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Larissa Colleen Alilio

A hazing, conducted by Tau Gamma Sigma Sorority, happened at an abandoned house in Las Pinas last
January 7. The victim is none other than the daughter of the former Batangas City mayor: Larissa Colleen
Alilio, an 18-year-old tourism student of Lyceum of the Philippines University.

According to her affidavit filed with the local police, Alilio said she was sought out by a member who
took her phone number and called her repeatedly and then followed her around the campus. On
January 3, she went to see the sorority members at the school gym for a so-called “blessing” in
preparation for the initiation rites. But when Alilio told them that she was withdrawing, they allegedly
threatened to kill her. Fearing for her life, she reluctantly agreed.

On the guise of an “outing,” they ordered her to bring food, a sack, and a candlestick. She was fetched
from her boarding house in Pasay City and was brought to an abandoned house in Las Pinas where
around 40 sorority members also gathered. Thereafter, she was blindfolded and told to kneel down.

What happened? The sorority members took turns hitting her with a belt and a stick on the back of her
thigh about 50 times. They also poured melted candle wax on her back while her hair was being pulled
and her face repeatedly slapped. She even heard, before blacking out, “Kung namatay ‘yan, isako na

A medical report said she suffered from “hematoma, bilateral thigh, superficial partial thickness burn
and back acute stress disorder.” She suffered severe bruises, contusions in the back, and burns on her
knee from a candle. Doctors are worried for she might even suffer from kidney damage.

Suspects, as Alilio could only give the aliases of the four sorority members who conducted the initiation
rites, were Lady Master Anna, Brandy, Yonara, and Yuna. These suspects will be facing charges in
violation of the Republic Act 8049 or Anti-Hazing Law Act and for serious illegal detention.

Lyceum’s Office for External affairs issued a statement saying it does not recognize any fraternity or
sorority. The university also offered assistance to Alilio in the form of medical insurance, as well as legal
and psychological counseling.

Marvin Reglos
Five months before the untimely demise of Marc Andre Marcos, a law student from San Beda College,
was the death of yet another Beda law student: 25-year-old Marvin Reglos, a neophyte of Sigma Rho
Beta fraternity. Both students, albeit being neophytes from different fraternities, were victims of hazing.

Reglos was said to have been taken to a resort in Manila's neighboring Antipolo City in Rizal province on
Feb. 18, 2012 as part of the initiation rites before being accepted in the San Beda-based fraternity. The
fraternity members were engaged in a drinking spree the night before they hazed the neophytes. One of
the fraternity members even took a special interest in Reglos, which may have led to his death.
“Nagkamali raw po ng letter sa spelling po ng Lambda Rho Beta. Noong nagkamali raw po, hinampas
daw po ni [bleeped] sa ulo. Dahil daw doon, biglang bumagsak ang neophyte na si Marvin Reglos,” a
witness said.

A medical report, which was received late by the bereaved kin of Marvin, said that Reglos bore bruises
all over his body. He also bore an injury on his nape, which police said, could have been the fatal blow.
He died of kidney failure after sustaining several muscle injuries during initiation rites in Antipolo City,
autopsy results revealed. Reglos' skeletal muscle broke down after he was hit repeatedly on the legs and
arms. The damaged skeletal muscle then secreted myoglobin or muscle protein, which caused Reglos'
kidneys to fail. 

Nine suspects, all were members of Sigma Rho, were charged with murder and violation of the Anti-
Hazing Law. This list excludes the fraternity’s head Grand Rhoan Eduardo Escobal II because he died of
cardiopulmonary failure due to a severe asthma attack.

San Beda College issued a statement saying that it condemns this unlawful and dreadful act of violence.
Consequently, the school does not recognize the fraternity’s existence. It also said that while the San
Beda Law administration immediately acts to protect the rights of its students and assist the victims, it is
also taking the initial steps to seeking justice for the students.

This case, however, didn’t reach the higher courts as an amicable settlement was completed last 2014.
The family of Reglos has forgiven his killers.

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