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Case Study

Wiesana / The tastiest margarine

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Orkla Foods Romania (OFR) acquired the second largest margarine producers on the Romanian market – Royal
Brinkers – and became the owner of six margarine brands. During the business integration process, Orkla Foods
Romania also implemented a new portfolio strategy meant to overcome a potential cannibalization between
some of its margarine brands.

FWhile assessing the brand equity of the margarine portfolio with the support of both qualitative and quantita-
tive research instruments commissioned by BrandTailors, Wiesana was identified to have the highest threat
potential. As a result, OFR decided to reconsider Wiesana brand platform in order to strengthen its position
within the brand portfolio.

Orkla Foods Romania appointed BrandTailors to identify a specific role for Wiesana within the margarine brand
portfolio by means of developing a new brand strategy that was also differentiating with regards to the compe-
tition frame of reference.

An in depth processing of all research and retail audit data conducted by BrandTailors revealed an unbelievable
conclusion: although margarine was a product category with a long history in the Romanian market, it showed
profound commodity characteristics. Consumers had no real emotional bond with any of the brands in the
market, be it international or local, so the battle between competitors was not on the “mind territory”, but at
the shelf level – in the “price & distribution power territory”.

Therefore, the greatest challenge for BrandTailors was to define “that thing” in the product that was based in
the fundamental meaning of the category and make it first of all relevant for the consumer and ownable for the

After taking a look at margarine as a product we can conclude that it is completely unsophisticated unable to
generate any relevant emotional benefit to consumers. Its generally accepted definition was “plain and simple
vegetal fat made for low income people that can’t afford butter”.

Still, out of tens of interviews with consumers conducted during the focus groups, BrandTailors came up with a
valuable insight: “even if margarine has an indefinable taste, it has the power to enhance the taste of all other
ingredients the meal consists of”. It was amazing to see with how joyfully people were speaking about the great
taste that a slice of warm bread has if margarine is added to it or how tasty mashed potatoes are if mixed with
margarine. Based on this insight, BrandTailors distilled a new brand promise for Wiesana: “a food harmonizer,
that brings the best out of food”.

The newly created brand claim – “Enjoy the taste!” was a strong influencer both for the new denominator
“Delecta” and for the new package design concept. The “taste burst” was depicted in a powerful explosion
created by means of a knife-generated margarine swirl making us think of a butter-like taste. The new logo got a
more gourmet overall feeling due to the type-face character used and a more cheerful personality determined
by the intense red color.

Brand audit and brand strategy - Beatrice Daniș
Project management - Roxana Iancu
Graphic concept and development - Janos Kurko
Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mircea Brătianu

Project implementation started in March 2007.

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