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LOT–3:-BOQ for Laboratory Equipment’s

Item No. Description/AAWSA'S Requirement Unit Quantity

1. Laboratory Equipment’s
III. Technical specifications/clause by clause commentary for Laboratory Equipment’s.
Item Description/AAWSA'S Requirement Qty Bidder's Offer
1 Laboratory Water still, Distiller 3 1. GFL 2008 Water Still, Laboratory Water Distillation Unit
Product Details
Brand Name: GFL
Model Number: 2008
Manufacturer Name: GFL -
Gesellschaft für Labortechnik mbH
Country of Origin: Germany
Certifications/Compliances: CE,
ISO 9001: 2015
Warranty: one year

Capacity 8 l/h, distillation, fully automatic, with storage tank, Capacity: 8 l/h
suitable both bench and wall mounting, thermostatic Water Still for single distillation (fully automatic) with storage tank, suitable for
low water cut off, condenser is easily exchangeable both bench and wall mounting.
Thermostatic low water cut-off.
Condenser (cooling coil) inside the storage tank, easily exchangeable.
Operation: fully automatic
Body Steel; Heating element, evaporator, storage tank, Material: stainless steel
condenser, and body made of stainless still Heating element, evaporator, storage tank and condenser made of stainless steel.
Double-walled housing.
Outer housing made of electrolytically galvanised sheet steel, electrostatically
powder-coated with epoxy resin.
Power 220-250v,include cable Electrical connection: 230 V / 50/60 Hz
Power supply through included mains cable.
Conductivit Approx. 2.3µs/cm at 25OC Conductivity: approx. 2.3 µs / cm at 25 °C
y Very good distillate quality; conductivity approx. 2.3 µs / cm at 25 °C.
2 Deionizer Cartridges 8 2. Thermo Scientific Deionizer Product Details
Cartridges Brand Name: Thermo Scientific
Model Number: D0809
Manufacturer Name: Thermo
Fisher Scientific Inc.
Country of Origin: USA
Certifications/Compliances: ISO
9001:2015, ISO 14001: 2015

Type Ultrapure Type: Ultrapure

Resin Type Mixed-Bed Resin Type: Mixed-Bed
Capacity 600ml Capacity: 875 grains
3 Magnetic Stirrer Analog 4 3. h
Measuring accuracy ±0.2 + sensor tolerance DIN IEC
751 class A
Setting accuracy 1K
Standard tolerance ±0.5K
Operating voltage 220-230±10% V AC
Input power max. at 230 1520 W
&115 V AC
Design frequency 50/60 HZ
Dimension (WxDxH) (300x415x105)mm
Heating plate dimensions Heating plate dimensions
Weight 6 kg
Power consumption 15 W
Power output 1.5 W
Max. stirring quantity 15 L
Speed rang 0/100-1500rpm
Speed display Scale
4 COD Reactor/Test Tube Heater 2 4. DRB200 - Digital Reactor Block: 15 x 16 mm vial wells, 230 Vac
Product Details
Brand Name: Hach
Model Number: DRB200
Part Number: LTV082.52.40001
Manufacturer Name: Hach Company
Country of Origin: USA
Certifications/Compliances: CE, GS,
Warranty: one year

Dimensions 25x14.5x31cm Dimensions (W x H x D) (cm): 25 x 14.5 x 31

Weight Single heating block :2kg Weight: Single heater block DRB200s, 2 kg instrument
Power requirements 100-240V,50/60HZ Power Requirements: 100-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, Protection Class 1
Instrument range Temperature :37 to 150oC±1oC Programmable Temperature Range: 37-165 °C (99 - 329 ºF); ±1oC
Timer : 0 to 480min Programmable Timer Range: Easily selected 0-480 minutes; Acoustic signal when
the time expires; Heating stops when time expires
Heating rate From 20 to148oC in 10min Heating Rate: From 20 to 150 °C in 10 minutes
5 PH meter 4 5. HQ11D Digital Portable pH Meter Kit Product Details
Brand Name: Hach
Model Number: HQ11D – pH/1
Manufacturer Name: Hach
Country of Origin: USA
Certifications/Compliances: CE,
Warranty: one year

Dimensions 19.7x9.5 cm Dimensions (H×W×D): 3.6 cm × 9.5 cm × 19.7 cm

Power requirements AA alkaline or rechargeable Nickel Power requirements: AA alkaline (4)
(internal) Metal hydride (NiMH) batteries (4)
Power requirements External power adapter:100- AC power adapter (100-240v, 50/60Hz) and USB/DC Adapter
(external) 240v,50/60Hz
Operating temperature 0 to +60oC(32 to140oF) Operating Temperature: 0 – 60 °C (32 – 140 °F)
Data memory (internal) 500 results Data Memory: 500 records
Data Storage: Automatic, GLP ISO compliant reading data stored with calibration
6 Laboratory Oven 2 6. OV/75 Genlab General Purpose Product Details
Laboratory Oven Brand Name: Genlab
Model Number: OV/75
Manufacturer Name: Genlab Ltd
Country of Origin: UK
Certifications/Compliances: CE,
ISO 9001, UKAS
Warranty: one year

Capacity 72 liter Capacity: 75 litres

Internal dimension (HXWXd)cm 45x49x35 Internal Dimensions with fun (H x W x D cms): 45 x 49 x 35
External dimension (HXWXD)cm 58x85x48 External Dimension (H x W x D cms): 58 x 85 x 48
No. of shelves 2 No. of Shelves: 2
Weight (Kg) 39 Weight (kg): 39
Temperature range 40oC to 250oC±0.75oC Temperature range: 40 to 250ºC
Fluctuation +/- 0.75ºC
Easy clean powder coated body Easy clean powder coated body
Aluminum coated mild steel chamber Aluminum coated mild steel chamber
Microprocessor digital controller, safety overheat thermostat, Microprocessor digital controller with dual display of set point and actual
stainless steel chamber, fan circulation temperature
Safety overheat thermostat to DIN 12-880, Class 3.1
Fan circulation
7 Spectrophotometer 2 7. s
Operating mode Transmittance (%),absorbance &
Source lamp Gas-filled tungsten (visible)
&deuterium( UV)
Wavelength range 190-1100nm
Wavelength accuracy ±1 nm in wave length range 200-
Wave length calibration Automatic
Wave length selection Automatic, based on method
Scanning speed 900nm/min 1nm steps
Spectra band width 2nm
Photometric range ±3.0 Abs in wave length range 200-
Width 450 mm
Height 200 mm
Depth 500 mm
Weight 15.5 kg
Operating requirements 10-40 oC (50 -104oF),
max.80%relative humidity (non-
Mains connection 100-240v-; 50/60Hz:automatic
changeover. Use only shielded
cable with max. length of 3m
Interfaces 1XUSBtype B
2XUSB type A
8 BOD 2 8. BOD
1 .BOD measuring system 1. BOD Direct Plus Respirometric BOD Analyzer Apparatus
Product Details
Brand Name: HACH
Model Number: BD Direct Plus
Product Number: LQV166.98.00001
Manufacturer Name: HACH
Country of Origin: USA
Certifications/Compliances: CE, EMC
in accordance with DIN EN 61326,
basic requirements
Warranty: one year
Type BOD Direct plus Type: BOD Direct plus
Measuring principle Respirometric ,electronic pressure Measuring Principle: Respirometric ,electronic pressure sensor
Measuring range (mg/l O2) 0-40,0-80,0-200,0-400,0-800,0- Measuring Range [mg/l O2]: 0-40, 0-80, 0-200, 0-400, 0-800, 0-2000, 0-4000 mg/l
Application BOD5,BOD7,OECD 301F Applications: BOD5, BOD7, OECD 301 F, etc.
Display Graphic display,16 grey levels, Display: Graphic display, 16 grey levels, 240 pixels wide, 128 pixels high
240pixels wide,128 pixels high
Automatic measurement First day –hourly Automatic Measurement Buffer:-
buffer Second day –every 2hours First day - hourly
Third day & later –every 24 hours Second day - every 2 hours
Third day and later - every 24 hours
Auto start Can be switched off; controlled by Auto start: Can be switched off; controlled by pressure drop in the bottle
pressure drop in the bottle
Power supply ,batteries 3 alkali-manganese cells ,type Power Supply, batteries: 3 alkali-manganese cells ,type C/LR14
Power supply ,external 15V DC via supplied mains adapter Power Supply, external: 15 V DC via supplied mains adapter plug, low-voltage
plug, low voltage barrel connector, barrel connector, max. power requirement 600 mA
max. power requirement 600 mA
Time Real time clock, supported by the Time: Real-time clock, supported by the batteries if the device is not
batteries if the device is not provided provided with an external power supply
with an external power supply
Dimensions ,without stirrer 182mmx376mmx213mm Dimensions, without stirrer drive, W x D x H: 182 mm x 376 mm x 213 mm
drive, WxDxH
2. Stirrer Unit 2. Stirrer Unit
Type Inductive stirring system Type: Inductive stirring system
Number of position 6 Number of position: 6
Speed 320rpm, brief centering phase every Speed: 320rpm, brief centering phase every 40 s
40 s
Dimension (WxDxH) 270x180x25 Dimensions (W x D x H) [mm]: 270 x 180 x 25
Stirring position spacing 88 mm Stirring position spacing: 88 mm
Weight (stirrer drive) 1960 g Weight (stirrer drive): 1960 g
Housing material PVC Housing material: PVC
Environmental condition -100C to +560C ,95% relative air Environmental condition: -10°C to +56°C, 95 % relative air humidity
Operating voltage 15 V DC Operating voltage: 15 V DC
protection glass IP 68 Protection class: IP 68
3. Main adapter 3. Main Adapter
Type SWP1502300P Type: SWP1502300P
Design Mains adapter plug, switching power Design: Mains adapter plug, switching power supply
Input voltage ,frequency 100-240v, 50/60 HZ Input voltage ,frequency: 100-240v, 50/60 HZ
Input current 1500mA Input current: 1500mA
protection class II protection class: II
Output voltage ,frequency 15 V DC Output voltage ,frequency: 15 V, DC
Max. output current 2300mA Max. output current: 2300 mA
Output protection Short –circuit-proof Output protection: Short –circuit-proof
Environmental condition 0 to 40, with max. 93% relative air Environmental condition: 0°C to 40°C, with max. 93 % relative air humidity
Dimension 62x84x53 Dimensions [mm]: 62 x 84 x 53
Weight , with EU adapter 258 g Weight , with EU adapter: 258 g
9 Pump 4 9. N 022 AN.18 Diaphragm Vacuum Product Details
Pump Brand Name: KNF
Model Number: N 022 AN.18
Item number: KNF_28050
Manufacturer Name: KNF
Neuberger GmbH
Country of Origin: Germany
CE, ISO 9001
Warranty: one year

Pump type N 022 AN.18 Pump type: N 022 AN.18

Voltage 230V Mains connection: 230 V, 50 Hz  
Frequency 50 HZ Frequency: 50 Hz  
Power 100W Motor power: 100 W
Operating current 0.7A Operating current: 0.7 A
Hose connection ID 6 Connectors for tube (mm): ID 6
Permissible ambient temp. +50C to +400C Permissible gas and ambient temperature: +5 to +40 °C
Maximum permitted mains +/- 10%
voltage fluctuations
Weight 4kg Weight: 4.0 kg
Dimension (L*H*W) (203*194*145)mm Dimensions [L x H x W (mm)] with thermal switch: 203 x 194 x 145
10 Furnace muffle 1 10. Thermo Scientific Lindberg/Blue Product Details
M 5.3L B2 Moldatherm Box Brand Name: Thermo Scientific
Furnace - 208-240V Model Number: BF51766C-1
Manufacturer Name: Thermo
Scientific Inc
Country of Origin: USA
Certifications/Compliances: cUL,
ISO 9001
Warranty: one year
Capacity 5.3L Capacity: 5.3 L / 0.19 Cubic Ft
Temp. range 1000C-11000C Temperature Range: 100 to 1100°C
Display LED: actual Vs set point(in0c or 0F) Display: LED: actual vs. setpoint (in °C or °F)
Interior dim. (D*W*H) (22.9*15.2*15.2)cm Inner/Chamber Dimensions (D x W x H) (cm): 22.9 x 15.2 x 15.2
Ext.dim.(L*W*H) (53.3*43.1*54.6)cm Overall/ External Dimensions (D x W x H) (cm): 53.3 x 43.1 x 54.6
11 Ammonia ion selective electrode 2 11. Orion 9512BNWP Ammonia Product Details
Ion Selective Electrode Brand Name: Orion
Model Number: 9512BNWP
Manufacturer Name: Thermo
Scientific Orion Inc.
Country of Origin: USA
Certifications/Compliances: EPA

Construction Gas sensing combination Construction: Gas sensing combination

Measuring range 1.0 to 5x10-7 M(17000 to 0.01ppm) Measurement Range: 1.0 to 5 x 10-7M (17,000 to 0.01 ppm)
Temp. range (0-50) 0C Optimum Temperature Rage: 0 - 50°C
Delivered with A box of 20 membranes ,one cap for loose Complete Set Includes:-
membranes ,tweezers for handling The Orion 9512BNWP comes with a box of 20 membranes (951204); one
membranes ,one white dispensing cap ,one cap for loose membranes; tweezers for handling membranes; one white
bottle of ammonia electrode fill solution dispensing cap; 1 bottle of ammonia electrode fill solution (951202); and
,instruction manual instruction manual.
12 Ag/AgCl double junction reference half –cell electrode, epoxy 2 12. Thermo Scientific Ag/AgCl Double Junction Reference Half-Cell
body electrode, epoxy body, Sure-Flow® junction
Product Details
Brand Name: Orion
Model Number: 90-0200
Manufacturer Name: Thermo Scientific Orion Inc.
Country of Origin: USA

PH range N/A pH Range: n/a

Temperature range 0-100 0C Temp Range: 0-100°C
Reference Ag/AgCl Reference: Ag/AgCl
Junction Sure flow Junction: Sure-Flow
Dimension 110x12mm(cap. Dia.16mm) Dimensions: 110 x 12mm (cap dia 16mm)
Connector cable Pin-tip /1M cable Connector/Cable: Pin-tip/1M cable
13 Analytical balance 2 13. AS 220.R2 PLUS Analytical Product Details
Balance Brand Name: Radwag
Model Number: AS 220.R2 PLUS
Manufacturer Name: RADWAG
Balances and Scales LLC
Country of Origin: Poland
Certifications/Compliances: ISO
9001:2018 standards, and are
Warranty: one year
Max. capacity 220g Maximum capacity [Max]: 220 g
Minimum load 10mg Minimum load: 10 mg
Readability 0.1mg Readability [d]: 0.1mg
Tare range -220g Tare range: -220 g
Repeatability (5% Max) 0.08mg Standard repeatability [5% Max]: 0.07 mg
Standard repeatability [Max]: 0.08 mg
Repeatability (Max) 0.1mg Permissible repeatability [Max]; 0.1 mg
Linearity ±0.2mg Linearity: ±0.2 mg
Minimum weight 16mg
Minimum weight (USP) 160mg
Adjustment 2s
Stabilization time Internal (automatic)
OIML class I
Display LCD(back lit)
Communication interface 2xRS232, USB-A, USB-B,
Power supply 100-240 V AC 50/60 HZ
Operating temp. +10-+400C
Weighing pan dimension 100mm
Packing dimensions 495x400x515mm
Net weight 5.3 kg
Gross weight 7.3 kg
14 Incubator for BOD 2 14. BOD Incubator ST BD 5 Product Details
Model Number: ST 5 Smart
Manufacturer Name: POL-EKO-
Country of Origin: Poland
Certifications/Compliances: ISO
Warranty: one year

Chamber capacity 300l Chamber capacity [l]: 300

Door type Solid/glass Door type: solid / glass or double (option)
Temperature +30C -400C / up to +700C (optional) / Temperature range [°C]: +3…+40 / up to +70 (option) / +3…+70 in
+30C -+700C in TOP + version TOP+ version
Controller Microprocessor with external LCD microprocessor with external LCD graphic display
graphic display
Interior Aluminum /stainless steel Powder Interior : aluminum/ stainless steel
coated sheet/ stainless steel Housing: powder coated sheet / stainless steel finish INOX/G or polished INOX/S
polished INOX/S
Over all dimension (WxHxD) (620x1460x640)mm Overall dims (W x H x D)[mm]: 620x 1460x 640
Internal dimension (WxHxD) (520x1260x420)mm Internal dims (W x H x D) [mm]: 520 x 1260 x 420
Shelves fitted/max5 4/7 Shelves fitted/max: 4/7
Max. shelf work load 10kg Max shelf workload [kg]: 10
Max. unit work load 60kg2 Max unit workload [kg]: 60
Voltage 110-120/220-240 V, 50/60 HZ Voltage: 230V 50-60Hz
Nominal powder 330W Nominal power [W]: 330
15 Centrifuge 1 15. HERMLE Universal Centrifuge Product Details
Z 306 Brand Name: HERMLE
Model Number: Z 306-E
PART NO.: 4AJ-6255833
Manufacturer Name: HERMLE
Labortechnik GmbH
Country of Origin: Germany
Certifications/Compliances: CE,
ISO 9001, ISO 140001
Warranty: one year
Hermle Universal Centrifuge Z
306 310.00 V01

weight 30kg Weight without rotor: 30 kg

Max. speed 14000rpm Max. Speed: 14000 rpm
Max. volume 4x100ml Max. Volume: 4 x 100 ml
Max. RCF 18624xg Max. RCF: 18624 xg
Allowable density 1.2kg/dm3 Allowable density: 1.2 kg/dm3
Power consumption 5595Nm(rotor 221.17V03) Allowable kinetic energy: 5595 Nm (Rotor 221.17 V03)
Dimension (WxHxD) (35x33x47)cm Dimensions (W x H x D): 35 cm x 33 cm x 47 cm
Mains power connection AC 230V/50HZ 1 ph Mains power connection AC: 230 V / 50 Hz 1 ph
Voltage fluctuation ±10% Voltage fluctuation: ± 10 %
Current consumption 1.3A Current consumption: 1.3 A
Power consumption 0.24KW Power consumption: 0.24 KW