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Junior Secondary School Leaving Examination (Grade 9) - 2020

Continuous Assessment Examination for School Certificate

Computer Studies 402/2

Paper 2 Practical Test

Thursday 16 July 2020 1 hour 30 minutes

Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Instructions to Candidates

1 There are two questions in this paper, answer both.

2 Carry out every instruction in each step

3 Make sure that your name, examination number and school/center name are
typed at the top of every printout

4 At the end of the examination, print out your work

5 Do not write anything on the printout


The number of marks is given in brackets [ ] at the end of each question or part

Cell phones are not allowed in the examination room.

This paper consists of 3 printed pages

Computer Studies/402/2/2020CA
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Question 1

You are required to use Microsoft Word program for this question

(a) Type your name, examination number, school centre/name in the footer [1]

(b) Insert a table with three columns and four rows [1]

(c) Type the following data in the table as shown

Animals Birds Races
Lions Vultures Caucasians
Rhinos Eagles Negroids
Elephants Bats Mongloids

(d) Insert a new column to the right of row three [2]

(e) Merge the cells in the top row (row 1) [2]

(f) Apply strikethrough on the word “Creatures” [1]

(g) Type or insert the following as shown below:

H20 [1]

∑ [1]

11 X 104 [1]


(f) Type the following data as shown using Bullets

 Grade 8
 Grade 9
 Grade 10
 Grade 11
 Grade 12 [1]
(g) Convert the above bulleted list to a Numbered list [1]

Computer Studies/402/2/2020CA
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Question 2
You are required to use Microsoft PowerPoint for this question
(a) Insert four blank slides [2]

(b) Type your name, examination number and school centre/name in the footer [1]

(c) Change the layout of slide two to content with caption. [1]

(d) (i) On the leftmost placeholder, in the title section type, “Benefits of Networks” [1]

(ii) On the rightmost placeholder, type the following:

 Facilitates communication
 Hardware resources such as printers, disk space can be shared
 Software resources can be shared
 Central backing up of data [2]
(e) On slide three, insert the clustered column chart using the following data

Test 1 Test 2 Test 3

Purnima D 20.0 17.8 10.7
Mwili CJ 19.5 16.9 18.0
Katebe K 17.9 20.0 9.2
Mweshi L 19.0 15.4 5.4
Tracy C 10.0 5.0 18.3


(f) Insert on the chart the horizontal axis as “Tests” and the vertical axis as “Marks out of
20” [2]

(g) Insert the slide number and apply to all [1]

(h) Type “Start of Presentation” on the title placeholder on slide one [1]

(i) Type the following on slide four

 (a)
 (b)
 (c)
 (d)(i)
 (ii)
 (e)
 (f)
 (g)
 (h) [1]
(i) Print four slide per page

Computer Studies/402/2/2020CA