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With your main image open, place You will most likely wish to remove or
your texture image via File > Place reduce the texture from your portrait
Embedded and hit Enter / Return on subject. Apply a Layer Mask to the
your keyboard. texture layer and paint with a black brush
to hide areas of texture.
Alternatively, open your texture image in
Photoshop; Select All; Edit > Copy; Go to Note, if you’re unfamiliar with masking,
your main image and Edit > Paste. you can also use the Erase Tool.

Note, you may need to Edit > Transform

> Scale to resize your texture to suit your STEP FIVE
main image. Get creative! Scale and move the texture
layer around to best suit the underlying
image. You may also add multiple
STEP T WO textures to an image depending on the
To create the textured look over your desired impact.
main image, change the Blending Mode
on the texture layer, via the Layers panel. Any colours in your texture layer will
See example -> effect your underlying image. Experiment
with textures which are neutral /
You can experiment with the various desaturated or have colour. For example,
blending modes however Soft Light, you can add colour to your texture
Overlay and Hard Light are often the layer using Edit > Adjustments > Hue
most popular when applying textures. / Saturation and tick the Colourise
button to tone an entire layer.

Experiment with varying the Opacity of STEP SIX
the texture layer to best suit your main Remember if you wish to return to your
image. work to make further edits you will need
to save your working file as a .PSD file to
retain your multiple layers.

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