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SCE 551


Form : 4 Art 1 Date: 20/8/2010

Subject : Science Time: 8.30 – 9.10 am

Topic : Heredity and Variation

Theme : Maintenance and continuity of life.

Objective : i) Analysing variation among living things.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the class, students should be able to:

i) State what variation is

ii) List variation in humans.

iii) Classify variation into continuous and discontinuous variation.

iv) Compare and contrast continuous and discontinuous variation.

v) Identify factors that cause variation.

vi) Explain the important of variation.

Moral Values: i) Appreciate the God’s creature.

ii) Tolerance and respect with each other.

Educational Emphasis: Generating ideas, relating, sharing the information.

Instructional Aids: text book, marker, whiteboard and power point presentation.

Previous Knowledge: Students should know the basic of the heredity and variation.

Reference: i) Md Noor, N. H., Yin, M.S., Hua, Q. Y., & Ying, C.K.(2005). Science Form 4.
Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Teaching Procedure:

Stage Instructional Activity Learning Activity

Set Induction Teacher asks students why Students gain a new idea about
(5 minutes) there are differences among the variation.
siblings even though they are
born of the same parents.
Development Teacher explains about the Students focus on teacher’s
(30 minutes) definition of variation and list explanation.
the variation in humans.

Teacher asks students to give Students answered the teacher’s

other examples of variation in questions.

Teacher explains about the Students divide themselves and

continuous and discontinuous involve in activity.

Teacher asks each student their Students involve in activity and

weight and their ability to roll give attention on teacher’s
the tongue and draw the graph explanation.
to shows the differences
between continuous and
discontinuous variation.

Teacher shows a diagram about Students give full attentions on

the similarities and differences teacher’s explanation.
between continuous and
discontinuous variation.

Teacher explains about the Students give full attentions on

factors that cause variation teacher’s explanation.
(genetic and environment).

Teacher asks students the Students respond on teacher’s

importance of variation and question and take note on it.
makes conclusions from the
student’s opinion.

Conclusion Teacher asks students Students respond on teacher’s

(5 minutes) randomly to conclude the question.
lessons today.

Follow-up Activity:
- Teacher asks student to finish their homework in the textbook page 70.
- Teacher asks students to read the next sub topic to make students have ideas for the next


Supervisor’s Comments: