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Pieter van der Staak Hopla! Pieter van der Staak (1930-2007) was an autodidact guitar player till he met Andrés Segovia in 1956. He played for him and was admitted to his masterclass in Sienna, Italy. In Sienna he also met Alirio Diaz and had guitar lessons with him as well. Other musi with whom he studied the vihuela and ancient musical notation, and Wolfgang Wijdeveld, with whom he studied composition. Because it is not possible in The Netherlands to teach at public music schools with: out being a certified music teacher, he also studied the guitar with Hans Lutz Niessen at the academy of ‘music in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Pieter van der Staak was a senior guitar teacher at the academy of music in Zwolle till his retirement. He has composed a lot of chamber music, among which works for string, quartet, clarinet quintet and cello trio, Besides compositions for cello ensemble and accordion orchestra, he jans who were important for him were Emilio Pujol, has written tusie for less common combinations such as guitar, flute and clarinet. He has composed many pieces for one or more guitars because he feels involved with the development of new didactical material and of course because he is a guitar player himself. Most of his compositions have been published in The Netherlands as well asin other countries. Van der Staak has won many international awards. His interest in writing for the guitar combined Pieter van der Staak made long-playing-records with the famous tenor Arjan Blanken, his wife Maria Hol, who plays the cello. Pieter van der Staak also established the Dutch International Guitarweeks Zwolle. A festival regarded as one of the oldest and well known guitar courses. Here young and talented guitar students can study guitar techniques, interpretation and stage presentation under the guidance of international renowned guitarists Gravure / Engraving: Eric Dussault Couverture / Cover: Corina Sierk © 2011 Les Productions d’0Z, 2000 ine. 2220, chemin du Fleuve, Saint-Romuald (Québee) Canada G6W 1¥4 tél, 1 418 834-8384 / fax. 1 418 834-3522 Dépot legal, 9 trimestre 2011 Bibliotheque nationale du Québec, Bibliotheque et Archives Canada ISBN: 978-2-89655-513-0 Imprimé au Québee / Printed in Quebec Hopla! a party-game for many guitars 1977 Pieter van der Staak Allegro we ma wa va va va (© 2011 LES PRODUCTIONS DOZ Tous droits réservés (SOCAN) DZ 1614 nm me wa va va va va DZ 1614 12 mu va va va v4 DZ 1614 12 we va v2 va va DZ 1614 DZ 1614 Hh va ve va va DZ 1614 va va v4 Dz 1614