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Foundations for Peace

Challenges and approaches

Lecture 4
Monday January 24 2011

PEACE ST 1A03: Introduction to Peace Studies

Dr Colin Salter, Centre for Peace Studies, McMaster University


• Root causes of injustice

• Differing perspectives on peace and justice
• Differing approaches to peace and justice


• What are the cornerstones of peace?

• Is there a diversity or disparity of views on what
these cornerstones are?
• How can we work towards implementing these?

Speciesism and racism are both forms of prejudice that
are based on appearances—if the other individual looks
different [s]he is rated as being beyond the moral
pale... both forms of prejudice show a selfish disregard
for the interests of others, and for their sufferings.

Richard Ryder (1970) in David Nibert (2002)


• World-wide
moratorium in 1986
• How does Japan
continue to ‘legally’
catch whales
• Contentious

Economic Disparity

• 30% of working families incomes below

subsistence level
• Figures for CEO compared to average wage:

- In 1970, 70:1

- In 1992 115:1
- In 2000, 450:1


• Dehumanisation • Approaches
• Implications & • Foundations.

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