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Gears are used in tons of mechanical devices. They do several
important jobs, but most important, they provide a gear reduction in
motorized equipment. This is key because, often, a small motor spinning
very fast can Provide enough power for a device, but not enough torque.
Gears are those which are driven directly from the shaft while the pinions are those
which are driven by the gears. In the shuttle movement, the power is transmitted through the
main shaft by means of gears and pinion assembly. Two gears and pinion assemblies are
involved in power transmission from main shaft to the hook driving shaft.
It has two bushings, one is upper bushing and other is lower bushing. Before the upper
bushing pinion is there which is driven by the gear on the main shaft. This rotates the upright
shaft. Then upright shaft has a gear at its lower end this is connected with the pinion on the
hook driving shaft. In this way power is transmitted in hook driving shaft.
c The purpose of bushing is to keep the flow of oil through the shaft. It has a hole and
shaft is hollow. Bushing is attached with shaft with the help of collor. Collor holds the bushing to
the shaft.


èook driving shaft has rear bushing, rear thrust collor, front bushing and front thrust

×ext to front thrust color oil seal assembly and bobbin and hook are connected on the
hook driving shaft.


×eedle bar has bush cap, upper bushing, needle bar holder assembly, lower bushing,
and thread guides & needle.


Oil is essential for the machine. To keep the machine parts oily at every time, it has to
make oil path well organized. Sewing machine has oil pump assembly at lower portion of the
machine. Pump sucks the oil in the tub of the machine and pumps it to all parts of the machine.
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c Pump has two functions. First it provides oil to all parts and secondly, extra oil is sucked
by it to circulate the oil all the time in machine parts. It has two main pipes. One pipe is called
hook oil pipe and it oil the hook driving shaft. Other pipe is called main shaft oil tube. It oils the
main shaft and needle bar. Oil which comes out of the needle bar is accumulated in return pipe
assembly. Oil pump assembly sucks that oil through return pipe assembly. In this way oil
circulates in machine parts.
When main shaft rotates then it sprinkles the oil to the oil sight window. By seeing
through oil sight window we can analyze either oil is circulating or not. There is oil screw in the
lower portion of the machine near the hook driving shaft. If more oil is coming is oil sight window
then by screwing the oil screw we can control it.