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Cindy and her sister Louise were heading for the city, looking

for the big time. They decided to stop at an isolated gas station.
They were soon to discover that it was a bad career move...

It was the opportunity mom and her son Joss had been dream-
ing of...

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intended for the fantasy of adults only. All characters are fictitious and 18 years old or older.
hey, kid, we struck lucky. A
gas station. I dunno if they
do gas, but I sure need a
Mom there’s a big car. Big bathroom. I got a brown
red car coming. You see it? program to download!

you’re so gross! Wow! Look at that! Paris, texas,

here we come! They’ve got a live Neanderthal
woman in a rocking chair! And look at that dude!
Gimme the camera. This is gonna be a real laugh.
Hey. Einstein, we’re looking
for LA. Is this LA?

er ... ellie? No, that’s

not ellie, that’s my mom.
Her name’s mary.

the strong, silent type, eh? Well be my guest, please, do

what’cha take a good look. Those pink things in the middle are called
gawpin’ at, uh, guess so,
nipples. D’you think they’ll be big in Los Angeles, my nips? they’re pret-
kid? Ain’t
you seen a ty big here!
big pair on a
tall woman
how’re you doin’ granma? If you keep rockin’
enough you’ll wear yourself a big trench in
the ground! Save money on the funeral bills!
keep laughin’, kid...

...i’ll have you two rockin’

and rollin’ soon enough...


...don’t you fret none…

where the fuck’s my
sister gone? Did
you see her go?

yep, she’s in bath-

room. She says can
you go, somethin’ she
needs... I’ll show ya
the quick way.

easy enough, mom, eh? Are

those two dumb or somethin’?

can i have the blonde,

mom? The one who
called me einstein? That
was rude, wasn’t it?

don’t take no notice, son, you ain’t no dumber than them

girls. You ain’t been abducted for a start. Ha! ha! ha!
several hours later...

yoo-hoo! Wakey, wakey,

how’s my blonde thatch
keepin’, eh, nice and oily?

it’s me, your very

own einstein!


Wow! That’s real nice of you, ma’am, wearin’ yellow panties

over your blonde tumbleweed! Bet I can smell your
thatch on your panties, ma’am. Come over to the bars…

over here, kid. Don’t make
einstein angry ‘cos that’ll
make einstein’s mom angry…


holy christ, what a pair of boobs you’re carrying! And this

pink button is a nipple, you say, ma’am? Well I never knew
that. It’sreal good to learn new things you know…

lemme drink
some of your ARRGH!
mouth drip for
you, kid…

let’s have a good look at You think you

you. Shit, I ain’t never can treat
seen boobs like that, kid... honest, god-
fearing folk
like pig shit,
don’t you, kid,
with a pair of
air bags like
NN...PLSS! them floppin’
around when
you walk.

Now that ain’t polite, kid. And I ain’t so dumb neither.

Your einstein’s gonna punish you, kid, for talking down to
him like that.. you’re in trouble now, you big titty slut…
your einstein’s gonna break you in, kid...
your tits are gonna be in real trouble!
now your
Now get goin’. Let
yellow panties,
them big boobs flop
an inch at a
out in front and
time, one side
stick your butt out ..
then the other,
I wanna see how
real slow…
round you are.
Now slide that
skirt down,
real slow, to
your knees…

now drop ‘em and

pass them to me, on
your foot… you
strip like a pro, did
you know that?

shit, right time of the month, that’s for sure!

That’s grade a pussy grease, kid, smells like a
skunk but tastes real good…SLURP...SUCK…SLURP...

give ‘em to
your einstein,
kid, that’s
the way…
over here, kid. Get your
big floppers one each
side of an iron bar…

turn round.
Put your feet do you mind if
wide apart. come into
your room?


I want to see
your tits
wobblin’ and
your pussy
leakin’ at the you won’t be
same time… needin’ this shirt
for a while…
Hmmmm... no
silicone, eh?


shut up! It’s your pussy lips i wanna hear,

not your mouth. Who told you to scream?

Mom told me all

about cunts

and she showed me

how to use ‘em too.
She said tickle ‘em here
at the top… d’you like
that, you big slut?
shit, it’s true. You’re
ARGH..NNNN!!! drippin’ like a sow on heat…
it’s runnin’ down your leg…

answer your
einstein, kid…

NGGG..N!!! i’ll run some of my

spit round in there…

gonna give you a

mouth-wash now,
to teach you
better manners,
you filthy-mouthed
big-titted slut

guess what this

is, smart ass!

come down a bit

lower, kid, you still
ain’t clean yet…


it’s einstein’s
patent mouth

you should
know, it
Ha! ha! ha!
Oh, I’m sorry, ma’am...
i hit you on the nose!

like it? want

more einstein’s
cock? here you
are, slut!


now…agh!…you can
…ugh!… swallow this
spunk, kid, all of it, if
you don’t … oooh! …
wanna choke!

now your mouth is clean,

you can see some television
if you’re a good girl….
meanwhile, on the verandah...

another one, dear?



dear me, seven’re a hot
cums in an hour
piece alright...
and a half...


if i was you i’d quit

all that rockin’ and
rollin’ and calm
down. You’ll have
a heart attack...

no? but you need

to relax... mom
here knows what
is best for you!

want some
more sparks
to calm down,


funny thing, watchin’

a woman cum, makes
me wanna cum too…

do you like your new mom’s pussy?

I hope so ‘cos you’ve just got
yourself a job, kid, givin’ it tongue...

hurts, does it? That’s what

you get for bein’ so wet up
in your big juicy cunt…

now we’ll just take

this out of you...
i’m a bit of a granma,
it’s true... but i know
what turns you city
girls on, don’t worry…

yeah... you’re gonna be a

good little girl and give
granma a good time, kid...!


...and it’s a big wet tongue workin’ away

between your legs. We country cousins like
a good lick as well, you know! Truth is, we
prefer it to having a shower. Ha! ha! ha!
c’mon now, love, don’t NNnn...n!!
keep me waitin’…


wiggle forward
now, and get your
tongue ready…

Mom. Have a good look, dear. It’s a real

granma’s cunt! Get your face right in
there, my girl. Wet your lips, and mine…

just kiss me on
the lips first, lots
of little peckin’
kisses, like a hen…



easy, easy girl…

now stick your
tongue right out...

...and lick me hard on the clit..

Harder! It’s you or me, kid.
Either i see sparks or you do...
the blindfold is gone and cindy has been watching television for two hours now in the
basement below. The sound is up full and is deafening in the dark cellar. She dare not
take her eyes off the screen. She’s terrified…

i’m gonna flog

your tits, you
filthy slut!!!

see this! Six

straps with
nails in them!!!

yoo-hoo, enjoy-
ing the show?

i’m gonna flog you on

your big floppers, over
and over again!!!
that was Jane, my kid sister.
She ran off and mom was
very angry with her.

...good film, eh?

how’s the twelve-

love your inch tickler here
feet... are you going? Wow! It all
ticklish here? went it! You’ve got
a big cunt, girl!

you see what NNN..N!!!
happens to
little girls?


you’re gonna be a good girl, ain’t

you? You’re gonna do what your
einstein tells you, ain’t you


christ almighty!

this is a good bit now!

Mom’s idea, i used her
knitting needles!



that was pretty smart, eh?

i thought you’d be
hungry. I brought
you some appetizers
for when you watch

but first we’ll put the tickler up

to maximum power. You’ll enjoy
the video more with a wet cunt...

you should
have not
deserted me,
sis... that was
a wrong move!!!
now we’ll get this
that’s the way, shake them
uuuhhh.. out so you can eat...
..arghh!!! big tits around for me…

please... stop
this... i beg you
i’ll do... anything


stop what, kid? you’ve to eat... and

those arethe biggest i could find.

chew, you bitch!

They’re nice and

now we’ll just pop

the first one in…

now you’re gonna chew

you swallowed on this till I say you
it whole, you can swallow it, OK?
cheatin’ whore!

n...noo... please...
i’ll do whatever you
want, but not this...
we’ll go out on the veranda, see if
the cactus inspire me! Quick
before your cunt gets cold! Your
mom’s got a surprise for you....


d’you know what this is?

D’you know what the
hole in the top’s for?

guess you don’t! Well you

just lie back ... thud! ... and
open your legs nice and wide!
c’mon, ratty!
Time to eat cunt!


now you get the idea, eh?

You’ll just love his hair. Be
careful with his teeth though!

down on your
knees. NOW!!!
Oh, guess he did! don’t cry
now. Mom’s cruel alright, but
she ain’t gonna deprive you of
your right to a good big cum!


if you keep your tongue

still, you goddam slut,
he might now see it!

lie back now ... thump! ...

and lemme see your
pussy! Pussy, puss, puss!
You got a nice pussy
there! We’ll see if it’s
any use as a mouser!

your big mouth got

you into trouble, so
you got punished in
the mouth first.
Ratty ain’t satisfied
though. He’s gonna
punish you right inside
your big wet cunt...
Oh yeah ... oh yeah ... the
more it hurts you, the more it
presses on me, kid, if that’s
any consolation to ya’...


you’re gonna ride me till

why didn’t you cum, you cum. I don’t want no
kid? That’s downright complaints later!
half an hour later....

ain’t no use. The only thing that

cums here is blood... i could chew
your cunt till the cows come home
and you still wouldn’t cum...

jesus christ, kid, what’s

wrong with ya? You
just used to doin’ it with
your hand, maybe? OK.
You suck ma nip and i’ll
rub your clit. It’s your
last chance, kid. Try
real hard now, or
you’re gonna regret it...

maybe you city gals

like it up your ass...

Meanwhile, in the basement... Ugh... ugh... you’re real
juicy, kid.... Einstein here
knew you were into sex
soon as he set eyes on you!


This is what I
call a long,
relaxing one…
no hurries at
all… we’ve got
all the time...

see... another
nail comin’ up...

i’ll give you a good

lick so you don’t
feel the nails.
Yep. You was sure in
luck when you stopped
by to drop your load...
you wouldn’t have met
your einstein if not!


quit that cryin’

now, will ya?

cute, eh? I
made it for
my sister...
but you can have
it now for your

...time your
ass was put
to good use

plssssss!!! that’s the way, relax...
your einstein knows ARGGGGGG!!!
what’s good for you...

good girl!

here’s where the

fun really starts...

you taste pretty

Slurp... good to me. lick
slurp... my tongue...

now i’m gonna fuck you

oncce more... your
tears make me horny!
Oh yeah, that’s
what i call a
tight cunt...
and the ass
vibe’s givin’ me
a good tickle.


i like a big
handful when
i com... ugh...
can you feel
that OK?

good, eh?


and i like to share

a cigarette after i
shoot my load!
i didn’t ask if you
ARGGGG!!! smoke, but i guess you plssssss!!!
nnnnn!!! do. all city girls do... n...nnnn!!!

anyway you’ll
have one this
time... please your ARGGGG!!!

sweet little einstein. arg.arghhh!!!

my mom chews it.

Maybe you’d
prefer a chew?

don’t go so
fast, you brute,
you’ll crash!

great day, mom!!! I

got myself a new car
and a girl friend!!!
...she must love me. she just
follows me everywhere!
i asked her if she AAAAARGHHH...
wanted a drive and STPPPPPPP...
she said yes!



do you like her,

mom? we’re gonna
raise a family!

congratulations, son. You

don’t get cunt like that
every day, not in these parts.
And you must be pleased too, girl,
eh? joss is quite a loving chap


answer, you drippy cunt!

Moma’s speakin’ to ya!
Tell her you’re real
happy with your einstein.

take that! At least

you’ll be usin’ your
big mouth! Take
that, right down
your throat!

good work, son. You

show her who’s master
you fuckin’ cunt! right from the word
You’re makin’ me go! You’ll be fine then,
nervous, speak the two of you!
will ya?
Hmmmm... i thought you’d forgot-
ten all about your mom...

No, mom,

how’s the new

maid, mom?

a good pair of
tits too. Can i You heard, kid. Get
use her? that tongue out at
of course! go once and lick my dick...
ahead son.

Oh... some other time,
son. She’s gotta eat...

here’s some nice

rotten pig’s balls!

OK mom!


Hmmmmm... deli-
cious, ain’t they?

right, lunch’s over.

It’s playtime!

get it down, kid.

I’m rarin’ to go...
you and your mother-
in-law got to know
each other better...

Hmmmmm... you’re
my first blonde,
you know that?
and i’ve never
liked blondes.
Maybe you’ll
change my mind...


and that ain’t right... i don’t like
that, OK? Come on, open your
eyes and look at your sister,
or i’ll take ‘em out for you...

you’re nothin’ but

a hooker and a
cockteaser. You’re
provokin’me, girl,
you’re trying to
steal me, your own
sister’s boyfriend!

i’m warnin’ you, girl. When i

get mad i get mad, OK?

the end?
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