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Test I: Multiple Choice- Encircle the letter of your choice

1. It is an electronic component that has the ability to store electrical charges or voltages.
a. Resistor b. Capacitor c. Diode d. Transistor
2. It is an electronic component use to limit current flow in a circuit.
a. Resistor b. Capacitor c. Diode d. Transistor
3. It is the simplest solid state device which is use as a rectifier.
a. Resistor b. Capacitor c. Diode d. Transistor
4. It is an electronic device that allows the flow of current in only one direction.
a. Resistor b. Capacitor c. Diode d. Transistor
5. It is the process of converting alternating current into direct current.
a. conduction b. rectification c. isolation d. transformer
6. In checking diode with an ohmmeter, what is the condition of the diode if the forward
resistance reading indicates an infinite (∞) resistance?
a. GOOD diode b. OPEN diode c. LEAKY diode d. SHORTED diode
7. Which of the following diodes used for controlling voltage?
a. Zener diodes b. Signal diodes c. Rectifier diodes d. Tunnel diodes
8. What is the nominal value of a capacitor with brown-red-silver-gold coding?
a. 1.2 ohms b. 12 ohms c. .12 ohms d. none
9. What is the nominal value of a capacitor with brown-green-black-silver coding?
a. 150 ohms b. 15 ohms c. 1.5 ohms d. none
10. What is the tolerance value of a capacitor with brown-brown-black-gold coding?
a. 20% b. 5% c. 10% d. 1%
11. What is the actual value of a capacitor with 104 printed value?
a. 1000000 pF b. 100000 pF c. 100000 µF d. 1000000 µF
12. What is the actual value of a capacitor with 302 printed value?
a. 30000 pF b. 3000 pF c. 3000 µF d. 30000 µF
13. What is the Voltage Ratio of the transformer with high-voltage winding rating of 900 Volts and low-voltage
winding of 180 volts?
a. 5 b. 2 c. 9 d. None
14. A transformer has 800 turns of the primary winding and 100 turns of the secondary winding. Determine the
secondary voltage if the secondary circuit is open and the primary voltage is 120 V.
a. 15 V b. 24 V c. 2.4 V d. 1.5 V
15. What is the phase current of a fully loaded 30 kVA, 150 phase volt three phase transformer?
a. 300 A b. 200 A c. 50 A d. 50 mA
16. A transformer has 1200 coil turns in secondary windings and 120 V output. Find the primary voltage if TR is 5:1.
a. 20 V b. 12 V c. 600 V d. 60 V
17. How many coil turns needed to increase a voltage from 36V to 288 V if the primary winding have 57 turns?
a. 8 b. 546 c. 456 d. none
18. What is the output voltage for a 6:1 turns ratio if the source voltage is 120 V?
a. 60 V b. 1200 V c. 20 V d. none
19. A step-up transformer have an output of 60 V and input of 10 V. What is the Turns Ratio?
a. 1:6 b. 6:1 c. 1:2 d. 1:2
20. What is the input voltage required if a transformer needs to produce 60 V with 200 coil turns in primary winding
and 20 coil turns in secondary?
a. 10 V b. 600 V c. 6 V d. 20 V
21. What type of transformer designed to increase AC voltage?
a. Core type b. Shell type c. Step-up d. Step-down


1. Fixed Capacitor
2. polarized Capacitor
3. Resistor
4. Battery
5. Ground
6. Rectifier Diode
7. Zener Diode
8. Photo diode
9. Transformer
10. Light Emitting Diode
11. Inductor
12. AC Source
13. SPST Switch
14. DC source
15. SPDT Switch
ORTED diode

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