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Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions  Lucio San Pedro

- Conductor of Peng Kong Grand Mason

Literature and Theater
Concert Band, San Pedro Band of Angono,
 Riddle – phrase/poem that put forth a puzzle to Banda Angono Numero Uno
be solved. - Musical Genres: Band Music, Cantatas,
 Proverbs – concise statements that teach ideas Choral compositons, concertos, chamber
on morally during pre-spanish period. music, vocal music
 Senakulo - stage play known as ablada which - Works: Sa Ugoy ng Duyan, Sa mahal kong
depicts the life and suffering of Christ. Bayan, Dance of the Fairies, Triumphal
 Pasyon – life of Jesus Christ that intended to be March, Lahing Kayumanggi
sung.  Abdulmari Imao
 Balagtasan – poetic debate that started April 6, - Instrumental in popularizing the ukil,
1924 and has 4 line and 12 syllables. sarimanok & naga motifs in the country as
 Komedya – stage play that has a story of original Filipino creations.
conversion of Islam to Christian. - Helped in developing trust and confidence
 Legends – story of origin of a person, animal, among cultural groups through his
place or events. sculptures (muslim and regional leaders and
 Novels – lengthy and complex narrative of heroes)
events.  Levi Celerio
 Corido/Korido – metrical romance with 8 - Man who could play music with a leaf in the
syllables. Guinness Book of World Records
 Bayok/Embayoka – Maranao’s mimetic joust - Earned Lifetime Achievement Award of the
and also a play of Muslim people. Film Academy of the Philippines for writing
 Epic – poem that tells heroic acts and songs for local movies
extraordinary powers. - Known as Dean of Filipino Lyricists
 Duplo – poetic debate (belyako and belyaka)  Jose Garcia Villa
known as the origin of balagtasan. - One of the Best Contemporary Poets
 Tanaga – poem during Japanese era that has 4 - Known for introducing reversed consonance
lines with 7 syllables. rhyme scheme & used of commas
 Komiks – drawing frames showing a set of - Used the pen name Doveglion (Dove, Eagle,
characters with their action. Lion)
 Awit – metrical romance with 12 syllables.  Fernando Poe
- Real name “Ronald Alan K. Poe Jr.”
- Considered as the icon of film industry as an
actor, director, writer, and producer.
National Artists
- Work: Mga Alabok sa lupa (1967)
 Ang Kiukok Totoy Bato (1977)
- Known for paintings expressing nationalism Asedillo (1981)
& sociological agenda (60’s) Partida (1985)
- Vivid cubistic figures Ang Probinsyano ( 1996)
- Works: Geometric Landscape, Pieta, Seated Panday Series ( 1980-84)
Figure Ang Kampana sa Santa Quiteria (1971)
 F. Sionil Jose Alupihang Dagat (1975)
- Most widely read Filipino writers Etc.
- Founder of the Philippine Chapter of  Ildefonso Santos
International Organization PEN - Pioneered landscape and architecture
- Works: The Pretenders, Tree, My Brother, - Makati Commercial Cennter incorporated
My Executioner, Mass, Po-on fountains, sculptures, & landscpaes.
 Carlos Romulo - Works: Tagatay Highland Resort, Maount
- Diplomats and an awarded journalist Malarayat Goulf and Country Club (Lipa,
- 1st president of the United Nations General Batangas), Orchard GolF and Country Cluub
Assembly (Imus, Cavite)
- Only Asian that won the Pulitzer Prize in  Nick Joaquin
Journalism (WWII) - Most distinguished Filipino writer in English
- Wrote and published 18 books. - His body of work extends from short
- Works: And I Walked with Heroes & I see stories-poems-essays (journalism &
the Philippines Rise reportage)
- Journalist name: Guerre Quijano de Manila
- Works: The Woman Who Had Two Navels,
A portrait of the Artist as Filipino, Manila,
My Manila: The History of the Young, Rizal
in Saga, Almanac for Manileños, Cave and

 Lino Brocka
- Catalino “Lino” Ortiz Brocka
- His fimls explores the life of people in the
marginalized sectors
- Directed theater organizations such as the
Philippine Educational Theater Association
(PETA) & Concerned Artist of the Philippines
- Works: Tinimbang ka Ngunit Kulang (1974),
Insiang (1976), Bona (1980), Maynila: Sa
Kuko ng Liwanag (1975)
 Virgilio Almario
- Known as “Rio Alma”
- Modernist poet
- Reinvented the traditional Filipino poetry
- Works: Makinasasyon and Perigrinasyon,
Doktrinang Anak Pawis, Mga Retrato at
Rekwerdo and Muli, Sa Kandungan ng Lupa
 Fernando Amorsolo
- Backlighting technique in painting, making
his creations bright and cheerful
- Works: Dalagang Bukid, Elciego, The
Mestiza, Planting Rice
 Amado Hernandez
- Known for his contribution in the
development of Tagalog prose through the
use of Colloquial style.
- Works: Dipang Langit & Mga Ibong
Mandaragit (1st Filipino socio-political novel
that tackled on agarian issues in the 50’s)
 Guillermo Tolentino
- National Artist for Sculpture (1973)
- Works: Up Oblation, Bonifacio Monument
(Caloocan), Bronze statue of Manuel
Quezon (QCM).
- Designed the seal of the Republic of the
Philippines, gold and bronze medals for
Ramon Magsaysay Award.
 Rolando Tinio
- National Artist both for theater & literarure
- Works: Ang Mestisa, Ana Maria, Orosman at
Zafira, Larawan, Bayad Puri, Gamitin mo
Ako, Milagros, Now and Forever.