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Agree or disagree with these results:

Total resistance-to-change rating is about average. You see both the advantages and

disadvantages in changes and are not typically inclined to either resist or promote them. The

particular characteristics of the change at hand are more likely to determine your approach

towards it. As far as your approach towards routines is concerned, you don't appear to feel very

strongly about them. There are things that you like to do on a regular basis, but on occasion you

like to break your routines and do something unexpected or unplanned. Your emotional reaction

to changes is generally negative. Changes often make you feel uncomfortable, nervous and even

stressed. When you think about change, although you are aware of the short-term inconvenience

that may be involved, you can still see the potential long-term benefits and can therefore take

them into consideration when making decisions about change. Beyond this, you appear to be

very stable and consistent in your opinions. You know what you believe in and are not very

likely to change your mind. Some might even say that you are somewhat stubborn.

After reviewing the results, I can say that with the results I neither agree nor disagree.

What areas seem accurate, which do not:

The advantages and disadvantages in changes: It is correctly stated that I am typically

inclined to either resist or promote them.

The particular characteristics of the change: It is subject to the condition of the situation,

change and other factors and it is correctly articulated.

Approach towards routines: It is very concerning for me because I do live my life based on a

routine and on the other hand after completing my tasks I do lot of thing which is not planned, so

it also seem accurate and also not accurate because it also explain that I don not appear to feel

very strong about them.

Emotional reaction to changes: It seems not accurate for me. Because I know how to control

emotion and which is always for positive not negative. I always love to do more and proactively

take responsibility and done accordingly which is not make me feel uncomfortable, nervous and

even stressed. It seem accurate.

Making decisions about change: It is hard for everyone but not all the time. But here it is

accurately stated that I can see the potential long-term benefits and can therefore take them into

consideration for short term inconvenience. It seem accurate.

Consistent in my opinions: It is not possible all the time to stable and consistent in the opinions

which is purely subject to the condition of the situation and condition. So, it seems not accurate


Change my mind: Once I take the decision considering all the aspects of the situation than

usually, I am not going to change my mind. It seems accurate.

Stubborn: I set my goals and do hard work and fully determined to be achieved. It also seem


Give an example of a change situation in which you were recently involved. Did you resist?

I am working for United Nations Agency. Last 7 Years I was working for them as a finance and

admin officer but last year I got a break and change my designation as a programme associate

humanitarian which is partially related with my previous job description. This decision I have

taken very boldly and it is like upside down. I do resist during taking the decision even after

getting the new job first couple of months.

I do resist because of the following reasons:

New area of work

Less experience in the particular field

New term and new working modality

Too much reporting

More brainstorming tasks

No support staffs

New Responsibilities etc.

why not?

Same organization

Love to take challenge

Humanitarian experience

Financial benefit

Bit more secure job

Better working environment etc.

What was the ultimate outcome?  

The ultimate outcome is I do very well with my present designation and working modality and

even the nature of work. I do love my work more compare with previous position. Opportunity to

learn new things, new topics, more knowledge etc. that I can build my career in the humanitarian

field because today’s world there is high chance of working in the humanitarian field as needed.

Organizational Theory