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To whom it may concern:

I am writing to you with regard to Mr. Bogdan Vasilescu, who has requested that I write a letter of
recommendation on his behalf. Bogdan and I discussed his recent decision to pursue the opportunity
youre giving him and I applaud his decision and strong desire to take his dedication and skill to the
next level.

At Adulmec.Ro we continuously recognize new employees who seek more than a career. They are
looking to make their mark in the industry. They come with dreams of high success and are willing to
work hard.

However, the Management industry is quite competitive and often tough to break into. Many with high
hopes don͛t survive the pressure. Others seem to handle pressure well, but lack creativity, guts or
discipline. There is also a great need for these individuals to remain focused on the ͞big picture͟ and
lead the company toward its goals. Lastly, one must continue to grow and improve personally and
professionally to reach the top.

Luckily for Adulmec.Ro, we recognize that Bogdan possesses all of the necessary qualities to succeed in
this tough business. We have closely watched him develop into a fine leader and he currently manages
our biggest project ʹ Additionally, Bogdan͚s desire to stay at the top of his game is clear
as he consistently offers a fresh perspective and creative approach to projects and brings new ideas all
the time. He also approaches his projects by calculating risks and making solid determinations.

I have worked with Bogdan for two years. The thing that impresses me the most about him is his
dedication and involvement. He is also constantly looking for new challenges, skill building and
developing a resourceful network of colleagues that respect and admire him.

[First Name] is still young to the industry and can be [embellish here] at times. However, [he/she]
somehow manages to turn negative events into positive learning experiences and never makes the same
mistake twice. [He/She] also never gives up and appreciates positive criticism that can only make
[him/her] grow in the long run. [First Name] does have a few shortcomingsͶthat [he/she] is aware of
and tries to work onͶwhich I think your graduate program will help [him/her] to overcome. [He/She]
does need help [embellish here].

It is my belief that a stronger education will help [First Name] to truly succeed in the [industry type]
industry by diminishing [his/her] shortcomings and improving [his/her] talents. Since the curriculum
offered by your university is designed to build on each student͛s capabilities, I am confident that [First
Name] will both grow from and give back to your program.