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My Learning Episode Overview

Episode 5 provides an opportunity for me to observe
how a teacher utilizes technology for instruction.

My Intended Learning Outcomes

In this Episode, I must a ble to:
 describe ways in technology is integrated in the classroom
 analyze the level of technology integration used by the teacher
My Performance Criteria
I will be rated along the following:
 quality of my observations and documentation,
 completeness and depth of analysis,
 depth and clarity of classroom observation-based reflection,
 completeness, organization, clarity of portfolio and
 time of submission of portfolio.
My Learning Essentials
The Technology Integration Matrix provides a comprehensive framework for you to
define and evaluate technology integration. It will provide you direction and guide you on the
process of achieving effective teaching with technology. The teacher’s integration of
technology in instruction can be described as processing in 5 levels: entry, adoption,
adaptation, infusion and finally transformation.
The teacher also works at creating a learning environment that encourages and enables
quality technology integration. The interdependent characteristics of the learning environment
are being active, collaborative, constructive, authentic, and goal-directed.
The Technology Integration Matrix connects the Levels of Technology Integration and
the Characteristics of the Learning Environment. Examine the matrix below. To make you
understand how integration is done in each of the levels and environment, explore the TIM
website and learn from the many interesting videos showing technology integration.

LEARNING EPISODE 5 – Technology Integration in the Classroom

My Map

To realize my Intended Learning Outcomes, I will work my way through these steps

Step 1. Observe a class for three meetings Video-tape, if allowed.

Step 2. Describe how technology was integrated in the lessons and how the students were

Step 3. Use the Technology Integration Matrix to analyze the technology integration done by
the teacher.

Step 4. Reflect on what you learned.

LEARNING EPISODE 5 – Technology Integration in the Classroom

My Tools

As you observe the class, use the activity forms

provided for you to document your observations.
Class Observation Guide

Read the following statements carefully before you observe.

1. What is the lesson about?

2. What visual aids/materials/learning resources is the teacher using?
3. Observe and take notes on how the teacher presents/ uses the learning
4. Closely observe the learners’ response to the teacher’s use of learning
resources. Listen to their verbal responses. What do their responses indicate?
Do their responses show attentiveness, eagerness and understanding?
5. Focus on their non-verbal responses. Are they learning forward showing their
interest in the lesson and in the materials? Are they looking towards the
direction of the teacher and the materials? Do their actions show attentiveness,
eagerness and understanding?


Date of Observation:
School: Itaran National High School
Subject: T.L.E
Grade/Year Level: Grade 9
The lesson is all about Basic table appointment using available utensils. The
teacher uses the modules, books and manila paper on the first day. They
discussed the entire topic. The next day is the practicum which all of the
students try to do it. The students show eagerness and attentiveness because
they really wanted to learn especially the girls. I can see that during the
discussion some were not paying attention but when the actual thing come
they were really focused and willing to learn.

LEARNING EPISODE 5 – Technology Integration in the Classroom

My Analysis


Grade or Year Level of Class Observed:

Date of Observation:
Subject Matter:
Brief Description of Teaching Approach Used by the Teacher:
The teacher used the inquiry approach where she asked questions indifferent
levels from yes or no to explain why and why not?

Teaching Aids used Strengths Weaknesses Appropriations of the

(Enumerate in bullet Teaching Aids used
Book The books is Some books Students can related
very much where not to the topic being
needed and updated and not discussed if they
when internet applicable in the have the books.
is not available K to 12
it’s the source curriculum. And
of information. the books were
not available it’s
It’s very much the source of
available information.
because every
school has it.
Chalkboard You cannot Can maximize the
save what has learning inside the
been written classroom
because it can
be erased and it
cannot be

My Analysis

LEARNING EPISODE 5 – Technology Integration in the Classroom

Use the Technology Integration Matrix to analyze the class you observed. In what level of
technology integration do you thing the teacher operated? Why?
None. The classrooms that I have observed they didn’t use technology instead
they still use the tradition way which is chalk and chalkboard and paper and pen
Based on the Technology Integration Matrix, what is the characteristics of the learning
characteristics environment in the class that you observed? Point your observations that justify
your answer.
They do not have Technology like projectors and computers used during their
class well some of the higher sections even though they don’t have technologies, they
just have manila paper and sometimes their secretaries write something on the board or
while the teacher is discussing in front they were still eager to listen and learned
specially that they have modules and textbooks .
Over-all, were the learning resources used effectively? Why? Why not? Give your suggestions.
Yes I must say that the learning resources were used effectively like the modules
and textbooks as well as the Articles from the internet that has this technology that can
add excitements and interest to the students to engage in the learning.

LEARNING EPISODE 5 – Technology Integration in the Classroom

My Reflections/Insights

1. Put yourself in the place of the teacher. What would you do similarly and what would
you do differently if you would teach the same lesson to the same group of students?

Based in their prior knowledge in order to discuss and

expand what they have known in the said topic so that they can
easily catch up the lesson. Inquiry approach is also a help asking
question that will develop their HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skill).
I will integrate also activities like game, song composition and
group activities that will make them active and motivated to listen
and participate.
The use of technology is also a great help use of projector
and computer for power point presentation and video clip to show
some examples regarding the lesson.
In the group activities it must be connected to the topic so
that aside from having fun they can also learn. Being a teacher is not very easy
especially in the remote areas where electricity is not yet possible in this area I
will provide some cliparts, cut-out pictures and flashcards that will also drive
their interest to listen and actively participate in the class discussion.

LEARNING EPISODE 5 – Technology Integration in the Classroom

Integrating Theory and Practice
1. A Science teacher uses a powerpoint presentation to show the classification in kingdom
Animalia. The teacher then teaches them how to use a software in making graphic
organizers. Students then use this to create own graphic organizers to classify animals.
This shows technology integration which is___________.

A. entry-constructive
B. adoption-constructive
C. infusion-constructive
D. transformation-constructive

2. Teacher A demonstrate show to work with a math app that

provides practice in adding mixed fractions. The students
then work independently with the appto provide them
sufficient practice in adding mixed fraction. This shows
technology integration which is _____________.

A. entry-active
B. adoption-active
C. infusion-active
D. transformation-active

3. A Grade 7 Social Studies teacher gave a project where her

class in Manila will work together with other Grade 7 classes
in their school campuses in Visayas and Mindanao. They will
create posters and a video clip to communicate a message about peace campaign. This
project involves technology integration which is ____________.

A. entry-active
B. adoption-constructive
C. transformation-constructive
D. adaptation-collaborative

LEARNING EPISODE 5 – Technology Integration in the Classroom

My Learning Portfolio

Include here pictures/illustration of the materials used by the teacher. Put your
comments/annotations about what you observed.

LEARNING EPISODE 5 – Technology Integration in the Classroom

My Learning Rubric (How did I perform in this episode?)

Field Study 3, Episode 5 – Technology Integration in the Classroom

Focus on: Describing ways in which technology is integrated in the classroom
Name of FS Student: EMILY C. SARION Date Submitted:
Year & Section: T.L.E 3 - A Course: BSED
Learning Episodes Exemplary Superior Satisfactory Needs Improvement
4 3 2 1
All tasks were done All or nearly all tasks Nearly all tasks were Fewer than half of tasks
with outstanding were done with high done with acceptable were done; or most
Learning Activities quality; work exceeds quality. quality. objectives were met but
expectations need improvement.
4 3 2
All questions were Analysis questions were Analysis questions were Analysis questions were
answered completely; answered completely. not answered not answered.
Analysis of the Learning in depth answers; completely.
Episode thoroughly grounded Clear connection with Vaguely related to the Grammar and spelling
on theories. Exemplary theories. theories unsatisfactory
grammar and spelling.
Grammar and spelling Grammar and spelling
4 are superior. acceptable
3 2 1
Reflection statements Reflection statements Reflection statements Reflection statements are
are profound and clear; are clear, but not clearly are shallow; supported unclear and shallow and
Reflections/ Insights supported by supported by by experiences from the are not supported by
experiences from the experiences from the learning episodes experiences from the
learning episodes learning episodes learning episodes
4 3 2 1
Portfolio is complete, Portfolio is complete, Portfolio is incomplete; Analysis questions were
clear, well-organized clear, well-organized; supporting not answered.
Learning Portfolio and all supporting; most supporting documentations are
documentations are documentations are organized but are Grammar and spelling
located in sections available and logical and lacking unsatisfactory
clearly designated clearly marked locations
4 3 2 1
Submission of Learning Submitted before the Submitted on the Submitted a day after Submitted two days or
Episode deadline deadline the deadline more after the deadline
4 3 2 1
Over-all score (Based on


Score 20 19-18 17 16 15 14 13-12 11 10 9-8 7 below
Grade 1.0 1.25 1.5 1.75 2.00 2.25 2.50 2.75 3.00 3.50 5.00
99 96 93 90 87 84 81 78 75 72 71-below

LEARNING EPISODE 5 – Technology Integration in the Classroom

Signature of FS Teacher Date:
Above Printed Name

LEARNING EPISODE 5 – Technology Integration in the Classroom