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Hammer and Nail

Winter/Spring 2009, No. 4

Check Out What’s in Store for Habitat

ing to Kaua‘i Habitat Executive Di- Finding the right space to locate
rector Stephen Spears is surpris- your ReStore is often a huge road
ingly lucrative. The Kauai Habitat block for affiliates – especially
ReStore/Thrift Store occupies a here in Hawaii. The folks at Hilo
10,000 square foot building in Ha- Habitat decided to make the most
napepe on Kauai‘s west coast. of the space they already had by
converting their 200 square foot
The Maui Restore, which opened in conference room into an area
2005 has become quite the opera- where they can sell lighting fix-
tion over the past few years. They tures, tiles and other things for
started out in a 2000 square foot the home, making them the new-
space, and have since more than est affiliate to join the ―ReStore
doubled in size, by moving into ‗ohana.‖ Although it‘s only been
their current 4,500 square foot open for about 2 months, Hilo al-
The idea of developing a Habitat space. They have historically ac- ready considers their latest effort
ReStore isn‘t a hard sell. The cepted donations of building mate- a great success.
format, which entails accepting rials and other home improvement
donations of new or used home items and have expanded slightly Both Honolulu Habitat and Lee-
furnishings and building materi- to except pots, pans, and other us- ward O‘ahu Habitat are in differ-
als from local hardware stores, able items for the home due to the ent stages of starting their own
construction companies, and great need right now. They don‘t ReStores, and if the successes of
everyday people and reselling currently have the space to accept the existing stores are any indica-
those items to make more furniture donations, but hopefully tion, the ventures will be well
money to fund Habitat homes, that will change soon when they worth it. To donate, shop, or vol-
makes perfect sense. And as a move into their new 8000 square unteer on your island, contact
bonus, tons (literally!) of quality foot space. If success is measured your local affiliate!
items are saved from dumps and by growth, the Maui Habitat Re-
landfills every year. Those are Store is in great shape! West Hawaii ReStore Coordinator
just a few of the reasons why Isobel Donovan
four out of the seven Habitat Habitat for Humanity
affiliates in Hawaii have ac- West Hawaii has a lot
cepted the challenge of running to be proud of – during
ReStores and are now reaping its first full year of
the benefits. business their ReStore
has saved approxi-
The first ReStore in Hawaii is mately 500 tons of us-
over 11 year‘s old. Kauai Habi- able material from end-
tat for Humanity opened it‘s ing up in landfills. The
store in 1998, and has since ex- 4000 square foot store,
panded on the idea of selling which opened up in
home furnishings, appliances September of 2007, is
and building materials to also flourishing, and the
include gently used men‘s, affiliate recently hired
women‘s and children‘s clothing Steve Haney as the
and accessories, which accord- store‘s new manager.
Hawaii Habitat Board of Dave worked with Amfac/Liberty accomplish its mission in Ha-
House for 23 years, where his pri- waii. In her free time, you can
Directors mary responsibility was Director find Jasmine surfing, sleeping or
of Information Services. He also shopping.
President worked for Hawaiian Airlines as
Chandler Rowe the Senior Director of Information
Vice president Technology until his retirement in
Affiliate News
Richard Emery
Treasurer Dave and his wife Suzanne re-
David Enersen side in Kaneohe; they have lived West Hawaii
Secretary in Hawaii since 1969 and raised
Rosemary Slabaugh their two children here. They met The Kona
Immediate Past President while serving in the Peace Corps affiliate
Michael Sessions in Nigeria. has been
Dave joined the Board because hard to
Steve Bader
Kathi Hasegawa‘s predecessor, get their
Thad Bond
Peter Van Zile, asked. ―I stay on name out
Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland the Board,‖ he says, ―because I
Mike Dang
into the
identify with Habitat‘s mission, commu-
Ron Davis and will stay on as long as I am nity with
Ron Federizo able to make a contribution.‖ all kinds
Kama Hopkins
of friend-
John Jaskula raisers
Abe Lee and Pua Akini-Soares, watching
Bob Lindsey awareness her new home being built
Ritchie Mudd -raisers.
Peter Savio In April they promoted their Re-
Jasmine Tso Store as a sustainable business at
the Business Expo and the Earth
Staff and Ocean Fair. They also par-
ticipated in a Family Fun Day,
Kathleen Hasegawa, Exec. Director
and hosted their 2nd Annual Ko-
Mandy Jansen, Operations Manager Jasmine Tso kua ‗Ohana Award Ceremony and
Fundraiser, which was sponsored
Jasmine Tso is the Marketing &
by Hawaii Care and Cleaning and
Meet Our Promotions Director for Ala Moana
Center, the world‘s largest outdoor
honored the Hilton Waikoloa Vil-
lage as a donor who has provided
Board center with more than 290 stores
and restaurants. Tso is responsi-
outstanding support to the affili-
ble for all of the special events,
promotions and marketing initia- Kona Habitat also recently re-
tives at Ala Moana Center, as well ceived a grant from Clark Realty
as the ―guest experience,‖ which to help with the Akini-Soares
encompasses customer service, build, which is almost complete!
Centerstage entertainment and The affiliate recently welcome
visual aesthetics. She also serves Steve Haney as their new ReStore
as the Center‘s spokesperson with manager. Welcome Steve! The
bi-weekly appearances on KHON‘s Kona Board of Realtors will host a
morning news, Trend Watch, rummage sale to benefit Habitat
highlighting fashion and shopping West Hawaii on May 30th.
Dave Enersen trends in the Islands.

Dave Enersen has been an at-

After having spearheaded Gen- Hilo
eral Growth Hawaii‘s regional ef-
large member of the HHFH It has been a wonderful time of
fort in 2007 across six malls to
Board since 2003, where he growth for Hale Aloha O Hilo
raise funds and awareness for
continues to serve as Treasurer.
HFH, Jasmine felt that serving on
Issue 4 the Board of Directors would be a Page 2
natural next step in assisting HFH
Habitat for Humanity, as they from Trinity Western University of received t-shirts.
have increased board and com- British Columbia. The group com- In March the affiliate cele-
mittee membership significantly pleted various tasks on site, and brated the completion of the Bur-
and are ramping up events and was very productive and an im- rows home. In May, they partici-
fundraising. Their new events portant part of Leeward‘s build pated in Women Build Week,
committee, who Director Christine team for the week of their visit. sponsored by Lowes. This was no
Leonard-Osterwalder describes as Leeward Habitat is close to fin- light work—eighteen women
―strong and committed,‖ includes ishing their first Honsador pack- turned out, pink hammers in
two partner families, and is work- age home built with the Solomon hand, to construct a deck, put up
ing on a Walk-a-Thon, as well as family. So far the affiliate is happy and paint trim, do roof work and
a celebration for the affiliate‘s with the results. Their assessment enjoy a wonderful lunch.
20th Anniversary in November. of the Honsador packages? Very
The two month old ReStore has volunteer-friendly. The home dedi-
been doing well, and will hopefully cation is planned for May 30th. Honolulu
provide enough funding for some
extra staff to support the affiliate‘s The affiliate is excited to wel-
growth shortly. come their next two partner fami-
lies —The Opiana and Kalanui
Hilo Habitat has also been se- ‘ohanas.
lected as one of five organizations
to help rehabilitate a local public At the beginning of May, one of
housing project. Hilo Habitat re- Leeward Habitat‘s build sites
cently hosted Hawaii Habitat‘s hosted ―Ability Awareness,‖ and
quarterly affiliate committee meet- other community members with
ing in April, so representatives disabilities. The workers helped
from each island were able to see with the construction of one the
some of the great work that they affiliate‘s Waianae homes. Ability
are doing, including the housing Awareness is an organization that Alex and Lorilei Gallarde, Jean Lilley, and
project and the affiliate‘s ReStore, encourages people with disabili- Mark Saito at the Gallarde home dedication
firsthand. ties and health conditions to help
build homes to show the commu-
Leeward O’ahu nity their strength and capability
as volunteers.
Honolulu Habitat held it‘s An-
nual Volunteer Recognition and
Board Installation event in late
Molokai April. The networking-style event
featured door prizes, pupus, good
conversation and honored several
volunteers integral to HHH‘s suc-
For two Saturdays in May the
affiliate also participated in the
Lowes Women Build program.
Women of all ages sanded, tex-
Volunteers Eugene Gold and Jeff Sampaga tured walls, primed and helped
help construct the Kaheaku home in Waianae get the Silva house closer to com-
on “Ability Awarenes” day
Leeward Habitat has gotten some The affiliate will be recruiting
Molokai volunteers and staff at their first
great new exposure lately! PSA‘s Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast for 2 new VISTA positions to start
advertising the affiliate played on in August, in the areas of Re-
OC 16 during Living Local with In February, the Molokai affiliate source Development and Com-
the Baraquios, on Monday nights held its first Volunteer Apprecia- munity Outreach.
during the Spring season. The tion Breakfast. A breakfast buffet
spots were underwritten by Mar- was enjoyed by all participants at In February, the affiliate held
the Kulana O‘iwi halau area. Mo- a land blessing ceremony, for the
riott Resorts .
lokai Habitat staff Jean Han and Ha‘o family of Papakolea, and a
The affiliate also welcomed Emillia Noordhoek doubled as home dedication ceremony in
their fourth group of volunteers chefs for the event, and volunteers Waimanalo for the Gallarde fam-
Issue 4 Page 3
Affiliate News, Continued Assistant Valerie Melle will help
make that happen by stepping
into her new role as Family Sup-
Kaua’i port specialist.
Kaua‘i Habitat has also been
In early February, Kaua‘i Habitat reaping the benefits of Global
achieved an unbelievable mile- Village Builds, having netted at
stone by dedicating their 100th least $20,000 from visiting teams
home. Their commitment to con- in the last few months. The affili-
tinue leading homebuilding ef- ate partnered with Plantation
forts for the island‘s low income Gardens Restaurant and Bar for
residents is clear in their pledge a dinner/fundraiser on April 25.
to build their next hundred
homes in just seven years. With
all of these ambitious goals, the
affiliate needed a bit more help in We Need Build-a-
Maui Habitat for Humanity has
the office. Janice Benn is their
new VISTA Volunteer Coordina-
lots of exciting fundraisers and Thon Sponsors!
events coming up as well! Some
tor, Benn has already been hard Hawaii Habitat‘s Sixth Annual
of them include:
at work in the community, build- Build-a-Thon (BAT) event will
ing relationships with churches, May 25th - Panda Express take place on August 15th. On
the Salvation Army, and the Boys Fundraiser. 20% of your pur- that date, affiliates across the
and Girls Club. She also under- chase at Panda Express in Kihei state will take part in building
took the enormous challenge of will be donated to Maui Habitat projects with lots of volunteers
organizing a group of 44 student (Must have flyer - contact Maui and publicity to raise awareness
volunteers from Tennessee. A Habitat). about Habitat for Humanity and
new Resource Development what we‘re doing in Hawaii. We
Monopoly Tournament (Date
VISTA, Avery Welkin, just joined need statewide sponsors for the
TBD) - Try your hand at Monop-
the affiliate in May as well. event! If you would like to serve
oly to benefit HFHM.
The affiliate is also starting a on a committee to help secure
Aug. 1 - Hammer Time. Fun BAT sponsors, know of an indi-
new family support program to
assist homeowners who are hav- night of music and dancing em- vidual or organization who might
ing trouble making their pay- ceed by Augie T and centering want to serve as a sponsor, or
ments since the downturn of the around a male pageant to crown would like to make a donation or
economy. Former Administrative Mr. Hammer 2009. Contestants serve as a sponsor yourself,
wanted! please contact Mandy at the Ha-
The Melle family, Gianfranco, Valerie and Maui Habitat also recently waii Habitat office at 808-538-
sons Simone and Gianni, receives the keys to benefitted from t-shirt sales at 7676, or
Kauai Habitat’s 100th home from Executive Sponsorships/donations at all
Director Stephen Spears in Ele’ele on Feb. the annual ―Maui Onion Festi-
5th. val,‖ and their ReStore regularly levels are accepted and appreci-
hosts a booth at ated.
the First Friday
market street fair.
Along with all “I see life as both a gift and
of the exciting a responsibility. My respon-
events, the affili- sibility is to use what God
ate has been busy
finishing up their
has given me to help his
12-home Waiehou people in need.”
Kou IV subdivi- Millard Fuller, Founder of
sion project, with Habitat for Humanity
almost half of the
homes completed 1935—2009
or near comple- Quote from

Issue 4 page 4
1164 Bishop St., #510
Honolulu, HI 96813

Phone & Fax: 808- 538-7676


Edited by:
Mandy Jansen


Bring your own mini towel to work to
dry off after you wash your hands. It
saves on the
countless paper
towels used, and
you always have
a napkin with

A Note from the Director: Habitat Begins with Compassion

Every morning driving to work I think about how awful, how fright- unto you.‖
pass a woman who lives on the ening and how humiliating it must
Habitat mixes compassion with
sidewalk and cares for cats and be to know that suddenly you are
practicality as it assists people who
rabbits and other living things in embarking upon a new stage in life
are in great housing need to build
cages she lines against a building – one in which you have no home.
a home for themselves and their
wall or places on the grass. One One in which other people will see
families. World-wide Habitat has
can only imagine that most of her you as a vagrant or as a negligent
built homes with more than
funds go to feed and care for them parent who cannot care for your
366,400 families. In Hawaii, our
with little thought for herself. A children, a part of a growing cast of
seven affiliates have built homes
few feet further down the road people referred to as ―the home-
with more than 250 families and
homeless Micronesian families are less.‖ we are in the process of expanding
eating breakfast in the park. Just
Compassion is, I believe, how we our work to house ever increasing
a few feet further on men sleep in-
naturally feel when we see some- numbers of people in need. There
dividually or in small groups under
one who has lost essentially every- is another part of our mission
tarps tied to wire fences or under
thing. The Dalai Lama says, ―To which is to eliminate substandard
the branches of a large tree. Mean-
experience genuine compassion is housing and homelessness by
while, other homeless people file
to develop a feeling of closeness to making the need for housing a
out of a large overnight shelter to
others combined with a sense of matter of conscience for all. I be-
look for places to spend the day. lieve that the way we can achieve
responsibility for their welfare.‖
It sometimes seems that home- that goal begins with compassion.
Jesus instructed us to ―do unto
less people are everywhere I turn.
others as you would have them do Kathleen Hasegawa
Putting myself in their shoes, I

Issue 4 page 5

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