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A Short Guide to Irani Feroza

What is Irani Feroza?

It is one of the rarest and most valuable gems in history and has been used as
jewelry and decorative items for many years. This opaque mineral is a hydrated
phosphate of aluminum and copper. The variety of Irani Feroza is known by the
locations they are found in. A common variety that is found widely is known as
turquoise containing the parts of host rocks.’

The Symbolism of Irani Feroza

The stone is known for its healing and protective properties. It is considered as the
health indicator of the wearer. Yes, it changes color when the person is sick. Irani
Feroza, also known as Turquoise is valued across the globe mainly in Persia, China,
native America, and Egypt who believed the stone to have possessed magical
qualities and thus is considered as a lucky charm. Other cultures also believed that
turquoise helps in communicating with the spirits and turn fortune into one’s favor.


Check for the color and saturation before buying. The world turquoise evokes a
certain color in the mind; there are several shades of blue and green under this
umbrella. The stone can be found in light sky blue, green, mid-range blues, vivid
green sea, and leaf green colors. The mid-range blue accounts for the costliest Irani

Irani Feroza as jewelry

The stone is famous for its chick and stylish look and goes well with cool skin tones.
The stone you choose should complement the rest of the outfit. And Turquoise goes
well with many colors. It best complements the neutrals (brown, black, grey and

Benefits of Irani Feroza

1) Balances all chakras and stabilizes mood swings

2) Known as a protection amulet

3) Absorbs negative energy and evil vibration

4) Saves the wearer from accidents

5) Increases wisdom, wealth, and fame

6) Improves the sensitivity and thinking ability

7) Enhances friendship, love, communication, and loyalty

8) It is the most effective gemstone and helps in curing diseases like throat
infection, stress, anxiety, migraines, asthma, headache, fever, high blood pressure,
gouts, dental problems, and rheumatism.

9) Creates a feeling of liveliness in one’s life and reduces anger

Who should wear it?

The people involved in fashion, television, cloth, and jewelry industry should wear
it for favorable results.

The stone can be worn as a locket in the neck, as a bracelet or a ring. The stone is
highly influential and improves the air around. Anyone who is encountering weak
Venus should wear it. The Sagittarians and Pisces can wear it for attaining financial
stability, respect, and better health.

The best thing about Irani Feroza is it doesn’t affect the person’s life even if it
doesn’t suit him. The stone primarily is worn on Shukla Paksha and should be
cleaned with Gangajal and water. It can be worn in gold, silver, copper, or bronze
and lead, known as Panchdhatu. Proper cleansing Puja should be performed before
wearing it.

Spot Turquoise Imitation like a Pro

Modern technology has made nearly everything possible and this is why you need
to be conscious while buying Irani Feroza. The stone is found in various colors
which can create confusion between the real and the imitation one. By remaining
conscious you can easily point out the fake and real Irani Feroza.

• The first thing is the price. If you find it quite cheap then probably the dealer is
tricking you. Limitations can be found at cheaper rates while the real Irani Feroza is
very valuable and costly.
• Check for the saturation of the stone. It should be a clear blue through and
through. Refrain from falling for howlite dye and check by wiping it off with nail
polish and cotton. If the cotton turns blue and stone patch lighter, you know it is
not something you are searching for.

• If the stone scratches easily, it may be a fake.

This is what Irani Feroza is, significance, benefits, and how you can point out
real Irani Feroza from the imitated one. It is ideal to buy the stone from a reliable
seller or astrologer.