & Renewable Energy (RCNRE
3/2010), Penang, Malaysia, 13 - 14 October 2010.
5. M.A. Kalam, H.H. Masjuki, A.M. Liaquat, M.H. Jayed, F. M. Nurul. “Experimental study on Jatropha-Palm
diesel Blends as Alternative Fuels.” Third International Symposium on Energy from Biomass and Waste
(Venice 2010), Venice, Italy, 8 - 11 November, 2010.

1. Secretary, National Tribology Conference 2009, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2. Perodua Eco-Challenge, 20 June 2009. Organized by Perodua. Team Member of UM-DRIFT Team.
3. Workshop on MoTec ECU Manager Software and M800 ECU, 21 August 2009. Organized by Hakita
Engineering Sdn Bhd.
4. Training course on “Biodiesel Plant”, 14-15 October, 2009. Organized by Hakita Engineering Sdn Bhd.
5. Training course on “Single Cylinder Diesel Engine with Dynomite System”, 11 December, 2009.
Organized by Hakita Engineering Sdn Bhd.
6. Short Course on MATLAB, 23-24 March 2010. Organized by, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
University of Malaya.

 English: IELTS overall band score of 7.0. Reading 7.5, Writing 6.0, Listening 7.5, Speaking 6.0.
 German: Completed two courses (A1 & A2) from German Cultural Centre, Goethe Institüt, Dhaka.
 Bengali (native).

Thesis Topic: Palm Diesel Properties Enhancement Study for Improved Engine Performance and
1. To determine optimum fuel blend of Palm Oil Methyl Ester (POME) and ethanol to reduce the
viscosity of POME to the viscosity of No. 2 diesel fuel.
2. To determine key fuel properties of ternary blends of diesel-POME-ethanol and compare them
with that of No. 2 diesel fuel, B5 and B20 blend.
3. To evaluate the performance of diesel engine running on different ternary blends of diesel, POME
and ethanol for emission and power output.
Project Funded By: Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Malaysia.


Thesis Title: Effect of Opposite Cracks on The Distribution of Stress in Short Flat Tension Bars and
Determination of Theoretical Stress Concentration Factors.
Abstract: This paper presents the application of finite difference method for the solution of a mixed
boundary value elastic problem of a flat tension bar having opposite cracks. This study also focuses on
the stress concentration developed at the critical zones around opposite cracks. A computer program
(in FORTRAN) has been developed to solve two dimensional planes strain problems using the
formulations of displacement potential function. A new methodology is proposed to manage the boundary
conditions against the cracks. A model problem has been solved and the results are analyzed. The results
are found to be well matched with literature and thus proved its reliability.
Software used in simulation: FORTRAN, Sigma Plot, MS office.


Project Title: Line following robot
Abstract: This Robot is different from other line following robots, because it detects contrast between two
surfaces, where others usually follow a specific colored line. The robot detects the contrast difference
using its sensor circuits which contains Cadmium-Sulfide photoresistors. It also contains two bright LED
as headlight to get clear contrast. The decision making part contains a Dual Comparator IC which rapidly
switches between two motors and makes the robot wheels moving.

3|P a g e
An Industrial Training for three weeks at Fenchuganj 90 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, Sylhet,
 Programming Language: C
 Design Software: AutoCAD, Solid Works 2010.
 Power user of Microsoft Office.
 Bright Spark Scholarship, University of Malaya.
 Awarded government scholarships at school and College level.
 Championship award for Chess in school.
 Member of semifinalist in a young entrepreneur hunt program “Project D Youth” organized
by Grameen Phone Ltd., Bangladesh.
Served as part time tutor in Thermodynamics (KMEE2169), Statics (KMEM1101), Advanced Mathematics
(KMEM2111) in University of Malaya, Malaysia.
Company Name Job Duration Post Responsibility
Department of Aug2008-to date Research Conducting research in Science Fund
Mechanical Engineering, Assistant project 03-01-03-0433 and Techno
University of Malaya Fund project TF001-2010
Mobil Jamuna Mar2008- July Sale Engineer Industrial lube oil sale in Dhaka zone
Lubricants Ltd. 2008 especially in shipyards, knitting,
cotton and cement industries.
Ananda Shipyard & Jul2007- Feb Assistant Procurement of all electrical
Slipways Ltd. 2008 Engineer equipment for 4 unit 6100 DWT & 6
(Procurement) unit 5500 DWT cargo vessel
GRAMEEN PHONE Ltd. Aug2006- Support Staff Surveying and updating database of
Sep2006 fixed assets of 114 BTS sites in
Mymensingh zone

Name : Md. Jayed Hussan
Father : Md. Jamal Uddin
Mother : Mrs. Jahanara Khatun
Sex : Male
Date of Birth : January 1, 1985
Religion : Islam
Marital Status : Single
Nationality : Bangladeshi (by birth).
Passport No. : B 0425214
Present Address : Level 7, Centre for Energy Sciences, Faculty of Engineering,
University of Malaya, 50603, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Dr. Md. Abdus Salam Akanda Prof. Dr. Masjuki Hj. Hassan
Associate Professor (Supervisor) Deputy Dean (Research and Postgraduate
Department of Mechanical Engineering, BUET, Program) (Supervisor)
Dhaka –1000, Bangladesh. Faculty of Engineering
Currently: JSPS Post Doctoral Fellow University of Malaya
Department of Nano-mechanics 50603 Kuala Lumpur
Tohoku University, Sendai 980-8579, Japan. Malaysia.
Tel: +81-22-795-6898 Tel:+603-79674477
Fax: +81-22-795-6893 Fax:+603-79674478
e-mail: e-mail:

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