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Return to the wild Bunny chow
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Is it time to leave A spicy dinner from

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nature alone? South Africa

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Discover hidden London Endlos

Kein Problem!

y dad was a Londoner, born and bred, and drop: a ~ in the
he loved the place. He read voraciously bucket N. Am. S P R E C H S IT A IN IE R E N

, ein Tropfen auf dem
on the history of London — a whole

heißen Stein
bookshelf at home was given over to lit-
erature on the topic. He also took visitors on guided tours B2
, vom Aussterben N IV EA U B 1–
of London’s East End, telling colourful stories about the

area. I can’t take you on a live tour of London right now,
but I can share some of the city’s stories with you. So, join , Landsitz 136 S. · ISBN 978-3-15-019980-0 · € 5,80

me on a journey into London’s past, to a time when, like
today, it was in the grip of disease. Our unusual Travel Eine Zusammenstellung wichtiger
, gedeihen
Ausdrücke für jede auf Englisch

story “The Great Stink!” starts on page 26 and is followed, rewilding geführte Diskussion, gegliedert in
on page 34, by a fun quiz on other extraordinary events , Renaturierung zehn Lerneinheiten, wie

and people from London’s past. voraciously »Häufig gebrauchte Wendungen« oder
Rewilding is a topic that has been in the news a lot over , hier: unermüdlich
Mit Übersetzung und Beispielsatz.

the past few years. It describes the process of letting farm-
land, parks and other open spaces return to their natural
state. This allows, for example, endangered plants and an-
Titelfoto: kovop58/; Fotos: iStockphoto/, Gert Krautbauer

imals to flourish. The owners of Knepp Castle, an estate

in southern England, began an experiment in rewilding
more than 20 years ago. In “Return to nature?”, we find
out more about the work of Isabella Tree and Sir Charles
Burrell at Knepp Castle, and about rewilding in other
Rote Reihe
parts of the UK. Is it an important part of environmental Sprachtrainingsbände sowie
protection or just a drop in the bucket? Start reading on
englische und amerikanische
page 14.
Literatur im Original.
Mit praktischen Übersetzungshilfen.
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Issue 9, 2020
6 I n the Spotlight E M A
21 Sprachseiten

News and views from around  nglish for Now — part 3 E
38 E
the English-speaking world

We invite you to catch up with
the Naumann family as they use
10 Peggy’s Place M English in everyday situations

Visit Spotlight’s very own London
pub 45 J ust Judi M US

Judith Gilbert’s personal view
11 Britain Today E on the English language

Colin Beaven takes a humorous
look at Britain and the Brits 46 V
 ocabulary M +

Learn the language of a different
12 The Supper Club M topic in each issue

Try bunny chow, an Indian curry,
African-style 48 Everyday English M +

Brush up on your conversational
20 Short Story M English

“Love in lockdown”
50 The Grammar Page E +
22 Around Oz A

Master key points of English

Peter Flynn writes to us from grammar
down under
51  anguage Cards E M A
23 Arts M

Pull out and practise

We recommend two drama series
and a podcast 53 Lost in Translation A

A fun look at challenging words
44 American Life M US +

Ginger Kuenzel on life 54 Spoken English M +
in small-town America

Colourful idioms and useful
60 Press Gallery A

Comment from the English- 55 English at Work M +
speaking world

Ken Taylor answers your
61 I Ask Myself A US

Amy Argetsinger reflects on the 56 The Basics E +
attraction of unusual sports

A conversation in easy English
Fotos: imago images/Prod.DB; matthewleesdixon, Marc Dufresne/

62 A
 Day in My Life M US + 57 Phonetic Fun E M A

Meet Bianca Blanche, a cannabis

How to pronounce tricky words
sommelier in California
58 The Puzzle Pages E M A
64 The Lighter Side E

Find the words and win a prize

Jokes and cartoons

66 F
 eedback, Proverb, Next Issue M Unorthodox

Your letters to Spotlight, a useful
proverb and upcoming topics
We talk to Anna Winger, writer, creator
68 Eccentric Life M US
and producer of the hugely successful

Joshua Norton, self-proclaimed
Netflix series Unorthodox.
Emperor of the United States

4  Spotlight 9/2020 CONTENTS

26 Improve your English
The Great
Spotlight plus

Practise the language and
grammar of Spotlight with
A + Englisch für den Grammatik Wortschatz the exercise booklet plus.

Alltag The modal verb Home

For the pages in the

Doing the laundry “should” furnishings

In a different kind of travel story, we visit London

Land und leute

A journey magazine marked with

through London
in summer 1858, the time of a very unusual crisis this symbol PLUS there
in the British capital. Join our (fictional) young are additional exercises

€ 5,50 (D) | € 6,30 (A) | sfr 8,70 (CH)

heroine, Jane Crawley, as she navigates a rather in plus.
smelly city — and test your knowledge of historic
London by doing our fun quiz.


Enjoy interviews and
travel stories and try


A Day in My Life Eccentric Life English at Work

Cannabis culture The emperor of Clear and polite

the exercises on the

in California the United States announcements

60-minute CD/download.
Look for this symbol
AUDIO in the magazine.




in the classroom
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Teachers: this six-page

INTER AK TI V ÜBEN Dear Colleagues A
Director Eng lisc h A seven-word Building a sentence Various articles 15 EMA “Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself.”
challenge (Chinese proverb) Let us unlock this door for
Guionista DIGITAL HÖR EN you with a few teaching ideas: a proverb warmer, M
Busine s s More wise Proverbs, drawing Proverb (p. 66) 15 MA

supplement will
Eng lisc h a dictogloss (p. 2), a speaking game (copy file) and
sayings or miming
Reparto a picture dictation (p. 3). In “Talking teaching”, A

Milk delivery Dictogloss, In the Spotlight 60 EM we are pleased to introduce Margaret Chin, an
Fran zösisc h A
discussing (p. 8) ex-teacher of more than seven years. Margaret
Género left teaching to pursue her lifelong desire to work E
Sink or swim Deducing interview The Basics 45 E in the healthcare field. Go to page 5 to read about
Spanisc h questions, speaking, (p. 56)
País her journey. E

provide great ideas for

Año It alienisc h Speak Fluency practice, Various articles 45–60, M A Cheryl Khan-Stock
volumes* vocabulary hw

Trama D eut sc h als Schüler /Monat Comfy and Home furnishings Vocabulary 45 MA
Fremds prac he
cosy vocabulary, (pp. 46–47)
Geschäftsführerin: Verlag und Redaktion:
drawing, speaking Malgorzata Schweizer Spotlight Verlag GmbH
Chefredakteurin: Kistlerhofstr. 172
Slave to Speaking In the Spotlight 15 M
Inez Sharp (V.i.S.d.P.) 81379 München

classroom activities
fashion (p. 6) Autorin: Deutschland
Cheryl Khan-Stock Tel. +49(0)89/95467707
Redaktion: Fax +49(0)89/95467708
INTERVIEW Margaret Chin Petra Daniell,
REVIEWS Teaching Second Language Listening, B1 Preliminary for Schools 1 Michele Tilgner (frei) Druck:
Gestaltung: MedienSchiff Bruno
SERVICE Oxford University Press teaching resources Nerina Wilter (frei) 22113 Hamburg
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Género sentence the corresponding page number. Next, ask • Now, get them to write a grammatically
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País Materials: Various articles (i.e. a noun that consists of two or three Verbs can be modified and one article can
Time: 15 minutes words — either hyphenated or separate be included.

words), a common noun (person or thing), • Listen to the sentences.
Año an interesting word they like, a difficult • Collate any new words on the board and
word they would like to learn and, lastly, an allow students to jot them down in their

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Trama SP OTLIG HT- V ER L AG .D E/ DIGITALLER NEN adverb that ends in “-ly”. Students should notebooks.

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9/2020 Spotlight 1 

document5445186901490845840.indd 1
5 04.05.20
08.05.20 06:29

Back to nature?

The concept of rewilding — allowing farmland,

parks and gardens to return to their natural state
— is currently being given renewed attention.
We look at the advantages and disadvantages of
allowing nature to run riot.
For more information and exercises, see:


The levels of difficulty in Spotlight magazine
correspond roughly to The Common European
Framework of Reference for Languages:


A2 B1–B2 C1–C2

CONTENTS 9/2020 Spotlight 5 

Buying second-hand
clothes: just one way WORLD
to help the planet

The true cost of clothing


Fashion is fun, but let’s face it: most of us have The authors of the report are against fast fash-
more clothes at home than we need. In point ion — the trend of selling cheap clothes that are
of fact, the fashion industry has become cat- to be worn for one season only — and in favour
astrophic for the planet, and it must change of renting clothes, better recycling and a more
drastically if it is to reduce its environmental widespread use of renewable energy. However,
impact. According to a new report by the Inter- they also say that customers must change their
Fotos: Marlon Trottmann/; action press; SOI

governmental Panel on Climate Change, every attitude to fashion and see it as “more of a func-
year, the industry produces about 10 per cent of tional product rather than entertainment, and
the world’s carbon dioxide emissions and uses be ready to pay higher prices” to compensate
1.5 trillion litres of water. for its impact on the environment.

carbon dioxide emissions favour: be in ~ of sth. Intergovernmental Panel on renewable

, Kohlendioxidausstoß , für etw. sein, zugunsten Climate Change , erneuerbar

von etw. , Weltklimarat
environmental impact trillion

, Auswirkung(en) auf die in point of fact rather than , Billion(en)

Umwelt , tatsächlich, de facto , anstatt

6  Spotlight 9/2020 IN THE SPOTLIGHT
Let’s put all the stu-
pidity and nonsense
Ocean wonder and the silliness,
and the point-scoring

“A spiral UFO” is how Nerida Wilson de-

and culture wars

scribed what’s thought to be the longest
sea creature ever seen. Wilson is a senior
research scientist at the Western Aus-
tralian Museum. She was on a research
expedition in the deep waters of the Gas-
coyne Coast Bioregion off Western Aus-
behind us.
tralia when she and her colleagues saw a
deep-sea predator called a siphonophore.
The siphonophore, a colonial organism
that looks like a long string in the water,
was about 150 feet (46 metres) long. “We
couldn’t believe what we were seeing,”
Wilson told The Guardian. She and the oth-
er scientists also discovered up to 30 new
marine species during the expedition.

— Piers Morgan, British TV presenter talking to

The Sunday Times about the post-pandemic world
deep-sea predator siphonophore

, Tiefseeräuber , Staatsqualle

sea creature point-scoring silliness

Punkten, Punktesammeln , Dummheit, Albernheit

, Meerestier ,

IN THE SPOTLIGHT 9/2020 Spotlight 7 

Yashua Mack EASY

Name: Yashua Mack

Age: 10
From: Antigua, in the West Indies
Background: Mack was living in a small Rasta-
farian village when film director Benh Zeitlin
first met him. He had never acted before, but
when Zeitlin asked him to act the part of Peter
Pan, he was amazed by the boy’s talent and gave
him the role.
Famous because: Mack plays the first black
Peter Pan, in the Hollywood film Wendy — a re-
imagined version of J. M. Barrie’s original story,
Peter Pan.
Quote: Asked by the BBC what he wants to do
when he’s older, Mack says: “Live a normal life.”


, neu interpretiert


A lot of bottle!

The sound of glass milk bottles clinking outside the front door in

Fotos: George Pimentel/Getty Images; FroggyFrogg, Glen Rodgers/; imago images/teutopress

the early morning is something many British people remember
from their childhood days. In the 1980s, most families in Britain
still had milk delivered to their homes, but now, almost everyone
buys their milk from a supermarket — at least until Covid-19
arrived. Corona has meant that milk delivery firms like The
Modern Milkman are enjoying an enormous increase in custom-
ers. Co-founder Simon Mellin told about
the original inspiration for his company: “The idea was born from
David Attenborough’s Blue Planet programme, which focused on
the plight of plastics in our oceans.” Now, his company has been
getting up to 1,200 new customers a day and is making 50,000
deliveries of milk, meat, fruit and vegetables a week. He thinks
people will continue to have their milk delivered after the pan-
demic ends. “The lockdown is going to change the way people
shop forever,” he told the BBC.

clink co-founder plight

, klirren , Mitbegründer(in) , Misere, schlimme Lage

8  Spotlight 9/2020 IN THE SPOTLIGHT

The wrong baby

“That’s not my baby!” This is what Sandra (not
her real name) told nurses hours after she’d given
birth at Timaru Hospital in New Zealand in 1990,
but they didn’t believe her. Now, Sandra has told
her story to the media. Speaking to The New Zea-
land Herald, Sandra said she always knew the baby
wasn’t hers, but she loved her anyway. Then, after a
DNA test proved she was right, she met Mary and
Tom (also aliases), the parents of her biological
daughter. To begin with, the girls were allowed to
visit their other families, but then both girls opted
to live with Tom and Mary, and a court gave the
couple custody of both children. Now, 30 years on,
Sandra has four sons but doesn’t have a close re-
lationship with the daughter she gave birth to or
the daughter she took home. She said the hospital’s
mistake had robbed her of her biological daughter
and that, when she sees her now, “there’s just noth-
ing there”.


, Sorgerecht

and women must take on tradition-

Deborah al roles. At 17, she entered into an

arranged marriage, to a man she’d
Feldman? met only twice.
Two years later, Feldman had a
baby boy and realized she didn’t

want him to grow up under what
As a 19-year-old, Deborah Feldman she considered to be the Satmar’s
felt she had a decision to make. oppressive rules. After moving away
She could stay with a husband she from the Williamsburg communi-
didn’t love and remain in a reli- ty with her husband and child, she
gious community she didn’t want began to study literature. Her mar-
to be in, or she could leave and nev- riage, though, broke down, and she
er see her friends or family again. left with her son, ending all contact
She left, and a few years later, she with her husband and the rest of her
wrote an autobiography called Un- family. Later, Feldman moved to
orthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Berlin, where she works as a writer.
Hasidic Roots, which inspired the She was criticized by the Satmars
Netflix series Unorthodox (see pages for making their community look
24–25). bad, but Feldman told People maga-
Born into an ultra-Orthodox zine: “Of course no one story about
Jewish community — the Hasidic someone who’s left the Satmar sect
Satmar — in Williamsburg, New can reflect everyone who lives in
Hasidic rejection York, Feldman’s primary language the Satmar sect. … It’s up to the read-
was Yiddish. She went to a private er or the watcher to decide if an ex-

, chassidisch , Ablehnung

oppressive school where the emphasis was on perience like [mine] would make a
religion and was taught that men woman happy or unhappy.”

, unterdrückend

IN THE SPOTLIGHT Texts by Talitha Linehan 9/2020 Spotlight 9 

The new Jane

In Spotlights ganz eigenem Londoner Pub hat sich Peggys Tochter Jane
vorgenommen, ein besserer Mensch zu werden. Ein guter Vorsatz mit Tücken.

Sean Phil & Peggy Helen George Jane

Peggy: Sean, take the lamb out to that “I do feel lucky to be Jane: I know I’ve seen that bloke before.
couple on table six, would you? Peggy: Well, she’s looking over, so you can
Sean: I should be in the kitchen, not working here” go and take their order.
serving the customers. Jane: OK, got my pen.
Peggy: I know, pet, but Jane will be here Phil: Exactly. So lots of “pleases” and Phil: Peggy, can you hold the door...
any minute to help out. “thank-yous”. What’s going on?
Phil: Since when have we ever relied on Jane: Will do. Now, I just need to wash my Jane: (Shouting) You smarmy two-timing...
Jane to be punctual? hands. I’ll be back in a sec. Peggy: Oh no, Jane’s hit the man with the
Jane: Since now, Phil. Peggy: Good to see my daughter looking menu. Get in there and stop her, Phil.
Phil: Sorry, I didn’t see you there. so cheerful. Jane: (Shouting) I’m going to report you to
Peggy: You’re on the dot, darling. Now, Phil: Simone said Jane was really nice the police for lack of social distancing.
can you take the lamb to table six and during lockdown — coming from a teen- Phil: Sorry sir, I think there’s been a mis-
then Sean can get back to the kitchen. ager, that really means something. understanding.
Jane: Will do. I brought my own apron Sean: Here are the orders for tables three Jane: No, there hasn’t. This is Ned. We’ve
and I wasn’t sure if I should wear a mask, and four. been together since February — at least
but I brought one anyway. In fact, I Jane: Ok, I’m ready for action. I’ll take that’s what I thought.
brought a couple of spares. those straight out.
Sean: Wow, you are organized! Peggy: Remember to check on people’s
Jane: It’s all part of the new me. Being drinks.
locked up gave me the time to think about Jane: I’m on it.
what’s important and I’ve decided that Phil: We had a reservation for table seven
after all pet
it’s time to give up my selfish ways and for 12.30.

, immerhin , hier: Schatz

become a kinder, better person. Peggy: I think that’s them now. I’ll show
apron punter
Phil: I’ve heard that before. them to their table.

, Schürze , Stammgast

Jane: I know, you don’t believe me, but Jane: OK, what’s next? I must say, I do feel bloke ifml. sec ifml.
you’ll see. lucky to be working here — and with the

, Kerl, Typ , Sekunde

Peggy: Now, let me check the tables and weather being so nice... dot: be on the ~ selfish
make sure people aren’t sitting too close. Peggy: Phil, menus please for table seven.

, auf die Minute pünkt- , egoistisch

Jane: Is it our responsibility to do that? Jane: I think I know the man at table lich sein
Phil: That’s what we were told. seven.

I’m on it , schmierig

Jane: Well, I can help by keeping an eye Peggy: You can only see the back of his , bin (ja) schon dabei

on the punters. head. They’re certainly a very loved-up

loved-up ifml. , Ersatz, Reserve

Peggy: Just be nice and tell people as couple. That’s the third kiss since they sat , verliebt

politely as you can to keep their distance. down.

menu , betrügen, fremdgehen

Jane: That shouldn’t be a problem. After Sean: (Calling) Phil, can you come and get , Speisekarte
will do

all, we want people to keep coming back. these salads? , mach ich

10  Spotlight 9/2020 PEGGY’S PLACE

A transparent
Heutzutage treiben Verschwörungstheorien immer
mehr Blüten. Manche kann man auch mit Humor
sehen – so wie unser Kolumnist.

o we need more technology to help us communicate? With 5G, we’ll be generating breathtaking amounts
In fact, it seems we do. A whole new generation of it. of data. How will the tech giants use it? Google Maps
The fifth, in fact; after 3G and 4G, our mobile phone won’t just give you directions from, say, London to
companies have now built parts of their 5G net- Birmingham; it’ll start the route from the sofa in your
works, and are waiting for us all to buy phones we living room, and tell you whether it’s quicker to go
can use with them. left or right round the coffee table.
The name “fifth generation” sounds impressive. Google Maps might even zoom in on meals
Will Vodafone’s fifth be like Beethoven’s, admired you’ve eaten and show their journey through your
still in 250 years’ time? It will certainly be faster body. Down your oesophagus, through your stom-
than the old ones. Goodbye to the adagio, moderato, ach and… beyond. Just think: an online map of your
allegro and vivace of generations 1, 2, 3 and 4: we’ll alimentary canal that anyone can download. That’s
now get presto agitato. no doubt why it’s called YouTube.
But there’s more to it than just speed. 5G mobile I think we can safely say we’ve once more reached
technology will bring us more data, more down- the land of conspiracy theories. We often do in these
loads, more detail, but also more doubt. There’s columns. But even though these are the very latest
been criticism — and not only in the form of crazy fifth-generation conspiracy theories, I’m sure they
conspiracy theories — that link 5G to the spread of can be ignored just as safely as the old ones.
the coronavirus. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If, for exam-
There are also questions about privacy and na- ple, you don’t want the internet to show everyone
tional security. Should Britain let a company from all the unhealthy food you’ve been eating, such as
China play a part in the project? Controversially, at the packet of chocolate biscuits you ate for break-
one point the government decided it should, and fast, you might want to learn how to manage your
gave the firm Huawei a contract. Bad idea? Donald cookies.
Trump thought so. Was he right for once? Perhaps it
Fotos: iStockphoto, filo/; privat

really is wise to keep foreign companies away from

systems that might be important for national secu-
alimentary canal fifth
rity, in case they start sharing information.

, Verdauungstrakt , hier: Anspielung auf die Fünfte
We wouldn’t want our phone calls to be heard by

overseas governments. Is that just another crazy con-

, atemberaubend oesophagus
spiracy theory? Or an echo from the days when the

, Speiseröhre
conspiracy theory

Swiss company Crypto sold machines that helped

, Verschwörungstheorie privacy
the United States and Germany to spy abroad?

, Privatsphäre

Perhaps the story about Crypto really does serve

COLIN BEAVEN , umstrittenerweise safe: better ~ than sorry
as a warning when communications technology is

is a freelance , Vorsicht ist besser als

writer. He lives so dominated by giants like Huawei. And Google. Nachsicht

, (comp.) Cookies;
and works in
Whom do we turn to when we need a web browser?

auch: N. Am. Kekse zoom in
Southampton on

Google Crime. I mean Chrome. And when we down- , heranzoomen, vergrößern
the south coast directions

load a film? Amazon Crime. I mean Prime.

of England. , Wegbeschreibung

BRITAIN TODAY 9/2020 Spotlight 11 

Bunny chow
Haben Sie Ihr Curry schon mal aus einem Laib Brot gegessen? Mit unserem
indischen Gericht, das aus Afrika stammt, können Sie es ausprobieren.

unny Chow is not allowed into cafes and restaurants bay leaf incidentally

essentially a cur- — the bread served as a bowl that didn’t , Lorbeerblatt , übrigens

ry in a hollowed- need to be returned. cardamom pod indentured: ~ labourer

out loaf of bread. The story of bunny chow is therefore , Kardamomkapsel , Arbeitsverpflichteter

It contains no very much the story of South Africa: a chopped lime juice

rabbit, though. dish born out of cross-cultural fusion that , geschnitten, gehackt , Limettensaft

“Bunny” comes became a symbol of oppression under the chow down ifml. loaf

from the word country’s apartheid system. , hinuntermampfen , Brotlaib

"bania", which is Incidentally, Durban’s most famous cinnamon stick merchant people

derived from a Bania is Mahatma Gandhi, whose peace- , Zimtstange , Händlervolk

Sanskrit word meaning trader. It refers ful struggle for independence in his clove migrate

to a merchant people from western India native India was driven by the racism , Gewürznelke , übersiedeln

known for their resourcefulness. he experienced during the 20-odd years crusty pop out

In the late 19th century, many Banias he lived in Durban. , knusprig , kurz rausgehen

migrated to Durban, South Africa. Thou- The trick to eating bunny chow is to cube rabbit

sands of kilometres from home, and use pieces of the bread that has been cut , Würfel , Kaninchen

unable to find the flour they needed to out of the loaf to scoop out mouthfuls of cumin seed resourcefulness

, Kreuzkümmel , Einfallsreichtum
make their usual chapattis and rotis, they the curry, until you’re left with the best

turned to the white loaf. They also created part of all: the bottom of the loaf dripping derive from sauté

, sich von etw. ableiten sautieren
new recipes for their curries, using what- with the spicy sauce. Chow down! ,

ever local spices they could find. diced slave

INGREDIENTS , in Würfel geschnitten , sich abschuften
Somewhere along the line, the new

• 1 kg boneless leg of lamb — diced
ingredients developed into an unusual dripping somewhere along the

• 2 tbsp vegetable oil

, triefend line

dish that tastes quite different to any- • 2.5 cm cinnamon stick

, irgendwann

• 6 green cardamom pods
thing you’ll find in India. Cheap, tasty and fennel

• ½ tsp cumin seeds

, Fenchel spice

filling, the “suitcase sandwich” is popular • ½ tsp fennel seeds


• 4 cloves ,
among Durbanites, who will pick up a filling

• ½ tsp turmeric

, sättigend spoon into
“bunny” on the way home from the city’s

• 1 bay leaf

, mit einem Löffel füllen

nightclubs — or pop out for one during
• 10–12 curry leaves flour

• 1 tbsp finely chopped fresh ginger

, Mehl sugar cane
their lunchbreak. It’s the perfect snack to

• 1 tbsp finely chopped garlic

, Zuckerrohr

enjoy on the sub-tropical seafront. • 2 tbsp curry powder

• 2 tsp garam masala , garnieren tasty
But this cosmopolitan dish has a troub

• 2 tomatoes, chopped , lecker, schmackhaft

ling past. Bunny chow began as a work- • 1 onion, finely chopped

Foto: Kathrin Koschitzki

, Ingwer turmeric

• 3 large potatoes, cut into cubes
ing-class meal for the indentured Indian

• a handful of coriander leaves, chopped , Kurkuma
labourers who slaved in the sugar cane hollowed out

• 2 tbsp lime juice

, ausgehöhlt unsliced

• salt
plantations around the city. Later, it was

am Stück

• 2 loaves of crusty white bread (unsliced), ,
eaten by the black population, who were

each cut in half down the middle and hollowed out.

12  Spotlight 9/2020 THE SUPPER CLUB

Heat the oil in a pan and sauté the cinnamon,
cardamom, cumin, fennel, cloves, turmeric and
bay leaf for a few minutes. Add the onion and
cook for 5 minutes until the pieces are clear.
Stir in the curry powder and garam masala, and
sauté for one minute. Then stir in the tomatoes.
Cook on a medium heat and stir regularly.
Add the meat, ginger, garlic, curry leaves
and 300 ml of water. Bring to the boil, then
turn down the heat and cook gently, stirring
occasionally, for 40–50 minutes.
Add the potatoes and 200 ml of water.
Continue cooking until the meat and potatoes
are perfectly cooked (about 15 minutes). Salt
to taste.
Stir in the chopped coriander and lime juice.
To serve, spoon into the hollowed bread and
garnish with coriander.
In harmony with nature:
Isabella Tree and
Charlie Burrell at their
home Knepp Castle

Return to nature?
Unserer geschundenen Umwelt täte es gut, wenn wir sie
in Ruhe ließen. Aber lassen sich Landschaften tatsächlich
renaturieren? STEPHEN ARMSTRONG findet es heraus.

A wild love story
rom any high point on the Knepp Estate, you
could look out across the land and see, say, a herd
of deer running through thorny scrub towards a
watering hole, an island crowded with basking
birds, a bush covered with purple caterpillars and,
all around, the sound of insect life and the song of
unfamiliar birds. You might feel you were on safari, looking out on
the Kenyan bush.
In fact, you’d be in West Sussex, just 20 miles from the bohemian
seaside town of Brighton and less than two hours from central
London by public transport. The magic of that view has an official
name these days: rewilding. Both controversial and celebrated, it’s
about to be at the heart of the British government’s post-Brexit
agricultural policy. It all began, however, when a girl met a boy.
Isabella Tree and Charlie Burrell (Sir Charles Burrell, 10th
Baronet) were just 18 and 20 when they met during a long sum-
mer on Burrell’s family farm. She later studied classics and became
a travel writer; he took over the farm in 1987. Together, they tried for
17 years to be the perfect modern farmers, using bigger machinery
and the finest chemicals — getting married and having two chil-
dren along the way.
By 1999, the estate was not doing well. Inspired by a visit to the
Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve east of Amsterdam, where the
Dutch government had been reintroducing species since the 1980s,
the couple decided in 2002 to take their hands off the wheel and see
what happened. “It was a working farm — green fields, manicured
hedgerows and ditches, maize, barley, rye and grazing cattle,” says
Tree. “We didn’t realize it at the time, but it was virtually a biological

barley deer rye

, Gerste , Rotwild , Roggen

bask ditch species

, sich wärmen , Graben , Tier- und Pflanzenarten

bohemian hedgerow thorny scrub

, unkonventionell , Hecke , Dornengestrüpp

caterpillar maize UK virtually

, Raupe , Mais , praktisch, so gut wie

Foto: Charlie Burrell

classics manicured wheel: take one’s hands

, Altphilologie , gepflegt off the ~

, den Dingen ihren Lauf
controversial rewilding


, umstritten , Renaturierung

9/2020 Spotlight 15 
1,000 acres likes: the ~ of... ifml.

, 405 Hektar , Leute wie...

AD (Anno Domini) meadow

, n. Chr. , Wiese

aftermath mitigate

, Auswirkungen, Folgen , abmildern
Back to the roots the aftermath of nuclear winter by sheep.

all but pasture
Rewilding has a long, uneven tradition The book was initially met with hostility,

, so gut wie , Weideland
and covers a lot of ground in very differ- not least from major conservation organ-

carbon level pollination
ent ways. The word was coined by the US izations, as I was saying the whole system

, Kohlenstoffdioxidwert , Bestäubung
environmental movement Earth First! is dysfunctional. All we are conserving

carnivore pond
in 1990 during its campaign for protect- are scraps of a once thriving ecosystem.

, Fleischfresser; hier: , Weiher, Tümpel
ed corridors to enable large carnivores Gradually, there has been a groundswell

to move around the north-west United for change.”

coin: ~ a word , Raubtier
States. Today, it’s used to describe any- Monbiot’s shock at not finding the wild

, ein Wort prägen

thing from the Knepp Estate to reintro- is understandable: genuine wilderness

genuine , neu konzipieren
ducing predators into an ecosystem, to has all but disappeared from the UK. Only

, echt, wirklich

restoring meadows and marshlands and 2.4 per cent of the country is covered in

groundswell , Brexit-Gegner(in)
even reducing sheep grazing. ancient woodland, defined as woods

, Zunahme; hier: wach-

For the experts, however, there’s only recorded on maps since AD 1600. Even sendes Bewusstsein

, Teil, Schnipsel
one real reason to rewild, and the clue is in apparently inhospitable areas like the

soak up

the name. “We define it as the large-scale highlands of Scotland are manufactured , Heide

, aufnehmen

restoration of ecosystems to the point landscape. The Caledonian forests that hostility

where nature can take care of itself,” ex- covered the hills were removed during , Ablehnung

, Boden

plains Richard Bunting, who oversees the 19th century to create sheep pasture inhospitable

, unwirtlich
campaigns and communications for Re- and deer-hunting estates, leaving today’s

, Würgegriff

wilding Britain. “It’s a long-term process, heather moorland a monoculture. initially

, anfänglich
but we want to see quite a lot of Britain

, Subventionen

The benefit of Brexit

restored. In 100 years, we’re aiming for 30 large-scale

, umfangreich, groß-
per cent of land to undergo significant re- Curiously, the UK’s departure from

, gedeihen; gut


covery and five per cent — or one million the EU seems to offer the possibility of funktionieren
hectares, roughly two-thirds the size of change. “It allows us to break the strangle uneven

, Brexit-Befürworter(in)

Wales — to be just nature doing its own hold of the EU’s Common Agricultural , uneinheitlich

thing. Everyone can help — even a single Policy, which has been a disaster for the
pond contributes — but we’re looking at environment and shows little sign of
sites of at least 1,000 acres, a scale where changing,” says Monbiot. “I’m a remainer,
you get measurable change in biodiver- but if I were asked to vote on agriculture,
sity and ecosystem services, including I’d be a leaver.”
soaking up CO2, providing clean water In January 2018, for instance, Michael No more monocultures: author
and pollination.” Gove — then the UK’s environment sec- and journalist George Monbiot
retary — announced that, post-Brexit, EU
The seeds of change farming subsidies would be replaced by
The UK’s rewilding movement began in a new environmental land management
the 1990s with a handful of new environ- system that would pay farmers “public
mental groups, such as the Scottish-based money for public goods” and include
Trees for Life, and was pushed into the projects to improve soil health, plant
mainstream by the likes of Isabella Tree trees and mitigate climate change. His an-
and George Monbiot, a columnist for The nouncement became a bill currently pass-
Guardian and author of Feral: Searching for ing through Parliament, which means the
Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding nation’s air, water, soil and biodiversity
(2013). will soon be reimagined as an economic
Monbiot wrote the book after mov- resource. Rewilding has, in some form,
ing from London to mid-Wales, excited suddenly become government policy.
about being surrounded by nature and Farmers have cautiously welcomed
the opportunity to see wildlife. “Instead, this move, and even some aspects of re-
I discovered I was in a wildlife desert,” he wilding. “We have to change the way we
says. “I was next to a natural park and an think or we’re in trouble. Covid reduced
area of outstanding beauty and yet there carbon levels by 17 per cent, which took
was less wildlife around me than in the us back to 2006, showing that in 14 years,
city. The whole area had been reduced to we’ve increased CO2 by nearly 20 per cent,”

16  Spotlight 9/2020 SOCIETY

English countryside:
a not so green and
pleasant land?

explains Phil Jarvis, a crops and sheep farm-

er in Leicestershire and chair of the Nation-
al Farmers’ Union’s environment forum.
“If we can use some of the landscape to
suck CO2 out of the atmosphere and store
it in the soil or woodland, that’s good, but
if we entirely rewild the UK’s manicured
landscape, we may just be exporting this
problem to, say, Brazil and importing food
from there. We need a mindset change for
farmers across all food areas: more efficient
food, better hedges, cleaner water, more
biodiversity — but we need to know how
this works as a business.
The old sustainability model is one-
third people, one-third profit, one-third
planet. If you only want to talk about the
planet, you’re only in one-third of the con-

The role of industry

Jarvis sees value in industry sponsoring “The agriculture bill is a wonderful jam- crops nutrition

farmers to store carbon for them. Since boree for large landowners,” he says. , hier: Getreide , Nährwert

2018, for instance, Nestlé has been paying “We should definitely reconnect human jamboree sustainability

a premium price to farmers it buys milk health with ecosystem health, land use , große Sause , Nachhaltigkeit

from if they plant hedges or restore water and jobs — and rewilding is important mindset change topsoil

courses. The problem, says Tim Lang, pro- — but it won’t feed Britain. Without a , Einstellungswandel , Humus, Kulturboden

fessor of food policy at City University proper plan, the nightmare scenario is nightmare  

London’s Centre for Food Policy, is that beautiful areas of rewilding with deserts , Albtraum , Fließgewässer

the UK is heading into this new strategy in between.”
with no coherent strategy for feeding the For Monbiot, the solution is simple.
nation. “The UK has no food plan. We’re “Food security is an important argument.
walking away from the EU, from where It’s unsustainable to expect the world to
we get at least 30 per cent of our food, support the UK,” he agrees. “This is why
without considering how a rich, post-im- rewilding should take place on land that is
perialist Britain — which still feeds itself neither fertile nor productive for farming
like an imperial power importing 50 per — which includes most of the uplands. In
cent or more of its food — will deal with the UK, four million hectares of land are
food security, population health and our occupied by sheep, land that produces “Everyone
capacity to cope with shocks,” he explains.
The post-Second World War food
only one per cent of our food. The clear-
ing of land for agriculture took land from can help
revolution, says Lang, has been both suc- the people and gave it to landowners, — even a
cessful — increasing the global amount
of food — and catastrophic, turning food
who have all the power. Rewilding and
repeopling must go hand in hand so that
single pond
into the single biggest vector of ill health the complex societies and the complex
and ecosystem damage. By some esti- ecosystems these monocultures replaced
Fotos: Dave Stelfox; fotoVoyager/

mates, we’ve destroyed so much topsoil can return.”

that the Earth has only 100 harvests left,
and so much nutrition has been lost in Finding the balance
our food that we now need to eat 10 to- Change on this epic scale might seem
matoes to get the same level of nutrition unlikely from a distance — but there are
contained in one tomato in the 1950s. ambitious rewilding projects either un-
Lang isn’t sure the new bill — or rewild- derway or in search of funding that offer
ing — offers enough answers. a vision of how this level of change might

SOCIETY 9/2020 Spotlight 17 

A boy in a boat:
a semi-wild
experience; (below)
black grouse

work. In Dumfries and Galloway, south- 1,500 to end winter fatalities. Is this really
ern Scotland, the Langholm Initiative, rewilding, or just people playing with

a community development charity based nature in a different way?
in the former mill town of the same name, “If rewilding is to be true to its purest
is raising money to buy 25,000 acres of philosophy, then logically, once the land
grouse moor from the Duke of Buccleuch, is returned to nature, humanity should
Scotland’s largest private landowner. not intervene,” says Dr Clare Birchall,
Balancing the grouse-shooting business reader in contemporary culture at King’s
with protecting threatened birds of prey College, London. “Otherwise, what do
on Langholm Moor has been difficult, and we mean by rewilding? A bucolic vision
the duke has offered the land to the com- of beauty? If it is to be true to itself, rewild

munity for a cool £6.4 million. ing must also be about death.”
“A community-led plan Steve Micklewright, chief
has not been done before,” executive of Trees for Life,
says Kevin Cummings, who
heads the charity. “We’ve
“We are accepts the principle that
rewilding is as complex as
lost the textile industry, so part of nature itself. He’s constantly
the town needs something
that will make a living — but
nature asked by journalists when he
plans to reintroduce wolves,
what if we make the envi- and we for example, and he agrees
ronment and climate change
the foundation for any deci-
can have that rewilding is about natu-
ral processes, apex predators
sion?” better and potentially unattractive
Cummings’s plans in-
clude building only on old
lives” natural processes.
“But there’s a lot we can
properties to bring them up do without reintroducing
to the highest environmen- controversial creatures like
tal standards and allowing, among other wolves,” he says. “Rewilding is embrac-
things, the “beautiful ancient woodland ing the idea that people are part of the
along the watercourses to spread and solution. People have been described as
come back”. the problem by environmentalists for
It will take time to raise the money and such a long time — but actually, we really
rewild, he admits, and time to restore and can’t do it without people. We are part of
create the jobs and businesses the town nature and we can have better lives. Fun-
needs. This creates pressure to speed up damentally, rewilding is about hope.”
the natural processes — and raises the
conundrum at the heart of rewilding:
how wild can it be if people have helped
to create it?

Unattractive natural processes

Take the problem of non-intervention.
In 2018, an increase in the populations
25,000 acres fatality
of large herbivores in the Oostvaarders

, 10.117 Hektar , Todesopfer

plassen nature reserve saw trees being apex predator grouse
stripped and a decline in wild bird popu-

, Spitzenräuber , Moorschneehuhn

lations. Finally, animals began to starve. bird of prey hay
Some environmentalists threw hay into

, Raubvogel , Heu

the reserve, while others thought the an- bucolic herbivore
imals should be allowed to die. The local

, idyllisch , Pflanzenfresser

government eventually stepped in to conundrum mill town
stop the rewilding principle of allowing

, schwierige Frage , hier: Textilstadt

“natural processes” to determine herbi- embrace
vore populations and capped numbers at

, annehmen, akzeptieren

18  Spotlight 9/2020 SOCIETY
Foto: John Wright

SOCIETY 9/2020 Spotlight 19 


Love in lockdown
Eine junge Frau erlebt in Zeiten von Corona eine
emotionale Achterbahnfahrt. Von CHRISTINE MADDEN


sabelle’s smartphone pinged with a new text, Now Isabelle’s phone made the drunk-fish sound.
and she glanced at its screen. “OMG, do you “Sorry, Dad, I’ll phone you back. It’s Conor. I’ve got
have to wear a face mask or even full PPE?” to take this.” She hung up and answered her mobile.
She was tired of texting. She picked up “Conor, how are you doing? Are you OK?”
the mobile and hit speed dial. “Fine,” he answered, sounding muffled. “Just on a
Her call was rejected. Her heart sank. She needed very short break.”
real conversation. “Are you OK? Can we not do a video call?”
But then her mobile rang. “Hi,” she answered. “Yeah … I don’t know. I’ve still got all my gear on.”
“What happened?” “Please?” Isabelle switched her camera on in hope.
“You video-called me,” said her friend Yvette. It worked. “Oh… OK.”
“I’ve got bleach in my hair. I have to do my own high- She held the phone at viewing distance and
lights. I was overdue to go to the hairdresser’s when watched the screen transform into her partner’s face
everything closed down. It’s like I went from Marilyn — although there wasn’t much to be seen until he
Monroe to Audrey Hepburn overnight.” pulled down the face mask. “I don’t have much time.”
“Nothing wrong with Audrey Hepburn…” Isabelle “I miss you,” Isabelle said. She had to get all the
laughed, as her computer started making that noise, important things in quickly. “How are you doing? Is
like a drunk fish, that signalled a video call. everything all right? How are you feeling?”
“Sorry, my dad is video-calling me. Got to take it.” “Grand, grand and grand,” he said. “Exhausted, but
“No worries. I’d rather talk when I can show myself fine. We’re run off our feet.”
in all my glory afterwards. If I’ve got any hair left.” “I miss you,” she said again.
Yvette rang off, and Isabelle answered the call on “I miss you, too,” Conor said.
her computer. The screen bloomed into life with her “How are things at…?”
father, cup of tea in hand. “It’s grand at Stacey’s,” he said. “She’s been great.”
“You got your tea OK?” Isabelle said. Isabelle hadn’t wanted to hear about Stacey. She
“Mmm… it’s fine. Could be a bit stronger.” and Conor worked at the “dirty” ward — the corona-
Isabelle sighed inwardly and smiled through her virus section of the hospital. The risk of infection was
frustration. “How are you getting on?”
“Fine, fine,” he said. “I was just wondering when
bleach muffled run off: be ~ one’s
we could visit your mum again.”

, Bleichmittel , gedämpft feet

Oh, God. He asked her this several times every day. bloom OMG (Oh my
, sich die Hacken

“I told you, Dad, we can’t visit her. We’re all locked ablaufen

, erblühen God) ifml.

down, and she’s more locked down than anybody.” , Oh mein Gott! sigh
care home

, seufzen
It was just at the start of the year that, finally, with

, Pflegeheim overdue

a very heavy heart, Ben had agreed to let his wife be , überfällig speed dial

, Schnellwahl
moved to the care home for dementia.

, erschöpft PPE (personal

He had visited his wife at least once a day since protective staff

equipment) , Personal
then. He kept trying, even after the lockdown. The

, Ausrüstung

, persönliche

care home staff wouldn’t let him in. They’d phone text

glance Schutzausrüstung

for Isabelle to take him home.

, kurz blicken


“But when can we visit her again?” Ben asked. ward

glory , ablehnen

, Abteilung

“I don’t know, Dad,” she said. “Nobody knows.”

, Pracht

20  Spotlight 9/2020 SHORT STORY
high, so Stacey had offered Conor a bed in her flat.
Isabelle was gutted about this. “I mean on the job.”
Conor groaned and shook his head. “I have to go.
How are you doing? Everything OK?”
“Ah, yeah.” Isabelle paused. “I’m a bit…” She wanted
to say, feeling a bit sick these days, but she wasn’t sure BOOKS | NOVEL
she wanted to say it after all.
“Sorry, got to go,” Conor said as people rushed Irish writer Colum McCann’s previ-
past, calling his name. “Take care of yourself.” ous work has given readers an unu-
The screen went black reflecting how Isabelle felt. sual perspective on historical events.
Her computer signalled another video call. It was His latest work, Apeirogon, goes fur-
her dad again. Amidst all this, she was never going to ther. Rami and Bassam, an Israeli and
get her work done, either. At least it wasn’t her boss. a Palestinian, are men who lost their
“Hi, Dad.” daughters in violent incidents and are
“You didn’t phone me back.” both members of a Middle Eastern
“I’m sorry, Dad.” Sometimes she hated video calls. peace initiative. This is their story, but
She swallowed hard and blinked her eyes several McCann expands it to be much more,
times before trying a smile. riffing on everything from captive
“Did you tell him?” birds to the music of John Cage. The
“Tell him?” red thread is the title: an apeirogon is
“That you’re expecting a baby.” a polygon with a countably infinite
Isabelle swallowed again. “Dad,” she whispered number of sides. Those sides are the countless factors contributing
through her tight throat, “how do you know?” to Rami and Bassam’s narrative. Expanding it with empathy and in-
“I could always tell when your mother was preg- tuition, McCann turns it into a story for everyone. It’s a remarkable
nant, too,” he said. “You look different. I don’t know.” achievement. Bloomsbury Trade, €15.40.
She blinked again, then wiped her eyes on her
sleeve. “I… I couldn’t do it.” She looked at her father
captive bird incident riff on ifml.
and thought of viruses and infections and — unwill-

, gefangener Vogel , Vorfall , hier: ein Thema
ingly — Stacey. “It’s not a good time. What would he

countably infinite narrative

, abzählbar unendlich , Erzählung
“He would feel happy,” her father said simply.

Isabelle wiped her sleeve across her face again. “I
have to get back to work now, Dad. Can we talk later?”
“Of course, pet,” he said. “I wouldn’t mind another
cup of tea. Maybe a bit stronger this time… And,” he EASY READER | THRILLER
added. “Tell him. It will make him happy. We all need
that now.” One evening, private investigator
“Right. Talk later, Dad.” Isabelle cut off the call. Nat Marley is sitting in a bar in New
More tears fell as she made his tea. Double strong, York City. He is reading a newspaper
even though she wasn’t sure strong tea was good for and minding his own business, when
someone his age. But that was what he wanted. She a stranger asks if he can share his ta-
added milk, then carried it upstairs and put it in front ble. The man introduces himself as
of the closed door to the spare bedroom. Jorge Hernandez and, when he finds
“I’ve left your tea here,” she called out to him. “I’m out that Marley is an investigator, he
just going back downstairs now.” takes his card. Hernandez has been in
She got down halfway when she paused. “Dad?” prison and is looking for money that is
she called out, then whispered, “Dad? … I love you.” being kept for him by friends. He asks
As she continued down the stairs, she heard the Marley for help and, although the de-
door click open and the mug picked up from the floor. tective can make valuable contacts,
trying to get the cash back is a danger-
amidst pregnant unwillingly ous mission — two of Hernandez’s friends are already dead. This
short and entertaining thriller is written at the A2 level. It includes

, inmitten , schwanger , widerwillig

Foto: Amax Photo/

blink sleeve whisper a list of characters and a map of New York City. Cambridge, €6.99.

, blinzeln , Ärmel , flüstern

groan spare bedroom character

, stöhnen , Gästezimmer , Figur, Person

gutted UK ifml. swallow private investigator

, verzweifelt , schlucken , Privatdetektiv(in)

SHORT STORY 9/2020 Spotlight 21 

The warnings
were there
Bereits 2017 hat ein Zusammenschluss von australischen
Wissenschaftlern und Bürgern vor globalen Problemen
der Menschheit gewarnt – darunter auch pandemische

h, how the world would have loved some warning While the ANU report is scathing of governments
about a global influenza pandemic. Hang on! Bill collectively, it also says that the behaviour of billions
Gates gave that prediction in 2015, and especially of individuals must also change if we are to avoid the
that we would not be ready. potential extinction of the human species.
Another dire warning emerged in Australia at Hewson himself wrote that since the mid-1900s,
the height of the Covid-19 lockdown here with the humans have increasingly — although largely unin-
release of a report by a Canberra-based group called tentionally — threatened significant harm to them-
the Commission for Human Future, whose members selves and to the planet by prioritizing economic and
include public health academics and scientists. population growth, but also by ignoring the social,
The chair of the group is former Liberal Party political and environmental consequences.
leader Dr John Hewson, now a professorial fellow in In the same way that Australia was unprepared for
public policy at the Australian National University. last summer’s apocalyptic bushfires — even though
The report was the result of a workshop on major bushfires have become more frequent over the past
risk assessment held at the ANU in 2017, and eerily 100 years — the world, too, was disturbingly unpre-
echoes the predictions Bill Gates made in 2015. pared for the coronavirus, despite recent pandemics
The ANU report found that society around the such as Sars or Ebola.
world is vulnerable and unprepared — or as Hewson There is hope, though, that Covid-19’s devastating
put it: “This lack of preparedness means humanity impact around the whole world might, just might,
will continue to be ambushed by unforeseen crises.” convince us of the need to expect the unexpected,
Among the 10 key catastrophic risks identified and ensure that we’re prepared for it.
by the report were: an emerging crisis in natural re-
sources; collapse of ecosystems; excessive population
ambush impact
growth; global warming; global pollution; food and

, (plötzlich) angreifen , Auswirkungen

water insecurity; nuclear war; pandemics and fail-
billion influenza
ures in global governance to understand the threats,

, Milliarde , Grippe

let alone respond to them. devastating let alone
Hewson argues that the coronavirus pandemic is

, verheerend , geschweige denn

a dress rehearsal for what awaits us if governments dire prioritize
continue to ignore science. Solutions, he says, must

, düster, ernst , in den Vordergrund stellen
Fotos: Ville Heikkinen/; privat

be based on science and verifiable evidence. He even dress rehearsal professorial fellow
advocates the development of a “new science”, the

, Generalprobe , Mitglied des Forschungsrats

PETER FLYNN is a science of human survival and well-being. eerily scathe
The report said that the foundations of the way we

public-relations , auf unheimliche Weise , hart, vernichtend urteilen

consultant and live — our economic system, food system, energy sys- extinction verifiable
social commenta-
tem, transport system, production and waste system

, Aussterben , nachweisbar
tor who lives in

Perth, Western and mankind’s relationship with the planet’s natural hang on ifml. vulnerable
systems — all need to be re-examined and reformed.

Australia. , Moment mal, Augenblick mal , ungeschützt, gefährdet

22  9/2020 Spotlight AROUND OZ
Starring Jennifer Aniston as anchorwoman

Freedom, friends Alex Levy, The Morning Show is a kiss-and-tell

story about events at a daily US breakfast

and food show. The series begins when Alex’s co-host,

Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell), loses his job
after being accused of sexual misconduct.
Diesmal haben wir für Sie zwei sehr unterschiedliche
As Mitch tries to tell what he sees as his side
TV-Serien und einen Podcast über Lieblingsgerichte im
of the story, he looks for the support of Alex’s
Programm. Von EVE LUCAS new co-host, Bradley Jackson, a loud-mouthed younger journal-
MEDIUM ist played by Reese Witherspoon. The tension between these
two — and between silence and speaking out — is the beating
heart of this series. Aniston will surprise you as a mercilessly am-
STREAMING | DRAMA bitious woman who realizes too late (well, almost — we are, after
Based loosely on the memoir by Deborah Feldman about her all, in the land of happy endings) that everything has its price.
escape from a strict Hasidic community in New York (see Available to subscribers on Apple TV.
page 9), the mini-series Unorthodox has impressed critics on both
sides of the Atlantic.
anchorwoman kiss-and-tell story tension
The series tells the story of Esty Shapiro. Brought up in New

, Moderatorin , Enthüllungsgeschichte , Spannung
York’s Hasidic community, she is married, while still a teenager,

to a man chosen by a matchmaker. The marriage is not happy and
Esty escapes to Berlin — just after she learns that she is expect- PODCAST | FOOD
ing a baby. The Hasidic community, however, is determined to The Off Menu podcast is a simple but
bring her back. We won’t reveal more, but we can mention the brilliant idea. Hosts James Acaster and
attention to detail given to both the Hasidic community and Ed Gamble (both comedians) inter-
contemporary Berlin. The two environments — one desperate, view a guest about their favourite meal.
the other hopeful — are presented through Esty’s eyes. Play- Guests choose three courses, one side
ing that lead role, Israeli actress Shira Haas (pictured above dish and the drinks. Dishes featured
with Amit Rahav as her husband Yanky) is devastatingly good. include pasta arrabbiata with Brussels
Co-scriptwriter and producer Anna Winger (see page 24) sprouts, and moussaka with gin and tonic. The guests are mostly
secured the services of German actress Maria Schrader to di- comedians, but chefs also enjoy coming on to the programme to
rect Unorthodox. They tell this story slowly, allowing each scene talk about what got them interested in food and their signature
to burn itself into the viewer’s memory. This is must-see TV. recipes. Episodes move from one continent to the next, with
Available on Netflix. restaurant tips dropped in. Good listening — and not just during
Fotos: Netflix; dr

devastatingly matchmaker reveal Brussels sprouts side dish signature recipe

, umwerfend , Ehestifter(in), , verraten , Rosenkohl , Beilage , unverkennbares

Kuppler(in) Rezept, Spezialität

ARTS 9/2020 Spotlight 23 

A new world:
Esty (Shira Haas) at the
Fotos: XXX

Wannsee in Berlin

24  Spotlight 9/2020 RUBRIKTITEL


The making
of Unorthodox
Die US-Autorin Anna Winger entwickelte das Konzept, schrieb
das Drehbuch und war Koproduzentin von Unorthodox.
EVE LUCAS sprach mit ihr über ihre Arbeit an der
außergewöhnlichen Serie.

Spotlight: What attracted you to this Spotlight: How did you get inside the Winger: Nobody else but Netflix would
project? Satmar community? have done it. Netflix has the global reach.

Anna Winger: I found the book by Deb- Winger: Eli Rosen from Brooklyn (who When all the people watching a Netflix
orah Feldman (Unorthodox: The Scandalous plays the part of Rabbi Yossele in the se- production in 190 countries are added up,
Rejection of My Hasidic Roots) very moving. ries) was our consultant. We met most you end up with tens and tens of millions
I’m interested in stories about people of the others through him. Eli took us on of people watching a show in Yiddish.
who reinvent themselves. I’m interested two extensive research trips. We also had Spotlight: Do you have a favourite scene
because it’s a story about a woman search- Deborah’s book, which I loved, but it’s from the series?
ing for herself — it’s a story with universal very personal. Winger: The one at Wannsee. It was in-
themes, but it takes place in a very specific Spotlight: You are friends with Deborah spired by Menschen am Sonntag — a 1930
world. I was interested in learning more Feldman. Why did you change her story German silent film, with a screenplay by
about that specific world. after she leaves the community? Billy Wilder. A montage from the film,
Spotlight: You are Jewish-American. Is Winger: We wanted to draw a line in the showing a group of Berliners enjoying a
there any part of the main character that sand. Deborah is still a young woman, a day out at Wannsee lake, plays in a loop
you identify with? public figure who lives in Berlin. So we at Berlin’s Jewish Museum. Wannsee
Winger: At the outset, I would have said made Esty a musician, not a writer. In is such an incredible place. It’s beautiful
“no”, because I think of myself more as fact, we made up everything that hap- and yet it served as part of the Berlin Wall.
culturally Jewish. However, I identify pens from the moment Esty leaves the It’s also where the Wannsee Conference
with all kinds of things about Esty Sha house. And a TV show is a very different was held. So, it’s a place that resonates
piro. She’s a New Yorker who moves to animal. It was a question of activating her with Berlin’s recent past — but also with
Berlin, like me. The experience of dou- husband as a character and creating oth- a dark chapter of German history.
bling back on history that occurs when er characters, such as the bad boy cousin, (For a review of the series, see page 23)
Fotos: imago images/Prod DB; picture alliance/rtn radio tele nord

you move to this country is significant. Moishe.

And there’s a spectrum of Jewish expe- Spotlight: Tell us about working with direc-
rience, from the very secular to the very tor Maria Schrader.
religious. Researching this project made Winger: I loved the look and feel of a film
me see how much we have in common. she had directed called Vor der Morgenröte.
Spotlight: Such as? I also asked the production designer and
Winger: A lot of it has to do with fam- the cinematographer from that film to
double back resonate: ~ with sth.
ily dynamics, and the sense of multi work with us. Projects grow out of other

, kehrtmachen, zurück- , an etw. reich sein
generational connections with other projects. That, for me, is healthy artistic

families. We had about ten people from practice.

Hasidic , weltlich
the Hasidic Satmar community work- Spotlight: How difficult was it to sell as

, chassidisch

ing with us and I found them to be much a series in which the main language is outset

more familiar than I had expected. Yiddish? , Anfang

ARTS INTERVIEW 9/2020 Spotlight 25 

The Great Stink!

London stand und steht immer wieder vor Herausforderungen besonderer Art.
Begleiten Sie unsere fiktive Heldin auf eine Reise in das Jahr 1858, als in der britischen
Hauptstadt im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes dicke Luft herrscht. Übrigens: Nicht alle
Personen sind frei erfunden und die Schauplätze werden Ihnen bekannt vorkommen.


Left: fashion
in 1858; right:

looking east
can scarce believe it! I am the door. She seemed not to notice the along the
to travel to London. When smell. Instead, she expressed horror at
Aunt Alice and Uncle Percy my bloomers — the latest fashion for in­
invited me to visit them, dependent ladies.
I was sure Mama would “Jane Crawley! What are you wearing?”
refuse. Aunt Alice, though, she said. At that moment, I had no mind
has said it’s time to find me to protest and could only gasp, “What is
a suitable husband and she is certain that this abominable odour?”
she can help. “It’s just burning tar,” said my aunt.
Mama is sad about my “bluestocking “It purifies the atmosphere. By tomorrow,
ways”. I want to be a writer, like Charlotte I hope it will have cleared sufficiently for
Brontë. But Papa gambled away our pub­ us to go shopping.” She looked at my
lishing firm in Rochester, so now, I must bloomers again.
save the family from poverty through Inside the lovely town house, I was
marriage. I shall pretend to agree to Aunt shown to my room, and Uncle Percy insist­
Alice’s plans. But, like Charlotte, I shall go ed on opening the door to the water closet.
abominable flannel UK
my own way and follow my heart. London He is so proud of his flushing throne. He

, entsetzlich , Waschlappen
will be a breath of fresh air. acquired it after seeing water closets of this

arduous flushing
kind at the Great Exhibition of 1851.

, mühsam, anstrengend , Spül-
Monday, 14 June 1858

assault sth. gasp
Evening Tuesday, 15 June 1858

, auf etw. einstürmen , keuchen, nach Luft
There is nothing fresh about the air here. Morning

I arrived this evening. The journey was The night has been terribly hot. I was

, Pluderhose maid
arduous, but my spirits lifted when I saw woken from a restless sleep by two maids,

, Magd

the brick kilns just outside the city. They one carrying breakfast, the other a bowl of

, Blaustrumpf, Emanze purify
were coloured red by the sunset. As we warm water and a flannel.

, reinigen

Fotos: Circle Creative Studio/

came closer, this magical effect was ruin­ They opened the curtains, allowing the

, Haube recoil
ed by a hot fog of pestilence, a terrible sun to stream in. I happily dipped my flan­

, zurückschrecken
brick kiln

smell that assaults the senses. nel in the bowl, but recoiled in disgust at

, Ziegelofen scarce
In the city itself, it was so overpowering the sight of the dark brown water.

, kaum

that the elegant curve of Regent Street Later, I remarked on the water to Aunt

, Kutsche spirits
made no impression on me. Arriving in Alice, who was getting ready in the hall,

, Lebensgeister

Sackville Street, I began to feel ill. Aunt her round face framed in a bonnet that

, eintauchen tar
Alice had seen the carriage and came to looked like a country garden.

, Teer

26  Spotlight 9/2020 TRAVEL
Fotos: XXX

TRAVEL 2/2020 Spotlight 27 

alight miasma

, aussteigen , Pesthauch
“It’s perfectly usual for city water to be poor, this stink blights all our lives,” said

blight putrefaction
a little cloudy,” she said, handing me a my aunt.

, verderben , Fäulnis
handkerchief perfumed with bergamot Still she insisted on crossing Belgravia

board retch
and lemon. “The water company filters it towards the river so that she could show

, besteigen , würgen
through sand.” me Westminster. It’s still being rebuilt

bore sb. tankard
Outside, it was clear that the tar had after the fire of 1834. Alarmingly, the heat

, jmdn. langweilen , Krug
failed to purify the air, now so heavy with had caused the water levels of the Thames

curl thud
putrefaction that I retched into the hand­ to drop, leaving mountains of brown mat­

, Locke , dumpfer Schlag
kerchief. ter open to view.

foul venture
A man in a red housecoat waved from a I could hardly believe my eyes. “It looks

, widerlich , sich wagen
house across the street. “Mrs Crawley, you like…”

fowl wail
are a brave woman venturing out into the “Yes, it’s human … waste,” said my aunt.

, Geflügel , jammern
Great Stink!” “Neither fish nor fowl can survive here

hansom cab
“Hello, Dr Snow,” said Alice, waving now.”

, Hansom (zweirädrige
back a little stiffly. “Awful man,” she

said quietly to me. “Let’s be off, or he’ll Early evening
bore us for hours with his scientific Uncle Percy was waiting for us at Ye Olde
theories.” Cheshire Cheese, a public house on Fleet
The Great Stink! As we boarded a Street popular with journalists. Thankful­
hansom cab, I confronted my aunt. “Aunt, ly, the air was thick with the smell of beer
what is this Great Stink?” and cigar smoke.
“I was certain it would lift before you Percy had been drinking with a young
arrived,” she wailed. “It’s the Thames, man — a rather small person with thin
now so full of waste that it has let loose yellow hair and a large nose. Thomas
this hellish miasma upon us. The summer Winslow of the Winslow & Son publish­
heat has only worsened the effect.” ing firm. My aunt smiled at me. So, this
“Oh, well, I suppose it is only a smell,” was the suitable husband.
I said, thinking that I would still rather Just then, a tankard of ale was placed on
be in London than Rochester. And yet our table with a thud.
“smell” seemed too gentle a word to de­ “Percy!” said a cheerful Irish voice.
scribe such a foul odour. “Oscar Dooley!” said my uncle.
“Very good,” said my aunt. “I would “Shouldn’t you be at work?”
advise you, though, to hold your hand­ “This is work!” said Oscar, a journalist
kerchief to your nose. Some believe the at The Times. He was handsome, with wild
miasma carries…” black curls and laughing blue eyes. And he
“Carries what, Aunt Alice?” sat down next to me. A print of
Burlington Arcade
“Um … cholera.” from 1845

We alighted at Burlington Arcade. Here,
the air was drenched with lavender.
We entered a boutique, my aunt going
straight to a pink dress with a skirt at least
six feet wide.
“Do you plan to set sail?” I asked my
Fotos: faithie, Antiqua Print Gallery / Alamy Stock Photo

“No, this is for you,” she said firmly.

Finally, I agreed to the dress on con­
dition that my aunt also purchase a red
travelling bag for me. As we left the
shop, I swung it from my hand, ready for
Back in the hansom, we drove past
Buckingham Palace. Aunt Alice told me
that Queen Victoria and the Prince Con­
sort had recently been forced to abandon
a pleasure trip on the Thames. “Rich or

28  Spotlight 9/2020 TRAVEL

Fotos: XXX

In the heart of
London: Burlington
Arcade today

TRAVEL 2/2020 Spotlight 29 

This page: Fleet
Street today; right:
a view of the street
in the 19th century

Fotos: XXX

30  Spotlight 2/2020 TRAVEL

backside ifml. not a jot

, Hintern , kein bisschen
“The smell is so bad, there’s talk of moving I laughed out loud. To my surprise,

exclaim plane tree
Parliament to Oxford,” said my uncle. Mr Dooley asked me how long I was stay­

, ausrufen , Platane
“Ah, they’re all idlers,” said Oscar. ing in London. “Perhaps your aunt and

idler rumour
“The newspaper has been campaigning uncle would allow me to show you the

, Faulenzer(in) , Gerücht
for more than ten years to get our time city,” he said.

meddlesome sewage

wasting lawmakers to investigate the “The miasma has reached dangerous

, aufdringlich , Abwasser
sewage problem. If only they’d listen to levels. I think it would be best if we stayed

nosy whiffle-whaffle ifml.
Dr Snow.” at home tomorrow,” said my aunt quickly.

, neugierig , Schwätzer(in),
“Dr John Snow? Why, he’s our neigh­

bour!” exclaimed my aunt. Wednesday, 16 June 1858
“The very same,” said Oscar. “He be­ Morning
lieves the sewage is infecting our drink­ The house was like an oven this morn­
ing water and spreading cholera. He car­ ing, but I cared not a jot, for I had made
ried out an experiment on Broad Street*: a thrilling discovery after breakfast.
he removed the handle from a water While organizing my new travelling bag,
pump to cut off the water supply. Sudden­ I found a note inside it from Mr Oscar
ly, people there stopped dying.” Dooley.
“But it’s scientific fact that cholera It read: “Miss Bloomer. Meet me at
is carried by the air, not water,” said my midday under the plane tree at the cor­
uncle. ner of Wood Street and Cheapside.” The
“And many people consider Dr Snow to tone was a little arrogant, but I knew I
be a little mad,” added my aunt. must go. This was my one chance for an
“I think Snow will be proved right,” adventure.
said Oscar. “And we have many great en­ Fortunately, my aunt, who is as nosy as
gineers, men such as Joseph Bazalgette, she is meddlesome, had heard rumours of
who could design a better sewage system sickness at Dr Snow’s home and hurried
for us. Meanwhile, long may the Great across the road to discover more. I slipped
A Victorian
Stink continue if it gets those whiffle out of the house and took a cab from Pic­ gentleman —
whaffles in Parliament to move their cadilly. The stink was worse than the day perhaps Oscar
Dooley would have
backsides.” before, but I no longer cared. dressed like this
Fotos: AngelinaDimitrova, ilbusca/

TRAVEL 9/2020 Spotlight 31 

cart newfangled

, Karren, Wagen , neumodisch
Early afternoon Evening

cesspool sewer
Standing in the shade of the beautiful Oliver accompanied me home to

, Kloake , Abwasserrohr
plane tree, I could feel my face growing Sackville Street. The air was filled with

drains slop
pinker by the minute in the heat. Oscar tar smoke and a cart was standing by the

, Abwasserleitungen , Schmutzwasser
arrived ten minutes late. front door of the house. “Oi, watch out,

famine splash
“This is the most ancient plane tree in miss!” shouted a man carrying a bucket

, Hungersnot , bespritzen
London,” he said. “A witness to history as he pushed past me. He hurried down

hot-tempered stroke
that has survived countless disasters, not the steps into the cellar.

, hitzig, heißblütig , Schlaganfall
least fire. And this stink.” “That’ll be for your uncle’s newfangled

manure unbearable
“Are you sure it’s safe to be out?” I toilet,” remarked Oliver, and he explained

, Dung, Mist , unerträglich
asked. that the toilet flushed waste straight into

mud and muck water supply
“I promise,” he said. “Now, come with the cellar. Known as a “nightman”, the

, Schlamm und Dreck , Wasserversorgung
me. I want to show you something.” man was employed to collect the raw sew­

We took a hansom to St Giles in the age, which he then sold as manure.
Fields. Oscar wanted to give me a tour “Thousands of houses in London have
of the Rookery, the location of William cesspools in the cellars,” added Oscar.
Hogarth’s print Gin Lane, depicted a cen­ “There’s never been more demand for
tury before. The streets were filled with nightmen. But they can’t keep up. London
mud and muck — or was it more human is up to its neck in excrement.”
waste? Everywhere, men and women Oliver left and I prepared myself for
were shouting and drinking. I jumped as the stink Aunt Alice would make when
a bucket of stinking slop was emptied on she found out where I had been.
to the street, splashing my bloomers.
Oscar told me the slum was also Thursday, 17 June 1858
known as “Little Ireland”, as it was home Morning
to many Irish immigrants who had fled The temperature has cooled today — in
famine. “When it rains, sewage from the more ways than one. At breakfast, Aunt
city’s cesspools rises up through the floor. Alice could scarce bring herself to look at
Every day is a Great Stink day here. me. Uncle Percy hid behind The Times.
“The thing is, this miasma story means Events then took an unexpected turn.
the politicians are able to avoid taking the I was packing for my return to Rochester
blame. If everyone believes that cholera when the doorbell rang. From the top of
is in the air, nobody will try to change the the stairs, I could see a head of dark curls
sewage system and the water supply. And and my aunt’s white bonnet. Suddenly, Dr John Snow (1813–1858)
more people in slums like this will die.” I heard her shout for my uncle. A lone voice linking cholera to drinking water,

Fotos: INTERFOTO/National Portrait Gallery; akg-images/© SCIENCE SOURCE/SCIENCE SOURCE; blazekg/

Dr Snow died of a stroke on 16 June 1858, the
“It’s Dr Snow. He passed away yester­ hottest day of the Great Stink. His theories were
Late afternoon day!” not accepted until the 1860s.
We stopped at a public house near Cov­ The doctor had suffered a stroke and
ent Garden, the most famous market Oscar had been sent to report the death.
in England. Hidden in a tiny street, The He told my aunt that he was looking for
Lamb and Flag is regularly visited by an assistant. Could she possibly allow
Charles Dickens. As we drank warm ale, her niece to go with him to Broad Street,
Oscar told me that Dickens had recently where the doctor had saved so many
got into a fight with William Makepeace lives?
Thackeray at a gentlemen’s club called How could she refuse?
The Garrick. Hurrah! Perhaps I can stay for a
“Do you know Charles Dickens?” I few more days. Just imagine! Me, Jane
asked. Crawley, helping to report from the
“I’ve shared a table with him at The world’s biggest, and smelliest, city. It’s a
Garrick,” said Oscar. “He’s unbearable dirty job, dear reader, but someone has
at the moment. Impulsive and hot got to do it.
“Maybe it’s the stink.” * Broad Street is now called Broadwick Street.
“Yes, it’s getting to us all.”
Sir Joseph William Bazalgette (1819–1891)
We spoke a little about our lives. He In July 1858, Parliament agreed to pay for a proper
told me of his wish to return to Ire­ sewage network. Engineer Joseph Bazalgette
designed the system of 1,100 miles of drains,
land. I told him of my wish for financial connecting 82 miles of sewers. Built to last, the
independence. system is still in operation today.

32  Spotlight 9/2020 TRAVEL

Popular with
Fotos: XXX

tourists: the
former market
Covent Garden

TRAVEL 2/2020 Spotlight 33 

Fotos: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

34  Spotlight x/2020 RUBRIK

abandon headquarters

, verlassen , Hauptquartier

bombproof resident

, bombenfest , Einwohner(in)

cataclysmic rumour: ~ has it

, unheilvoll man munkelt

Strange and

divine shelter

, göttlich , Schutz suchen

secret London

film set

, Filmkulisse

Wie gut kennen Sie die britische Hauptstadt? Unser London-Quiz steckt
voller Geheimnisse und seltsamer Begebenheiten, die Sie überraschen werden.

ondon is a city whose 3. The Strand/Aldwych. Opened in 1907

history is packed with as The Strand, it was on a line that
interesting characters, should have extended to Waterloo
strange phenomena station. The Strand/Aldwych closed
and cataclysmic events. in 1994 and is now a film set that has
Our Travel story, “The been used in many films, including
Great Stink!” (pages 26–33), describes one Sherlock, V for Vendetta, Patriot Games And action! The Strand/
of these events. Here, in our special quiz, and Atonement. Aldwych station is now a
film set
we invite you to discover more about
London’s fascinating past. 4. North End. This station was built un-

derground, but no entrance was cre-
Part 1 ated. It stored secret archives in the
Locations — spooky stations 1940s and was London Transport’s
London has the oldest underground emergency headquarters during the
rail system in the world — the first line Cold War. Had it opened to the public,
opened in 1863. Since then, some 40 sta- it would have been London’s deepest
tions have been abandoned, although underground station at 67 metres be-
most of them still exist. Can you match low ground.
the ghost stations on these lines to the B

1. British Museum. Built to serve the

British Museum in 1900. Rumour has
it that there was a tunnel directly con- A
necting the museum to the station Brent Cross

and that the station itself is home to Hampstead Golders Green

a ghost — the daughter of Amun-Ra,
honoured by Egyptians as the king
of the gods and divine father of the
pharaohs. The station closed in 1933.
Bond Street
2. Down Street. Opened in 1907 in May- Oxford Circus Tottenham Court Road
Fotos: kovop58/; Wyco/

fair, where residents were rich and
didn’t travel much by underground.
Closed in 1932, it was made into a
Knightsbridge Green Park
bombproof bunker during the Second
World War. Prime Minister Winston
Hyde Park Corner
Churchill and the War Cabinet shel-
tered there. The platforms remain and
the London Transport Museum offers
visits as part of a Hidden London tour. Leicester Square Covent Garden

QUIZ 9/2020 Spotlight 35 

alike low life

, gleichermaßen , niederes Milieu;
Part 2

hier: Nachtleben
Legends — unusual lives bizarre

, grotesk modest
Great metropolitan centres have always produced

, bescheiden
interesting characters, and the British capital is no

, Krim National Health Service
exception. Here, we present four very unusual and

deputy prime minister

extraordinary Londoners. Can you match each name , staatlicher Gesund-

, Vize-Premier

and silhouette to the correct profile? heitsdienst


, durchsuchen,eine

Razia durchführen

, Horror-Bühnenshow

stand for sth.

, für etw. kandidieren

, Grippe

welfare state
landslide victory

, Wohlfahrt-, Sozialstaat

, Erdrutschsieg


, Möchtegern-

1. Florence Nightingale (1820–1910) 2. Clement Attlee (1883–1967) 3. Screaming Lord Sutch (1940–1999) 4. Kate Meyrick (1875–1933)

Fotos: Moviestore Collection Ltd, Entertainment Pictures, Mary Evans / STUDIOCANAL FILMS LTD, AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo
A. Born in London, this mod- B. Before she reformed nurs- C. Born in Ireland, this queen D. This London-born musi-

est man is today considered ing, hospital care in Britain was of low life came to London cian is best known to the Brit-
by many to have been one of an unhealthy business. Her with her husband around ish as a would-be politician.
Britain’s greatest prime min- family were wealthy and, when 1916. After their separation, He began his career in music
isters. He fought at Gallipoli in she asked to work as a nurse, she ran a number of night- putting on horror-themed
1915, and after the First World her parents were shocked — clubs. The most famous was performances with his band
War, he turned to politics and only poor and uneducated the 43 Club, which was visited the Savages. He first stood for
served in the first Labour women worked in the dirty by members of the British no- parliament in 1963 in Strat-
government, in 1924. During hospitals. She was, though, de- bility and local gangsters alike. ford-upon-Avon, then again
the Second World War, he termined to become a nurse Her clubs were often raided in 1966, receiving hundreds
was deputy prime minister and went to Kaiserswerth, in by the police and she spent of votes each time. He set up
in the wartime coalition gov- Germany, to train. When Brit- time in prison for selling alco- the Official Monster Raving
ernment. He became prime ain and France went to war hol illegally. When she died of Loony Party in 1983. Its agen-
minister when Labour won a against Russia over the Crimea influenza during an epidem- da included mostly bizarre
landslide victory in 1945. His in 1854, she and a team of nurs- ic, Scotland Yard asked to see policies. When he died, aged
government, which remained es travelled there to look after the notes she had kept about 58, he had lost more than 40
in power until 1951, was re- the wounded soldiers. She guests to the 43 Club. Three of elections.
sponsible for creating much of introduced hygiene, proper her daughters married British
Britain’s welfare state, and for medicine and good food to aristocrats.
founding the National Health army hospitals, beginning a
Service. revolution in hospital care.
In the spring of 2020, seven
special hospitals built across
Britain to look after patients
suffering from Covid-19 were
named after her.

36  Spotlight 9/2020 QUIZ


, (Haut)Blase
Part 3

Language — secret slang china plate

, Porzellanteller
First recorded in 1840, Cock-

ney rhyming slang originated

, husten
among market workers and

Dicky bird ifml.
street traders in London’s Adam and Eve – believe rabbit and pork – talk

, Piepmatz

East End. It developed into an apples and pears – stairs Rosie Lee – tea


obscure code that was under- Barnet Fair – hair Ruby Murray – curry

, sich entwickeln

stood by locals, but not by out- china plate – mate skin and blister – sister

for instance

siders or the police. The “rules” Dicky bird – word trouble and strife – wife

, zum Beispiel

were simple: choose a word, dog and bone – phone Uncle Ted – bed


like “face”, think of a two- or Hank Marvin – starving

, Rauch, Qualm

three-word phrase that rhymes

with it, like “boat race”, then

, Nebel
use that instead of the original

word. So, the rhyming slang for

, scheußlich
“face” is “boat race” or, more of-

ten, just “boat”. Rhyming slang 1. Do you want a nice cup of Rosie

, verwirrend

is still evolving. While “apples before you go up the apples to

pea soup
and pears”, for instance, have Uncle Ted?

, Erbsensuppe
2. Would you Adam and Eve it? Me

always meant “stairs”, these

days, you’re more likely to hear trouble and strife has been rab-

, Birne

“Britney Spears” used as the biting on about the length of my still
slang for “ears” — rather than Barnet.

, Standbild

“King Lear”. Can you replace 3. Me and me old china were Hank strife

the rhyming slang in the sen- Marvin, so we went for a Ruby.

, Zank, Streit

tences (1–4) with the original 4. I was on the dog with my skin and

words? Use our short rhyming blister, but the line was so bad, I
slang dictionary to help you. couldn’t understand a dicky bird.

Part 4 Answers
Look out — fog on film Locations —
London is the capital of fog, spooky stations
A. North End
at least historically. Over the

B. Down Street
centuries, Londoners have
C. British Museum

D. The Strand/Aldwych
coughed their way through

pea-soup fog (also known A B Legends —
as “pea-soupers”), created unusual lives
1–B; 2–A; 3–D; 4–C
by a combination of smoke
from coal fires, fumes from Language —
secret slang
local industry and natural 1. Do you want a nice
mist from the Thames Basin.

cup of tea before
you go up the stairs
Nasty as it was for locals, it has to bed?
offered wonderful dramatic 2. Would you believe

potential to writers, artists and it? Me wife has been
talking about the
film-makers. We have chosen length of my hair.
stills from five popular films C D 3. Me and me mate

were starving, so we
featuring London fog. Can went for a curry.
you match each still (A–E) to 4. I was on the phone

with my sister, but
its film title (1–5)? the line was so bad, I
couldn’t understand
1. Sherlock Holmes (2009) a word.

2. Mary Poppins Returns (2018) Look out —

3. V for Vendetta (2005) fog on film
1–B; 2–E; 3–A; 4–C; 5–D

4. The Elephant Man (1980)

5. The Ladykillers (1955)

QUIZ 9/2020 Spotlight 37 

English for now PART 3

Auch im dritten und letzten Teil unserer Serie begleitet VANESSA CLARK
die Familie Naumann im täglichen Leben – und wirft einen Blick auf das Alltagsenglisch,
das darin eine wichtige Rolle spielt.
Illustrationen: Anja Stiehler-Patschan/Jutta Fricke Illustrators


n the last two issues of marathon? Has Jonas been studying — get on

Spotlight, we followed the or writing jokes instead? What has Sofie , sich machen, voran­

Naumann family to find out been doing during the school holidays? kommen
how they use English in their And how did Grandpa Klaus get on with issue

, hier: Ausgabe
daily lives. Now, it’s time to his online interview?

visit them for the last time, So, let’s return to our three generations
to see how they’re getting on. of Naumanns for a final visit — and to
Is Steffi’s online business going well? find out what language they need for their
Will Thomas complete his balcony various projects.

38  Spotlight 9/2020 LANGUAGE

Mum Steffi
Steffi’s online business sell-
ing greeting cards is growing
— slowly but surely — and
she has an increasing number
of positive reviews from
happy customers.

beyond: go above and ~

1. Cute card from friendly, helpful seller. Thanks! , über etw. hinausgehen,

etw. weit übertreffen

2. Speedy dispatch and great item. Happy to recommend to others. cute

, niedlich, hübsch

3. Steffi went above and beyond to make the perfect card for my parents’ golden wedding. delighted

They were delighted. Thanks!

, erfreut

4. Lovely item; arrived swiftly and safely.

, Versand

5. Nice card, but nothing that special. Not worth paying postage for. extra mile: go the ~

sich besonders ins


6. Seller went the extra mile to make my card and got it to me in double-quick time. Zeug legen

Thanks, Steffi! item  
, Artikel

7. Nothing is too much trouble for Steffi. Thanks! postage

, Porto


, rasch, schnell

1. Less than perfect? 2. Good reviews

Most customers gave Steffi a five-star rating for In the reviews, find three phrases which show that...

excellent service, but one customer, who wasn’t totally
satisfied, gave only three stars. Which review do you A. the delivery was quick.
think was the three-star one?

Review number

1. Less than perfect?

double-quick time

B. Steffi gives great service.

B. Steffi went above
Review number 5

A. speedy dispatch;

much trouble for

Seller went the

arrived swiftly;

Nothing is too
got it to me in

and beyond...;
2. Good reviews

extra mile...;



LANGUAGE 9/2020 Spotlight 39 
Dad Thomas
Thomas challenged himself to run a marathon on his balcony to
raise money for a school in Malawi. He received lots of donations
and has been training hard. Will he achieve his goal? Let’s read his
update and find out.

Kachulu School, Malawi

, erreichen


, entschlossen

£ 1,100

, schwindelig, benom­

Fundraiser stats men
61 donors

, Spende

242 shares exceed

, übertreffen

Thomas Naumann is organizing this fundraiser
268 followers fundraiser

, Spendensammlung

posted yesterday

, großzügig
Thanks to all your amazingly generous donations, we have met our target of £1,000 — and have

even exceeded it! Heartfelt thanks to you all! Now, I just need to actually run this crazy balcony

SHARE , herzlich, tief­

marathon! 8,440 lengths of my five-metre-long balcony to make a total of 42.2 kilometres. To- empfunden
morrow is the big day. Wish me luck! Keep it up!

, Mach weiter so!

Keep going, Thomas! raise
posted today 11.35 Keep it up! You’ve

, hier: sammeln
Update from the balcony from Steffi (Thomas’s wife). Thomas started running at nine this morn- got this!

ing and the first 2,000 lengths went well. He’s feeling fine, but a little bit dizzy! His knees are now With you every step of
starting to hurt, due to all the turns at the end of the balcony. But he’s not giving up, despite the the way! Stay strong!
One step at a time —
pain. He’s determined to see this challenge through to the end. Thanks to you all for your support.
you can do it!
More updates later… Come on!
Don’t give up!
Great effort!

3. An update 4. Words of encouragement

Match the sentence halves. Put each set of words in the right order to form two

individual phrases.
A. Thomas has exceeded 1. if a little bit dizzy. A. don’t this give you’ve up got

his target of £1,000… 2. thanks to everyone’s

Illustrationen: Anja Stiehler-Patschan/Jutta Fricke Illustrators

B. After 2,000 lengths, he’s generous donations.


feeling fine,… 3. despite the pain.

B. can you strong do stay it

C. His knees are now start- 4. due to all the turns at


ing to hurt,… the end of the balcony.

D. He’s not giving up,…

C. one great time step a at effort

D. With you every step
C. One step at a time!


You’ve got this!

A. Don’t give up!

B. You can do it!

Great effort!

D. every way keep with going step you of the

Stay strong!

Keep going!
of the way!
3. An update

4. Words of




40  Spotlight 9/2020 LANGUAGE
Son Jonas
When we last saw Jonas, he had discovered an interest in stand-
up comedy and had joined an online group where new comedians
can share ideas and try out new material. What did Mike, the
group organizer, think of Jonas’s first attempts at comedy?


Jonas: What did you think? Was I OK? , neben, an der Seite von

Mike: Yeah, you did great. Not bad for a first time. I was impressed by some of your ideas. angle


You had a couple of good observations in there.

Jonas: A couple? I guess that’s not too bad for a first attempt. attempt

Mike: You have potential. There are some strengths you can develop — and, of course, , Versuch

there are some weaker areas, too, but you’re not a hopeless case, not at all! bear: ~ sth. in mind

, etw. im Sinn behalten
Jonas: OK. So, how can I improve?

Mike: You could work on your timing. You just need to slow down and breathe, and allow

, hier: Vortragsweise

the audience time to react.

look ahead
Jonas: Yeah, I got nervous and raced through it all.

, vorausblicken

Mike: It’s a classic beginner’s error. Your writing shows promise. You just need to practise on board: take sth. ~

your delivery. ifml.

, etw. ernst nehmen
Jonas: How can I move forward?


Mike: Looking ahead, I think you should put together five minutes of material and then

, hier: Sendeplatz

aim to do a five-minute slot at an open mic night. I’ll send you some links. slow down

Jonas: And do you think my English is good enough to work alongside native speakers? , langsamer machen,


Mike: Absolutely, and your different cultural perspective can give you a unique angle.

Jonas: Great, I’ll bear that in mind. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll take your comments on

, einzigartig


5. Giving feedback 6. Accepting feedback

Rearrange the letters to complete Mike’s feedback. Fill in the missing letters to complete Jonas’s comments.

A. I was (iprmsseed) by some of your A. How can I i p o e?

ideas. B. How can I move f w d?

B. You have (toptenali). C. I’ll b r that in m d.

C. There are some (trenstghs) you can D. I’ll take your comments on b a d.


D. There are some (wkaeer raeas), too.

E. You could (rkwo no) your timing.

F. Your writing shows (priseom).
6. Accepting feedback

5. Giving feedback

D. weaker areas

C. bear; mind
A. impressed

C. strengths
B. potential

A. improve
E. work on
F. promise

B. forward

D. board

LANGUAGE 9/2020 Spotlight 41 
Daughter Sofie
Having done a school project on climate change, Sofie has now joined an interna-
tional protest group and has made new friends around the globe. Sofie asks her new
friend Alys in Wales about her experiences of protesting.

I took part in the Friday school Alys: No, never. Our core principles balanced

strikes in Germany last year, are non-violence and peace- , ausgewogen

but I want to become more ful protest. We have people banner

actively engaged now. What trained in de-escalation, to , Transparent, Spruch­

about you? keep things cool. band
Alys: I was involved in the big street Sofie: Did you see yourself in the clear: ~ away

, entfernen

demonstrations in central Lon- news?

don last October. It was really Alys: Yes, we were singing outside core principle

, Grundprinzip

cool — until the police moved the BBC building, which was

in to clear our camp away. kind of weird — to be on the coverage

, Berichterstattung
Sofie: Wow! Were you arrested? news outside the news offices.

Alys: Yeah. I was arrested and held I think the media coverage demand

, Forderung

in a police cell for a few hours, was fairly balanced. We got

but then they let me go — and some good publicity for our disrupt

, stören
I went straight back to the demands.

protests. Sofie: Did you have to cancel any engaged: be actively ~
in sth.

Sofie: How did people react? The protests for the Covid-19 lock-

, sich aktiv für etw.

public, I mean? down?

Alys: I think there was widespread Alys: Oh, yeah. My local group had globe

public support for our aims, planned some fun events, but,

, Globus, Erde

but, of course, not everyone of course, we couldn’t go ahead go ahead with
was sympathetic because we with any of them.

, durchführen

were blocking the streets and Sofie: So, is anything being planned move in

disrupting traffic. A lot of taxi for the future?

, anrücken

drivers were really annoyed. Alys: What do you want to do? If sympathetic

We just smiled and waved our you’ve got an idea, don’t keep it , verständnisvoll

banners. to yourself! weird ifml.

Sofie: Did it get violent? Sofie: Don’t worry, I won’t! , seltsam

7. Taking part in a protest 8. How did people react?

Choose the right word from the list below to complete Choose the right words from the two options in bold to

these sentences from the girls’ conversation. complete the sentences below.

arrested | banners | demonstrations | disrupting | peaceful | A. There was wide / widespread public support for our

strikes aims.
Illustrationen: Anja Stiehler-Patschan/Jutta Fricke Illustrators

B. Not everyone was sympathetic / harmonious.

A. I took part in the Friday school in

C. The media coverage was fairly equal / balanced.

Germany last year.

B. I was involved in the big street in D. We got some good advertising / publicity for our

central London last October. demands.
C. I was and held in a police cell.

D. We were blocking the streets and

8. How did people
B. demonstrations
7. Taking part in a

B. sympathetic

E. We just smiled and waved our .

A. widespread
D. disrupting

C. balanced

D. publicity
F. peaceful
C. arrested

E. banners

F. Our core principles are non-violence and

A. strikes



42  Spotlight 9/2020 LANGUAGE
Grandpa Klaus former GDR (German
Klaus recently linked up with a class of American students taking Democratic Republic)

, ehemalige DDR
part in an academic summer camp and told them about his expe-

riences of life in the former GDR. Today, he received a message on behalf of sb.

, im Namen von jmdm.
from the teacher, and he tells his granddaughter, Sofie, about it.

tech support ifml.

, technische
Klaus: Hallo, Sofie. Ich habe heute eine nette Mail von dieser amerika-


nischen Lehrerin bekommen. Hör mal: “Alexa, read my e-mail.” thought-provoking

, zum Nachdenken


Alexa: E-mail from Heidi Kirk.

Hi, Klaus
I just wanted to thank you again for the other day. Thank you so

much for taking the time and trouble to join us. What you told the
students was interesting, informative and thought-provoking. So,
on behalf of the whole class, a very big thank you.
Please also pass on my thanks to your granddaughter for her tech

Good luck with your writing and enjoy the rest of the summer.


Sofie: Wow, Opa. Das ist unglaublich. Ich bin sprachlos.

Klaus: Warum? Was ist daran so überraschend, dass andere die Geschichten von

deinem alten Opa interessant finden? We hope you enjoyed our
Sofie: Nein, ich bin überrascht, dass mein Opa gelernt hat, Alexa zu bedienen. three-part series “English for

now”. All three episodes of
Klaus: Ha, ha. the Naumann family’s English

Sofie: Aber warum sprichst du englisch mit Alexa? Die Einstellung ist doch adventures are available to

subscribers in our download
normalerweise deutsch. Soll ich die Sprache für dich ändern?
archive at www.spotlight-
Klaus: Nein, danke. Ich habe die Spracheinstellungen gefunden und absichtlich

geändert, zum Üben. Denkst du, nur ihr Jungen seid lernfähig?

9. Thank you! 10. Alexa commands

Which of these sentences is not in Heidi’s mail? Klaus is learning to command Alexa in English. Choose the

right command (1–6) for each of Klaus’s problems (A–F).
A. I just wanted to thank you again for the other day.

B. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to A. Es ist ganz schön kalt hier drin.

B. Ich höre die Musik ja kaum.

join us.

C. Wann macht eigentlich der Supermarkt auf?
C. The students asked me to pass on their thanks to you.

D. Ich darf nicht vergessen, meine Tabletten zu nehmen.

D. So, on behalf of the whole class, a very big thank you.

E. Es wird schon dunkel draußen.

E. Please also pass on my thanks to your granddaughter. F. Was habe ich nochmal morgen vor?

1. Alexa, turn the light on!

2. Alexa, set a reminder!

Sentence C is not

3. Alexa, turn up the heat two degrees!

10. Alexa commands
in Heidi’s mail.

4. Alexa, turn up the volume!
9. Thank you!

5. Alexa, what’s in my calendar?

6. Alexa, find opening hours for Edeka!




LANGUAGE 9/2020 Spotlight 43 

The class
of 1970
Unsere Kolumnistin erinnert sich an eine Zeit,
zu der Schulen und Universitäten schon einmal
geschlossen werden mussten – allerdings wegen
einer Krise ganz anderer Art.

s I read the myriad Facebook posts this spring of students nevertheless stood their ground. Tempers
students and their parents lamenting the cancel- flared, and a number of the Guardsmen suddenly
lation of graduations, it took me back to a time began firing into the crowd, killing four students
50 years ago. It was 1970, when many colleges and — two of whom had been protesting and two who
universities across the US suspended classes because were simply walking from one class to another.
of another tragic event: the killing of four students Nine others were wounded by the shots, some very
by the Ohio National Guard on May 4. seriously, resulting in life-long disabilities.
Richard Nixon had been elected president in 1968, The shootings triggered student strikes across the
campaigning on a platform to end the Vietnam War. country. Some universities closed down; many that
Throughout the late 1960s, activists — including me remained open offered seminars and discussions
— had taken part in anti-war protests. There was a about current events in place of formal classes. Many
generational divide, as many parents supported the universities also permitted students to stop their
president and the war. My dad worked for the CIA studies and still receive credit for the year.
at the time, and discussions at dinner often became Like many others, I chose to do that, foregoing my
heated. In our family, we were raised to believe that graduation. I quickly landed a job with a Congress-
citizens should always support the government. The man in Washington, DC, determined to work from
path to change in a democracy, we were taught, was the inside to help correct the country’s misguided
through the election process. path — because that’s what you do when you’re 21
By the spring of 1970, it seemed that the war might years old and a starry-eyed idealist, right? But that’s a
be coming to an end. Maybe our voices were being longer story — and, thus, one for another day.
heard. Then, on April 30, Nixon announced the US
invasion of Cambodia. New waves of student pro-
tests erupted around the country. In Ohio, the mayor
awry: go ~ ground: stand one’s ~
of Kent was concerned that the local police would be

, schiefgehen , standhaft bleiben, nicht
unable to control the protestors at Kent State Univer-

sity. On May 2, he asked the state’s governor to send

, verbieten lament sth.
in the National Guard. The ROTC (Reserve Officers

, über etw. klagen

Training Corps) building had gone up in flames that

, auseinandergehen, sich myriad
day — though it’s never been proven who set the fire

zerstreuen , Abertausende

— and protestors had thrown rocks at policemen and divide starry-eyed
firemen. About 1,000 Ohio National Guard troops ar-

, hier: Konflikt , blauäugig

rived on campus that evening to restore order. erupt suspend
Fotos: iStockphoto/; privat

The following day, Sunday, was calm, but students

, ausbrechen , aussetzen, unterbrechen

is a freelance
scheduled a demonstration for Monday. Although flare temper
the university administration banned the protest,

writer who lived , hochkochen; hier: kippen , Stimmung

in Munich for 20 the students showed up anyway. That’s when things forego sth. trigger
years. She now
started to go awry — as the National Guardsmen,

, auf etw. verzichten , auslösen
calls a small

town in upstate who were armed with loaded guns, confronted some graduation
500 unarmed protestors. Ordered to disperse, the

New York home. , hier: feierliche Zeugnisvergabe

44  Spotlight 9/2020 AMERICAN LIFE

Welcome to the
Alle Übungen
aus dem Sprachteil
können Sie hier
auch online und

language pages
interaktiv machen.

Over the next dozen or more pages, we give you the opportunity to learn
about grammar and vocabulary in an up-to-date context. We start off here
with a column that takes a very personal look at the English language.


You’re welcome?
No problem!
Unsere Kolumnistin fühlt sich gelegentlich ein wenig alt.
Warum? Weil auf ihr freundliches „Danke“ viel zu selten
ein einfaches „Bitte“ folgt.

Let’s get this straight from the beginning. I am not These days, in the US, almost anyone under the age of cashier

old. If you think I am, you’ve got a problem. And yet, 30 says “No problem” when confronted with words , Kassierer(in)

I feel old. Why? of gratitude. Why is that? cell phone N. Am.

One of the markers of ageing is noticing how lan- Personally, I don’t feel I’m necessarily creating , Mobiltelefon, Handy

guage has changed. My father died over thirty years a problem when I thank you for something. Or do clog

ago. If he came back today, he would have no idea you think otherwise? Is doing your job normally a , verstopfen

that “Apple” is not The Beatles’ record label, or some- problem for you? What about passing me the salt cringe

thing you eat. He wouldn’t know what a “cell phone” at the dinner table? Are you really such a millennial , zusammenzucken

is, or that you can make video calls, or that “google” snowflake that even minor transactions like this can distress

as a noun or a verb is not baby talk, or a sound your cause you distress? , Bedrängnis

sink makes when your drain is clogged. Nor would Sadly, it’s a sign of the times that, when responding drain

he know what “laptop,” “selfie,” “9/11,” or “corona” to a “thank-you,” anyone under the age of about 30 , Abfluss

mean. And these are just totally random examples tends to answer in a way that indicates you may have ease: put sb. at ~

of company names, technological advancements, disturbed them. “No problem” is negative. “You’re , jmdn. beruhigen

trends, and historical events that have come into welcome”, however, shifts the focus to the other gratitude

, Dankbarkeit
being or happened since he left this planet. person and puts him or her pleasantly at ease.

Being dead is a pretty good excuse for not keeping The disappearance of this standard, polite phrase junior: his/her ~

up on slang. Dad’s daughter, however, is still here, and from the vocabularies of the youngish is not a trend , jünger als er/sie

now she’s beginning to understand why her parents you should follow — no matter whether you’re 18 or keep up on sth

, mit etw. mithalten
thought that the slang that was popular when she 80. “You’re welcome” is both thoughtful and polite.

was a kid sounded stupid. Let me focus on just one So, make sure you use it! millennial snowflake
current example, so ubiquitous that not a day goes (Pause here to thank me.)

, Generation Y, unreife,
by when you don’t hear it, at least in the US: “You’re really quite welcome,” she said, wondering

überempfindliche Person
Fotos: 4x6, Ershova Veronika/; privat

“Thank you,” she said, when purchasing her toilet why speaking politely is such a problem for some. random
paper in the supermarket. “No problem,” responded

, zufällig

the cashier, twenty years her junior. record label
Now, ignoring the fact that in the year 2020, pur-

, Plattenfirma

chasing toilet paper actually has become a problem, sink
I cringe whenever someone says “No problem” as

, Spül-, Waschbecken

a response to “Thank you.” Whatever happened to ubiquitous
Writer, editor, translator, and photographer
“You’re welcome” — a much less self-centered and,

Judith Gilbert divides her time between New York , allgegenwärtig

well, more welcoming phrase. City and a small town in Bavaria.

JUST JUDI 9/2020 Spotlight 45 




8 3



Illustration: Martin Haake

46  Spotlight 9/2020 VOCABULARY


furnishings Home, sweet home
What makes a house a home? Do you like your home to be comfortable and cosy, with thick
VANESSA CLARK presents key carpets or rugs, heavy curtains and lots of soft furnishings?
language to talk about the home Or do you prefer a more minimalist style, with a bare wooden floor,
Scandi-style furniture and plain blinds at the windows? Even the
furnishings in your living room.
barest, most minimalist modern apartment needs at least a little
MEDIUM PLUS colour to brighten it up a bit — perhaps a few colourful cushions on

the sofa, a knitted throw over the back of an armchair or a bright rug
in the middle of the floor.
If you don’t like bold patterns, such as florals, stripes or geometric
designs, try experimenting with different textures. Thick, soft fabrics
like velvet and chenille add warmth, while lighter, thinner fabrics like
cotton, voile or net create a lighter mood.
What do you have on your shelves? Purely practical items, like
Wi-Fi speakers, or more personal items, like books, photos in frames
and ornaments of sentimental value? Perhaps you have a collection
of trophies and awards for your many achievements.
If you feel you have too much stuff in your living room, you can
declutter it by getting rid of anything you no longer need or like. You
could even engage the services of a professional declutterer to help
you sort out your things — and an interior designer to help you create
1. blinds 8. floor lamp a new look for your room.

, Jalousien , Stehlampe
2. bookcase 9. footstool

, Bücherregal , Fußhocker
3. bookends 10. lampshade

, Buchstützen , Lampenschirm
4. candleholder 11. ornament Housework

, Kerzenständer , Dekogegenstand The living room, or lounge (UK), is a place to rest and relax — until it needs
5. coffee table 12. photo frame cleaning! Then everything needs tidying up. The books and magazines

, Couchtisch , Bilderrahmen need clearing away. The carpet or rugs need vacuuming, or hoovering
6. curtains, 13. rug (UK). The ornaments need dusting. The coffee table needs polishing. The

drapes N. Am. , Vorleger, Läufer cushions need plumping up. Then you can sit back down and put your feet
, Vorhänge 14. throw up again!

7. cushion , Überwurf

, Kissen 15. trophy

, Pokal

armchair furnishings texture

, Sessel , Einrichtungsgegenstände , Gewebe, Struktur

bare item vacuuming

, nackt , Artikel , Staubsaugen

bold knitted velvet

, frech, gewagt , gestrickt , Samt

cosy pattern voile

, gemütlich , Muster , Voile, Schleierstoff

declutter plain

, entrümpeln , schlicht; einfarbig

At, you can florals plump up

find our Vocabulary archive. , Blumenmuster , aufschütteln

VOCABULARY 9/2020 Spotlight 47 

Doing the laundry

DAGMAR TAYLOR presents four dialogues about
doing the laundry. Read them carefully and look at
our tips to brush up on your everyday English.

1. How do I do it? When you put some washing on, you

It’s Sunday evening and Nerys is on her way back from a conference when switch on the washing machine and

her teenage son, Archie, calls her. select a program.
A sports kit (UK) is the set of clothes

Nerys: Hi, love. You OK? drawer in the compartment used for a particular sports activity.

Archie: Hi, Mum. Yeah, fine. I just on the right. A laundry pod is a soft capsule that

wanted to put some washing Archie: Yeah, I know, I’ve done all contains enough soap or detergent to

on because I need my sports that. But what program do I wash one load of laundry.
kit for tomorrow. What do I put it on? Fabric softener is a conditioner that
have to do? Nerys: Put it on 3 and turn the tem- is added to laundry in a washing

Nerys: Well, first you get one of the perature dial to 40 °C. machine during the rinse cycle.

laundry pods from the box Archie: OK, I’ve done that. A dial is the round control you turn in

with the blue lid. Put it in the Nerys: Now, press “on” and then order to change or choose something,

machine and then put your “start”. Wait! Before you do such as a particular temperature or
washing on top. The fabric that, can you ask your sister program.
softener goes in the soap if she has any dark washing?

2. Use the basket! When you hang up the laundry,

Nerys has just arrived home from the conference. you arrange clean, wet laundry on a

clothes horse or clothes line so that it

Nerys: Hi, I’m home. Archie: Sorry. can dry.

Archie: (from upstairs) Hi, Mum. Nerys: Have you got an ironed shirt Crap is a vulgar expression, but not

Nerys: Are you getting ready for for tomorrow? quite as vulgar as its synonym “shit”.

bed? Did you hang up the Archie: No. I was going to iron all my A clothes horse (N. Am. drying rack)

laundry? shirts for the week, but then is a wooden or metal folding frame

Archie: Oh, crap! I forgot. I’ll do it I remembered I had to finish that you put clothes on to dry after

now. There’s no space on the my geography prep. they have been washed.
clothes horse! Nerys: I’ll iron one for you in the Washing and “laundry” can both be

Nerys: Wait, I’ll help you fold the morning. I’m too tired now. used to refer to the clothes, sheets, etc.

dry laundry. Archie! Use the Is your sister already asleep? that need washing, are being washed

basket to carry the washing. Archie: I think so. But you might or have recently been washed.

You’re dropping socks and want to check that she’s not If someone says I was going to do
pants all along the hallway. on her phone. something, it is usually followed by

the reason why they did not do it.

capsule detergent hallway lid prep ifml. rinse cycle

, Kapsel , Waschmittel , Gang, Diele , Deckel , Vorbereitung , Spülvorgang

48  Spotlight 9/2020 EVERYDAY ENGLISH

3. When I go to university... Halls is short for “halls of residence”

It’s Monday morning. Nerys is ironing Archie’s shirt. (N. Am. dorm, short for “dormitory”),

which is a building for university or

Archie: Mum? When I go to univer- coins. Although these days, college students to live in.

sity, will there be a washing you can probably pay by card. A laundrette (N. Am. laundromat) is
machine in my flat? Archie: Then what? Do I have to sit a place where you can wash and dry

Nerys: Not if you live in halls. But there until it’s done? your clothes in machines that you pay

there’ll be a laundrette near- Nerys: Pretty much. Or you can to use.

by — maybe in the central set your alarm and go back Pretty much (ifml.) is another way of

building. when the time’s up. I used to saying “that’s about right”.

Archie: A laundrette? How does that read a book while I was wait- If you leave something unattended,

work? ing for my washing. I didn’t it is not being watched or cared for

Nerys: You take your dirty laundry like to leave my laundry while you are gone.

there, put it in a machine, unattended because I was If someone nicks something (UK
choose the program you worried someone would ifml.), they steal it.

want and then insert a few nick my favourite T-shirts.

4. Was everything OK for you? A stain is a dirty mark on something

It’s Monday morning. Archie and Nerys are getting ready to leave the house. that is difficult to remove.

Something that looks grubby is
Nerys: Right, then, that’s your shirt Nerys: It was OK. I went to a few in- rather dirty, usually because it has not

ironed. teresting talks and met some been washed or cleaned.
Archie: Thanks, Mum. nice people, but I think I’d By the way is used to introduce a

Nerys: I think we’ll have to use some rather have had the weekend subject that may not be directly

stain remover on your collar off, to be honest. Could you related to what is being discussed at

next time. I really don’t know bring down your washing? the time.
what you did there, but it I’m going to put a load on To be honest can be used at the
looks a bit grubby. Is your before I leave for work. beginning or end of a sentence to say

sports kit dry, by the way? Archie: Do you want me to get it that this is what you really think.

Archie: Yes, it always dries much now? A load is the amount of dirty laundry

faster than anything else. I Nerys: Yes, please. And can you get that a washing machine can hold at

forgot to ask you how the your sister, too? She’s going any one time.
conference went. to be late again.
Foto: belchonock/

alarm: set the ~ at any one time collar insert

, den Wecker stellen , hier: jeweils , Kragen , einwerfen

EVERYDAY ENGLISH 9/2020 Spotlight 49 

You really should...

ADRIAN DOFF presents and explains this key 6. Paul uses need to to talk about something he must

point of grammar with notes on a short dialogue. do. He could also say “I must practise” or “I have to
EASY PLUS 7. To comment on what Paul was doing (a continuous

activity in the past), Betty uses should(n’t) + have
been + -ing (you were playing → you shouldn’t
have been playing; you weren’t working → you
should have been working).

The verb should is a modal verb. It can be followed by
various forms:
Dialogue 1. simple infinitive (without “to”), to talk in general

It’s already midnight, but Betty’s teenage son, Paul, hasn’t or to advise someone what to do:
gone to bed yet. You shouldn’t work so hard.

You should see a doctor.

Betty: What are you doing? You should be1 in bed. No 2. be + -ing, to comment on something that’s going on

wonder you’re always so tired — you should go1 at the moment:
to bed earlier. You shouldn’t be2 up at this time The children shouldn’t be playing in the street — it’s

of night. dangerous.

Paul: I’m just listening to music. 3. have + past participle, to comment on a past action:

Betty: Well, you shouldn’t be listening3 to music — I shouldn’t have voted for Brexit — it was a bad

you should be sleeping.3 You ought to4 know mistake.

that by now. You’ve got school tomorrow. 4. have been + -ing, to comment on an activity that

Paul: (sighs) OK. was ongoing in the past:

Betty: Have you done all your homework? The accident was his fault. He shouldn’t have been

Paul: Most of it. I’ll finish it in the morning. driving so fast.

Betty: You should have finished5 it earlier — before

you started doing other things.
Paul: But I was playing the guitar earlier. I need to6 Beyond the basics

practise every day. We use should to say what the right thing or a good

Betty: Well, you shouldn’t have been playing7 the thing to do is:

guitar — you should have been doing7 your I’m sure they’re very upset that you didn’t call. You

homework. It’s more important. should tell them you’re sorry.

Paul: Is it? Why? I want to become a musician. I should probably go now. It’s getting late.

Betty: Don’t argue! And go to bed now. Must, have to and need to are stronger and are used

to talk about something that is necessary or very

You have to submit your income tax before the end

of the year. (It’s a rule.)

I must go now, or I’ll miss my train. (I realize that it’s

Explanations necessary.)

1. Betty uses should to say what the right thing to do is. It’s I need to practise my English grammar. (It’s very

followed by infinitive without “to” (should be, should go). important.)

2. The negative of “should” is shouldn’t (= should not).

3. To comment on what Paul is doing, Betty uses should(n’t)

+ be + -ing (you are listening → you shouldn’t be listening;
you aren’t sleeping → you should be sleeping). argue submit
4. Here, Betty uses ought to. It means the same as “should”,

, streiten, diskutieren , einreichen, abgeben

but it sounds a little more serious. realize upset
5. To talk about an action in the past, Betty uses should + have

, merken, feststellen , traurig, verärgert

+ past participle (you didn’t finish it → you should have sigh

finished it). , seufzen

50  Spotlight 9/2020 THE GRAMMAR PAGE

words — 07Spotlight
Spotlight — 2016 Global English 9/2020 Spotlight

What would a speaker of British English say?

Australian speaker:
Casual and comfortable —
check out our new collection of It’s that time of year when we can swap
jeggings now! our gumboots for thongs.

(In)Formal English 9/2020 Spotlight Translation 9/2020 Spotlight

Translate these sentences into English:

What do these informal British words mean?

1. Ich habe gerade eine neue Jeans gekauft.

After showering, I always put on fresh

undies and my jimjams. Sometimes, 2. Sie hat Dutzende Schuhe, die sie nie trägt.

a cardie and slippers, too, if it’s cold.
3. Mein Sohn braucht neue Gummistiefel.

Pronunciation 9/2020 Spotlight Idiom magic 9/2020 Spotlight

How would you pronounce these words?

Zeichnung: Ching Yee Smithback

pair of pumps

The cat’s pyjamas

False friends 9/2020 Spotlight Grammar 9/2020 Spotlight

Look at this dialogue. What’s the function of the words

Slipper / slippers
highlighted in bold?
➞ Austrennung an der Perforierung

Translate the following sentences:

A: What do you think of this pair of jeggings?

B: Well, they look a bit loose. Would you like to try on
1. Ich hasse Schnürsenkel — deshalb trage ich nur Slipper.

a smaller size?
A: You’re right, they are loose, but I like them that way.
3. I’d love to go to work in my slippers.

In fact, I think I’ll take them a size bigger!

7/2017 Spotlight

Global English
New words 9/2020
Spotlight — 07Spotlight
— 2016 New words 9/2020 Spotlight

British speaker:
“It’s that time of year when we can swap our wellies for
Jeggings — a combination of jeans and leggings — are
leggings made from a stretchy material designed to look
What Australians call gumboots are called wellington
like tight denim jeans.
boots or, informally, wellies in the UK. The word thongs
in Australia refers to flip-flops in British English. Watch
out — a “thong” in the UK is a piece of ladies’ underwear!

Translation 9/2020 Spotlight (In)Formal English 9/2020 Spotlight

1. I’ve just bought a new pair of jeans.

After showering, I always put on fresh underwear and

2. She has dozens of pairs of shoes that she never wears.
my pyjamas. Sometimes, a cardigan and slippers, too,

3. My son needs new wellies.
if it’s cold.

In English, an item of clothing that consists of two parts,
English often shortens words and adds “-y” or “-ie(s)”
e.g. two shoes or two “legs” of trousers, is always referred
to create informal names for items of clothing, such as
to as a pair of.... If you’re talking about several such items,
cardie (for “cardigan”), or wellies (for “wellingtons”).
use the plural pairs of..., or just the plural word.

Idiom magic 9/2020 Spotlight Pronunciation 9/2020 Spotlight

UK: [kɑ:dɪgən] N. Am.: [kɑ:rdɪgən]

UK: [ʌndəweə] N. Am.: [ʌndəweər]

This phrase originated in the 1920s, when it was used to UK: [peər əv pʌmps] N. Am.: [peər əv pʌmps]

describe a new and desirable fashion. Today, it refers to
something that is highly admired and respected, or con- In American English, the [r] sound is pronounced when-
sidered to be the best of its kind. A phrase with a similar ever there is the letter “r” in a word. In British English,
meaning is the bee’s knees. the [r] sound is pronounced only when it is followed by a
vowel sound. When speaking English, you should try to
stick to one pronunciation.

Grammar 9/2020 Spotlight False friends 9/2020 Spotlight

1. I hate laces — which is why I wear only slip-ons.

Well and in fact are discourse markers. We use well to
show that we are thinking carefully about our response, 2. Am liebsten würde ich in Hausschuhen ins Büro gehen.

or that our response might not be what is expected.
We use in fact to show that we want to add information to In German, Slipper are slip-on shoes without laces.
what we have just said, or maybe say it in a different way. In English, slippers are soft, comfortable shoes that are
worn only indoors.

VANESSA CLARK turns her attention to

a particularly interesting word or expression
that could be a challenge to translate.

warts and all

informal phrase

Example Columbia Daily Herald,

“The documentary is
5 March 2020
This description refers to
a TV documentary about

a warts-and-all look at Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s life”
Usage Background
This “warts-and-all” documentary about Hillary Clinton claims This phrase is said to come from Oliver Cromwell, the Lord
to present a complete picture of her life — both the good and Protector of England after the Civil War in the 17th century.
the bad parts. The image here is of a portrait which shows the Cromwell’s armies had removed the king from the throne and,
imperfections of its subject, rather than an unrealistic image of as the new ruler, Cromwell needed a portrait of himself. Kings
perfect beauty. had always been painted in an unrealistically flattering style,
Other things that can be described as “warts and all” are auto but this wouldn’t have been suitable for the Puritan Cromwell.
biographies and reality TV shows. Very few people, however, According to the story, he ordered the artist to paint him “warts
write a warts-and-all dating profile. and all”. There is no evidence whatsoever that he actually said
When the phrase is used as an adjective, as in our example these words, but Cromwell’s portrait does show a wart and some
above, it is hyphenated. Otherwise, no hyphens are needed: other lumps and bumps on his face.
“I told him about myself, warts and all.”
In German, the documentary might be described as showing
ein ungeschöntes Porträt or die ungeschminkte Realität, or maybe as
portraying Clinton mit all ihren Fehlern und Schwächen.
Exercise A

In which of the following contexts would “warts and all”

make sense?

bump lump
A. “Her Instagram account shows her perfect life,

, Beule , Knoten


flattering puritan

, schmeichelhaft , Puritaner(in)
B. “I told my new partner about my first marriage,

hyphenated wart


, mit Bindestrich , Warze

geschrieben Answer: B

LOST IN TRANSLATION 9/2020 Spotlight 53 


It’s not my day

How do we use the word “day” in spoken
English? Look at the examples below, then
read the explanations to learn some useful
phrases. By ADRIAN DOFF

one day can mean “at a time in the past”, but without saying

exactly when in the past:
One day, I decided to give up my job and travel abroad.
Match the expressions with the word “day” (A–D) to the

... or it can mean “at some time in the future”:

things or situations they refer to (1–4).
I hope I’ll get married one day and have children.

by day means “during the daytime” (= when it’s light):

A. It’s seen better days. 1. the price of petrol
In some countries, it’s safer to travel by day — it can be quite

dangerous at night.

B. It changes from one 2. your boss giving you

We say day by day to describe something that changes gradually:

day to the next. a pay rise
He’s making a good recovery. He’s feeling better day by day.
We use from day to day or from one day to the next to describe

C. It really made my day. 3. a dog barking

something that is different every day:

The exchange rate changes from day to day.
D. You hear it day and 4. an old sofa

The word day is also used in many idiomatic expressions.

If you say It’s not my day, you’re having a bad day:
Common expressions I was late for work this morning, and then the computer
There are many common time expressions with the word day. system broke down. It just isn’t my day.

⋅ ⋅
Here are a few examples: If something has seen better days, it’s old and in bad condition:
A friend of mine got a job with a delivery service. He had My bike has seen better days, but I can still use it for short
to work every day (on weekdays) from seven to five, so he trips.

worked all day long, ten hours a day. He didn’t enjoy the If something has had its day, it’s no longer what it once was and

job — it was boring to do the same thing day after day. He is not worth keeping:
finally seized the day and changed to a different job. I think this washing machine has had its day. It’s time to buy
The word day can also be used in compound nouns. Here are a a new one.

⋅ ⋅
few examples: If something makes your day, you’re really pleased about it:
If you want to go somewhere, you might decide to take a I had a lovely card from my grandmother. It really made my
day trip (= a trip for the day). If you go by train, you could day. (= I felt happy for the whole day.)

buy a day return (= a return ticket for one day). On the train If you say I think I’ll call it a day or Let’s call it a day, you decide

journey, you can look out the window, as long as there’s still to stop doing whatever you’ve been busy with for that day:
daylight (= light in the sky), or you might prefer just to sit I’ve packed most of the boxes, so I think I’ll call it a day. I’ll
and daydream (= let your thoughts wander). carry on tomorrow.

And if you save (or keep) something for a rainy day, you save it

Here are some more common expressions with the word day: for a time in the future when you might need it:
day in, day out means “every single day”, and is similar in mean- I’ve decided not to spend the money I won. I’m keeping it

ing to day after day: for a rainy day.

He wears the same clothes day in, day out. He never wears
anything different.

compound noun gradually recovery: make a

day and night means “continuously”, “all the time”:

, zusammenge- , allmählich good ~
The motorway is full of traffic day and night. It never stops.

setztes Substantiv , sich gut erholen
motorway UK Answers

in a few days’ time means “in a few days from now”:

exchange rate ,Autobahn


You should receive a reply in a few days’ time.

, Wechselkurs

54  Spotlight 9/2020 SPOKEN ENGLISH

Dear Ken
Communication expert KEN TAYLOR answers your KEN TAYLOR
is a communication
questions about business English. Here, he looks at consultant and
word splits and has advice on how to give instructions author of 50 Ways
to Improve Your
clearly but politely.
Business English
(Lulu Publishing).

Dear Ken Dear Ken Send your questions

In British English, where do I put the hyphen I sometimes have to take visitors on a about business English
to split words at the end of a line? I found some tour of our laboratories. Before we start by e-mail with “Dear
Ken” in the subject line
information online, but do official rules exist? the tour, I need to tell people what they to: language@
I would be very grateful for some help. Thank you should or should not do and what to do
Each month, I answer
very much in advance. in an emergency. two questions Spotlight
Kind regards How can I make these instructions readers have sent in.
If one of them is your
Maren clear but polite?
question, you’ll receive
All the best a copy of my book: Dear
Elsa Ken... 101 answers to
your questions about
Dear Maren business English. So
Splitting words at the end of a line is not always a don’t forget to add your
simple task. Personally, I prefer not to split words at Dear Elsa postal address.
all, but it can’t always be avoided. There are some ac- Instructions need to be clear, concise
cepted practices that vary from language to language and memorable, especially where

and even between British and American English: personal safety is concerned.
The generally accepted British English practice is When giving instructions or directions,
to split a word at a prefix or at a suffix whenever we generally use the imperative (“come

possible. here”, “don’t go there”). Remember that
The first part of the split word should still be “don’t” is less formal than “do not”.
recognizable, e.g. “pronounc-ing” rather than If you want to make the instruction

“pronoun-cing”. sound more polite, just add the word
Make sure your splits don’t cause confusion. “please” to the start of the sentence compound  
, zusammengesetzt
An incorrect split such as “the-rapist” rather than (“Please stay behind the line”).


“ther-a-pist” is unfortunate . Here are some other ways to begin a

, knapp und präzise
Don’t divide one-syllable words. sentence when giving instructions,


⋅⋅ ⋅
Try not to divide proper nouns. information or advice:

, Bindestrich, Trennungs-
Don’t leave just one letter at the end of a line. Remember to ... put on your


⋅ ⋅⋅
Don’t divide the last word on a page. protective gloves.

Divide words at double letters, e.g. “let-ters” — Be sure to ... avoid any spillages.

, einprägsam

unless the double letter is part of the root of the Try not to ... touch any of the


⋅ ⋅
word, e.g. “pass-able”. equipment.

, einsilbig

Divide compound words into two separate It’s important to ... follow my prefix

⋅ ⋅
words, e.g. “wall-paper” not “wallpa-per”. instructions carefully.

, Vorsilbe

If a word already has a hyphen, divide it at that You need to ... stay on the path. proper noun
point, e.g. “brown-eyed” not “brown-ey-ed”. We call such instructions about health

, Eigenname

Here at Spotlight, we use the Longman Dictionary of and safety at the start of an event rapist
Contemporary English, at, as our “housekeeping”. So, I hope my ideas

, Vergewaltiger
Foto: Gert Krautbauer

guideline. will help you in your housekeeping. spillage
All the best Regards

, Verschütten

Ken Ken suffix

, Nachsilbe

ENGLISH AT WORK 9/2020 Spotlight 55 
Show and tell

Easy English
Now, find out more about the history of swimming.

In the 19th century, doctors recommended salty seawater and

Here, you’ll find a conversation and interesting fresh sea air as a cure for many health problems. With the new
facts related to it — at the A2 level of English. railways, workers were able to travel out of town for a day out.
Everyone wanted to swim (or “bathe”) in the sea.
EASY PLUS In those days, it wasn’t “nice” for a lady to show her body in

public. Bathing costumes were like dresses, with buttons, a collar
and a belt — and trousers that often reached to the knee.

To go into the water, ladies would hire a bathing machine —

a small wooden hut on wheels. While the bathing machine was
being pulled into the sea, usually by horse, the lady changed
out of her normal clothes into her bathing outfit inside the hut.
She then stepped down into the water through the door facing
away from the beach, so that no one would see her in her bathing

Since most Victorian women couldn’t swim, they often only

paddled about or “dipped” themselves in the water.

Queen Victoria had a bathing machine at her holiday residence

on the Isle of Wight. It’s still on display there today.

Tara Wagn instructor
Cabinet of curiosities

Here, we present interesting lives from around the English-

speaking world. This time, we talk to Tara Wandsworth, a
swimming instructor.

I guess you work at a swimming pool — is that right?

Yes, I work at a public leisure centre. We have three pools: the
learner pool, the main pool and a diving pool.

Do you teach diving, too?

No, but I do the aqua-natal classes for pregnant mums, and our
Fotos: donatas1205, Dave Rheaume Artist/; Illustration: Martin Haake
“little ducklings” sessions for parents with little ones. I also lead
the life-saving training. And I do some one-to-one lessons with
adults to improve their swimming techniques. But teaching chil-
dren’s swimming classes is what I do most.

How can parents help children to be confident in the water?

Start when they’re little. Always make swimming a happy time,
with lots of fun and games. But watch your child’s reaction —
don’t splash them or dip them underwater if they don’t like it. aqua-natal class duckling ifml. public leisure centre

, Aqua-Fitness-Kurs für , Entenküken , öffentliche Freizeit-

Are you a good swimmer yourself? Schwangere anlage
paddle about
I was when I was younger. I’m from Australia, so I spent a lot of

dip: ~ oneself , herumplanschen splash

time in the pool. These days, I don’t swim as often as I’d like. I’m , hier: sich kurz ins , bespritzen

Wasser tunken
at the pool every day, but always at the side, not in the water!

, schwanger

56  Spotlight 9/2020 THE BASICS

How do you say that?

Here are the phonetic transcriptions of words taken from this issue of Spotlight that may be difficult to pronounce.

advertising revenue bear: ~ sth. in mind [beE] miasma [mi(ÄzmE] rinse cycle [(rIns )saIk&l]
[)ÄdvEtaIzIN (revEnju:] etw. im Sinn behalten Pesthauch Spülvorgang
Werbeeinnahme(n) p. 41 p. 28 p. 48
p. 61
capsule [(kÄpsju:l] myriad [(mIriEd] sea creature [(si: )kri:tSE]
akin to [E(kIn tu] Kapsel Abertausende Meerestier
ähnlich p. 48 p. 44 p. 7
p. 61
carbon dioxide emissions oesophagus [i(sQfEgEs] sewage [(su:IdZ]
ameliorate [E(mi:liEreIt] [)kA:bEn daI(QksaId i)mIS&nz] Speiseröhre Abwasser
verbessern Kohlendioxidausstoß p. 11 p. 31
p. 68 p. 6
on behalf of sb. sigh [saI]
anxiety [ÄN(zaIEti] detergent [di(t§:dZEnt] [Qn bi(hA:f Ev] seufzen
Angst, Angstzustände Waschmittel im Namen von jmdm.; p. 43 p. 50
p. 62 p. 48
picturesque [)pIktSE(resk] tech support [(tek sE)pO:t]
arduous [(A:djuEs] famine [(fÄmIn] malerisch ifml.
mühsam, anstrengend Hungersnot p. 61 technische Unterstützung
p. 26 p. 32 p. 43
prioritize [praI(QrItaIz]
argue [(A:gju:] generous [(dZen&rEs] in den Vordergrund stellen ubiquitous [ju(bIkwItEs]
streiten, diskutieren großzügig p. 22 allgegenwärtig
p. 50 p. 40 p. 45
arm-wrestling [(A:m )res&lIN] genuine [(dZenjuIn] [)pju:trI(fÄkS&n] unique [ju(ni:k]
Armdrücken echt, wirklich Fäulnis einzigartig
p. 61 p. 16 p. 28 p. 41
awry: go ~ [E(raI] hyphenated [(haIfEneItId] recipe [(resEpi] venture [(ventSE]
schiefgehen mit Bindestrich geschrie- Rezept sich wagen
p. 44 ben; p. 53 p. 12 p. 28
axe-throwing [(Äks )TrEUIN] manure [mE(njUE] ridiculous [rI(dIkjUlEs] weird [wIEd] ifml.
Axtwerfen Dung, Mist lächerlich seltsam
p. 61 p. 32 p. 64 p. 42

Vowels Consonants
Symbol Example words Symbol Example words
In case there are red, head, said church, chat, match
e ɔ: war, law, more tʃ
some phonetic
symbols that you æ mad, sad, add u: two, through, do dʒ page, edge, stage
are unfamiliar with,
ʌ love, but, sun ɑ: mask, hard, start θ thing, faith, path
we have provided
this table, which ʊ good, foot, wood ɪə here, near, beer ð that, other, smooth
lists the most useful
ɒ wash, body, hot eə fair, mayor, rare ʃ shape, sugar, action
symbols — with
example words ə about, again, occur eɪ day, awake, take ʒ leisure, vision, treasure
that include those
sounds in British I hit, inform, myth ɔɪ boy, boil, loyal ŋ sing, long, thanks
English. i happy, genius, city aɪ high, tie, why
i: sea, machine, me əʊ no, toe, low
ɜ: nurse, hurt, worse aʊ now, cow, mouth

PHONETIC FUN 9/2020 Spotlight 57 


Victorian curiosities
Brain-twisters to challenge you. By OWEN CONNORS

Word search
There are 12 words hidden in the puzzle below. All 12 come from
the Travel feature on pages 26–33. Find the English translations
of the German words below.

N E W F A N G L E D S U E aufdringlich
D T Q T N Z B W M C P N D Haube
K I B Z A G W L N E I J I Kloake
T K B L I G H T M M R J J neumodisch
V M I A S M A O A C I Y R Pesthauch
sich wagen
E W X V W K S F E B T B F verderben
Word search solution:






Word snake
In the word snake below, we have hidden locations mentioned in the Travel feature. In between the
words, you can find letters that can be rearranged to form the name of a famous British river.

Word snake solution:


The hidden word is
Illustration: vable/

lg ra via ec he
tm i n ste rs be aps
Fleet Street
ona twes i dea

rcadehcoventg arden f l e e ts tr

Covent Garden
Burlington Arcade

A famous British river is the .

58  Spotlight 9/2020 THE PUZZLE PAGES

The words in this puzzle are taken from this issue’s Eccentric Life.
You may find it helpful to refer to the text on page 68.

1. The period during which a monarch

2. 3. 5. 4. “The country is divided along

1. 4. 7. Make something known formally.

6. 8. Give your word.

9. Many in number.

13. Guardian, defender.

7. 8. 14. “The queen used to have the power

10. 11. to parliament.”
16. An official order or decision.

17. It might make you laugh.

2. “I’m going to try and forget the

15. whole dreadful .”
14. 3. State official.

5. Piece of evidence.

6. Someone who pretends to be some-

16. one else in order to trick people.
10. “The police believe the for the

crime was jealousy.”
11. Unusual or surprising.

12. Downfall, collapse.

15. Dismiss somebody from a job.

Your chance to win Solution to crossword 8/20:
Form a single word from the letters in the coloured squares. Send it on a
postcard to:
Redaktion Spotlight I N
“Issue 9/20 Prize Puzzle” R G T R E P E A L
Kistlerhofstraße 172 T O R A
81379 München U S A G E R O O T I
Or take part by visiting, where you can also
find the list of winners of our crossword competition in issue 7/20. L R C O P
Ten winners will be chosen from the entries we receive by 11 August 2020. A N S R
Each winner will be sent a copy of English Proverbs by courtesy of Reclam. B A N E L I M I N A T E

THE PUZZLE PAGES 9/2020 Spotlight 59 


Coronavirus and hunger:

the bigger killer?
Die globalen Auswirkungen von Covid-19 könnten sich als tödlicher erweisen als das Virus selbst.
Die Weltgemeinschaft muss jetzt handeln, um Leben zu retten.


hough coronavirus Yet the worst is not inevitable. The food blow impact

leaves no part of the crisis is currently one of distribution and , Schlag , Auswirkung(en),

world untouched, its affordability. ... Developing countries can- brink

impact will be harsh- not afford the support packages adopted , Rand inevitable

, unabwendbar
est in places that were elsewhere, and no single nation can solve common decency

already suffering. Yet supply issues. International solutions are , gute Sitten, Anstand issue

, Problem
the problems it brings required; UN organisations are uniquely contain

may be more deadly than Covid-19. placed to handle border closures, restric- , in Grenzen halten multiple

, mehrfach, häufig
The head of the World Food Pro- tions and transport disruption given their crucial

gramme warns … of the prospect of mul- regional presences, contacts and diploma- , ausschlaggebend prospect

, Perspektive
tiple famines “of biblical proportions” cy. … Persuading governments to allow devastating

within a few months, across three dozen essential ... workers to move within and , verheerend remittances

, Geldsendungen
countries. Households already struggling between countries will be crucial. disrupt

... have lost the work that fed them. Remit- … The G20 and International Mone- , zum Erliegen bringen spectre

, Schreckgespenst
tances sent home by family members tary Fund agreements to suspend debt emerge

abroad are predicted to fall by around are a step forward, but insufficient; pri- , aufkommen starvation

, Hungertod
a fifth due to Covid-19. ... Children are vate creditors, too, must act. All this is a essential

, hier: systemrelevant suspend
missing school meals they depend upon. matter of common decency, but also of

, aussetzen
Quarantine regulations and transport self-interest. … In several countries, the famine

, Hungersnot uniquely
issues are disrupting food supply chains. spectre of unrest is already emerging.

, besonders
Covid-19 ... is one more devastating Coronavirus is the latest and perhaps given

, angesichts unrest
blow, complicating and deepening the most immediate demonstration of what
Foto: journalturk/

, Unruhen
troubles of countries already struggling the climate crisis and wars in Syria and harsh

, hart, brutal
with the impact of war, global heating and elsewhere should already have told us:

other health crises… . It could … push an that other people’s suffering will not be
additional 130 million people to the brink contained. It is our business, too.
of starvation by the end of the year. ... © Guardian News & Media 2020

60  Spotlight 9/2020 PRESS GALLERY


Why any
sport will do
Mit dem Corona-Lockdown kamen die großen
Sportveranstaltungen paktisch zum Erliegen.
Dafür tröstete ein US-Sportsender die Fans
mit phantasievollen Alternativen.

urn on ESPN,” my brother told the rest of our family If you’re a true sports fanatic, the effects of the
in a text message. “They’ve got the world stone- coronavirus and lockdown on sports this summer
skipping championships on.” probably left you deeply depressed. Some experts
Now, this was my kind of sporting event! It was say it was akin to depression, or withdrawal from a
March, and the coronavirus pandemic had just forced drug. For many people, sports are the basis for their
the cessation of professional sports across America. social connections, and a way to mark the passage
It was too risky for fans to crowd into arenas and of the seasons — as well as being a significant source
stadiums, or even for athletes to play these games of mental stimulation. In other words, they’re part of
together. the glue that holds together their way of life.
The sporting shutdown has been a crippling blow I’m not much of a sports fan, but I am married to
to a big part of the US economy, throwing thousands one. I never understood why my husband would
of people out of work. But it also became a major watch reruns of sporting events from decades ago.
challenge for the TV networks that earn so much of Then, one night, he tuned in to a game from the
their advertising revenue from broadcasting games 1977 World Series on ESPN. I was suddenly hit by a
— especially ESPN, the wildly popular channel wave of nostalgia: I had watched this game as a child,
devoted to sports 24 hours a day. as my father explained the rules of baseball to me.
So, when basketball season ended prematurely, “I’ve never seen you so interested in a baseball game,”
and baseball never started, ESPN turned instead to ... my husband marveled. Maybe it’s not too late for me
well, cup-stacking and axe-throwing championships. to become a fan after all.
Professional arm-wrestling. Even a bratwurst-eating
contest. And people actually watched these events!
Most of these games had been recorded months
advertising revenue devoted to sth.
earlier, when more prestigious sports crowded out

, Werbeeinnahme(n) , auf etw. ausgelegt

their chance of being on TV. But now, there was in-
Fotos: horstgerlach, 4x6/; privat

akin to glue
terest. My family traded text messages as we watched

, ähnlich , Klebstoff; hier: Verbindung

the stone-skipping championships — filmed on a arm-wrestling marvel
picturesque lake near the Canadian border last

, Armdrücken , sich wundern

summer — from our separate homes. My sister, an axe-throwing picturesque
excellent stone-skipper, had plenty of thoughts.

, Axtwerfen , malerisch

“I think I could beat a lot of these players,” she said. blow prematurely
ESPN also got millions of viewers to tune in to

, (harter) Schlag , verfrüht

a ten-hour documentary about a basketball player cessation stone-skipping
who retired nearly 20 years ago. OK, it wasn’t just

AMY ARGETSINGER , Einstellung, Stopp , Steinehüpfen, -ditschen

is an editor at any player, but Michael Jordan, perhaps the best in crippling text message
The Washington
history. The amount of time people spent talking

, lähmend , SMS
Post, a leading

daily newspaper about those long-ago games showed how much they cup-stacking tune in to
missed sports.

in the US. , Becherstapeln , einstellen

I ASK MYSELF 9/2020 Spotlight 61 

A cannabis
sommelier Each flower host is paired with a server. The flower host serves
from the cannabis menu, and the server serves from the food
menu, and at the end, the guest gets two separate bills. The
Das erste Cannabis-Restaurant in den USA cannabis menu is 14 pages long and includes flowers, vapes,
eröffnete 2019. TALITHA LINEHAN unterhielt edibles, concentrates, and extracts. As flower hosts, we are your
sich mit einer Mitarbeiterin, die ihre Gäste bei der cannabis sommelier. We’re your guide. We’re meant to be your
best friend. We want you to feel comfortable. We want you
Auswahl berät.
to feel like you can ask us anything, that you can trust us,
MEDIUM US AUDIO PLUS and that we’re going to give you the ideal product with the effect

you’re looking for.
Sometimes, guests ask us to pair the cannabis with their
food. Cannabis has aromatic, oily compounds called terpenes,
and they’re what give a lot of strains their scent and flavor. They
also influence what their effect is going to be. So, if a guest wants
something light and crisp, we could offer them something with
the terpene pinene, which is the same thing that’s found in
pine trees. If they want more of a citrus flavor, we could offer
them something with limonene. There are many options!
You have to be 21 or older to come here. I’ve seen generations
of the same family at a table — grandparents, parents, and their
adult children — which is really cool. We encourage reservations
but we do welcome walk-ins, too. We get a lot of walk-ins in
the morning when it’s not so busy, and that’s when I try to take

my half-hour break. I normally get something to eat here or
nearby. My favorite thing on our menu is the pork belly banh
y name is Bianca Blanche. I’m 30 years mi sandwich. It’s a little spicy and it’s really good.
old and I work as a flower host at the
Original Cannabis Cafe in West Holly- After work, I either go home and smoke or go to a friend’s
wood, which is America’s first cannabis house and smoke. Smoking cannabis is not like smoking a ciga-
restaurant. I’m from New York but I rette. It’s more like smoking a cigar. You’re savoring the moment,
moved to California five years ago be- you’re contemplating, you’re going inward. On some evenings,
cause I wanted to work in the cannabis I write. I work as a freelance writer, mostly writing about can-
industry. I’d been self-medicating with nabis for an online magazine called MARY. I go to bed any time
cannabis for anxiety and depression and between 9 p.m. and midnight, but normally earlier rather than

Fotos: Talitha Linehan; OCC/Wonho Frank Lee; esvetleishaya, gece33, Frans Rombout/
found it to be extremely helpful, and it later. California has changed me in the sense that I now get up
was something that I really believed in. early and go to bed early. That’s not how I was in New York!
My first job was at a cannabis dispensa-
ry in West Hollywood, as a budtender, anxiety dispensary pork belly

but I’ve been working at this cafe since it , Angst, Angstzustände , Ausgabestelle , Schweinebauch

opened, on October 1, 2019. ashtray edibles sanitize

I live in Koreatown, so I’m about 10 , Aschenbecher , hier: mit Cannabis , desinfizieren

verfeinerte Esswaren
to 15 minutes from work, depending on bong savor

the traffic. I wake up at 7 a.m. and I work , Wasserpfeife ohne flower host , genießen

Schlauch , Cannabis Sommelier,
from nine to four, four days a week. I work scent


with eight to ten other flower hosts. The budtender N. Am. , Duft

, beratende(r) Ver­ fly by
first thing we do is make sure that all the strain

käufer(in) , wie im Flug vergehen

, hier: Sorte
equipment we rent out to our guests —

contemplate freelance
including dab rigs, pipes, and bongs — is vape

, nachsinnen, nach­ , freiberuflich

, Vaporisator
clean and sanitized. We put the ashtrays

wirken lassen

menu Konzentrat
out and then we go over the cannabis

crisp , Speisekarte, Angebots­

menu, because it changes every day. The , frisch karte

, Laufkundschaft

first hour flies by, and by 10 a.m., we’re

dab rig pine tree

open and have guests sitting at tables. , Verdampfer , Pinie

62  Spotlight 9/2020 A DAY IN MY LIFE
Cannabis Cafe
is the first of
its kind in the
United States

keeps Blanche
occupied when
she isn’t at
the cafe

The dried
leaves and
flowers of the
cannabis plant
are used as
a drug

Using a water
The pipe (“bong”)
restaurant’s is a popular
slogan is way of
“Eat, drink consuming
and smoke... cannabis

On the road: Loves her

truck driver work: Carrie
Michelle Kitchin Goldberg

The pork belly

banh mi
sandwich is
Blanche’s favorite
on the menu
The Argyle Sweater

I wanted to be-
come a private
detective, so I
signed up for an
“Everyone has a purpose online course.
in life. Perhaps yours is I paid the
money, but then
watching television.” I never heard
David Letterman (born 1947), from them
American television host again. I thought,
I’ve either been
ripped off or
this is my first

by Scott Hilburn

The male of the species Thigns

A couple are talking to a friend about their In the men’s room at work,
vacation experience. a boss places a sign directly
“It sounds like you had a great time in above the sink to encourage

Cartoons: © 2020 PEANUTS Worldwide LLC, Dist. by Andrews McMeel Syndication/Bulls Press; © 2020 Scott Hilburn/Distributed by Universal Uclick/Bulls Press
Texas,” the friend says. “But didn’t you people to wash their hands. Wise beyond his years
originally tell me that you were planning The sign has a single word A teacher is showing her class a
on visiting Colorado?” on it: “Think!” globe and explaining the shape
“Well,” the husband says, “we changed our The next day, when the boss of the planet. After she’s
plans because, uh, ...” goes to the men’s room, he no- finished, she checks whether
His wife interrupts him. “Oh, tell the truth, tices that right below his sign the class has understood.
Fred!” and above the soap dispenser, “Now, Peter,” she asks one boy,
He falls silent and she continues. someone has placed a new “what shape is the world?” Look-
“You know, it’s just ridiculous. Fred simply sign, also with just a single ing very proud, the boy replies,
will not ask for directions.” word on it: “Thoap!” “Well, my daddy says
it’s in terrible shape.”

Compiled by Owen Connors

dispenser ridiculous sign up

The lost hunter

, Spender , lächerlich , sich anmelden
An exhausted hunter out in the forests of Canada

in-laws rip sb. ifml. sink
finds a camp among the trees. “Am I glad to see you!”

, Schwiegereltern , jmdn. abzocken , Waschbecken
he says. “I’ve been lost for three days.”

men’s room shape wise: ~ beyond his
“Don’t get too excited, friend,” the other hunter replies.

, Herrentoilette , hier: Zustand years
“I’ve been lost for three weeks.”

, reif für sein Alter

Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz

64  Spotlight 9/2020 THE LIGHTER SIDE


Learn English in Cornwall

Julie Tamblin MA - 0044 (0) 1208 871 184
Sprachberufe, Online-Training,
Sprachkurse, Prüfungszentrum

Französisch in Montpellier
Tel.06221 912035,

VIDEOS Mejora tu español
gratis con videos

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What a wonderful article about games We are very happy to hear that you and Thank you very much for the interesting
(issue 5/20)! It came in very handy for me your students had fun with the games games you recommended in issue 5/20.
during a training course I had to conduct we suggested. I remember being amazed As writing is one of my hobbies, the
online. I had wisely put your magazine at how simple, yet ingenious they were game I liked most was “Make an acrostic”.
next to my computer for a three-hour when they came in from our language I have always been fascinated by this
Zoom lesson and resorted to some of your author, Vanessa Clark. And I certainly had word puzzle and wrote this one for you,
games (“What can you do with it?”) when fun, too, trying them out by myself whilst which — if you like it — you may publish:
I lost access to the textbook online. editing her text.
Did you know that toilet rolls can be Petra Daniell, language editor Seeking an English aid?
used as a ladder to escape a prison? That Perhaps for fun, perhaps for need,
they make a lovely present? And that they Or just to keep it up-to-date?
keep you safe during the coronacrisis: just Then try this magazine indeed.
cut them open and put them around the EINFACH BESSER ENGLISCH Lots of stories you are told,
handle of shopping trolleys. My students Inspired by the English world.

7 / 2020


and I had lots of fun. It would be lovely if Grammar, people, travel guide,

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you could suggest games in your maga- Here you are, for young and old!
8 / 2020



zine more often; yours are very enjoyable. This is what we call Spotlight.
SOCIETY The post-pandemic world • LANGUAGE English for now (2) • TRAVEL Jersey

I have been happy to recommend

your magazine on my blog as I find it Berry tasty!
Ana-Maria Priebe, by e-mail
Essential words
Scotland’s summer

very inspiring in many ways: http://blog.

dessert — with whisky!

and phrases
English for now
Essential words and
you can use today
Deutschland € 8,50 Dear Ana-Maria

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Three experts Jersey — cuisine,

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talk about a post- coastline and cows

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A culinary tour of the
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Thank you for your wonderful work. Thank you so much for your e-mail and
Great British From America

dinners to Australia
Bubble and Five remote
Deutschland € 8,50

A·E ·I ·L · SK: € 9,60

squeak, anyone? island getaways

CH sfr 13,90

Kind regards How the actor, writer and rapper

keeps us smiling!
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the great acrostic. That is excellent!

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Inez Sharp, editor-in-chief


The early bird

catches the worm
“How come you got “The early bird catches the worm” tells in price for customers who book early.
us that if we get up early and start work Many holiday companies offer an early-
tickets for the match
while everyone else is still in bed, we’re bird discount when tickets first go on sale
and I didn’t?” —
more likely to succeed. Energetic, enthu- for the new season.
siastic people are more successful than Proverbs that encourage everyone
“Well, you know what lazy ones. It advises us to act quickly, be- to get up early and work hard were very
they say about the early fore everyone else does, and to seize the popular in earlier centuries. A similar
bird.” advantage of being first. proverb extolling the virtues of an early
In modern, everyday English, the start after a good night’s sleep is: “Early
phrase “early bird” is used in the expres- to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy,
sion “early-bird discount” — a reduction wealthy and wise.”

Morgenstund’ hat Gold im Mund

extol seize

, loben, preisen , ergreifen, packen

proverb virtue

, Sprichwort , Tugend, Eigenschaft by Vanessa Clark

66  Spotlight 9/2020 FEEDBACK – PROVERB

Dorothy Winslow returns

Spotlight’s very own amateur detective is
back, investigating yet another crime —
this time, from her hospital bed. When
Dorothy notices something is wrong at
the clinic where she is being treated for
a heart condition, she examines all the
evidence — and her diagnosis is not good.
Find out more as Dorothy becomes in-
volved in a story of debts and drugs.

Spot the mistake!

Have you noticed how many English
spelling mistakes are on the internet? It
may be easy to overlook these typos — in
fact, you may not even notice them — but
it’s not hard to write words correctly, es-
pecially if our language author Vanessa
Clark is there to help you. In our next lan-
guage feature, “Spelling misstakes”, she
looks at typical errors.

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be vo
Spotl n
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Emperor Norton
Unser Exzentriker des Monats ist ein gescheiterter Geschäftsmann,
der sich zum Herrscher über die Vereinigten Staaten aufschwang.

Joshua Norton, … declare leader Napoleon III’s invasion of the
and proclaim myself country. In fact, writer Mark Twain, who
Emperor of these United had worked as a journalist in San Fran-
States.” With this self- cisco, even used Norton as inspiration
proclamation, Joshua for the King, a royal imposter in his 1885
Norton promised to make novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
“alterations in the existing It’s difficult to understand Norton’s
laws of the Union as may motives, though his background perhaps
ameliorate the evils under provides some clues. Born in Deptford,
which the country is laboring…” And so southern England, to Jewish parents, he
began one of the strangest episodes in the Born: moved with his family to South Africa as
19th-century history of the United States. February 4, 1818, a small child. His father became a success-
Deptford, England
Norton’s declaration appeared on ful businessman, but historians think that
September 17, 1859, in the San Francisco Died: he had lost all his money by the late 1840s.
January 8, 1880,
Evening Bulletin. The newspaper’s editor San Francisco, USA The young Norton left South Africa for
apparently published it for fun, as a joke the US, probably arriving in San Francisco
between the paper and its readers. unknown in 1849, and began working as a business-
From then on, though, under the name man. Bad investments, however, meant
of Norton I, the emperor began to post that, by 1855, initial success was, like that
ameliorate imposter
decrees and instructions to the popula- of his father, followed by financial ruin.

, verbessern , Betrüger(in), Hoch­
tion. Norton ordered that governors be For a couple of years, Norton disap-

sacked, called assemblies and ordered peared, re-emerging as Emperor Norton

, offenbar labor
representatives of numerous states to in 1859. His two-decade reign ended with

, sich abquälen

meet in order to change laws he didn’t his death in 1880, but today, he’s fondly

, angemessen, richtig post
like. He also ordered that the United remembered for more than his eccentri-

, bekannt machen

States be dissolved and told the US Con- city. Indeed, some people see him as a

, Versammlung proclaim

gress in Washington to stop meeting. , verkünden man ahead of his time, pointing out that

By the early 1860s, Norton had become many of his decrees were impressive-

, Währung re-emerge

something of a celebrity, with news- declare
, wieder auftauchen ly progressive: Norton pushed for vot-

paper editors joining in the fun by writing ing rights for women, the separation of

, erklären reign

their own decrees and issuing them in , Herrschaft church and state, and also warned against


Norton’s name. He was a popular figure sectarianism.

, Erlass sack sb. ifml.

in the life of San Francisco — local res- , jmdn. entlassen Most importantly, perhaps, Norton’s

taurants allowed him to pay for food with call for the fair treatment of immigrants

, auflösen sectarianism

a currency he had invented himself. , Sektenwesen and ethnic minorities, including Native

Building on his 1859 “emperor decla- Americans and African Americans, seems

, Herrscher, Kaiser voting rights

ration,” he also named himself “Protector , Wahlrecht as appropriate today as it was when he

of Mexico” in 1863, in response to French declared himself emperor 161 years ago.

, liebevoll

68  Spotlight 9/2020 ECCENTRIC LIFE
14 Ausgaben des Sprachmagazins + Übungsheft und Audio-Trainer.



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EUROPAGenießen Sie die zurückgewonnene

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Regionen und Städte Europas
Eine Vielzahl an faszinierenden Metropolen und traumhaften
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