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Wet Cooling Systems

Hamon in a few words

Hamon started its industrial

activity in Europe (Belgium and
France) a century ago and devel-
oped the cooling tower business.
With growing mining and heavy
industry sectors, demand growth
prompted Hamon to move into
the energy business.

Hamon spread its wings geo-

graphically in the seventies and
further consolidated the thermal Concept of centers of excellence Numerous installations and equip-
business in the nineties. Hamon was implemented. Hamon Thermal ment operating worldwide in a
became a world leader in the Europe with its engineering de- wide range of industrial plants
product lines it chose to be in, partment and R&D center sup- are evidence of Hamon’s capabili-
respectively: ports a network of factories and ties and experience. Whatever the
sister companies, which locally industry you name, Hamon has
• wet cooling towers assure contracting, procurement supplied cooling towers for it:
• air-cooled heat exchangers and field services in the UK – Ger- power plant, refinery and down­
• air pollution control: ESP, bag fil- many – Spain – Italy – South Africa stream petrochemical plant, ferti-
ters, flue gas treatment – United Emirates – India – Korea liser, paper industry, steel mill,
• chimneys – China – Thailand – Indonesia – sugar mill, zinc smelter and other
Australia – Brazil... metallurgical installation, chemical
plant, etc.

Our commitment to the industry

Hamon Thermal aims at offering Hamon has a wide range of heat

the best economical solution for transfer media suitable for:
the whole lifetime of field erect-
ed cooling towers. Hamon cares • any industrial water
for most of the industries and is • sea water
particularly expert in: • low pH solution

• accurate design meeting ex- Depending on the application re-

pected performance quirements, the equipment is
• economical solutions with the designed to customer preferred
best cost/quality ratio combination for efficiency, long-
• strong field capabilities life expectancy, power saving and
• development of new solutions respect of environmental local
reducing further environmental regulations.
• repair and maintenance In order to meet these specifica-
• dismantling tions a wide choice of solutions
• recycling used PVC components is available in layout, arrange-
ment, structure, internals and
me­chanical equipment.

Natural draft cooling towers

In the seventies and early eighties, • high longevity (generally more

many large power plants were than plant life expectancy)
built and equipped with tall natural
draft cooling towers (NDCT) in The payback period of an NDCT is
Europe, US, South Africa, India, 8 to 16 years depending on sev-
China, etc. eral factors. The main one is the
local construction cost, which may
NDCT were erroneously associat- dramatically vary from one country
ed with nuclear plants. Since the to another. Hamon can either sup-
mid-eighties, very few were built ply the turnkey tower or the ther-
in the Western countries because mal part with services like civil
of lack of large power plant pro- work design, construction steer-
jects, visual impact constraints, and ing, supervision, erection...
a general feeling of pollution as-
sociated with them. Hamon has designed and built
more than 300 NDCT and has a
The trend is now reversing as in wide experience even for high seis-
many places, natural draft towers mic and severe weather conditions.
are now regarded as environ-
mentally friendly thanks to the Hamon is at your disposal to help
power saving that they generate. you developing your project any-
where on the globe, preparing
Beyond the power saving, NDCT budget proposal, civil work in-
offers the following advantages: cluded, and selecting the most
• limited plot area appropriate solution for perform-
• no mechanical noise (no fan) ance, heat transfer media, noise
• limited maintenance reduction, etc.

Natural draft cooling tower rehabilitation

Along the years the environmen- perience will help you evaluate 10 000 m³ new fill, replacement of
tal concern and consequent rules, the most effective heat exchange sprayers, removal, cleaning and re-
have strengthened and the water surface. installation of drift eliminators,
rejection conditions have been repair of de-icing system grids and
changing; the use of chemical ad- Rehabilitation will restore the per- several small other repair works.
ditives has been restricted. There- formance of the original design of Work performed in 3 shifts, 6 days/
fore, the water characteristics are a Hamon cooling tower. In other week in 22 days.
such that scaling and fouling will cooling towers, we will probably
occur more frequently. Another reach a performance improvement. Hamon is also fully qualified to re-
exchange surface than the origi- move asbestos cement sheets and
nal one should be selected for the Another concern may also be the to replace them with the best
new water conditions. Indeed, the time available for such an opera- suited material.
thermal performance must be tion resulting in the total shut-
considered on a long-term basis. down of the tower. Our erection Hamon also offers solutions for
The media which seems to offer teams have proven their efficiency the recycling of the PVC in order
the best qualities can lose them and commitment to safety: e.g. to re-use it as raw material in oth-
very rapidly if operating conditions a NDCT of 106 m diameter and er production processes.
and water quality have not been 126 m height. Scope: removal of
taken into account. Hamon’s ex- existing film fill, installation of

Fan assisted natural draft cooling towers

The fan assisted natural draft cool- • the available plot area does not
ing tower (FANDCT) is an attrac- allow mechanical draft narrow
tive option when: bar construction

• height is limited for visual reason

• due to the climate conditions

fans to boost the air flow are
required. The investment in a tall
shell becomes therefore eco-
nomically unjustified.

Mechanical draft cooling towers

Thanks to its flexibility and cost crete) and many heat exchange All our equipment is supplied with
effectiveness, the mechanical draft surfaces (from splash grids to high an O&M manual that clearly
cooling tower (IDCT) ideally an- performance film). All system ele- specifies operation, maintenance,
swers most cooling duties and ments, beyond customer specific health and safety requirements
plant requirements. With approxi- requirements guide our design: and recommendations.
mately 5000 references in this
type of tower, Hamon has come • water quality For all cooling towers, we clearly
across most of the application re- • air environment advise the impact on the environ-
quirements and has developed (chemicals, dust, ...) ment such as performance, drift
the technology to meet them. Each • noise and plume limitation loss, noise level, etc. In order to
customer takes full advantage of • available plot area help in the prevention of legionella,
this technology data base and en- • local labor costs our cooling tower designs follow
joys a product that is fine tuned the best practices and allow clean-
and fills his requirements and ing and access to the internal
budget. parts of the tower.
We build any size of IDCT with all
type of structures (steel, wood,
FRP, prefab concrete, cast con-

Plume abated cooling towers

A plume abated cooling tower (PABCT) is the best avail-

able solution where local constraints are such that the
presence of plume is not accepted in normal conditions
(along motorways, airports, close to residential areas...).

This tower is an IDCT offering the same flexibility, adapt-

ability and all features listed in the previous page. Com-
pared to other technical solutions, it combines the
following advantages:

• no plume visibility
• outstanding performance of an evaporative cooling
• cost attractiveness

In this area, also called hybrid or wet/dry, Hamon’s tech-

nology is unrivaled.

Principle of plume
abatement Absolute humidity
Outlet air of the wet section of
the cooling tower  is mixed
% 40
% 60% 80% 0%

with the air heated  by the 30 10 ion


finned tube bundles installed in 2

the walls above the wet section. 20 4
Mixing lin
Outlet air characteristics  will
then be positioned on the line
10 4
linking points  and . 3 3
If the line linking points  and  1
does not cross the 100% humidity
1 Inlet
curve, no plume will be visible. 2 Exit wet section - supersaturated air - visible plume 1 1
3 Exit dry section - heated and dry air
4 Exit cooling tower - no saturated air
Special applications

Sea water
When close to the sea shore, many plants are cooled by a once through
sea water system. The investment for such a system is huge and the heat
rejection back to the sea can either generate hot water recirculation and/
or impact the sea ecosystem beyond acceptable levels. Replacing the once
through system by a cool­ing tower circuit tremendously reduces both initial
investment costs and sea environmental impact of the power plant. The
design of the cooling tower will take, among others, the salt concentra-
tion into account. Special care is given to construction materials (structure
in concrete, protection for mechanical parts, etc.) and fill media type.
Hamon sea water cooling towers are cooling millions of cubic meters in
many places in the world. All design arrangements are available with sea

Noise attenuation
In order to limit the noise level, actions can be taken at three level:
• at the source with low noise fans and mechanical devices
• at the emission area with louvers, baffles, motor enclosures, special
casing type
• between the noise source and the reception point with screens, walls
or embankments

Flue gas dispersion through natural draft cooling towers

In thermal power plants, where flue gas are treated by wet de­sulphurization,
flue gas temperature is such that large chimneys and ventilation extracting
systems are required. A cost effective alternative is to reject these gases
in a NDCT, where they are then mixed with exhaust air and rejected at
high level. The natural draft cooling tower assures a better dispersion in
the atmosphere than a conventional chimney. Hamon has developed a
design in which the flue gas pipe is supported by the shell and penetrates
it at flue gas washer exit level.

Cooling towers for zinc electrolysis

Hamon has developed a cooling tower specially designed to handle zinc
electrolyte solution or highly corrosive liquid (PH =1). This process has
been proving its efficiency for many years. Due to the very aggressive
environment in which these towers are operating, easy maintenance
is essential. We have therefore improved the internal accessibility – no
scaffolding is necessary – and we use removable sprayers. The drift
loss has also been minimized to 0.001% and lower.

Heat transfer media

The selection of the heat transfer media is essential to guarantee the

optimal efficiency of your cooling tower. As a result of Hamon’s continuous

thermal research, we can offer you a full range of fills covering all cooling
water types.
The COOLDROP, the real splash fill, is the all purpose solution suitable
for most water qualities, including sea water and heavily contaminated
water. This heat transfer media consists of trays (the Hamon diamond
grids) hung from beams located above the water distribution. The dia-
mond grids, their supports and spacers are made of polypropylene; the
 wires according to the water aggressiveness are in SS316 or in a more
exotic alloy.
Maximum debris size (diameter): 50 mm
The DROPPACK fill combines splash and film heat exchange process
with the advantages of low fouling capability of the splash fill and the
good thermal efficiency of the film fill. It is well adapted to any induced
or natural draft cooling tower using poor industrial water quality. Water
 with high concentrations of suspended fibres is not recommended.
Maximum debris size (diameter): 30 mm
The COOLFREE is the most advanced film fill combining low-fouling
and low-scaling properties whilst retaining good thermal performance.
The main application is for cooling towers using very poor water quality,
in some cases even without water treatment. It is also very good for film
fill cross-flow cooling towers.
Maximum debris size (diameter): 30 mm

The CLEANFLOW film fill is qualified worldwide as the best film fill
combining low fouling properties with good thermal performance. It is
well adapted to any induced draft or natural draft cooling tower using
poor quality industrial water. It is also suitable for other severe applica-
tions such as laminated decanting and gas cleaning.
Maximum debris size (diameter): 32 mm
The CLEANFLOW PLUS is the improved technology of the cleanflow fill
 by increasing its thermal performance whilst retaining its fouling resist-
ance. It is well adapted to any induced or natural draft cooling tower
using poor industrial water quality, in particular sea water.
Maximum debris size (diameter): 22 mm
The COOLFILM is probably the most thermally efficient fill worldwide.
It is well adapted to any induced draft or natural draft cooling tower using
normal industrial water quality.
 Maximum debris size (diameter): 17 mm

A preventive maintenance pro- • drift eliminators:

gram is essential to ensure smooth – replacement of eliminators to
operation avoiding unexpected improve efficiency
costly shutdowns and problems – cleaning of existing: (disas-
associated with legionella. Further- sembling – cleaning wave by
more, for several reasons (ageing wave – reassembling with new
tower, increased power need, tech- spacers and rods)
nical improvements, etc.) other • water distribution:
works are required during the life – replacement of steel or asbes-
time of the cooling tower. tos cement pipes with FRP/PVC
Customers recognize Hamon for – partial renovation of distribu-
its finely tuned service assuring: tion pipes
– replacement of wooden open
• s hort shutdowns trough with FRP material.
• r eliable diagnosis • installation of anti-slip roof cov-
• f ocus on the action needed ering, restoration of the casing
Thanks to the outstanding cool- • fan-motor group
ing tower competence of its site – replacement of cardan shafts by
teams, Hamon can consider any composite transmission shafts
type of repairs and upgrades. Here – replacement of fan and gear-
are some non exhaustive exam- box by low noise devices
ples of regularly performed jobs. – installation of a walkway to
• fill: – installation of backstops to
– replacement of asbestos-ce- the fan
ment sheets by polypropylene – repair of fan blades...
grids • replacement of wooden or steel
­­ – in a natural draft tower instal- fan stacks with FRP material
lation of a new wooden frame-
work and new film fill

Spare parts

• structure Hamon spare parts centre located

– wood: partial or total removal in France is servicing our traditional
and replacement of the upper commercial channels, which remain
part of the tower, local re- at your disposal for spare parts.
placement or reinforcement Your local office will liaise with
of the frame... the centre if required. Hamon man-
– concrete: partial renovation or ufactures its own products (fan
consolidation stacks, film fills, drifts eliminators
• renovation of large natural draft and water distribution compo-
cooling towers nents).
• conversion of a cross flow to a Hamon can supply all your spare
counter flow cooling tower parts requirements such as:
• hybridisation of an induced draft
cooling tower Fan stacks
• split of double cells in single manufactured in Hamon factory
Fan-motor group
• fan blades, hub, clamping blocks,
Our test team consisting of high • gearbox, all gearbox spares
level, experienced thermal Engi- • transmission shaft – transmission
neers can perform any test: per- shaft spares – replacement of
formance, fan flow, hydraulic, noise, steel shafts by composite ones
vibrations. • motor
• vibraswitch

Drift eliminators
manufactured in Hamon factory
• wave 45 and 25 mm pitch
• cellular

Hamon design
• pipes, sprayers, nozzles, head

Heat exchange media

manufactured in Hamon factory
see page 9

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