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Shifts in the Low Touch Economy The post-Covid-19 era will become a

Low Touch Economy shaped by new

continuous testing (addiction?) consumers marked as “immune” increase of other vaccinations monitoring of close friends/family increase in data/ personal
surveillance tools habits & regulations. Some shifts will be
there only for a couple of months, while
others could create long-lasting ripple
minimal human interaction supply health security gates everywhere new safe (digital) labels or rise of e-health rise of prepper movements carry record of personal health to only travel for extensive periods
effects in multiple industries.
chains certificates allow cross-border travel
More via

payments (face id,..) more packaged/plastic mask/ glove wearing in public redesign public healthcare new virtual companions rise in depression/ anxiousness/ more pets regions with 2-week quarantine democratic liberties are constrained
wrapped food accepted/ expected (all seasons) loneliness

infrastructure interactions contactless everything increase in hygiene awareness more focus on personal more insurances more remote therapy less traveling allowed more local tourism boost in nature/camping trips shift to more localism
(doors/ toilets/ …) (production & consumption)
health & personal care

rise of virtual/digital performances theatres/cinemas/ festivals scaled rethink ceremonies/rituals low touch greetings more solo travel bored to stay at/near home pressure on supply chains push for more home monitoring focus on deliverables vs activity or
back (e.g. weddings) tools time

dedicated retail for +65y olds appointment based retail only limited gatherings allowed invest in recreation facilities at (temporary) universal basic changes in employer relationship more flexible working hours
shifts in the Low Touch home income
Economy (2020-2023)
v1 March 28 2020

limited shopping/retail trips limit unnecessary visits working from home forced (better) work/ mass unemployment loss of income rise in side jobs & freelancing
life balance
sticks as a habit

new solo shopping experience get to know colleagues at a more diy at home sport in/near home families/couples spend more time more stress at home rethink personal carreers
personal level (gardening etc.) together

social distancing interiors personal identity less defined by less office space needed less commuting extra time/day close friends are more valued more divorces
(restaurants, …) your job

less eating out more home cooking increase energy bills at home more personal time (hobbies,..) increase in domestic violence more legal

more home delivery meals more local grocery deliveries changes in family budget less physical meetings less traffic limited use of crowded public drop in podcasting/ music invest in remote courses/ new skills homes not suited for couples people move to new houses
transport streaming sharing office space

more “ghost” kitchens buy more home appliances regular fashion becomes less less polution more use of individual micro rise in home schooling renovations to match new lifestyle less obvious jobs also move to work
important mobility from home (with special equipment)

more outsourcing of grocery/retail boost in e-commerce & deliveries postponing non-essential make-up still going strong more media consumption/gaming free up space at home
shopping purchases (e.g. new car)

more near home drop off points refrigerated drop off points increase in home it/office spending more waste disposal external storage needed

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