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Copperbelt Schools’ Association


Time: 1 Hour 30 minutes Mark:60

Instructions to candidates
1. Write your name, examination number , school/ centre name on th Answer Booklet.
2. There are three (3) sections in this question paper, Section A, B and C.
3. Answer all the questions in all three(3) Sections. Write all your answers in the answer
booklet provided.
4. In section A, for each question, four suggested answers are given A, B, C and D. Choose the
best answer and mark it with a cross(X).
For example, if the answer is D.


Cell phones and any communication devices are not allowed in the examination room.

This question paper consists of 6 printed pages

Set by MCM Nkana Secondary School – CSA Grade 9 Mock 2020

Section A [20 marks]
1. Which one of the following is an input device?
a) Disk
b) Flash disk
c) Monitor
d) Sensor

2. A program compares two numbers to find which one is greater. This action is carried out in
a) CPU
b) RAM
c) ROM
d) Hard disk

3. What is the medium for delivering of a presentation?

a) Multimedia projector
b) Microphone
c) Speakers
d) Screen

4. The default view in Microsoft Word is ________

a) Outline
b) Web layout
c) Print preview
d) Normal

5. To prevent RSI caused by a keyboard, the _________ can be used

a) Ergonomic keyboard
b) Touch screen
c) Concept keyboard
d) Keyboard

6. One of the disadvantages of using computers is ____________

a) Speed
b) Reliability
c) Health risk
d) Performance of dangerous tasks

Set by MCM Nkana Secondary School – CSA Grade 9 Mock 2020

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7. The capacity of a CD is _______
a) 1.44MB
b) 650MB
c) 700MB
d) 4.7GB

8. The button on a window used to return it to its previous size is called

a) Minimise
b) Maximise
c) Close
d) Insert function

9. Which of the following is not true when typing text in a Word processor?
a) There is no space between the end of a word and a punctuation mark typed directly after it
b) There is only one space after a punctuation mark at the end of one sentence and the start of
the next
c) Every sentence starts with a capital letter
d) A sentence can start with a small letter

10. Which feature of Word is used to type a 2 in H2O?

a) Strikethrough
b) Superscript
c) Subscript
d) Change case

11. Which of the following memory capacities is the smallest?

a) 1.8MB
b) 0.9TB
c) 2048bytes
d) 1.2GB

12. Which of the following is not an example of an operating system?

a) Microsoft Office
b) Linux
c) Android
d) Windows 10

Set by MCM Nkana Secondary School – CSA Grade 9 Mock 2020

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13. Which one of the following is not a feature of a web browser?
a) Search facility
b) Search engine
c) Home
d) Bookmark

14. Which of the following is not a scanning device?

a) OCR
c) OMR
d) Digitiser

15. When an email is composed and saved to be sent later, it is kept in a place called
a) Inbox
b) Outbox
c) Sent
d) Draft

16. By default, documents print in ____________ mode

a) Print preview
b) Portrait
c) Page setup
d) Landscape

17. ________ is a key on the keyboard used to indent text

a) Home
b) Enter
c) Spacebar
d) Tab

18. Which of the following is the correct sequence of memory sizes, starting from the smallest
to the largest?
a) 1MB->2KB->1GB
b) 2KB->1MB->1GB
c) 1GB->2KB->1MB
d) 1GB->1MB->1KB

Set by MCM Nkana Secondary School – CSA Grade 9 Mock 2020

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19. An internet service provider is an organisation that
a) Offers free internet to all
b) Offers internet services at a fee to customers
c) Offers intranet services at a fee to customers
d) Offers extranet services at a fee to customers

20. The symbol @ is called

a) Email symbol
b) Ati
c) At
d) Art

Section B [20 marks]

Answer all questions in this section in the answer booklet provided

21. _____________ is the smallest unit of data a computer can process. [1]
22. Which keyboard key when tapped on can open the Save As command ______________ [1]
23. _____________ is an example of data and ____________ is an example of information [2]
24. A ___________ button displays a shortcut menu. [1]
25. To prevent RSI, a person must take regular _______________ [1]
26. 4.7GB in KB is _____________________ [3]
27. ______________ key activates the numeric keys on the keyboard [1]
28. A place where the email of the recipient is entered is called ___________ field [1]
29. A page in a presentation is called ____________ [1]
30. To join cells in excel is called _____________ [1]
31. A ____________ is a slot in a computer or other network device where cables can be
plugged. [1]
32. Any unlawful act involving a computer is called _______________ [1]
33. Microsoft word underlines spelling errors with a wavy _________ line and suspected
grammar errors with a wavy _______ line. [2]
34. is an example of ______________ [1]
35. Deleted files and folders can be restored from ___________________ [1]
36. ___________ is a set of standard graphic designs which can be inserted in the work [1]

Set by MCM Nkana Secondary School – CSA Grade 9 Mock 2020

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Section C [30 marks]
There are five questions in this section.
Answer all the questions in the answer booklet provided.
1. Study the diagram below

a) Label the parts marked A and B in the diagram above [2]

b) What happens a person clicks on the house feature in the diagram above? [1]
c) If the username of an email address of a person is Salome. What is the full email address of
Salome? [2]
d) Explain what happens when the email address appears in the cc field [1]

2. Study the diagram below

Set by MCM Nkana Secondary School – CSA Grade 9 Mock 2020

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a) Where do you click to increase decimal number of the average marks [1]
b) Indicate with letter B where to click to change text direction as shown in the diagram [1]
c) Write down the result if the following formula was to be input in F6?

=IF(E6>50,”PASS”,”FAIL”) [2]
d) Give one example of charts that can be inserted in excel [1]
e) Explain how you would sort data in the diagram in ascending order [2]
f) Give two industrial application of spreadsheet [2]

3. a) On the diagram below, label the parts marked

Set by MCM Nkana Secondary School – CSA Grade 9 Mock 2020

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b) Mark with letter X on the diagram where a person needs to click to change the slide layout.
c) Outline the three steps required to change the background colour of a slide [3]

4. a) What is a computer? [2]

b) Identify three components of a computer [3]
c) What are the two difference between a supercomputer and a mainframe? [2]
d) Give two uses of computers in schools [2]

Set by MCM Nkana Secondary School – CSA Grade 9 Mock 2020

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