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FREE Delivery for

Seniors & those with restricted
Great deals in our back-to-school flyer.
Check it out in-store or on facebook
Prices in effect until September 15, 2020
mobility, as well as those
who are self-isolating
Call for more info
Office Supplies (250)378-6882
Printing & Engraving (250)378-6808
1951 Garcia St., Merritt, BC 2037 Quilchena Avenue, Merritt BC 250-378-2155

MONDAY EDITION — AUGUST 31, 2020 #3464

News, opinion, community events since 1996! Box 2199, Merritt, BC V1K 1B8
Tel: (250) 378-5717 Fax: (250) 378-2025 Email:

On special this week ‘North Bench’ online Community

100% Canadian aa/aaa survey now active Deadline TODAY to support Bill
Brewer snowboarding fundraiser
BarOn Of Beef rOasts
The City of Merritt is undertaking the
initial phase of a Neighbourhood Devel-
Bill’s fundraising at Growing Smiles
Fundraising. Place an order by Aug. 31 for
Wed - Sat 12noon - 2am

Come check us out!

Come check us out! opment Plan for the North Bench area, pick-up Sept. 10. brewersnowboarding.
RESTAURANT 10am-10pm, closed Mon
4 undeveloped parcels of land directly or
above Mountain Dr., totalling more than FMI 250-378-7944. LIQUOR STORE Daily 9am-11pm
375 acres of Provincial Crown land. The
City is currently in the process of obtain-
Disability Employment Month
ing a Crown land tenure.
Join WorkBC Merritt in celebrating SENIORS’ DAY
diverse abilities throughout September.
They’re looking for input vis-a-vis
They will be recognizing Merritt Em- Thursday 1-5pm
where new development will go; what
services are needed; what types of land
ployers who hire inclusively, posting on Food & drink specials
social media, and promoting services for
uses will be developed; where green
Clients and Employers! Join their OPEN 2350 Voght St., Merritt • 250 378-2254
space, parks and trails should go; and
HOUSE Sept 17th, 11am-2pm. Meet the
how people will move around.
OPEN FOR team, win prizes and find out more. Fol-
You can find the survey at www.
9:00-11:00 AM WALK-INS
2:00-4:00 PM low them on Facebook & Twitter @work-
9:00-11:00 AM & under the tab “Living in Mer-
Work Clothing &PM
9:00-11:00 AM & 2:00-4:00 PM
• Resumes & Cover Letters
• Resumes & Cover Letters
• Current Job Postings
• Work Clothing & Gear
• Government Funding
ritt” then under “Projects in progress”
Farmers’ market
• Current Job Postings
• Career
• Government Funding — I know, quite buried, but if you have
& Planning •• Disability Supports
The NV Farmers Market is on every Sat-
Bob Dempster
• Resumes
• Career Cover Letters
Planning • Work Clothing
Disability & Gear
• 1• on 1 Workshops •• Self Employment something to contribute…
• Current1Job
• Skills
on 1Postings
• Skills Training
• Government Funding
Self Employment
Programs In addition to the survey, there will be urday 9:30am-1pm ‘til Thanksgiving. Park-
• Career Planning • Disability Supports
other opportunities to provide input: Offi- ing lot next to Baillie House, on Voght St.
• 1 on 1 Workshops
• Wage
• Skills Training
Subsidies for
• Self Employment Programs
• Wage Subsidies for Employers areavailable
Employers are available cial Community Plan (OCP) launch event Barb’s Used Book Sale, modified 250-378-7169 7 days a week
• ASETS is now located in our office
• ASETS is now located in our office set for early October; and OCP Bench Sec- The Kamloops Symphony’s popu- Text or Talk 11:00am - 11:00pm
• Wage Subsidies for Employers are available
________________________________________ tor Engagement set for late October. lar fundraiser, Barb’s Used Book & Music

At the Bridge
WorkBC is now
offers FREElocated
FREE in &&
PROGRAMS our office
SERVICES, Sale, is returning as a summer pop-up
and 1-1 assistance with an Employment Advisor.
and 1-1 assistance with an Employment Advisor. Excerpt sale. 6-510 Lorne St., across the courtyard “JUST ASK ANYONE”
WorkBC offers FREE
ANYTIME FOR INFO PM& SERVICES, (James) Teit…had long been drawn from the CNR Heritage Station in Station
and 1-1 assistance
250-378-5151 an
AM-4:30 PM Advisor. to the “science” of culture but in ways Plaza. Wed-Sat in August.
on Facebook & Twitter
FOR &INFO that were more politican than psycholog- Covid procedures will be in place.
@workbcmerritt on Facebook Twitter
MONDAY-FRIDAY 8:30 AM-4:30 PM ical, more experiential than theoretical FMI SPACE FOR YOUR AD
or comparative. Through Antko (Teit’s Nicola Valley Film Society TEL 378-5717 - FAX 378-4700
Nlakapamux wife) and her relatives on The NV Film Society wishes to let
@workbcmerritt on Facebook & Twitter
the local Cooks Ferry reserves, he had movie-goers that all screenings have MARKET@UNISERVE.COM
2099 Quilchena Avenue, Merritt, BC witnessed from the inside a vibrant cul- been cancelled until further notice.
ture suffering under the trauma of popu- MMBA beg./intermediate group rides
lation loss while it continue to endure the The Merritt Mountain Bike Assoc
totalizing colonial oppression of racism, hosts group rides each Wed. evening.
inequality, marginalization, and dispos- Check facebook MMBA for times and lo-
session. His determination to understand cations to meet & ride. Meet new friends,
Merritt Real Estate Services the roots of this oppression had already and improve your biking skills.
set him on his own anthropological path.
FOR RENT Unlike Boas (Franz Boas, German-born American anthropologist and pioneer of mod-
3 BEDROOM duplex. . . . . . . . . $1400 plus utilities
ern anthropology) who pursued anthropology as the struggle of an educated elite
2 BEDROOM Sandpiper. . . . . . . $975 plus utilities against the forces of racism, fascism, and international conflict, Teit pursued it as the
1 BEDROOM Vibe . . . . . . . . . . $1100 plus utilities collective struggle of disenfranchised local peoples against imperial elites.
1 BEDROOM Rainbow. . . . $850 incl. utilities (x2) This was the foundation of which Boas and Teit established a working relation-
ship. The arrangement gave Boas the ethnographic data he needed to advance his
Please feel free to stay in touch as
academic theories of cultural difference, and it gave Teit the public platform and
inventory may change very quickly. financial support he needed to assist his Nlaka’pamux friends in their fight against
3499 Voght St. Merritt settler colonialism…
(250) 378-1996 direct line to the Over time, their differences would take them in opposite directions. For Boas,
Property management department anthropology was an academic pursuit aimed at rescuing data on Indian languages,
mythology, arts, and culture before they disappeared. With assimilation his remedy
Call for all your residential or for the survivors, Boas saw little alure in designing an anthropology rooted in the
commercial property management needs! present day. As a fully functioning participant in Nlaka’pamux life, with a spouse
from the community, Teit could not entertain such a perspective: nor was it in his na-
MERRITT PICKLEBALL CLUB ture. On arriving in Spences Bridge in 1884, he was soon drawn to the contemporary
M/W/F 8:30-11:00am & Tues./Thurs. 6:30-8:00pm issues that plagued the local Indians. — Wendy Wickwire, At The Bridge, pp 97, 98
Central Park Sports Box  Walkie-Talkie, Over Her: “Why do we need walkie-talkies? Our relationship is over.”
Drop-ins welcome. Demo paddles and instructions avail- Me: “Our relationship is what? Over.”
able.  FMI  call Gary 250-280-0105 or Ayton  250-378-5691 Smart Student... Teacher: “What is the difference between ‘Tea’ and ‘Tee’?
Student: “The first one is a drink and the second is an incorrect spelling.”

Garage sales ar !
starting up agSlowly…
This week’s horoscope
Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer HEL

March 21 April 20 - May 21 - June 21 -

List your garage sale &/or get our listing mail-out

covid style - April 19
While you think you’re protect-
ing yourself from risks, in fact
May 20
Every so often, someone you
dislike offers an opinion you
June 20
‘Power of Positive Thinking’s
Norman Peale, wrote ‘Shoot
July 22
For relationships to develop,
stating the obvious must go.
Email: you’re closing yourself off from
real opportunities. You’ll be
share. This week, useful guid-
ance comes from a source you
for the moon. Even if you miss,
you’ll land among the stars’. As
Watch out for a situation where
you could be the unhelpful crit-
delighted to see where a more may previously have disre- the Full Moon approaches a ro- ic. Keep it to yourself; it’s time See something eye-catching? Sketch it!
positive approach leads. garded. Be open-minded. mantic boost is on its way. to deepen a relationship.

Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio A FREE program, easy to do with COVID-19 precautions.
July 23 - Aug 23 - Sept 23 - Oct 23 - Share your sketch impressions of interesting, local, natural
Aug 22 Sept 22 Oct 22 Nov 21 and cultural sights. Enter your best sketches in the draw
Something you’re involved in Use your legendary tact, atten- This week, give a tricky situation Someone needs you to go an for gift certificates, supporting local business.
requires everyone to play their tion to detail and diplomatic a little more time. The miscon- extra mile on a project. And
part. The time you gain allows skills. It’s the only way to work! ception will reveal itself with no you don’t need to exert your-
you to make the most of an un- Some deft action from you will harm done; and your patience self to achieve the goal. Yet The how-to-sketch video and more information:
planned romantic opportunity benefit all concerned. Winners will earn you an unexpected making a big effort will impress
unrelated to the original task. all round. reward. and bring success.

Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Register online for a free sketchbook and share
your work with the community
Nov 22 - Dec 22 - Jan 20 - Feb 19 -
Dec 21 Jan 19 Feb 18 Mar 20
Confirm that there are no loose The beauty of nature can pro- Be careful what you wish for. It’s This week, a recharge is need-
ends to be tied. There’s so vide the uplift in emotion that a good idea to reduce stress by ed; perhaps even a jumpstart.
much to be getting on with - and you need. Make time to get out tidying up your affairs, but the And to achieve that? Human

(250) 378-5575
there are emotional good things and about. Mid-week, You’ll Full Moon in your sign indicates contact. Stay safe, but you
2052B Quilchena Ave. 250-378-5575 ahead. Once you’re ready, don’t find a natural answer to what’s that a message from the past need to reach out.
hesitate to move on. on your mind. brings inspiration.

MONDAY EDITION — AUGUST 31, 2020 #3464 Merritt’s Auto Glass 2001
Box 2199, Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 T: (250) 378-5717 F: (250) 378-2025 E:
Specialists INC.
08 DODGE 2500, 6.7 eng. Bulley Dog MOTORIZED medical bed $450 378-5140

Your photos or art on a mug — great gift!

transmission blt for pwr $12,500obo
BAILLIE HOUSE Flea market. Daily
10am-12pm & 2-4pm.
COFFEE table & 2 end table & 2 lamps
$120, or sell sep. 378-5546 ICBC Claims
FREE: 89 turbo Firefly, 91k, no wheels
personal 378-5529
SMALL glass/metal frame coffee table.
Glass cabinet 378-5968 •Commercial •Residential
TRANSFER case for 97-00 $200. 280-7499
Office Supplies (250)378-6882
WANTED: stereo technician to install
stereo, must be efficient 280-0543 05 CHEV blazer 4x4, 200k, needs heater
GLASS desk & leather chair, near new
$60 525-0329 •Automotive •Industrial
core, front windshield, drive door slight-
Printing & Engraving (250)378-6808 TO THE YOUNG MAN who bought
Fender bass amp at 1716 Granite on Aug ly damaged. Best offer 936-8885
for sale - electronics/software 2663 Granite Ave. (next to Fountain Tire)
1951 Garcia St., Merritt, BC 8, you can come & collect 2 instruction
books if interested 378-6769.
AUTO/VAN/TRUCK Roof Top Carri-
er with holding clips and straps  $100.
TELUS Satellite Dish & 2 receivers: 1 is
mdl 6131 HDTV Dolby Digital, 1 is  mdl
FOUND: pair of prescription sunglasses, 2 towing mirrors $30 each or both for 9241 HDTV DOLBY Digital. $100 378-
5004, 604-704-4445
Complete renovation services Tues on Quilchena Ave between Houston
and May St.  They are at Dr Snee’s
$50. 315-9235
06 PT CRUISER, 203k kms, nw stud-
ded wntrs, gd on gas. Body decent shape.
RCA tv, 55” $25 378-4244
LAPTOP. LG subwoofer. Bell HD re-
Local contractor/carpenter available for any WANTED: Full time live in nanny for HEL
$3200 Trish 315-5373 ceiver 778-639-0052
my 5 year old son. Must be able to cook D OV
renovation work you need done: and do minor cleaning. Please contact 4 5-BOLT Dodge 16” rims with valves, CANNON printer IPF610 w/ spare 24” ER!
Sandy 936-8684 $100. 378-2410 photo paper, nds nw cartridge, offers
Flooring Kitchen Doors REWARD $300, Lost grey & white neu- 97 CADILLAC Coupe de Ville, 4-dr 378-6272


tred cat upper bench, Louie tattoo MEJ 6. $2500obo 315-9436 LIKE NEW Panasonic answering ma-
Drywall & cabinets Trim work Call (250)280-7555 05 SUBURBAN $5000obo 378-6460 chine with bluetooth, includes 5 handsets
painting Bathroom Bathroom & EXPERIENCED, friendly western horse- 77 BUICK Skylark hatchback $5000 with a belt clips. batteries are excellent
back rider looking to ride in the Merritt 378-8156 condition. $70obo 378-5004
Windows fixtures kitchen tile area. If you have a few horses & would like TECHNICS electric keyboard -$200

All work guaranteed, reasonable rates, reliable

a companion rider plse text 604-817-8670
for sale - pets / livestock
6-WK OLD kittens, free to gd homes
- paid $5,000 originally - for more info
call 525-1166
I COLLECT pop bottles & cans, if you
have empties to get rid of, 250-525-0471 280-0857 FREE: older 26” tv, beaut. colour, works
References available upon request LOST: bag of assorted wrenches. Re- GUINEA PIG cage & hamster cage. great, free to take away 378-2504 See something eye-catching? Sketch it!
Text/call Ken 250-315-6105 ward offered. Mess. 378-6285, 378-6654
WTD: someone to mow lawn 378-8838
50-gal. Tank with bearded dragon in it
EPSON printer, wrks well $25 525-0329
for sale - recreational LOOKING FOR violin lessons. Contact 5-GAL aquariumw/ pump & access $60
2 FOLDING 2-whl bicycles, $100 each,
A FREE program, easy to do with COVID-19 precautions.
me 315-9789. Please leave a message. I 250-641-7241 Share your sketch impressions of interesting, local, natural
26” ENGLISH girth for mini/pony, immaculate cond. 280-0543
have violin already
$30 Mini headstall with snaffle, $50. KENDA Kwick seal  bicycle  20” tube  and cultural sights. Enter your best sketches in the draw
FREE property metal detecting. Find out $5 378-6027
what’s in your soil. 936-9356 for details. Draft-size English saddle w/ stirrups & for gift certificates, supporting local business.
A R T S H O W at the C O U R T H O U S E A R T S G A L L E R Y
Bondable. leathers, $250, and nw bridle w/ snaffle SMALL fish boat w/ brand nw custom
& plaited reins, $150. Nylon horse hal- trailer $1150obo 378-2337
services ters, $10 ea. Lrge, sturdy dog harness, 12’ ALUM. boat $300 378-6925
EXPERIENCED dog sitter available w/ $20 378-2410 CANOE paddles.  Varnished wood, lk The how-to-sketch video and more information:
large, fenced yard and lots of TLC. Text AWESOME CKC black lab for stud nw.  $53.98 plus taxes @ Cdn Tire.  Sell
604-817-8670 378-5038 for $30  936-8484 after 5pm
who partic
to everyone
PAINTING SERVICES, drywall repair, DUCKS $20 each. Nigerian dwarf goats, 11 POLARIS Razor 800, owned by se-
Register online for a free sketchbook and share
Thank you
interior and exterior painting, 315-5194 3 boys 936-8368, 778-661-0344 nior citizen, signal lights, winch, cargo
DR1VEWAY ASHPHALT paving, low YOUNG kittens & young cat to gd box, horn, gd cond. $8500 778-653-9295 your work with the community
pricing now! Spring & summer. 315- homes 778-661-0344, cell 936-8368 located in Merritt

The Bee Show

6105 for free driveway quote BOURBAN Red turkey chicks, in Lower 94 NORTHLAND 11.5 FT truck camp-
HOUSEKEEPING 378-4022 Nicola. $20each 936-8726 er. 4 electric jacks – 2 swing out for dual-
WTD: reliable lawn maintenance, must WANTED: 2 female rabbits, breeding ly truck. N/S queen bed, bath, every thing
have ride-on mower & weekwacker for age. 378-2136 works, exc cond. $4500obo. 378-4195
A Community Exhibition a lrgr site 1-800-361-8111, 378-6331 w/ for sale - miscellaneous FREE 2 kids bikes 1- girls bike and 1-
of Art and Beekeeping Displays exper. & refs. boys bike for 6 years up. 378-5668
PAINTING, fencing, roofing, looking SPLIT dry fir firewood $125/stacked BASKETBALL stand w/ hoop in exc
for jobs 450-231-1611 pick up load, u pick up 378-5379 cond. 280-9433
JPV ENTERPRISES: Landscap- FREE TO A VERY GOOD HOME: 18’ RED fiberglass cargo  canoe, 17”
ing(lawn care, hedging, pruning, garden- beautiful, upright, solid walnut Heinz- deep, 4’ across, 3 seats will handle a
ing), general labour.  Licensed, equipped.  man piano, 1908, beautiful sound & moose, on built H/D trlr on nw tires. Be-
July 17- On Facebook. 250 280 7077 beautiful pce of furniture 778-865-4105 low market $3000. Buyer will receive a
August 22, 2020 TC PAINTING inter. only, licensed & WESLO Cadence G 3.9 treadmill $449 free kicker motor. Valerie 778-220-1399
insured 315-1644 from Can. Tire 250-641-7241 9.5HP outboard Evinrude motor, with
Reg. Hours: Thurs to Sat, 12-6pm
DRYWALL, textured ceiling, painting. 3 WIND vent whirligigs $30ea. 3x50 ft fuel tank, runs good $450 378-5968
Call Jeff (250)378-3709, (250)315-2066 of white vinyl fencing $50. 3 camping 16’ X 32’ swimming pool cover/tarp $25.
chairs, new in bags for $10ea 280-0569 378-6217 List your garage sale &/or get our listing mail-out
Thurs July 23, 4-7pm WINDOW sealed unit side slider 12 ADVENTURER camper fully load-
Honey Refreshments Outside chipper, sml truck & trailer, will do resi-
36”X48” $100. 378-6027 ed, one owner immac. cond. 378-9782
dential, fruit trees, etc. 378-6431
MEN’S silver ring sz 8.5 $150obo.
Covid 19 Protocol in place NW HOME BUILDER offering serv. as YOUTH batting helmet $10 378-2410
(physical distance, masks) prjct mgr + nw renovation projects. Spe- Women’s 4-pc puzzle ring, silver $100, 94 WINNEBAGO Vectra 35 ft Die-
sz 6 315-5254 sel Pusher (M-35RQ). 5.9L Cummins,
Nicola Valley
Community Arts
cialize in finish carpentry, flooring tiling
& laminate. free est. Call/text Ken 315- UNRESERVED ESTATE Auction on Spartan Chassis Diesel, rns gd, prfct tiny M/W/F 8:30-11:00am & Tues./Thurs. 6:30-8:00pm
Sunday August 23rd, 2020 at 1284 Sal- home. $10,000obo. Call/txt 604-817-8670
Central Park Sports Box 
EAGER, RELIABLE man w/ 4x4 truck ish Road, at 10:00am. 3 c-cans full and CAMP CHEF outdoor camp oven model
& trailer, avail. Dump runs, deliveries,
plywood, sand, gravel, appl., housewares
as per Dr Bonnie rules only 47 allowed
in. We supply the masks and wipes. Mo-
C-oven, lk nw $150 378-9009 Drop-ins welcome. Demo paddles and instructions avail-
LADIES Golf clubs- full set in bag.
1840 Nicola Ave., Merritt, BC | (250)378-6515 | |
Greg 315-7525, (250)320-2054 Fast, torcycle, Scooter, Antiques and more.
High bidder takes all. Term of payment $125obo 378-6272 able.  FMI  call Gary 250-280-0105 or Ayton  250-378-5691
courteous service 1949 ANTIQUE boat motor, looks
Cash or certified check. Sale conducted
WOODY’S TREE services, pruning, re- by Harvey’s Auction Service. Call 250- beautiful, 1.25hp Elgin motor, $200 firm
moval, hedges, anything to do with trees 376-7826 or 250-319-2101. 378-3496
315-8087 16’ NASH travel trailer, exc cond. nw
GARLIC $10/lb 280-1251
GRANNY’S House Quilting & Retreat batt./tires $9200obo 378-6915
has fabric and sewing notions. 378-3734 OLD WALKING plow, restored John
Deere $300obo 378-4904 BRAKE control for trailer or RV $85. Bag
employment opportunity BUG zapper $10 hardly used. Food vac Boy golf cart, exc cond. $65 378-8140
LOOKING FOR APPLICANTS with sealer $5. 7-qt Presto press. canner exc HVY BAG for workout $60 firm 280-0543
computer technical skills. The position cold $20. Speakers for outdoors $10 exc REMINGTON 1100 12 ga. trap 2-3/4”
2 barrels, both muzzle braked 1-30” full
would likely last less than 2 months and
only if an election is called. Paul Mont-
cnd. Outdr lounge, $5 exc cnd 378-0487
FREE: 48”x 78” 2-piece Glass sliding choke, 1-25” w/o choke tubes, beaut. wd SPACE FOR YOUR AD
gomery, Distr. Electoral Officer – Fras-
er-Nicola, Elections BC. 250-280-7031
Closet door, one piece lk nw, other has a
cracked glass, c/w track & all hardware.
stock $700obo. 378-4904
MISC. BOAT accessories: marine batt., TEL 378-5717 - FAX 378-4700 378-5004, 2202 Garcia St bilge pump, lots more. 378-5813
LOCAL RANCH looking for p-t sea- LOT OF LUSH bath products, powder for sale - tools/equipment
sonal irrigator til end oct. Pat 315-5535 & perfume, $70. Capezio MJ tap shoes
childcare as new, size 8.5/9,  $35. Fitbit Alta HR, BELL & GOSSETT 1/4 hp 115 volt air
NIB, $105. 378-2410 compressor, $70. for tires, tools, paint
AVAILABLE for childcare $20/hr 378- etc. 280-0569
2254, rm 208 NEW brown outdoor carpet (140” x 125”)
$30. Plush beige area rug w/ sml dusty SEARS 10” Radial arm saw 15 amp mo-
BABYSITTING COURSE certified rose/blue flwrs (94Lx63W) $75, grt shape. tor $400 378-6027
babysitting services avail. evenings & Free brown bookcase. Txt 604-817-8670 NEW 30-LB sledge hammer $35 Joe
wkends. Genuine, attentive, caring, help- 378-2676
ful, hardworking. Plenty of experience NIGHTHAWK wheelchair $50 378-5038
with babies. Electra 280-3237 NEW carpets/rugs. Many household DRILL DOCTOR XPC drill bit sharp-
items 778-639-0052 ener. Like new, still in box. $50 378-9694
for sale - appliances 12V winch 1500 lb Bada. Has power in
SML Folding mesh playpen with sun
AMANA electric stove, $350, bought cover, new $25 378-6272 and out controls. Great for quads, boats,
March 2019, like new 378-0870 FRESH DILL for sale 315-8087 sleds. $25. 378-9694
WHT fridge 2-dr w/ ice/water & new LRGE orchid cactus (just starting to SKIL  8” drill press  $125. Meddings
filter 378-7412 bloom, many buds) $50 Phone/text drill press $150. Craftsman 9” bandsaw 
DANBY port. washing mach. DWM- 778-255-0675 $100. Delta 2000 16” scroll saw $100.
17WBB, 35”hx21” w, offers 378-3781 Craftsman 42” belt & 8” sander/grind-
AQUASCAPE Ultra 550gph pond er $150. Guest 50 amp marine battery
RCA 3.5 cu ft bar fridge, nw cond 378-5968 pump. $60 250-434-8378 charger $250. 250-378-6787   view with
NW Microwave. Toaster oven. Noma DILL and/or  rhubarb, offers 315-9235 a mask on
oil filled heater. Heat dish. Fan PARACORD bracelets, survival brace-
778-639-0052 SML util trlr, gd for car, box 3’wx6’l
lets, keychains, etc. Custom made for $400 378-2370
NUTRI-BULLET Max, new. 378-5968 you or browse instagram pg at  grewolf LAWNMOWER 280-9433
BUNOMATIC coffee grinder works _designs 280-4004
awesome $400. Double-burner butane 3000W inverter, Hibo inflatable boat,
TORCH-ON roofing: 1 full roll, 6 par- Briggs/Stratton Pacer fire pump $290.
stove $80 280-7499 tial rolls $75obo 378-4043 378-5038
for sale - automotive NR-NEW Mattress Topper from Jysk SMALL generator $125 378-3496
Kamloops, twin size “Wellpur Gold”,
08 HONDA Ridgeline, v6, p/w, p/l, back- 3” thick. Tried twice to discover I don’t BRADFORD BUILT flatdeck, new
up camera, CD player/radio, rem. start, like “MemoryFoam”. $75. 315-1648 condition and never installed, with under NEED PLACE to put small trailer ROOM for rent, kitch. privileges.,
under 5000 km, $10,500. 315-5018 deck tool boxes and 5th wheel hitch. Fits up to 20’, ie. driveway, back yard, laundry/wifi, n/s, n/drugs 315-5951,
BRICKS: 100’s of new Grey Jumbo’s, a standard size pickup $ 3500 315-2898 for approx. 6 months, can pay small 315-5767
09 FORD F-150 4x4 parting out, 56k, 7.50 x 3.75 x 5, 1/2 price at $0.80 ea. 100’s
motor gone, many other parts avail 778- Lower Nicola rental. Herman 604-825-2677 BRAND NEW 1-bdrm bsmt, w/d/
of used Red Bricks at $0.50 each 378-6787 f/s/micro/dw incl., wifi/internet heat/
653-9295 STIHL FS 38 weedeater $125. 378-3496 WANTED TO BUY: small older
FREE: Lilac hedge 7x20 feet, you need travel trailer, any condition. Get rid light incl $1200 315-1654
04 PONTIAC Bonneville. 1 owner since a bobcat to dig it, & must take all. 1st HUSQ. 552L/550EX, lawnmower, 1 yr
2005. 3.8L V6, low mileage +/- 165K. come, 1st gets. 378-2410 old, new cond $300 315-1648 of that eyesore in your back yard RM for rent, refs a must 315-3290
Exc run. cond. Normal minor rust spots GUTTERS  vinyl and metal good condi- 778-661-0927, cell 520-820-5777 WTD: 2-bdrm, cat friendly rental
VERY Healthy boxwoods, approx. 20 in for Sept.
and plastic dings. Will require rear breaks total 18”-24” tall 315-1991 tion assorted lengths, also hangers straps EMPTY 4 litre milk jugs. 280-0671
& shocks in the near future 4/6 mos? Sell- end caps downspouts clips , etc 315-9235 SMALL flat bottom aluminum fish- 2-BDRM Clapperton Manor apt
ing because we decided it was time for 2-WHL ELECT scooter, batt 1 yr old, $950 incl ht/hot wtr, lndry in bsmt, no
hardly used, exc shape $900obo 315-7771 MASTERCRAFT 2-gal air compressor ing boat & reliable small outbrd mo-
an SUV. 8 rims & tires in gd cond. Drive $70 378-4853 tor, (prefer. 4-stroke) 525 0361 dogs,cats ok w/ refs. Randy 525-0144
anywhere. $2,300 firm 250-639-0898 GARBAGE CAN full of rabbit manure 2-BDRM hse 1 blck dwntwn. 3-
378-2136 Dan, Steve YARDWORKS 12” electric weed LANDSCAPE paintings on canvas,
14 JEEP Patriot, auto.,4cyl, front wheel whacker $25. B&D 10” weed whacker framed or unframed, cheap or prefer bdrm dplx nr Bob’s 525-0240
drive, loaded, leather, sunroof,etc. Black BLOW OUT on take home wine making free, for sewing into bags. 280-1017 3-BDRM house upstairs, nr Cntrl
kits. $20/ $30 each. Come take a look.  $25 525-2021, 378-5004
w/black interior 109700 km. Awesome HITACHI 2.5” electronic jigsaw $40 School, immed. $1500 525-0240
cond. $10,199. 250-378-3919 2865C Pooley Ave 250-378-6622 for sale house/property
GRANNY’S House Quilting & Retreat 378-1336 RM to rnt, shared, everything incl.
07 FORD Taurus, fully loaded, low km, 2 ELECTRIC weed whackers $25 each. TOP QUALITY Moduline modular some meals 280-2211 must like cats
936-8297 has fabric and sewing notions. Nw fabric home in exc cond. 2008, 2x6 walls,
from Katja’s Quilt Shoppe 378-3734 New Home Lite gas weed whacker 2-BDRM bsmt 315-5592, 315-2366,
79 FORD F250 Camper spec. 460, AT, $120obo 525-2021 thermal windows, super nice! To nr Save On Foods, Central Schl
Factory Air, ps. No rust or dents. New UNPASTEURIZED raw honey: $40 for view 315-6105
8 cups, $20 for 4 cups, $10 for 2 cups, $5 wanted/wanted to buy ROOMMATE WTD: Wrkng male
2-tone paint & interior. Ready for collector TO BE MOVED: small 10x40 1986 in 3 bdrm mbl home, nice priv. yrd,
plates. Real nice  $12,000obo 378-4195 for 1 cup. Locally grown organic garlic,
$10/lb. 378-4947 WALKER, type you can sit on 378-5845 mbl home, 2 bdrms, gas htr, w/d, f/s. $600 util incl. text 280-9799
TRUCK canopy $100obo.  Fits full size WTD TO RNT long term: 2 bdrm house 1986 CSA approved $2000 315-7611 30’X60’ building metal cladding.
pickup with a 6’ 6” truck bed. 936-8484 for sale - furniture w/ 2 bdrm suite for professional woman YOU NEED A HOME? Manufac- 200 amp service. Nat. gas ht,
after 5pm. FREE: brand new dark brown couch & retired mother. Sept or Oct. Exc. rent- tured home, 2 bdrm, 1 bath, Call to incl. office & wshrm. 604-364-3410
04 YAMAHA XT 225 $2000, 2009km faux leather both sides recline 378-5668 ing history w/ refs. 250-320-1383 view 1-800-361-8111, 315-1000 3-BDRM hse upstairs, 2 bths, lvn-
378-1358 AIR  mattr. blow up sngl $15 378-6027 MOVED BACK to Merritt need couch www.buyandsellmobilehomes. com grm, diningrm, 525-0240, 315-2345
CAR TOP pod. fits roof racks.Pix avail. QUEEN SIZE bed  w/ storage under- in earth tones hopefully. Tim @ totally- DOUBLE LOT nr school, parks & BARN BLDG. 45’x90’. 4050sq ft. Drs
$150. 378-1932, 250-999-0938 neath. Includes mattress and bedding. Coldwater River walk. Not in subdi- 20’x14’h. & 14’x14’ h. 30’ clng. + man
ONE 205/60rx15 new summer tire. Joe Pix avail  $200. 378-1932, 250-999-0938 CIRCA furniture stripper if you would vision. Prop. Guys #10822 280-1017 dr. Water & elect  604-364-3410
378-2676 PINE country cabinet 4 door, 36”w, like to sell. Seems you can’t buy it in 1-BDRM ste, furn’d, util incl 378-6899
for rent
ONE 235/55r17 Yokohama summer tire, 64”h, 22”d $200 obo. Queen size bed Canada anymore. 378-4191 ROOM FOR RNT for adult student
lk nw $75 (was $175 new) 378-6217 chesterfield, blue & white stripe,  Ikea SMALL roto-tiller in good running con- 1-BDRM bsmt ste, shared kitch./ going to NVIT. Adult student, n/s, n/
16” DODGE rims, 5 bolt, $100 378-2410 $150 obo 378-6787 dition. 378-4191 bth,, util/cbl incl 778-869-3141 drnkng, n/p Colleen 936-8763