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How to make your own liquid soap

Items to be used

1. Bucket - this is a mixing container where ingredients are put and mixed.
2. Wooden stick - is used to mix the liquid foam
3. Gloves -are to be put on hand to protect from danger of raw materials used when mixing soap.
4. Nose mask - are put on hand to protect the body from hazardous raw materials.
5. Table spoon - Is used to measure the raw materials.

Raw materials needed to make 20 litres of liquid soap

1.Clean water - 20 litres

2. Ungalo - 1kg
3. Salt - 1kg
4. Sulphuric acid - 1kg
5. Caustic - ¼ kg but measure 3 table spoons.
6. Colour
7. Perfume Preservative

NOTE: Weighting scale of raw materials is done while purchasing. Keep out of reach of children


1. Get all the raw materials and equipment together on the table in their rightful measurements.
2. Mix ungalo and salt, stir until raw materials turn white in color. After that add 1cup of water
and continue to stir.
3. Prepare sulphuric acid in another small bucket with water and add to the bucket you have
prepared first.
4. Prepare citric acid in a cup until it dissolves and add to the first bucket.
5. Put in color in the solution prepared then perfume and preservative which helps the solution to
6.  After the process, put it aside until the bubbles are removed and do not cover. Then put the
solution in clean jerry cans.

Homemade liquid soap
1. Water (40 litres) This may defer depending on the quantity one desires.
2. Sulphuric Acid 1Kg
3. Sodium Triphosphate 1Kg
4. Nitroso 2kg
5. Salt 1Kg
6. Perfume
7. Colour
8. Gloves and mask for safety

Using water, dilute every ingredient individually in a bucket. Mix 10 litres of water with salt in a
bucket and stir until it dissolves.
Put 2kgs of Nitroso in a bucket, add a reasonable amount of water and stir for about 10 minutes
until it is well mixed. Pour 1kg of sulphonic acid in a bucket, add a relatively small amount of
water and stir vigorously until the black colour turns into a white lather.
To mix the sulphuric acid (the black solution) use protective gear like a mask on your nose (It
has a strong, chocking smell) and gloves on your hands, ensuring it does not come into contact
with your body because it has a burning effect.
Mix sodium triphospate with a small amount of water and stir. Let it settle. To mix all the
ingredients, add nitroso into the salt mixture and stir. This will require some strength since it will
create a thick solution.
Add sulphonic acid mixture into these until they bake into each other. Add the sodium
triphosphate too and stir. After this, add all the remaining water gradually to the mixture and stir
as you add the water. As you do, the solution will get thicker, so stir even more vigorously.
At some point, add colour and stir well to mix. Add all the water now and your soap will be
Let it seat now for about seven hours. Cover your liquid soap while at this. After the seven hours,
check the soap and if it is too thick add more water but don’t exceed five litres.
Lastly, add perfume to the liquid soap and stir well. After, close the bucket so that the perfume
doesn’t evaporate.
Always, don’t leave your soap open.

Safety warning
Ensure the solution does not get into your eyes, or come into contact with any other part of the
body because sulphuric acid has a burning effect. Ensure you wear gloves and a mask.
Also, ensure you mix the solution in a safe space away from children.

How to make Liquid Soap

 Bucket (big size)- for mixing

 Mingling stick- for mixing ingredients.
 Jug- for pouring the liquid soap into the packaging bottles.
 Jerry can of water 20 litres- for making and mixing the liquid soap
 Bottles – for packing
 Gloves – For protection from the chemical.
 Measuring bowl (bucket) – for measuring and pouring water into the mixing bowl.

Chemicals needed:

 Sulphonic acid; it is black in color and in liquid form and use 1/4 for making 20 litres-
(250mls of Rwenzori water bottle)
 Industrial salt (white powder) even normal salt works use 1 Kg for making 20 litres-.
The purpose is for preservation…it makes it stay for long.
 CMC. (Also in powder form)… 20grams/ 2 table spoons…(It helps to reduce the
chemical from affecting our human body.
 Ungalo/ Tibro… Put 1Kg.
 Soda Ash… 3 table spoons/ 30grams. …. It’s function is to remove stains.
 Urea… Put 3 table spoons….
 Perfume… 10ml… For nice smell.
 Colour….Green or blue (because its common) use half a ton or full time


1. Pour 1kg of Tibro/ugalo and then 1kg of industrial salt… (First stage is the most
important). Remember to put those two ingredients at the same time.
2. Add water and stir until it dissolves. (Around 5mins)
3. Add CMC 3 table spoons- add water in bits and keep storing
4. Add sulphonic acid..keep mixing and adding more water.
5. Add soda ash… Then water.
6. Add urea…
7. Add colour (green or blue)… And pour the remaining water.
8. Add perfume… Cover your liquid soap and leave it to settle, in 20minutes, it will be
ready for use.

Markets for liquid soap:

 Schools
 Hospitals/ health centers.
 Homes
 Churches
 Shops and supermarkets.