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Care of Mother, Child and Family (Well Client) RLE
1st Semester 2019 – 2020

Name of Student: Section/ Group #: 2-4 Group 2
Period Covered: September 9 – November 29, 2019 Duty Schedule: 7 – 4/ 8 – 5
Clinical Instructor: Area: Alulod, Indang, Cavite

II. TITLE OF ACTIVITY: Clinical/ Community Exposure: Well Client (TODDLER)


Dates Activities Observations/ Learnings
Day 1: October 28, 2019 Conducted the home visit The family had a good understanding on the
Established a working purpose of home visit.
relationship with the client
Data Gathering
Day 2: November 4, 2019  Assessment of Systems The toddler is shy and does not paying
 Performed Metro Manila attention at first but when I gave her a treat
Developmental Screening Test she cooperated already until the end.
 Planning
Day 3: November 11, 2019  Implementation The implementation part and the post-
 Post-consultation Conference consultation conference is just so smooth
because the client’s Mother was able to
understand and give feedback about the
health teaching.


After all, my experience in assessment of a toddler is kind of fun because the toddler is so
adorable and participative. We were able to use and apply all of the knowledge and skills in the
Related Learning Experience (RLE) that we have learned during the lecture part. Still, all of the
lessons were a good help in the home visit, data gathering and assessments. Overall, the health
teaching as an intervention after the planning was very interactive and successful because the
client‘s Mother and the toddler as well was very cooperative and participative.

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Date: November 25, 2019

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