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Operating model


Continuous improvement is everybody’s job.

The team at TOPP Tactical Intelligence is pleased

to bring to you PRESTO Continuous Improvement,
the easy-to-use business solution ensuring that
innovation and the changes which come with it are
given top priority on your business & digital
transformation agenda 2018 product teaser
Begin your Digital journey with PRESTO
Measure your process maturity scale in record time, capture know-how, and act on opportunity

taxonomy of business processes

“PRESTO is a precursor to ANY Digital Transformation work so that
the company first catalogues their processes, client journeys,
KPI & process performance employee journeys and then their IT systems in conjunction to
analytics the same AND then takes the time to scrub the processes first
before starting to spend time in building a Digital frontier”.
competency & skill assessments
- Rumi Contractor, President & COO of Quinnox, Inc.

risk & control self-assessments

IT application management

operational support
documentation management migrate to PRESTO and
eliminate off-line activity
operational wastes & process
improvement opportunities
business audits & quality control


operational issue management

project & change management

client query management

Your entire organisation
all on one screen
• 6 divisions
• 243 employees
• 21 teams
• 199 processes

PRESTO offers maximum flexibility in managing

your organisational chart, its people,
processes and everything else that your
business leaders need to understand the
landscape of your company

Add, modify and delete teams with ease

communicating to your HR department
organisational changes as they are made in
real time

Welcome to PRESTO Continuous Improvement
Prior to using PRESTO in the business-as-usual environment, your leadership team will have their say
ensuring that the operating model architecture of your organisation is clearly (and digitally) defined
ERP, SAP, Oracle, etc.

Executive Team
Long term goals,
PRESTO Operational risk, waste Business Operations,
(CEO) Continuous Improvement and compliance strategy Risk, Audit & Compliance
objectives & core metrics
PDCA algorithm

Human Resources, Information Technology

Learning & Development Skill development strategy IT application
& roles & responsibilities management strategy

Step 4. Act
Prioritise and Step 1. Plan
approve portfolio Allocate prioritised
of business next steps to business
improvement resources and agree
opportunities commencement
Management Team
dates Leads

reduce operational wastes & risks – cross train - communicate best practices & celebrate success

Step 2. Do
Implement prioritised

Step 3. Check
Evaluate, measure, re-assess the
business landscape and report
Team results achieved
Leads 3
Strategy Planning
(Hoshin Kanri planning & KPIs)

Where your
top-down strategy
meets your bottom-
up results

Goals, objectives,
improvement opportunities
& core metrics
(linked together and all in one place)
Cascade your corporate strategy to allow for your
high level goals to become measurable business
objectives at the junior levels and give meaning to
your KPIs so that no-one in your organisation lacks
sense of purpose.

1. 3 to 5 year goals
strategy 2. Annual objectives
planning 3. Improvement opportunities
4. Progress metrics
Team level KPIs

KPI reporting
1. multi-dashboard view into
averages, trends & medians
2. track KPI-linked process wastes
3. strong graphic reporting /
All your documents, all in one place
First created to ensure end-to-end operational readiness, PRESTO offers its users a wide and
secure set of document management features installing a sense-of-urgency algorithm to
ensure that all your support documents are kept up-to-date

• Checklists
• Procedures
• Process flow diagrams
• Job aids
• Project plans
• Service level agreements

Operational Readiness at 360°
We have built PRESTO to give your team leaders everything they need to manage
expectations both with their seniors and their staff. Originally created as a business
process management tool, PRESTO has since expanded by incorporating
manufacturing-based operational readiness functionality ensuring its users have
real-time visibility into the readiness status of the tool sets needed to do their jobs

• Real-time organisational chart

• End-to-end support documentation
• Role & responsibly alignment &
knowledge gap indication
• Databank of customers & service
• Management of the supply of
• End-to-end taxonomy of business
• Operational readiness sense-of-
urgency calendar/scheduling
• Portfolio of required skills & talent
• Portfolio of waste & risk reduction
• Team level KPI management

Skill management in real time
Accelerate the growth of your
high performers and become
more resilient with PRESTO skills
management module

• Job description talent profiling

• Accelerated reduction of process
competency knowledge gaps
• Employee talent endorsement
creating rich portfolio of skill
database archive & friendly
competition work environment
• Skill awareness enhancement via
PRESTO’s social media newsfeed
Quality control
Partner with your quality control &
risk auditors to build a structured
risk management roadmap which
will be used continuously by your
team leads to ensure quality

• Schedule & manage past, present, &

future audits with ease. No offline
reporting (spreadsheets) required
• Audit template management including
a wide variety of pre-loaded
templates provided by ISO quality
• 3-tier risk management structure
• Process level RCSA (risk & control self-
• Upload support documents, forms &
templates of 3rd party auditors
• Robust audit reporting including non-
conformance action plan

End-to-end issue management
The success of your business relies on the
ability to react to day-to-day occurrences
in business operations and the ability to
manage risk and issues in a tactical

Subject matter experts require a platform

to capture, communicate, and escalate
issues in real time.

Issues are identified and captured

immediately as they are
encountered by your employees
and exported immediately to
PRESTO’s issue resolution workflow
kanban board
Promote ideation & learn how to brainstorm effectively
zoom into each team to find what your high performers want to say and start cultivating
improvement hypotheses in a non-confrontational, effective manner

Idea management workflow Portfolio of business ideas report

1. Ideas are captured

by subject matter

2. Ideas are reviewed,

3. Initiatives (projects) discussed & prioritised
are created and by the Management
ownership is assigned Team

4. Initiatives are
managed via
(project management
office) cockpit & support
kanban until completion 10
IT Application Management

All your IT applications,

all in one place

• bugs & development management

• cost & benefits of IT investments
• prioritisation (critical) platform
• bug fix tracking audit log
• holistic view of IT expenditures &

Risk & control self-assessments made easy
Originally built by a group of professionals charged with assembling a SWOT team to
provide an urgently requested remediation plan to put at ease a weary client who had
experienced a large financial loss due to a set of weak operational controls

EASI as 1-2-3 the RCSA heat map

1. the corporate portfolio of
risks are identified & captured
in PRESTO by your Risk Team

2. Business Operations identifies the

complete set of controls in place to mitigate
each risk and assesses their strength

3. processes and their controls

are reconciled to historical risk
event occurrences measuring
probability and gravity of future

4. portfolio of risk reduction control re-

enforcement opportunities are
captured by business operations and Corporate Risk Business Operations
classified as E-eliminate, A-automate,
S-standardise, I-improve
Embed value stream mapping,
waste management, & lean
methodologies at all levels
As a process optimisation solution, PRESTO
offers a wide variety of integrated ‘Lean-
friendly’ tool sets offering your subject matter
experts a structured methodology when
approaching day-to-day problems.

Built to ensure focus on ‘the process’ and not

‘the person’, your organisation will become
more transparent and less confrontational
when evaluating opportunities in innovation &
waste reduction

Available tool kit

• VSM • 7-wastes
• SIPOC • start-stop-keep
• RACI matrix process manager
• Skills matrix • Cycle time
• 5-why root cause calculator
analysis • Fishbone analysis
• A3 16
In addition to driving capturing, Drive change
validating, and transforming create a team of elite project managers
ideas into business
opportunities, PRESTO will also
teach your team how to
manage change in a more
collaborative and scientific
manner via its project
management cockpit &
kanban whiteboard

• task lists
• calendar scheduling
• project charter
• project governance
• Gantt chart
• roles & responsibilities
• super filter & reporting

...also from PRESTO CI
The PRESTO dashboard
All the information you need to accelerate decisions, all your know-how, all in one place
14 executive
top-down reporting modules

• Strategy development (Hoshin

Kanri planning)
• Skills & knowledge gaps
• Continuous improvement
survey scheduling
• Risk reduction opportunities
• Issue capture & resolutions
• Idea capture, cultivation &
• KPIs
• Documentation management
& operational readiness
• Waste reduction opportunities
• Initiative (projects)
• IT portfolio of initiatives
• Cross selling opportunities &
client cost analysis (Q4 2017)
• Audit & training scheduling (Q4
• Compliance & KYC (2018)

Best Practice Newsfeed

• Initiative cost-benefit analysis

• KPI waste reduction
• Skill & badge awards
• Idea share brainstorm
& much more!
Copyright © 2017 by TOPP Tactical Intelligence Ltd. All rights reserved
Your ROI
The PRESTO Value Proposition
benefits, benefits and more benefits
ROI on administrative activities
Reporting monthly minutes dedicated to administrative activities for a team of 10 FTE

SAVE 75% on non-value-add

administrative activities!
It is estimated that an operations team
can spend up to 16% of its time in non-
value add administrative activities. With
PRESTO you can reduce this to 4%
(75% savings)

minutes per month

on administrative reporting
for a team of 10 FTE



Overall HC
8000 saving of 1,23
FTE (12%)

minutes per month on non-value 4000

add administration 2000

with spreadsheets 0
with PRESTO With
What you get back
benefits, benefits and more benefits

7 reasons to invest in
PRESTO Continuous Improvement
Increased employee engagement
& sense of purpose

creation from waste
reduction activities
Improved client
(cost savings)
service levels

Overview Increased competitive Reduced risk from

advantage by the elimination of
PRESTO offers qualitative & quantitative benefits promoting ideation & manual work
to everybody!

As a cross-departmental collaboration-based,
enterprise business platform promoting increased Accelerated sense of
employee engagement, it would be an enormous urgency & middle/senior
undervaluation to promote PRESTO as solely a level decision making
cost saving solution. For this we have highlighted
the 7-core reasons (benefits) that PRESTO increased cross-
departmental collaboration
Continuous improvement is for you
PRESTO operational excellence
Automate, foster loyalty and perform
What is PRESTO?
For the CHRO For the COO
PRESTO is a performance-oriented, talent PRESTO is a Lean Six Sigma process improvement
enrichment tool offering 360° visibility into the tool offering a means to capture and access all
skill sets available to implement business the key know-how of the process subject matter
opportunities and the knowledge gaps present experts. Its algorithm installs the discipline of
which impede ongoing progress constant risk and waste reduction offering 360°
cost/benefit visibility into the portfolio of process
improvements available within the organisation to
For the CIO allow for accelerated tactical decision making
PRESTO is an IT management tool offering 360°
visibility into the IT applications used by the
organisation and the costs and benefits For the CRO
associated with bug resolution, implementing PRESTO is an operational risk management tool
enhancements, decommissioning & consolidating articulating and aligning with greater accuracy the
best-of-breed tools, and the design & corporate risk management strategy to the
implementation of new application solutions into individual business processes supporting the
daily business operations customer value chain

For the CEO

For the CFO PRESTO is an organisational restructuring tool
PRESTO is an opportunity to reduce IT-related giving business leaders 360° visibility into the
spending by investing in cloud computing to do company’s growth strategy and its future
things as efficient as possible so the business can challenges resulting from the daily friction
do what the business needs to do: return present in the current state operating model and
shareholder equity the best practices available to minimise variance
and maximise efficiency
Copyright © 2017 by TOPP Tactical Intelligence Ltd. All rights reserved 20
Start small & scale up with PRESTO (p1 of 2)
install PRESTO in as many or as few teams desired allowing each team leader to choose as many or
as few desired modules (functionalities) based on business needs and resource capacity
Ideation & Waste Issue Operational Process Skill
BENEFITS innovation management resolution readiness competency enrichment


Cost savings MED HIGH M/H M/H M/H L/M

Client service HIGH M/H MED M/H HIGH M/H

Manual work reduction
(risk reduction) L/M M/H LOW HIGH M/H MED

Competitive advantage
(direct) M/H LOW LOW LOW MED M/H

collaboration MED M/H HIGH LOW L/M HIGH

Accelerated decision
making M/H M/H M/H M/H M/H MED

Deployment effort
Monthly BAU effort required (per team lead)
< 30 minutes 30-60 minutes 30-90 minutes 30-60 minutes 30-120 minutes < 30 minutes
Start small & scale up with PRESTO (p2 of 2)
install PRESTO in as many or as few teams desired allowing each team leader to choose as many or
as few desired modules (functionalities) based on business needs and resource capacity
Risk Audit & IT application Role & KPI Strategy
BENEFITS management conformity management responsibility management deployment
engagement L/M LOW MED HIGH M/H HIGH

Cost savings HIGH M/H M/H LOW M/H HIGH

Client service

Manual work reduction

(risk reduction) HIGH MED HIGH LOW HIGH HIGH

Competitive advantage


Accelerated decision

Deployment effort
Monthly BAU effort required (per team lead)
60-120 minutes 60-90 minutes 90-180 minutes 30-90 minutes 60-120 minutes 30-60 minutes
A case study
Lean Six Sigma, Premi Beauty Industries
and the digital revolution

Several years ago, Milan-based Premi spa Beauty
Industries, a market-leading packaging company in
the fragrance, skin care and make-up sector
decided to adopt Lean Six Sigma methodologies in
their day-to-day process optimisation program in
order to maximise productivity through continuous
waste reduction while offering their staff a more
collaboration-based work environment based on

Using PRESTO Continuous Improvement, the

Premi digital frontier was assessed allowing for the
capture of critical know-how to be available to
revolutionise daily operations.
The partnership

Premi CFO Vivien Charrey, also a Lean Master

Blackbelt who has been interviewed frequently in
Italian newspapers and radio for being one of the
first Lean 'pioneers' bringing lean methodologies to
business process management in Italy through his
boutique consulting firm ViC Advisory, reached out
to TOPP Tactical Intelligence seeking business
automation which would support his Lean program
already put in place at Premi Spa.
1. Identify methodologies of Lean Six Sigma currently being
used at Premi Spa which can be supported and automated
using TOPP TI's operational excellence, cloud-based, business
solution PRESTO

2. Identify additional areas of Lean methodology offered by the

PRESTO solution which can enrich Premi Spa's approach in
implementing Lean methodologies

3. Identify synergies in Premi's Lean methodology which allow

for additional product development opportunities in the
PRESTO business solution

4. Integrate PRESTO into Premi Spa's day-to-day continuous

improvement program to ensure a structured and robust
discipline of ongoing process waste-reduction amongst Premi
How PRESTO was implemented
taxonomy of business processes
at Premi spa
Process ownership information

Value stream mapping & SIPOC

KPI & performance analytics

Organisational chart

Process cycle time measurements

5-why analyses
Individual process Everything
competencies (skills matrix) migrated to
PRESTO in 1-6
Soft skills months

Support documentation (e.g.
procedures, checklists)

Project & change management

Direct tangible results
A culture of continuous improvement
n° of n° of process n° of 5-why n° of process n° of PRESTO Overview
improvement cycle times analyses competency users
ideas from measured performed on evaluations Having PRESTO’s friendly user
business operational performed interface available to key subject
operations wastes
matter experts induced an
2016 2017 2018 (estimated)
immediate culture of continuous
improvement via employee
engagement giving employees a
non-confrontational platform to
voice opinions on improvement
Intangible results
• Faster decision making
• greater visibility/transparency
• increased employee
• less knowledge gaps /
increased resiliency
In addition to numerical
• increased awareness into
results, PRESTO offered a process competency & skills
company-wide sense of
urgency, sense of ownership, • increased measurability
• increased sense of urgency
and sense of purpose
discipline amongst Premi
staff equipping each with a
wide set of problem-solving
• increased sense of
tools teaching the accountability
fundamentals of Lean at all
Since its installation, the entire
company looks at innovation
& problem solving in a
different, more collaborative
way. Furthermore, it is nice to
finally have an all-in-one
solution allowing me to
Chief Financial Officer capture the know-how of our
Vivien Charrey problem solvers in real time
and accelerate the reduction
of wastes ultimately offering
Premi savings

It is a pleasure to see
the R-A-C-I logic in a
super easy-to-use tool
allowing me to
identify and report
key roles and Fun, easy-to-use, ICT Analyst
responsibilities across and a great Federico Schiavi
the company learning experience
in business
Business Consultant management!
Giulia Toselli
PRESTO's original prototype was first launched as a stand-alone tool by a
TOPP Tactical Intelligence, Ltd.
group of Italian business professionals in collaboration with a local
university within a multinational financial organisation who had acquired
27 Old Gloucester Street, London
the complete back-office depository bank servicing arm of an Italian WC1N 3AX
industry leader providing services in mass volumes to Italian institutional
and private portfolio managers and investors. The opportunity to build
+39 351 221 4087
PRESTO presented itself during the restructuring phase of the two
organisations when the vast differences between their managerial
cultures, operational know-how, language barriers and their business
operating models indicated a strong need to utilise Lean methodologies
to measure and benchmark business processes, standardise best
practices and its terminology, become more transparent and
communicate change more effectively.

Since its launch, PRESTO has been further developed to include

additional idea cultivation features offered at a corporate-wide level
and has become a true instrument of organic innovation