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1. Which of the following is NOT right about research title construction?

a. Specific c. Attainable
b. Measurable d. Limitless

2. The following are weaknesses of quantitative research, EXCEPT:

a. It is costly
b. It requires a large number of respondents
c. Sensitive information is hard to gather
d. It can be easily interpreted

3. Bryan, a grade 12 ICT student, would like to find out if the results of his research as regards
the causes why some stu-dents in government schools violate rules and regulations would have
the same results if the respondents would be stu-dents form private schools. What characteristic
of quantitative research is referred to?

a. future outcome
b. large sample size
c. replication

d. numerical data

4. Qualitative research expresses its results through words while quantitative research results are
expressed and measured through numbers; hence it is more specific. What characteristic of
quantitative research is referred to?
a. subjective c. wordy
b. observable d. objective

5. Which of the following BEST describes quantitative re-search?

a. Research that is exploratory.
b. The collection of non-numerical data.
c. Research that attempts to generate a new theory.
d. An attempt to confirm the researcher’s hypotheses.

6. This kind of research aims to assess the effects, impacts, or outcomes of practices.
a. Correlational c. Evaluation
b. Causal-Comparative d. Experimental

7. Conduciveness of a classroom learning atmosphere can be best measured through what kind of
a. Correlational c. Descriptive
b. Evaluation d. Survey

Refer to the following for items 8-10:

a. Objective c.Replication b. Numerical data d.Large Sample Sizes
________8. Data are in the form of statistics.
________9. It is not based on guesswork.
_______ 10. It is done to check the correctness and verify the findings of the study.

11. Tiara wanted to conduct research that will delve into know-ing the effects of post-traumatic
stress disorder on the aca-demic performance of teenagers during the first grading of the
academic year 2012-2013. The type of research design most suited towards her study would be:

a. Causal-comparative c. Evaluation
b. Experimental d. Correlational
12. Vincent conducts a study that will further get to know the frequency of scrub cases between
the north and south affiliat-ed hospitals of their school. What is the type of research de-sign to be
used in his study?

a. Descriptive c. Causal-Comparative
b. Correlational d. Experimental

13. Members of the health team introduce a new admission system and wish to study the
efficiency of its implementation as compared to the previous admission system, which is still
being practiced in other departments. In this study, it is not feasible to conduct randomization.
What type of research design is used?

a. Experimental c. Survey
b. Causal-comparative d. Correlational

14. Which of the following researches would be considered as prospective?

a. The effects of preschool attendance towards the

maturity of the first-grade students
b. The effects of being a working mother towards the child’s absenteeism
c. The effect of stress on the co-curricular activities
participation of 3rd-year students
d. The effects of memory enhancers towards the
academic performance of students

15. A quantitative research paper is entitled as “Nursing Model of Care Utilized by Selected
Hospitals and its Association with the Performance of Nurses in their Area of Assignment.”
What is the research design of this study?

a. Survey c. Causal – Comparative

b. Correlational d. Experimental