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Writing: Ron Rummell Shadowrun Developer: Jason M. Hardy

Art: David Dotson Layout & Design: Matt Heerdt
Missions Logo: Jeff Laubenstein, Matt Heerdt Proofing: R.L. King
Shadowrun Missions Developer: Ray Rigel Art Director: Brent Evans
© 2017 The Topps Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Shadowrun and Matrix are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of The Topps Company, Inc.,
in the United States and/or other countries. Catalyst Game Labs and the Catalyst Game Labs logo are trademarks of InMediaRes Productions, LLC.

I rested through the last age—nestled in the sweet embrace of that place was past its prime, but who was he to judge? DARKNESS
the Earth. When the call rang out and so many others awoke, Visits there were the one thing he’d come to look for- AND LOSS
a whisper spoke to me softly. ward to. It occurred to him that some, if not all, of the
“Remain,” it beckoned, and so I did. I slept on, secure in girls might have grown to enjoy his company too. De-
knowing that my time was coming.Scratching. Scratching. spite that, he had no illusions of who these people were INTRODUCTION
Scratching. or what they really wanted.
My slumber was deep but something disturbed it. I The truck’s electric engine whined up to the gate,
stirred. Quiet. Calm. Eyes closed. Sleep. which stood open. The gate should have been closed. MISSION
Scratching. Through the gap and into the courtyard he drove. No- SYNOPSIS
I stir. Cold bands clamp across my body. Awakening me body was on the street and nobody was eating at the
before my time, I see them. It is too late. I am caught. I am diner. There wasn’t even anyone cooking at the diner.
damned. Goober opened his door and stepped outside, leaving
the truck idling. A wind blew through the compound,
sweeping some garbage across the street. The garbage SCENE 2
and the truck were the only noises audible. He took a
Goober whistled a tune as he stepped from his shower few steps and looked to each building. The doors all
stall. Grabbing both ends of the cheap mass-produced hung wide open and not one person could be seen or SCENE 3
towel, he soaked up most of the dampness. Goober heard. It was then that he saw blood splattered on the
then wiped a spot in the mirror and stared at himself. sidewalk. Something terrible had happened here.
He knew he wasn’t the most handsome man, or the Suddenly, every hair on Goober’s body stood on SCENE 4
most charismatic—all those years just scraping an ex- end. He looked around and could not see anyone else,
istence and praying the bugs didn’t return certainly ha- but he felt them nearby. A shiver ran down his spine
ven’t helped. Loneliness was a bitch. With a strained and he leapt back in the Gopher, locking the door. The SCENE 5
smile, he picked at his teeth a bit, sprayed on some truck spun around with the quickness and ease only a
Night Train cologne, and combed his hair to the side. rigger could pull off and it pushed for speed. Goober
After getting dressed in his nicest and least greasy was barely a block away when he started making calls. SCENE 6
mechanic’s jumpsuit, Goober hopped in his Gopher He knew the Star didn’t care about criminal and gutter
truck. A short drive was all that separated him from that life and a few comm calls later he was proven right. If his
little oasis in all the drek of the world, and the girls he friends were going to live, he would need to reach into
had come to like quite a bit—the Golden Palace. Maybe the shadows to pull in some hired guns.







Introduction scene, but does not contain important information.
Debugging offers solutions to potential problems

that may crop up during the encounter. While it’s impos-

SRM 07-06 Windy City Chaos is a Shadowrun Missions sible to foresee everything that a group of player char- DARKNESS
living campaign adventure. Full information on the acters might do, this section tries to anticipate common AND LOSS
Shadowrun Missions living campaign is available at problems and other suggestions for dealing with them. and includes a guide to
creating Missions characters and a regularly updated
FAQ. All maps, player handouts, and other playing aids Running the Adventure
are found at the end of this document. Gamemastering is more of an art than a science, and
every gamemaster does things a bit differently. Use
your own style when it comes to preparing and run-
Preparing the ning the adventure and do whatever you feel is best
Adventure to provide the best Shadowrun game you can for your
players. Shadowrun Missions adventures are designed
SRM 07-06 Windy City Chaos is intended for use with to run in a standard four-hour convention time slot.
Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, and all character and rules infor- Please keep this in mind when running the adven- SCENE 2
mation refers to the fifth edition of the Shadowrun rules. ture. You should leave at least 15–20 minutes at the end
of the time slot to complete any necessary paperwork
Adventure Structure and pass out the players’ Debriefing Logs. (Make sure SCENE 3
that you have enough copies of the Debriefing Log for
SRM 07-06 Windy City Chaos consists of several scenes.
this adventure to give one copy to each player after
These scenes form the basis of the adventure, which SCENE 4
running the adventure.) This section offers some guide-
should be completed in approximately four hours. If
lines you may find useful in preparing to run SRM 07-06
you are running short on time, you should streamline
Windy City Chaos (or any Shadowrun Missions adventure).
each and be a little more generous with clues, target SCENE 5
numbers, and other requirements to aid in guiding the
players through the adventure. Step 1: Read the Adventure
Each scene outlines the most likely sequence of Carefully read the adventure from beginning to end. Get SCENE 6
events, as well as how to handle unexpected twists and a feel for the overall plot and what happens in each scene.
turns that inevitably crop up. Each one contains the fol- That way, if something different happens, you won’t be
lowing subsections, providing gamemasters with all the SCENE 7
caught off guard and you can adapt things smoothly.
information necessary to run it.
Scan This provides a quick synopsis of the scene’s
Step 2: Take Notes SCENE 8
action, allowing you to get a feel for the encounter at
a glance. Take notes for yourself while reading through the ad-
Tell It to Them Straight is written to be read aloud to venture that you can refer to later. Possible things to
the players, describing what their characters experience note include: major plot points (so you can see them
upon entering the scene. You should feel free to mod- all at a glance), the names of various non-player char-
ify the narrative as much as desired to suit the group acters, possible problems you notice, situations where
and the situation, since the characters may arrive at the you think a character can shine and other things you’ll LEGWORK
scene by different means or under different circum- want to keep in mind while running the adventure.
stances than the text assumes.
Behind the Scenes covers the bulk of the scene, de- Step 3: Know the Characters CAST OF
scribing what’s happening, what the non-player charac- SHADOWS
Prior to the start of the adventure, examine the PCs’
ters are doing, how they will react to the player char-
record sheets and Debriefing Logs for your reference
acters’ actions, and so forth. It also covers the setting
and have basic information about their important abil- PLAYER
of the encounter, going over environmental conditions ities handy so you can refer to it during play. Also go
and other properties of the location as well as providing
over the characters and keep their previous events list-
any descriptions of important items. ed on the Debriefing Logs in mind when determining
Pushing the Envelope looks at ways to make the non-player character actions in various scenes if such a DEBRIEFING
encounter more challenging for experienced or power- dynamic has been included. LOG
ful characters and other ways you can add some “extra
spice” to the scene. This subsection should usually only
be used for home games, or games where time is not a Step 4: Don’t Panic!
factor. At most convention and Open Play events, gam- Gamemastering involves juggling a lot of different
emasters should omit this information. It adds to the things. Sometimes you drop the ball and forget some-

thing or you just make a mistake. It happens, don’t the power level of an NPC, refer to Helps and Hindranc- COVER
worry about it. Nobody is perfect all the time and es (p. 378, SR5). Take the player characters’ abilities into
everybody makes mistakes. Just pick up from there consideration when assessing the NPCs in this adven-
and move on. Your players will understand and forget ture and modify them accordingly. DARKNESS
about it once you get back into the action. AND LOSS
Mission Difficulty
Step 5: Challenge the Players Gamemasters are encouraged to use their own judg- INTRODUCTION
Gamemasters should challenge the players, but should ment, and to adjust the difficulty of the encounter to
not generally overwhelm them. This is not to say that take into account the abilities of the players. If the
games cannot be deadly. If the characters die through players have no magical support, replace magical de- MISSION
their own actions and repercussions of those actions, fenses with mundane ones. If the players are weak on SYNOPSIS
then so be it. But the idea is to challenge the players and combat, reduce the number of enemies by one or two.
their characters, not to overwhelm them. If the enemies Conversely, if they’re steam-rolling the opposition, add
and challenges are too light for the characters present, one or two enemies to the fight. Missions should be SCENE 1
then increase them. On the other hand, if the characters difficult and something of a challenge, but should not
are badly outmatched by the enemies, then tone them be insurmountable.
down. Make things difficult but not impossible. A simple method for adjusting difficulty is to simply
increase the dice pools and Professional Ratings of the
enemies. A simple +1 or +2 to all combat and defense
General tests gives enemies a minor boost in power, while a +3

Adventure Rules or 4 will make them truly formidable. Adding to their

Professional Rating will give them a larger group Edge SCENE 4
Shadowrun Missions adventures use the rules present- pool to draw from, and gamemasters are encourage to
ed in Shadowrun, Fifth Edition (SR5). Standard rules such use this Edge when logical.
as success tests, glitches, critical successes, and other Often a combat scene will tell you if it’s supposed SCENE 5
common mechanics are described in SR5 and are not to be challenging or is simply there to serve as filler
repeated in this adventure. or a minor obstacle that the players should steamroll
Please keep in mind when preparing for the adven- through. When possible, use this as a guide to know SCENE 6
ture, that the PCs will not necessarily be comprised of a when to tweak the enemies and encounters. If it doesn’t
balanced party. It’s entirely possible that the party will be say, assume the scene should present a challenge to the
made up entirely of technomancers or back-to-nature SCENE 7
power levels of the players.
shamans. If the characters run into a brick wall because
of such complications, show flexibility and use your best
A Note on Loot and Looting SCENE 8
judgment in how you lead them back to the plot.
Gamemasters should be careful what they allow play-
ers access to, because they can and will try to steal
Non-Player Characters PICKING UP
everything not nailed down (and even then, they often
Non-player characters (NPCs) are essential to any ad-
have pry bars and claw hammers to deal with those
venture. They are the allies, antagonists, and back- nails). Shadowrun Missions operate under the assump-
ground characters in the adventure that interact with tion that two players who have run the same missions LEGWORK
the player characters. NPCs in this adventure have al- will have roughly the same amount of resources avail-
ready been created and can be found throughout the able to them (give or take some negotiation and a little
adventure. bit of minor loot fenced), so when players are able to CAST OF
Minor NPCs are found in the individual scene that steal and fence a lot of gear or are able to get their SHADOWS
they appear in, and generally have a brief write up, noting hands on high-priced vehicles, cyberdecks, or foci, it
only their important skills and the gear they are carrying. can unbalance the game and make it unfair to players
Major NPCs can be found in the Cast of Shadows at who didn’t have the opportunity to get those items. PLAYER
the end of the adventure, and have more detailed write Gamemasters should avoid letting the players get into HANDOUTS
ups, and include most of the skills and the gear they a position to do high value looting whenever possible.
have access to.
The NPCs in this adventure should generally stand DEBRIEFING
Chicago, The CZ, Noise, LOG
up to the average player character but may need some
adjustment to suit a group of characters, especially a and Background Counts
more experienced and powerful group. The scenes and While for many the Chicago and the Bug City Contain-
NPC descriptions offer tips on adjusting the NPCs to suit ment Zone are synonymous, the CZ comprises less
the abilities of the characters in your group. To adjust than one-third of the total landmass of the city of Chi-

cago proper, not counting suburban areas and farm-
lands connected to the city. But the CZ is still big, and Mission Synopsis COVER

it is the rotted, gutted, feral heart of the Windy City. It

starts at 115th Street to the south and runs nearly thirty The team receives a call from Goober asking them to DARKNESS
kilometers north to Belmont Avenue, and reaches from find out why the residents of a small enclave disap- AND LOSS
the Lake Michigan an average of fifteen kilometers to peared and to bring them back alive if possible. The
Harlem Avenue on the west. A mass of torn-down community is known as the Golden Palace, which is
buildings and hastily erected barricades were added also the name of the brothel inside. He says everyone INTRODUCTION
to and reinforced over the three-year period that the inside the area seems to have vanished with no expla-
Containment Zone was in effect, and even now nearly nation. Goober wants to try to save everyone if pos-
twenty years later this barrier stands as an imposing di- sible, so he urges immediate action. He doesn’t want
vide between the Zone and the outside world. Anyone to negotiate right away but promises to make the run
can supposedly freely travel between the zone and worthwhile if the team does their best.
Chicago proper, but Lone Star watches those coming Arriving at the neighborhood, the runners see the SCENE 1
out and the gangs and warlords watch those going in main gate is open and there are no people around.
very closely. Over the last two years, the Astral Preser- Searching the community verifies nobody remains and
vation Society in partnership with The Ash Union and they did not leave voluntarily. As they search, the team SCENE 2
various megacorp thaumaturgical divisions have made finds evidence ghouls kidnapped them in a Long’s Pig
headway in cleaning up the background count within Farm delivery truck. The truck is leaking oil from battle
the CZ and the surrounding area. Thanks to their work, damage, which creates a trail the team could follow if SCENE 3
unless otherwise noted in the scene, assume a back- they have the ability or gear to do so.
ground count of 1 anytime characters are within the A gang called the Scorchers stops the team as they
Containment Zone. The count will fluctuate wildly at prepare to leave. Their leader, “Juice,” questions what SCENE 4
times, so players should expect to encounter every- they were doing at the community since the Scorchers
thing from high background counts and mana voids to protect it. A charismatic face can get Juice to disclose
various aspected backgrounds and mana warps. (See that other groups of people have disappeared in the SCENE 5
p. 30, Street Grimoire, for full rules). Areas of Chica- area too, and the Scorchers want to stop the problem
go outside the CZ may also suffer background count as well. If the group has a charismatic Face, they can
bleed from the Zone. convince the Scorchers to assist them in recovering the
With the megacorps construction efforts moving missing people. Juice challenges one of the runners to
forward in the CZ and surrounding areas, Matrix con- a “one-punch” challenge to see how tough they are be- SCENE 7
nectivity has improved somewhat. Noise levels will vary fore sending any of his men to help them. If a runner
from area to area, but unless otherwise specified in the accepts the one-punch challenge, the runner and Juice
scene, assume a default Noise level of 1 anytime the trade punches until one person is knocked out. SCENE 8
characters are within the Containment Zone If the team goes directly to Long’s Pig Farms, they
find a few ghoul guards outside. The guards, whom
Paperwork Needles leads, hail the team to find out why they are at PICKING UP
the farm. The Long’s Pig Farms delivery drivers missed THE PIECES
After running a Shadowrun Missions adventure, there their regular comm call earlier that night, but the guards
are several important pieces of paperwork that need thought it was a technical problem. Needles doesn’t
to be filled out. have any of his people available to help the runners, LEGWORK
The first is to make certain to distribute a copy of the but he can offer them a transponder code to locate the
adventure’s Debriefing Log to each player. As the gam- truck. If the team uses proper street etiquette, Needles
emaster, please make certain to fill this out and sign off CAST OF
also offers a reward for finding and rescuing his drivers.
on it for each character. In the interests of time, you may SHADOWS
Following the oil trail or the transponder code, the
have each player fill out the sections, with appropriate team eventually makes its way to an abandoned school.
values that you give them. Please consider the PCs ac- The missing delivery truck and a few ghoul guards are
tions in the scenario when providing Reputation modifi- PLAYER
outside next to a side door. In the school’s rear, the old HANDOUTS
ers, per those rules (p. 372, SR5). recess yard was converted to a pasture with some fe-
The second is to make sure that all players have up- ral ghouls roaming inside the fence. The front and side
dated their character’s Mission Calendar. PCs are al- doors have cameras watching the area outside the door. DEBRIEFING
lowed to go on one run per week. The calendar is used The windows are boarded up and there is no light, so LOG
to track the character’s monthly lifestyle expenses, ad- the team must compensate somehow once they enter.
ventures, and their downtime exploits. A few of the community residents are in the old cafete-
ria with the ghouls; one is dead and serving as the main
course of a cannibalistic dinner party. The tech ghouls

are in the former principal’s office, splitting their time Scene 1: COVER
between monitoring the cameras and the Long’s Pig
Farms captives in the room.
An opening was carved into the library’s floor at a Stood Up DARKNESS
sharp angle. The hole leads into a tunnel curving down- AND LOSS
ward in a spiral manner. Inside the tunnel, the team en-
counters increasing Noise ratings. The tunnel continues
Scan This
downward, but there are two offshoot passages. The Goober contacts the runners to offer them work. The INTRODUCTION
team sees something cross the main tunnel in front of job is to investigate a small community’s disappear-
them and enter a passage on the left, where scraping ance. He wants them to go find the people, and prom-
ises he’ll make good on payment afterwards. Goober MISSION
noises can be heard. If they investigate the noises, they
just found out the residents are missing and is in the SYNOPSIS
find hybrid ant worker spirits carving the left tunnel out
further. The right tunnel continues two hundred fifty process of pulling together the money to pay the team.
meters until it intersects with an old subway tunnel. The SCENE 1
runners find evidence the tunnel used to be a squatter
camp, but it has been uninhabited for a long time. There
Tell it to Them Straight
is nothing else to find in this direction, so the runners You sit back and relax, ready to watch a new rockumen- SCENE 2
head back toward the main tunnel down. tary premiering on the trid tonight at 9 p.m. Targeted
The main tunnel leads into a large, dimly lit chamber. ads have been hitting your commlink for the last two
The area is aspected toward insect spirits, and the Noise weeks, so somebody sank a lot of nuyen into publici- SCENE 3
rating is high because it’s so far underground. Inside the ty. An ultra-rapid guitar solo, breaking into a hard rock
room is a vampiric insect shaman performing a ritual anthem, assaults the air as the title Johnny Banger—I Do
on a Western dragon chained to the stone floor. Sol- What I Want! slashes across the feed. SCENE 4
dier and caretaker insect spirits guard the shaman and Your commlink briefly silences the trid and alerts you
the room. In the room’s far corner are one hundred six- to an incoming call. The ID on the feed is unknown, but
that’s not unusual in your line of work. Always on the
ty-three people encased in egg-like cocoons, including
the people missing from the community. Runners with lookout for a payday, you answer and find yourself in a
Arcane knowledge are aware that some people could conference call with several others. Leading the call is SCENE 6
be saved, including the missing residents. a grizzled dwarf in a greasy trucker’s cap. He has obvi-
Once the insect shaman and spirits are defeated, the ous goggle-style cybereyes, and his left arm is clearly a
team must decide what to do with the dragon. It speaks cyberarm. SCENE 7
a little to the team and then lapses into a comalike state. “Good afternoon, chummers. Name’s Goober. I’m
The runners have some options on who to hand it over looking to hire. My omae says to talk with you. If you
to for treatment, or they may choose to kill it. check around, you’re gonna find I have a good reputa- SCENE 8
The residents inside the cocoons can be freed and tion, and I keep my promises.
saved if the runners choose. The others must be as- Good people, friends of mine, have gone missing
sensed individually to determine if they are tainted. from a tiny little neighborhood community. Ever heard PICKING UP
Runners may use contacts for help with assensing and of the Golden Palace off 94—in Northside? It’s a little THE PIECES
performing rituals to clean the others who can be saved oasis in a world of crap. I called a friend who lives there
(and put down any who can’t). Alternatively, the team and made plans to visit. After the call, I got in my truck
may ignore the victims and leave them there—gaining and headed over. When I arrived about half an hour
Notoriety in the process. ago, the whole place was empty. I mean everyone—ev-
The team contacts Goober to get paid, and he asks to eryone—was gone. It creeped me right out. I was by my CAST OF
meet at his bait and tackle shop near the waterfront once lonesome, so I bolted and started making calls. This is SHADOWS
they make sure the residents are under professional care what led me to you. I want you to find out what hap-
or delivered home. Goober talks to the team; if they suc- pened to the people who lived there and bring them
cessfully saved the residents, he offers them a discount back alive if it’s possible. Preferably, you can bring them PLAYER
on custom work for one job in addition to nuyen. back unhurt. HANDOUTS
Provided the team rescued the ghoul drivers, Nee- Time’s an issue, so I’d like you to start right away. I
dles pays the team his bonus (if it was offered). can guarantee you’ll be well compensated for your trou-
After the mission ends, runners who delivered the bles. Once the work is done, we can talk specifics at my DEBRIEFING
dragon to the Ash Union for treatment and healing re- bait and tackle shop on the waterfront. I know we can LOG
ceive a package. The package contains a gold bar with work something out that you will be happy with, so long
no explanation. as you take care of this problem. You in?”

When the runners push Goober talked to his contacts in Lone Star, but none COVER
to negotiate immediately: of them had the juice to get the Star to care about the
SINless living there. That got a rise out of Goober, and
“Look, I have a lot of prime inventory on hand he decided someone had to care—even if was just him. DARKNESS
now. You take care of business, and we can A few calls later, and he had the runners’ comm codes. AND LOSS
work out a deal. In the meantime, I’ll work to He’d figure out how to pay them later, but he has every
clear some of it out and free up more cred in intention of paying.
case any of you just want nuyen. If you have to Goober is forthcoming with information and honest
with his answers. He is careful to avoid compromis-
have your number now, it’s going to be a low-
ing his contacts’ and friends’ names (except Quantum, MISSION
ball offer because that’s all I have on hand. I’m whom he mentions when he gives the team the infor- SYNOPSIS
asking you to do something decent. If you need mation she acquired). If questions start to tangent away
a number before you do that, tell me and I’ll from saving the missing people, he gets frustrated and
give you one.” works to steer the team back on track. SCENE 1
The job is to investigate the small community’s dis-
Assuming the runners agree appearance; it’s as if the residents just vanished in the
middle of their day.
to take the mission:
The team is responsible for finding out what hap-
“Don’t waste any time. We don’t have any pened to the residents, and, if possible, bringing them SCENE 3
idea what’s happened to these folks. That back alive. Stress that time is important because evi-
means bring your hardware. After we get off dence could be lost or looted. If the runners leave im-
mediately, they could be at the community in about SCENE 4
the comms, I’m going to get in touch with Dr.
thirty minutes.
Tate in case there are injuries or worse. Here’s
If pressed further, Goober tells them they should
the neighborhood info, my comm code, and the SCENE 5
be able to find pictures and more info at the residents’
doctor’s comm code. One last thing—I’m hiring homes.
you to help these people, not pick their homes SCENE 6
clean. Please keep that in mind.”
Pushing the Envelope
Behind the Scenes There is no need to push the envelope in this scene.

Goober made arrangements to visit the girls at the

Golden Palace brothel. When he arrived at the neigh- Debugging SCENE 8
borhood, he first noticed there were no people on The team may not want to take the run without up-
the street and nobody eating at the restaurant kiosk. front negotiations. Goober already made it clear he PICKING UP
It was then he noticed nobody was cooking there, ei- prefers they just get moving, so he starts getting agi- THE PIECES
ther. The door to the brothel was open, and so was the tated. If the team insists on an upfront negotiation, he
door to the convenience store. Goober stepped out agrees but sets the base pay lower. As he’s already told
of his truck, and that’s when he noticed there were no them, he has a lot of money tied up in inventory at the LEGWORK
sounds of people. He had a terrible sense of dread and
moment and he needs the time to shake free the extra
decided it was time to get out of Dodge and call in
cred. He offers a flat fee of 8,000 nuyen per runner for
hired guns. As the pilot program drove the truck away, CAST OF
uncovering what happened to the residents, and sav-
he started placing calls. SHADOWS
ing them if possible. Players may attempt to negotiate
He talked with Quantum and had her see what she
could find in the Matrix. She was able to put together by rolling Negotiation + Charisma [Social] versus Goo-
a resident listing along with their last active Matrix ac- ber’s 12 dice [Social Limit 5]. They can get a maximum PLAYER
tivity, which Goober forwards to the team (see Player of 5 net hits, each hit increasing the amount by 100 HANDOUTS
Handout A). Quantum found no user traffic that would nuyen. That’s the maximum he can guarantee to pay. If
normally be present with smart appliances, commlinks, they force the negotiation up front, he won’t renegoti-
vehicles, cyberware, tools, gear, or anything that would ate later—so the team is stuck with the deal. DEBRIEFING
normally have a wireless connection. There were no If the team still isn’t happy or refuses the run, Goo- LOG
signs of any active users after 8:04 PM—even though ber lets them walk and gets another team to do the job.
most of those items still appear to be online. All the res- He doesn’t have any more cash or patience to waste on
idents’ Matrix traffic stopped about an hour before the them.
call was placed to the team.

Scene 2: The kiosk has an open dining counter and diner-style COVER
seats bolted to the concrete under a worn but main-
Ghost Town tained old red canvas awning marked Noodle House. A
three-story, yellow-brick building with red trim and a DARKNESS
Golden Palace sign over the door is the central building AND LOSS
Scan This in the compound. The last building is a small two-story
convenience store marked Tam’s Convenience with a few
The team arrives at the community and investigates apartments over it. INTRODUCTION
the missing people. Clues point to ghouls from Long’s
Pig Farm having grabbed the residents. This section is
mostly roleplaying and an opportunity for players to MISSION
highlight investigative skills, including hacking. If the
players figure out the clues too quickly, use the Push-

ing The Envelope section. If the players struggle or As business at the Golden Palace grew, so did its
customers’ needs. Tam’s Convenience Store opened eight SCENE 1
take too long, have them encounter the man who hid
from the ghouls (in the Debugging section) so they can years ago to sell various contraceptives, snacks, and
be pointed in the right direction for the next scene. supplements, as well as to cater to visitors’ minor vices. A SCENE 2
grime layer predates the store, giving it a dingy, brown-grey
Tell it to Them Straight appearance sharply contrasted by the brightly-colored snack
food bags and neon slushies that churn away in an automated SCENE 3
You have no trouble arriving at the location Goober machine. Tam’s has a lingering odor present, combining the
provided; ahead you see a few buildings with makeshift scents of a locker room, a public restroom, and a hot dog cart
walls placed between them to create a more or less SCENE 4
into one glorious crime against noses everywhere.
secure compound. The walls appear to be sheet metal
Noodle House opened five years ago, focusing on
spot-welded to a chainlink fence. There is a main, vehi-
cle-sized entry gate, which hangs wide open. An obvi-
serving fresh hot food for paying guests. It’s a small, open SCENE 5
ous security camera is mounted to the side of a build- air, cook-to-order establishment. Customers sit at barstools
ing nearby and overlooks the main gate. You see a few around a counter and watch as the food is prepared in front
of them. The food is hot, fresh, and surprisingly—good.
cameras positioned around and inside the compound.
There are no sounds other than the howl of Chicago’s The little eatery earned a reputation among locals and has
ever-present wind and the rustle of garbage blowing enough loyal customers to stay in business. SCENE 7
on the street. It’s incredibly unsettling that there are no
metahuman-produced sounds in the area.
Through the main gate, you see a few places of in- SCENE 8
terest inside. There is a three-story yellow-brick building
with red trim, a two-story building with a ground-level The neighborhood shows signs of age but is mostly
convenience store, and another two-story building with clean and in good repair. Signage and AR displays are PICKING UP
a tiny outdoor restaurant on the first floor. In the court- written in a mix of Vietnamese and Cityspeak. Lights are THE PIECES
yard between the buildings is a small, mostly dead gar- on, doors are open, everything seems normal except
den with an aging pagoda covered in peeling red paint. the lack of people. Judging from the size and layout,
The street circles the garden area in a loop designed for there should be fewer than twenty people living here.
vehicles to pull in and out of the community. Play up how eerie the lack of people feels in an area that
There are several windows facing both out of the was obviously occupied very recently. CAST OF
community and inward to the courtyard. It would be an About an hour and a half before the players arrived SHADOWS
excellent place to stage an ambush. on the scene, the peaceful little community had an un-
expected surprise. The box truck from Long’s Pig Farm
arrived to make a pork delivery to the restaurant kiosk. PLAYER
Behind the Scenes This time, though, the truck was not filled with pork. HANDOUTS
Openings into the community are walled off with some When the truck door opened, eight ghouls jumped out
shoddy metal barriers (sheet metal spot-welded over a of the back and began to grab the locals. The ghouls
chainlink fence), except a large vehicle gate, which is started the raid by grabbing Frank and Sam from the DEBRIEFING
open. Inside the gate are a few buildings of interest Noodle House. Gas was piped into the buildings to LOG
and a communal common area. knock most people out without a fight. Once the ghouls
The common area is a run-down, dingy old pagoda managed to search and grab everyone in the small
with algae-covered water where a koi pond once was. neighborhood, they loaded them into the box truck and
There is a restaurant kiosk built into the building’s side. drove away.


Casing the Joint 1 The neighborhood food kiosk
restaurant smells delicious.

When the runners search the area for clues, have them
make a Perception Test (Perception + Intuition [Men-
2 Manure in the street? If it was DARKNESS
tal]). Runners may use specializations in Visual or Ol- from a metahuman and the AND LOSS
factory as appropriate. Assensing runners may roll an area was more rundown, you
Assensing + Intuition [Mental] Test to search the area. might expect it. This looks like it
Although Psychometry normally allows for reading INTRODUCTION
probably fell off a vehicle.
one object at a time, for simplification purposes it will be
3 You smell fresh motor oil. The
treated as a single test for this scene. A runner trained
source is a small puddle that MISSION
in Psychometry rolls an Assensing + Intuition + Initiate
appears to have leaked out while SYNOPSIS
Grade [Astral] Test to read various objects throughout
the vehicle was parked.
the compound for information.
4 You pick up more oil with the same
chemical signature nearby. There
Visual Perception Test is a much smaller puddle down
Hits Results the street. Following your nose in SCENE 2
0 Some things cannot be unseen. this direction, you spot another
The images left open on an aging tiny oil spot further along. Given
desktop console involve some time, you could follow this trail. SCENE 3
acts you previously did not know 5 The buildings have a strange
were possible. They are disturbing, chemical scent. It’s subtle, and
distracting, and keep popping into you’re pretty sure it’s inert now, SCENE 4
your head despite wanting to scrub but you’re sure a gas was pumped
them out with steel wool. into each building.
1 The neighborhood looks like it
was mostly composed of a single
ethnic group.
Assensing Test
Hits Results

2 The apartments are in disarray; 0 You cannot determine anything
it obviously looks as if the past the standard Chicago SCENE 7
inhabitants did not go willingly. background.
3 Blood stains are found on the 1 You don’t see any auras that seem
out of place, and there doesn’t SCENE 8
concrete outside the small
restaurant kiosk. The blood stains seem to be anyone hiding or
look as if the victim was dragged invisible in your current line of
toward the curb. sight.
4 Two metal canisters are visible 2 Lust is present and pervasive in
this area. The emotion emanates
in the muck near the pagoda.
They look like they were recently
from the Golden Palace brothel. LEGWORK
discarded. 3 There is a strong sense of recent
fear in the area.
5 You find a fresh oil spot in the CAST OF
street. A little further along you 4 You have the feeling at least one SHADOWS
see another, smaller spot like paracritter was in the area.
maybe whatever was leaking oil 5 The auras are hard to read, both
drove in that direction. blurring and fleeting, but you PLAYER
believe you sensed the taint of HANDOUTS
HMHVV infected here.
Olfactory Perception Test
0 Someone burnt a bag of popcorn. Psychometry Test LOG
They must have been making it Hits Results
during whatever occurred. Now Glitch Chaotic flashes and random
you can’t get the overpowering bursts of strong emotions
smell out of your nose. overwhelm you. You cannot


escape the onslaught of emotions charging ghouls. COVER
and fight against panic as you are 4 Sam finishes reviewing the
trapped in your own mind. After 5 grocery list and, looking up at the
minutes of hell on Earth trapped incoming delivery truck, sets his DARKNESS
inside your own mind, you emerge electronic paper on the counter.
disoriented (–2 dice pool modifier The box-truck is labeled Long’s
for 10 minutes). Pig Farms, with two pasty-faced INTRODUCTION
0 Chaotic flashes and random ghoul drivers wearing grey-pink
bursts of strong emotions Long’s Pig Farms jumpsuits in the
overwhelm you. A sense of fear cab. Sam walks to the sidewalk MISSION
and concern washes over you as in front of the counter and waves SYNOPSIS
you see cats, half of a dozen of to the driver as he dismounts.
them, dropping to their sides, one “Where’s Jimmy?” he inquires.
by one, in mid-stride. You panic “Got in a bit of trouble.” The SCENE 1
and clutch your chest. You cannot new driver smiles as he replies,
breathe. Your eyelids are heavy. walking back to the truck’s roll-up
1 A video of a box truck rolling up to door. Bullet holes can be seen
the gate fills your mind, as though riddling the van’s side, and as the
it’s through a DNI. You feel a flash driver rolls up the rear door, you SCENE 3
of recognition from the user, and notice bloody red bullet holes in
the gate opens. As the truck rolls the rear of his jumpsuit. A squad
by you note that it seems to have of ghouls pours from the rear of SCENE 4
taken some bullet damage. the truck, quickly overwhelming
2 You hear the gate open and Sam. You feel horror and worry
a truck rolls into the walled as you catch a glimpse from the SCENE 5
community. A sense of curiosity ground of the fight in the Noodle
washes over you as you step to House. A few more ghouls
struggle briefly with Frank behind
the window and track it over the
snack chips. There is a sense of the counter. Yet more carry metal
disappointment as the truck drives tanks toward the buildings. Once SCENE 7
by on its way to the Noodle House. the tanks are in place, they insert
A man walks out of the noodle black rubber hoses into the
shop and talks to the driver. You buildings and turn the knobs on SCENE 8
catch a glimpse of blood on the the tanks. A few minutes later, the
back of the driver’s uniform. You ghouls enter the buildings and
feel uneasy and look down, seeing start to retrieve the unconscious PICKING UP
your hand gripping a wooden bat. people from within. An intense THE PIECES
3 You see a man looking over a list feeling of fear overwhelms you.
written on electronic paper and Everything goes dark.
then up to an arriving box truck.
You feel a sense of pride when Searching inside the compound
looking at him, mixed with a sense CAST OF
of joy and contentment. The man
reveals the following:
and driver speak briefly. You see An old pagoda sits in the community’s center. Any
flash of fear and recognition runner searching inside it makes a Perception + Intu-
from the man and look to the ition [Mental] (4) Test (tactile specialization applies). PLAYER
stranger—seeing a bloody bullet Success means they find a secret compartment with HANDOUTS
hole in the back of the driver’s the community’s host inside. Outside the pagoda,
jumpsuit. The vision flashes to two metal five-liter canisters lay partially submerged
the side of the truck and you in the muck that was once a small pond. Old, round DEBRIEFING
recognize bullet holes along its shutoff valves are affixed between the canisters with LOG
side. The driver opens the roll-up a one-meter length of black rubber hose attached to
door. Ghouls pour out and quickly each canister. If the runners analyze the chemicals re-
overwhelm him. You panic and maining in the canister using a Toxins Knowledge +
rush to his aid only to be met by Logic [Mental] (4) Test, or by using a similar skill or de-


vice, they recognize the chemical as Neuro-Stun VIII. fighter) and The Grudge (dwarf wrestler). The COVER
Adjust the threshold down by 1 if the runner uses a little girl’s play area is decorated with Suki Sun-
toolkit to analyze the chemical, or as appropriate for flower posters, glitter paints, and brightly col-
other tools and tricks the runner may think of. ored homemade jewelry. DARKNESS
A brief look inside the Golden Palace makes it clear • Apartment 4: The final apartment is a workshop AND LOSS
this is a brothel. The interior is plush red velvet and worn with a small kitchenette and bed. This is Nguy-
in spots. There are a few glasses on the floor which ap- en’s dwelling. The remainder of the space is filled
pear to have been dropped. There is a stairwell lead- with a small workbench and various electronic INTRODUCTION
ing up to private rooms on the second and third floors. gadgets. The gadgets can be scrounged for elec-
Doors are open throughout the building and the place tronic parts using a Hardware + Logic [Mental]
appears to have been hastily searched. If the runners ac- (8, 10 minutes) Test, with each hit giving the
tively look for loot, they find a pillowcase-sized bag of runner 0.25 of a parts pack. Pictures of Nguy-
goods that can be sold later for 500 nuyen (total value, en show he is a balding elf with a pockmarked
not per runner). The runners can find personal effects face, thin moustache, and long hair on the back SCENE 1
and images of the ladies missing from the Golden Pal- of his head he keeps tied into a ponytail. A Per-
ace. Huong (dwarf), Candy, Glitter, Lil’ Tina (troll), Blush, ception + Intuition [Mental] (3) Test in the apart-
Tien, and Trang (the ork madam) have rooms here. There ment uncovers notes identifying Nguyen as the SCENE 2
is nothing else of interest in here. sysadmin for the community host. Any decker
Tam’s Convenience Store is the kind of place that who reviews the notes gains +2 dice against the
sells loose cigarettes, cheap synthahol, birth control, community host. SCENE 3
bagged snacks, “meat” sticks, and breath mints. Run-
ners can loot a bag of goods from the store that could The Noodle House awning extends about two me-
be sold later for 500 nuyen (total value, not per runner). ters, shielding the old circular seats at the counter from SCENE 4
There is a set of narrow stairs leading to the second most of Chicago’s weather. The stove is on and the cin-
floor, and a wooden baseball bat on the floor near the dered remnants of a meal continue to smolder. There
door (treat as a club). are signs of a struggle behind the counter. There is a
Above Tam’s there are four tiny apartments. Each grocery list written on electronic paper—it consists of
apartment’s door is open and each apartment displays a list of pork products (ham, bacon, tenderloin, etc.). SCENE 6
signs of being hastily searched. The apartments have a The note has a time stamp showing the last access at
total value of 500 nuyen loot split among them. 19:54. Blood splatters inside the kitchen and drag marks
leading out the door toward the curb indicate who won SCENE 7
• Apartment 1: There is a manure-crusted boot the struggle. There is a small refrigerated storeroom
print on the door. This apartment belonged to connecting to the kitchen and stairs leads upward to
Doug, the owner of the store and landlord. His an apartment. Searching the storeroom reveals vari- SCENE 8
apartment contains an extensive collection of ous restaurant food items, including pork products with
trid chips. The apartment has a burned a bag of Long’s Pig Farms labels, but they seem to all be from
popcorn in the microwave, causing the whole previous weekly shipments. The apartment is the home PICKING UP
room to stink. of the couple who own the restaurant. There is no handy THE PIECES
• Apartment 2: There are six cats here. The cats loot at the restaurant, but there are some cooking sup-
are attracted to the runner who least likes cats, plies and uncooked food in the cooler. The couple, Sam LEGWORK
unless there is a shaman with a mentor spirit. and Frank, owned, operated, and lived at Noodle House.
The cats hiss at a Rat or Dog shaman, act friendly Spirits with the Search power might be sent to find
to a Cat shaman, etc. A runner who succeeds in the missing persons using the images found in the CAST OF
a Medicine (Veterinary) + Logic [Mental] (3) Test apartments. The search requires the spirit to make a SHADOWS
recognizes the cats were drugged (Neuro-Stun Magic + Intuition [Mental] (21, 10 minutes) Extended
VIII), and some are still behaving as if in a stupor. Test at –5 dice. The spirit loses the dice due to the Rat-
This is Hoa’s residence. Numerous porcelain cat ing 5 Ward on the abandoned school (Search, p. 401, PLAYER
figurines, pictures, and even a virtual cat pet can SR5), although you don’t need to tell the player why. The HANDOUTS
be found here. threshold is 21, due to 5 base + 16 kilometers to the
• Apartment 3: This is the Thatch household, and abandoned school.
it was obviously housing a family with children. Runners looking in the Matrix can make a Matrix Per- DEBRIEFING
The common area is well used but well main- ception Test (Computer + Intuition [Data Processing]). LOG
tained. The parents’ sleeping area is also well- Two hits let potential hackers spot the neighborhood
kept and orderly. Several plastic wrestling, cage host. Read them the following: “You spot the local host.
fighting, and action figures can be found on the Before your eyes is a beautiful garden with a freshly
little boy’s bed, including Matt Wrath (elf cage painted red pagoda in the center. A flower garden with


a koi pond and stepping-stone pathways surround the If a runner has Shadowrunner Knowledge, Chica- COVER
pagoda. There are two grey stone warrior statues posed go Knowledge, or Street Gang Knowledge, have them
in the garden. A butterfly gracefully flits around, stop- make a Knowledge Skill + Intuition [Mental] Test. If they
ping on the occasional flower.” have 2 or more hits, they heard of the leader’s reputa- DARKNESS
The host controls the street cameras as well as the tion, giving them some insight before the encounter. AND LOSS
domestic functions in the area’s apartment buildings. The team’s best chance to avoid a fight is to speak softly
Once a hacker has control of the host, they can get vid- to the nice psychotic ogre while playing up to his ego.
If they treat him with respect and offer a small bribe INTRODUCTION
eo evidence of what occurred. Perceptive characters
may notice the Long’s Pig Farms truck took weapons fire (drugs are preferred), the team gets +2 bonus dice to
and only the ghouls in the front of the truck are wearing any social tests versus Juice, the leader. The team los-
uniforms (Perception + Intuition [Mental] (3) Test). es two dice on social challenges if the gang witnesses
them stealing from the community. Runners with skills
in First Aid, Medicine, or Street Drug Knowledge may

HOST: NEIGHBORHOOD HOST make a test (appropriate skill + Logic [Mental]). With
one or more hits, they are aware the gang leader is on

Rating Attack Sleaze Data Proc. Firewall multiple substances. Three or more hits lets the runners
know which substances Juice is on (currently novacoke SCENE 2
4 5 4 7 6
and psyche). A character’s olfactory booster rating may
be added to this challenge as it can help detect and an-
Installed IC: Killer (x2), Patrol, Scramble SCENE 3
alyze the compounds.
Slaved Devices: Restaurant kiosk inventory and
Juice the gang leader is an ogre who is under the ef-
transactions, security cameras, wireless functions of
fects of multiple drugs on a regular basis (and is current-
resident apartments for the neighborhood. SCENE 4
ly using). He ran the shadows for a while but got a bad
Spiders: No spiders monitor this host. He was taken with
rep for his violent actions, so now no reputable Johnson
the rest of the community.
will go near him. He is arrogant and aggressive, does
Sculpting: A beautiful garden with a freshly painted red SCENE 5
not back down, and accepts any personal challenge.
pagoda in the center. A flower garden with a koi pond
Juice demands to know what the runners are doing
and stepping-stone pathways surround the pagoda.
at the Golden Palace and where the people are. He de- SCENE 6
The Killer IC are warrior statues in the garden. The
mands any loot be turned over to his boys immediate-
Patrol IC appears as a butterfly gracefully flitting
ly, and any looters pay a 200 nuyen tax for screwing
around the garden. The Scramble IC manifests as
a caretaker with a broom and attempts to shoo the
up in Scorcher (Horde) territory. He bluntly accuses the SCENE 7
team of having something to do with the people disap-
invaders out.
pearing. If questioned about the disappearances, Juice
Security Procedures: Patrol is always active, scanning SCENE 8
reveals that people have been disappearing from the
hackers every 1D6 Combat Turns using Matrix
various small communities in the area. Juice makes it
Perception. If a hacker is detected, the host loads Killer
clear that he and his boys want a piece of the scumbags
on the next Combat Turn. A second Killer program is PICKING UP
loaded on the following Combat Turn. If the hacker is causing problems in Scorchers turf.
If the runners ask the Scorchers for help, Juice says THE PIECES
still present, the system loads Scramble on the third
Combat Turn. that he’ll think about it if the team can prove they are
Paydata: The hacker can clean out 150 nuyen of restaurant tough enough to handle the Scorchers. Juice challenges LEGWORK
transactions which have not transferred to a bank any runner with 5 or more points of Notoriety, or who
account yet. Photographs, video, and data from the has been the most aggressive, to a one-punch contest
Golden Palace can be sold on NooseNet for a total of to prove their worth. Terms of the duel are: no fancy CAST OF
200 nuyen. combat moves, no magical buffs unless they do it them- SHADOWS
selves, and no hardened armor—just take turns punch-
ing until one person falls. Both Scorcher mages astrally
perceive before and during the fight. If the team has no PLAYER
When the runners prepare to leave the area, an healer, Juice magnanimously says one of his boys will HANDOUTS
ork gang named the Scorchers arrives and confronts try to make sure the runner doesn’t die.
them. The Golden Palace neighborhood pays protec- If the players win the challenge fairly, Juice agrees to
tion money to the gang. The gang assumes the runners help them out when they find the residents. He is willing DEBRIEFING
did something to the residents (their best source of in- to send some of the gang’s vehicles to bring the resi- LOG
come), especially if they see them hauling any loot out dents home if the team can find them. Juice is also will-
of the buildings. This is an opportunity for a Face char- ing to have a couple his boys on call in case they need
acter to talk the team out of the situation if the team some overwatch, light legwork, or to secure a site the
doesn’t want a fight. team clears. Juice points out that these guys are not run-


ners and he doesn’t expect them to hang around long COVER
in a fight—but nobody will mess with the team’s rides
if the Scorchers are watching over them. Any gangers
accompanying the team are not suicidal and ignore or OGRE GANG BOSS DARKNESS
refuse orders contrary to their survival. When the team AND LOSS
arrives at the abandoned schoolhouse, the gangers take B A R S W L I C ESS EDG
their dose of guts because they anticipate trouble. 8 5 (7) 4 (6) 7 (9) 7 1 (3) 5 (7) 2 (4) .0075 2
If the runners cheat, the gang calls them on it, and INTRODUCTION
the team receives no help. If the team’s actions are se- Initiative: 9(13) + 3D6
vere or if they open fire on the Scorchers, the gang fights Condition Monitor (P/S): 14/13 MISSION
to expel the team from their territory to the best of their Limits: Physical 9(11), Mental 5(7), Social 4(6) SYNOPSIS
ability. If the runners prompt a fight with the Scorchers, Armor: 14
Juice declares Full Defense and uses his Steamers aug- Active Skills: Automatics 6 (Assault Rifles +2), First Aid 3,
mentation (kamikaze) for his first action. Beginning the Heavy Weapons 6, Influence skill group 4, Perception SCENE 1
following Combat Turn, he gains +2 Body, +2 Agility, +3 1 (Visual +2), Unarmed Combat 6 (Cyber Implant
Strength, +2 Willpower, +2 Physical Limit, +2D6 initia- Weapons +2)
tive, and High Pain Tolerance 3 (added bonuses are due Knowledge Skills: Or’zet 4, Street Gangs 6, Street Drugs 6 SCENE 2
to his narco geneware). Qualities: Addiction (Mild, psyche), Addiction (Mild,
The remainder of the gang stays at the community kamikaze), Drug Tolerant, Lack of Focus, Low Light
to ensure it is not looted while the residents are gone. Vision, Ogre Stomach, Quick Healer, Superhuman SCENE 3
A legwork chart is available for more information on Psychosis
the Scorchers. Augmentations: Autoinjector (reusable, 1 dose Novacoke),
bone lacing (aluminum), junkyard jaw, muscle SCENE 4
replacement 2, narco, nephritic screen 6, orthoskin
(used) 4, small LED “Scorchers” tattoo (used),
ORK ASPECTED MAGES smartlink, steamers (alphaware) w/ kamikaze, synch
Gear: MCT Blue Defender commlink, fake SIN (Rating 2,
(2, PROFESSIONAL RATING 2) Jeff Boyardee), chain mail (nonconductivity 2), low- SCENE 6
B A R S W L I C ESS M light flashlight, standard credstick, medkit (Rating 3),
guts x 2, kamikaze x 3, novacoke x 3, psyche x 3
7 4 3 4 5 5(6) 3(4) 2 6 6 Weapons: SCENE 7
Krupp Arms Kriegfaust [Assault Rifle, Acc 11, DV 11P,
Initiative: 9 + 2D6 AP –2, SA/BF, RC 4, 25(d), w/ EX-explosive rounds
Condition Monitor: 12 (x50), gas-vent system 3, Krupp Arms Kriegfaust SCENE 8
Limits: Physical 6, Mental 6(7), Social 5 imaging scope, personalized grip, smartgun system,
Armor: 12 external] (Dice Pool 19)
Skills: Arcana 3, Assensing 4, Or’zet 4, Perception 3, Underbarrel grenade launcher [Grenade Launcher, Acc PICKING UP
Sorcery skill group 5, Unarmed Combat 5 7, DV 18P(f), –1/m, AP +5, SS, 6(c) w/ fragmentation THE PIECES
Qualities: Addiction (Mild, psyche), Focused Concentration 3, minigrenades (x6), personalized grip, smartgun
Hermetic Aspected Magician (Sorcery), system, external (Dice Pool 17)
Low Light Vision Junkyard Jaw [Unarmed Combat, Acc 11, Reach —, DV
Gear: Armor jacket, psyche x 3, reagents (30 drams), Xiao 14P, AP –6] (Dice Pool 18, 19 after his enemy’s first
Technologies XT-2G commlink (DR 2), guts x 2 attack due to Synch)
Spells: Armor, Death Touch, Decrease Logic, Heal, CAST OF
Unarmed Combat [Unarmed Combat, Acc 11, Reach —, SHADOWS
Increase Reflexes, Lightning Bolt DV13P, AP —] (Dice Pool 16, 17 after his enemy’s
Weapons: first attack due to Synch)
Knucks [Unarmed, Acc 6, Reach —, DV 5P, AP –]
*Stats reflect use of psyche and sustained Force 3
Improved Reflexes spell.


If the team is inexperienced and you believe they COVER
ORK GANGERS need additional help to complete the mission, the gam-
emaster may let the Scorchers provide more bodies or
(6, PROFESSIONAL RATING 1) sell them combat drugs. DARKNESS
Scene 3:
7 4 3 6 3 1 3 2 6

Initiative: 6 + 1D6

Condition Monitor: 12
Limits: Physical 8, Mental 3, Social 5 (Optional) MISSION
Armor: 9
Skills: Blades 4, Clubs 3, Etiquette 3 (Street +2),
Intimidation 4, Or’zet 4, Pistols 4, Unarmed Combat 3 Scan This SCENE 1
Qualities: Addiction (Mild, Jazz), Low Light Vision, Earlier tonight, a gang of ghoul maggots in league with
Toughness a vampire insect shaman hijacked a Long’s delivery
Gear: Armor vest, jazz x 2, Meta Link commlink (DR 1), Guts x 2 truck. The maggots were aware of the weekly pork de- SCENE 2
Weapons: livery to the Noodle House, and used the stolen truck
Browning Ultra-Power [Heavy Pistol, Acc 6, DV 9P, and uniforms to compromise the compound and kid-
AP –2, SA, 10(c) w/ explosive rounds (x10), laser nap the residents. SCENE 3
sight] The Long’s Pig Farm ghouls are aware their truck left
Sword [Blade, Acc 6, Reach 1, DV 9P, AP –2] its regular route but do not know the specifics of what
happened. They do their best to avoid a fight, attempt-
ing to talk with the runner team if possible. If the runners
Pushing the Envelope start a fight, the ghouls do their best to drive them away.
Assuming the runners tell the Long’s ghouls about
There is no need to push the envelope in this scene. the truck and missing people, Needles explains that,
sadly, he doesn’t have any people available to help SCENE 6
Debugging them. He can provide them with a tracking signal for
the truck. Needles offer the team 2,000 nuyen each if
When running this mission under time constraints, such they can rescue the missing ghouls. SCENE 7
as a convention, don’t let the runners get too bogged
down in this scene. To speed this scene and allow the
team to complete the mission fully, the gamemaster Tell it to Them Straight SCENE 8
should reward creative ideas when the runners search The asphalt cuts through the gently rolling grassy fields
for information. that were once golf courses for millionaires. Now those
If the runners fail to find any clues or to hack the Host
fields are enclosed with chain fences and razor wire
for information to track the missing persons, have the
that keep the valuable sounder of hogs inside. Passing
team find one older man who hid from the ghouls. The between the fences on either side of the road, you spot
man speaks Vietnamese (N) and English 1 (Cityspeak an occasional disheveled ghoul tending to the animals. LEGWORK
+2). Once the team convinces him they are not with the Each time you notice one, they seem to lock eyes on
ghouls that grabbed the other locals (Etiquette + Charis- you and slowly track your movement as you pass.
ma, 2 or more hits), he is happy to try to explain what Ahead, a large wooden sign with the words Long’s CAST OF
happened. Pig Farms spray-painted on it marks the entrance to a SHADOWS
The encounter with the Scorchers has the potential country club parking lot. Beyond the ample gravel lot is
to be very deadly. Make sure the team knows what they an antiquated country club with boards patching many
are getting into before jumping into a fight. If a team gets of the windows. Beside the entry stairs on either side, in PLAYER
too injured here, they might have a hard time complet- what were once probably planters for some imported HANDOUTS
ing the mission. If the team decides to fight the Scorch- shrub, are now stacks of sandbags. Beyond the sand-
ers instead of talking, don’t pull punches—but give them bags stand two ghouls wearing the grey-pink jumpsuits
the option to flee if they are getting beaten too badly. bearing the Long’s Pig Farms logo. A camera mounted DEBRIEFING
Juice is arrogant enough to laugh at them while they run over the doorway faces the entry to the lot. LOG
and might even tell them to run away and come back As you approach, one of the ghouls to the right of
when they are a bigger challenge. If they turn and shoot, the stairs drops his cigarette from his sharply point-
he uses his grenade launcher and has his gang go after ed teeth and steps on it. Looking at the team through
them without mercy though. steely looking cybereyes, he exhales a puff of smoke


and offers a wary wave while keeping his other hand
on his firearm. “Hey there, chummers. That’s far enough.

What can we do for you tonight?” B A R S W L I C EDG ESS M

8 5 5 6 6 4 5 4 5 4.6 1
Behind the Scenes
Initiative: 10 + 1D6
Needles, the leader of the team guarding the farm, is Movement: x2/x4/+2
wary of the runner team. Fortunately for them, he’s
Condition Monitor (P/S): 12 /11
trying to make good on a promise to live peacefully Limits: Physical 9, Mental 7, Social 7
alongside other metahumans. Ghouls trying to avoid Armor: 10 MISSION
conflict, just like him, run Long’s Pig Farms. The ghouls Skills: Assensing 4, Etiquette 4, Firearms skill group 7, SYNOPSIS
here eat a special breed of genetically modified pigs, Leadership 5, Negotiation 3, Perception 5, Running 3,
supplemented with some occasional medical remains Sneaking 6, Unarmed Combat 7, Thrown Weapons 5
when necessary, to satisfy their special dietary require- Powers: Armor (+1), Dual Natured, Enhanced Senses: SCENE 1
ments. The farm has been coexisting in relative peace Hearing, Enhanced Senses: Smell, Sapience
with the CZ for a long while. Weaknesses: Allergy, Mild: Sunlight, Dietary Requirement:
Earlier tonight, the delivery truck missed a scheduled Metahuman Flesh, Reduced Senses: Blind SCENE 2
call-in. This has Needles a little concerned, but for now Augmentations: Cybereyes 3 (eye protectors, flare
he’s writing the issue off as a technical problem. Nee- compensation, image link, low-light vision, smartlink,
dles is guarded, but he doesn’t have any reason to lie or SCENE 3
thermographic vision, vision enhancement 2)
be hostile to the team unless they threaten violence or Gear: Armored Long’s Pig Farms jumpsuit, Hermes Icon
get caught in a lie. commlink (w/receiver), pack of cigarettes SCENE 4
He listens if the team explains the evidence they Weapons:
found. The runner speaking should make an Etiquette Claws [Unarmed, Acc 8, Reach —, DV 7P, AP –1]
(Street) + Charisma [Social] Test. After they finish their Ingram Smartgun X [Automatics, Acc 6, DV 8P, AP –, SCENE 5
story, provided the runner got at least 1 hit, Needles let BF/FA, RC 2(3), 32(c), w/ folding stock, gas-vent
them know that his truck missed its regular call but he system 2, regular ammo (x96), silencer/suppressor,
had written that off to technical issues. If the runner had smartgun system, internal, spare clips (x2)] SCENE 6
2 hits, Needles lets the team know the truck has a track- Flash Bang Grenades (2) [Thrown Weapons, Acc 9, DV
ing device and he is willing to provide the frequency if 10S, 10m Radius, AP –4]
they try to find his missing drivers. There were two of SCENE 7
his guys in the truck and he wants them returned un-
harmed if the team can do it. If the runner team had 4 or LONG'S PIG FARMS GHOULS SCENE 8
more hits, Needles offers a flat 2,000 nuyen per runner
to them for the safe return of his men in addition to the (3 OUTSIDE, 3 INSIDE)
tracking frequency. B A R S W L I C EDG ESS M PICKING UP
Once the team obtains the frequency, the runners THE PIECES
7 3 5 6 5 2 4 2 3 4.8 1
may make a Matrix Perception Test (Computer + Intu-
ition [Data Processing] (2)) to locate the signal. Once
the runners have a lock on the signal, their commlinks Initiative: 9 + 1D6
Movement: x2/x4/+2
can lead them to the abandoned school in Scene 4:
Abandoned School. Condition Monitor (P/S): 12/11
Limits: Physical 8, Mental 5, Social 5 CAST OF
Armor: 10 SHADOWS
Skills: Assensing 4, Firearms skill group 4, Perception 5,
Running 3, Sneaking 6, Unarmed Combat 6
Powers: Armor (+1), Dual Natured, Enhanced Senses: PLAYER
Hearing, Enhanced Senses: Smell, Sapience HANDOUTS
Weaknesses: Allergy, Mild: Sunlight, Dietary Requirement:
Metahuman Flesh, Reduced Senses: Blind
Augmentations: Cybereyes 1 w/flare compensation, image DEBRIEFING
link, smartlink LOG
Gear: Armored Long’s Pig Farms jumpsuit
Claws [Unarmed, Acc 8, Reach —, DV 7P, AP –1]
Ingram Smartgun X [Automatics, Acc 6, DV 8P, AP —,
BF/FA, RC 2(3), 32(c), w/folding stock, gas-vent
system 2, regular ammo (x96), silencer/suppressor,
smartgun system, internal, spare clips (x2)]
Pushing the Envelope Scene 4: COVER

There is no need to push the envelope here.

Abandoned DARKNESS
The biggest problem here would be the team going in
guns blazing. If the team gets into a firefight, have the INTRODUCTION
ghouls at the guard stations take cover and attempt to Scan This
talk to them. Have Needles yell (from behind cover) Both the trail of oil drippings and the truck’s tracking
for a truce and try to open a dialogue. If that doesn’t
frequency lead to an abandoned school. When the SYNOPSIS
work, have him yell to the other ghouls that it must be team arrives at the abandoned school, they find the
a hate group. Once bullets start firing, the three ghouls Long’s Pig Farms truck parked outside. The old public
inside will start shooting from between slats covering high school building is only four kilometers from the SCENE 1
the building’s windows. The ghouls use suppression borders of Long’s Pig Farms. The team needs to get
fire to keep the team at bay while staying under cover past a few ghoul guards and search the interior for
as much as possible. Their goal is to buy time to try to signs of the missing people. They discover the tunnel SCENE 2
talk or bring in reinforcements. leading downward, or they are told of its presence by
Have the team get a call from one of the runners’ the mother and child the ghouls hold captive. Also in-
contacts in Chicago. The contact asks the team to stand side the school are the Long’s Pig Farms ghoul drivers, SCENE 3
down and open negotiations. If asked, the contact will who are held captive.
let the team know that they owe Needles a favor, and
when the team started shooting he placed a call for SCENE 4
help. Since the contact knows both parties involved, Tell it to Them Straight
they want this resolved peacefully if it’s possible. The Your clues have led you past two golf courses that are
contact lets the team know that if they don’t stand SCENE 5
now grazing areas for hogs. Roughly four kilometers
down, it could end up bad for them. removed from the fields, you arrive at an old public
The shooting draws feral ghouls away from their school fortified with sheet-metal window coverings SCENE 6
pig-herding duties and into the fight if the team contin- and a few exterior cameras. It’s a large single-story
ues to fight after receiving the call from their contact. building with a chainlink fence connected to the rear
The gamemaster should also remove a point of Loyalty section of the building. The building is filthy with grime SCENE 7
from any contact rejected during this exchange. and age, with long brown grass shoots breaking out of
the fractured cement around it.
The school has a main entrance with double doors in SCENE 8
the front of the building. The doors that once welcomed
LONG'S PIG FARMS school children now look like the welcome mat in a hor-
ror trid. Ugly welds attach rusted metal where the glass PICKING UP
FERAL GHOULS once was, and bloody crimson spray paint warns “Keep THE PIECES
Out” across the doors. Unidentifiable brown handprint
(12 TOTAL) stains mark the door handles and the area near them.
B A R S W L I C EDG ESS M On the side of the building, you can see a roll-up de-
livery dock with a concrete set of stairs beside it. The
7 3 5 6 5 2 4 1 3 5 1
shot-up Long’s Pig Farms box delivery truck is on that CAST OF
side of the building, parked near the roll-up door. A SHADOWS
Initiative: 9 + 1D6
puddle of fluid has accumulated under the truck’s en-
Movement: x2/x4/+2
gine compartment. Sitting on the stairs are two pasty
Condition Monitor (P/S): 12/11
ghouls in grey-pink Long’s Pig Farms jumpsuits smoking PLAYER
Limits: Physical 8, Mental 5, Social 4
cigarettes, AK rifles placed nearby at arm’s reach. HANDOUTS
Armor: 1
A pack of feral ghouls roams freely inside the for-
Skills: Assensing 4, Perception 5, Running 3, Sneaking 6,
mer recess yard fence, making absolutely no attempt
Unarmed Combat 6
at stealth. The creatures growl and snap at one anoth- DEBRIEFING
Powers: Armor (+1), Dual Natured, Enhanced Senses:
er when not pacing along the fence line. A small ram- LOG
Hearing, Enhanced Senses: Smell, Sapience
shackle barn-like building in the fenced area appears to
Weaknesses: Allergy, Mild: Sunlight, Dietary Requirement:
serve as their den.
Metahuman Flesh, Reduced Senses: Blind
Claws [Unarmed, Acc 8, Reach —, DV 7P, AP –1]











Behind the Scenes GETTING AROUND SCENE 6

The background count in the area increases to 2, since
countless metahumans have met a grisly end in the
ghoul warrens. A permanent Force 5 Ward protects the
building (see sidebar). If you’ve got a mana barrier in your way, you’ve got a
Unless the runners have visual augmentations or a couple options other than “give up.” You can try breaking
light source, remember to impose a –3 dice pool modifier through violently, or you can try passing through subtly. If SCENE 8
for visual Perception outside of the building due to poor you want to break through a mana barrier, you need to deal
lighting (no street lights, and it’s dark outside). Inside the with its Armor and Structure Ratings, just as you would with
building there is no light source since ghouls are blind any other barrier. A mana barrier has Armor and Structure PICKING UP
and the windows are all boarded up, so a –6 dice pool ratings equal to its Force. Break it quickly, because they THE PIECES
modifier is used on visual Perception tests without some regain their full Structure at the end of every Combat Turn.
sort of light source or augmentation to compensate. The creator of a mana barrier is instantly aware of any LEGWORK
As a reminder, if Scorchers accompany the team— attack on the barrier.
they take their guts drugs now.
Awakened characters have discovered other methods
The vampire shaman from Scene 6: Chains that CAST OF
of forcing their way through an astral barrier besides the
Bind convinced the ghouls at this site to work for him SHADOWS
use of brute force. You can press through a barrier with a
as maggots (bug spirit servants). With the corporations’
return, the ghouls felt their days were numbered and Magic + Charisma [Astral] opposed by the barrier’s Force
joined willingly. Those that would not serve were pos- x 2. If you get any net hits, you pass through the barrier PLAYER
sessed (the team meets them in the tunnel in Scene 5: and emerge on the other side. You can bring a number of HANDOUTS
The Tunnel). friends, spirits, active foci, sustained spells, or other astral
The ghouls were aware of the weekly Long’s Pig forms with you, one for each net hit you score. If the barrier
Farms delivery to the Golden Palace community. They scores more hits, you fail to break through. DEBRIEFING
were able to ambush the truck and use it to gain access LOG
to the community. The ghoul drivers are held in the se-
curity room for interrogation for now. Once the warren The new batch of captives (the Golden Palace com-
learns as much as they can about Long’s Pig Farms, the munity) was already delivered to their leader, who gra-
captives will be delivered to their master, the vampire. ciously allowed the warrens to eat a few. Inside the old


cafeteria, a group of eight ghouls sit the tables now cafeteria serving station. To enter this way undetected, COVER
and start their twisted version of a fancy dinner party the team needs to make a Sneaking + Agility [Physical]
to celebrate. (2) Test. Opening the doors from the hallway undetect-
Outside, the fenced-in playground yard now contains ed requires the team make a Sneaking + Agility [Physi- DARKNESS
this warren’s feral ghouls. They sleep in a ramshackle barn cal] (4) Test to enter the hallway undetected. Inside the AND LOSS
and roam freely around the yard. The ferals secure the room is a central, cleared out area; all but a few tables
rear of the building and do not leave on their own. The and chairs pushed to the sides of the room. There are
may, however, be released or moved into defensive po- eight ghouls eating a corpse (Jimmy) around a dining ta- INTRODUCTION
sitions by other more-sentient ghouls from their warren if ble. There is a vinyl red checkered tablecloth underneath
the runners are not stealthy or quick. him. The ghouls gnaw on pieces carved from the lad on
There is a box-style delivery truck parked next to a plates like they were at a barbecue, smacking their lips
loading dock on the side of the building. The truck took in delight. Chained spread-eagled to other tables in the
major damage and the motor seized from running low on room (with similar vinyl tablecloths and place settings at
oil, rendering it immobile. Two ghouls smoke cigarettes those tables) are a young human girl (Le) and her mother SCENE 1
nearby on the stairs leading to the kitchen entrance. The (Kim). Both the young girl and her mother scream and
main, side, and rear building doors are all locked with a sob hysterically. Neither are able to tear their eyes away
Rating 3 internal lock. The ghouls outside the door have from the horror or escape their chains. The room’s stench SCENE 2
a key fitting both doors, as well as the key to the truck. and the dissected child are cause for a Composure Test
The former principal’s office was converted into a (Willpower + Charisma). If the runners do not get at least
security room. Two tech ghouls monitor the cameras, 2 hits, they suffer Nausea in the form of vomiting and SCENE 3
which are part of their PANs. The ghouls have Rating 5 panic and are unable to act for 3 Combat Turns. Any run-
commlinks with Rating 5 Attack dongles. Their perso- ner who fails the Composure Test also has any negative
nas appear as ninjas in the Matrix due to their commlink wound modifiers doubled for ten minutes. (see Nausea, SCENE 4
selections. If they detect an attack on the cameras, the p. 409, SR5)
techs enter hot-sim and attempt to fight off the intruders, If rescued, the mother can be calmed down with a
while sending a warning over the school’s old PA system Leadership + Charisma [Social] (4) Test. Once calmed
to the rest of the warren. The captive ghoul drivers can be enough to talk, she tells them her husband and the others
found zip-tied, gagged, and chained to a metal desk in were led down through a hole in the library’s floor. She is SCENE 6
the corner of the room. The drivers each sustained a gun- scared and begs the team to save her husband. She tells
shot wound and are weak but alive. If the runners wish to the players the ghouls talked to someone who told them
heal the ghouls, keep in mind their bloody wounds carry they could have her and the children for “their reward.” SCENE 7
HMHVV (in the event of a glitch). Whether or not they are She did not see who it was that gave the order because
healed, the drivers only want to flee this place and return of the darkness in the building.
to the safety of Long’s Pig Farms. Classrooms through the rest of the old school were SCENE 8
The front doors lead into a hallway that circles an old converted into housing for the ghoul residents. Each room
library and the security room. Former classrooms were is dirty from their work and their meals. The ghouls living in
converted to residences and make up most of the rooms the classrooms are not here; they are at the dinner party or PICKING UP
along the outside walls. The side door and roll-up door on guard duty. The old gymnasium remains pretty much THE PIECES
lead into a kitchen area converted into a slaughterhouse. intact. Its showers and lockers look unoccupied and un-
Next to the kitchen is a cafeteria serving as the ghouls’ used, but they still function. There is nothing of real interest
communal area. There is a hallway and set of doors lead- in any of the old classrooms or gymnasium.
ing to the fenced-in yard, and a trail of dirt and filth lead The schoolyard can be accessed easily enough from
from the yard to the kitchen. Inside the yard are twelve the inside or if the runners bypass the feral ghouls and CAST OF
ferals, either roaming or settled into the makeshift barn. Rating 3 lock from the outside. SHADOWS
The kitchen is a mix of aging tile and stainless steel. The library is at the center of the school. One of its
This place is less than sanitary. There is dried blood ev- doors hangs from the hinge. Inside the room are rows
erywhere and a trail of filth and gore on the floor from of shelving containing racks of optical chips (some of PLAYER
where the ferals come in to eat. Six partially eaten corps- which require 2050s tech to read), and honest-to-good- HANDOUTS
es hang from the ceiling, some still occasionally drip- ness dead tree books (in poor condition). Behind sev-
ping chunks of coagulated blood. Sobbing, snarling, and eral racks in the library, the team finds a rough three-
chewing noises can be heard through a swinging door meter-wide hole dug through the library floor and into DEBRIEFING
leading to the cafeteria. the ground. The opening leads down a tunnel shaft eas- LOG
The cafeteria communal area is another filthy mess. A ily large enough for two trolls. The tunnel slopes at a
rotting gore and entrails smell fills the air, overpowering roughly forty-five-degree angle and twists downward
the musty stink prevalent in this place. Entering through into more darkness. A few dirty metal picks, hammers,
the kitchen door provides runners cover from the old and shovels lean against the nearby walls.


GUARD GHOULS Perception 5, Running 3, Sneaking 6, Unarmed Combat 6
Powers: Armor (+1), Dual Natured, Enhanced Senses:
(2 TOTAL) Hearing, Enhanced Senses: Smell, Sapience
Weaknesses: Allergy, Mild: Sunlight, Dietary Requirement:
B A R S W L I C EDG ESS M Metahuman Flesh, Reduced Senses: Blind
7 3 5 6 5 2 4 1 3 4.8 1 Augmentations: Cybereyes 1 (flare compensation, smartlink), COVER
Initiative: 9 + 1D6 Gear: Long’s Pig Farms jumpsuit, Novatech NetNinja w/
Attack dongle 5, sim module, modified for hot sim
Movement: x2/x4/+2 AND LOSS
Condition Monitor (P/S): 12/11 Weapons:
Limits: Physical 8, Mental 5, Social 4 Claws [Unarmed, Acc 8, Reach —, DV 7P, AP –1]
Armor: 10 Ceska Black Scorpion [Automatics, Acc 5(7), DV 6P, AP —, INTRODUCTION
Skills: Assensing 4, Automatics 5, Pilot Ground Craft 3, SA/BF, RC — (1), 35(c), w/ regular ammo (x50), spare clip,
Perception 5, Running 3, Sneaking 6, Unarmed Combat 6 external smartlink]
Powers: Armor (+1), Dual Natured, Enhanced Senses: MISSION
Hearing, Enhanced Senses: Smell, Sapience SYNOPSIS
Weaknesses: Allergy, Mild: Sunlight, Dietary Requirement: FERAL GHOULS
Metahuman Flesh, Reduced Senses: Blind
Augmentations: Cybereyes 1 (w/ flare compensation,
thermographic) B A R S W L I C EDG ESS M
Gear: Long’s Pig Farms jumpsuit, pack of cigarettes
7 3 5 6 5 2 4 1 3 5 1 SCENE 2
Claws [Unarmed, Acc 8, Reach —, DV 7P, AP –1]
Initiative: 9 + 1D6
AK-97 [Automatics, Acc 5, DV 10P, AP –2, SA/BF/FA, RC
Movement: x2/x4/+2 SCENE 3
—, 38(c), w/ regular ammo (x76), spare clip]
Condition Monitor (P/S): 12/11
Limits: Physical 8, Mental 5, Social 4
Skills: Assensing 4, Perception 5, Running 3, Sneaking 6,
(8 TOTAL) Unarmed Combat 6
Powers: Armor (+1), Dual Natured, Enhanced Senses:
B A R S W L I C EDG ESS M Hearing, Enhanced Senses: Smell, Sapience
7 3 5 6 5 2 4 1 5 3 1 Weaknesses: Allergy, Mild: Sunlight, Dietary Requirement: SCENE 6
Metahuman Flesh, Reduced Senses: Blind
Initiative: 9 + 1D6 Weapons:
Movement: x2/x4/+2 Claws [Unarmed, Acc 8, Reach —, DV 7P, AP –1] SCENE 7
Condition Monitor (P/S): 12/11
Limits: Physical 8, Mental 5, Social 4
Skills: Assensing 4, Etiquette 1, Perception 5, Running 3,
Sneaking 6, Unarmed Combat 6 GHOUL DRIVERS
Powers: Armor (+1), Dual Natured, Enhanced Senses: PICKING UP
Hearing, Enhanced Senses: Smell, Sapience (2 TOTAL) THE PIECES
Weaknesses: Allergy, Mild: Sunlight, Dietary Requirement: B A R S W L I C EDG ESS M
Metahuman Flesh, Reduced Senses: Blind
7 3 5 6 5 2 4 2 4 4.8 1 LEGWORK
Gear: Armored vest, plastic BBQ bib
Initiative: 9 + 1D6
Claws [Unarmed, Acc 8, Reach —, DV 7P, AP –1] CAST OF
Movement: x2/x4/+2
Condition Monitor (P/S): 12/11 (Currently each driver is SHADOWS
TECH GHOULS suffering 7 boxes of physical and 4 boxes of stun damage)
Limits: Physical 8, Mental 5, Social 5
(2 TOTAL) Armor: 1
Skills: Assensing 4, Firearms skill group 2, Perception 5, Pilot
B A R S W L I C EDG ESS M Ground Craft 3, Running 3, Sneaking 6, Unarmed Combat 6
7 3 5 6 5 4 4 1 4.7 3 1 Powers: Armor (+1), Dual Natured, Enhanced Senses: DEBRIEFING
Hearing, Enhanced Senses: Smell, Sapience LOG
Initiative: 9 + 1D6 Weaknesses: Allergy, Mild: Sunlight, Dietary Requirement:
Movement: x2/x4/+2 Metahuman Flesh, Reduced Senses: Blind
Condition Monitor (P/S): 12/11 Augmentations: Cybereyes 1 (w/flare compensation, image
Limits: Physical 8, Mental 6, Social 4 link, smartlink)
Armor: 10 Weapons:
Skills: Assensing 4, Automatics 5, Pilot Ground Craft 3, Claws [Unarmed, Acc 8, Reach —, DV 7P, AP –1]


Pushing the Envelope in two directions and continues its spiral down. Some-
thing, or perhaps a group of somethings, emerges qui-

For more experienced runners, or runners who need a etly from the opening to the right and moves across
bigger challenge, feel free to include additional ghouls the main tunnel into the passage on the left. After a DARKNESS
scattered throughout the farm. Keep timing of the mis- moment of silence, metallic scraping noises can be AND LOSS
sion in mind, as the runners have far greater challenges heard from the left tunnel.
Behind the Scenes
Debugging The Noise rating in the stone tunnels increases to 4 at MISSION
If the team is afraid to engage the ghouls or if they kill this depth due to lack of signal. SYNOPSIS
the mother and child through an area-effect weapon/ If the runners investigate the left tunnel, they find
spell and cannot find the tunnel downward on their the source of the noise. The team may recognize the
own, they need to be pointed in the right direction. creatures as formerly being ghouls—however, their SCENE 1
Have the runners make a Perception + Intuition [Men- physical appearance has adopted more insect-like
tal] Test. The runner with the best roll hears scraping features. Play up the large mandibles, insect eyes, and
noises coming from the direction of the library. The spiky growths on their limbs. The drones seem to be SCENE 2
noise increases as they get closer to the tunnel and busy working in relative silence, acting in unison with-
eventually lead them downward. out speaking. The spirits use picks, shovels, and other
If the team is wary of the tunnels and calls Goober, normal construction tools.
he tells them there is still a chance the community resi- The right tunnel continues two hundred fifty meters
dents are alive and the team is their only hope. He asks until it intersects with an old subway tunnel. The runners
the team to see this through and tells them he’ll do his SCENE 4
find evidence the tunnel used to be a squatter camp, but
best to reward them for their efforts.
it has been uninhabited for a long time. There are signs
Should the team call other contacts instead, have
of a struggle. There are no bodies or anything of value SCENE 5
those contacts remind the team that the bug threat
here. This area is meant to give players an idea there
was supposedly dealt with. Without credible, verifiable
may be more bug spirits nearby in tunnels, subways, and
proof of bug infestation, Chicago contacts don’t want to SCENE 6
sewers—a reason not to linger. There is nothing else to
spend the resources necessary to come and investigate.
find this direction, so steer them back toward the main
Even if there were proof, pulling together the resources
tunnel downward.
needed would take time—something the community SCENE 7
residents likely don’t have.



(Optional) B A R S W L I C EDG ESS M
7(11) 3(7) 5(9) 7(11) 5 2 4 1 4 2 4 LEGWORK
Scan This
This scene is optional, so feel free to skip it if you need Initiative: 13 + 2D6
Condition Monitor (P/S): 14/11
the additional time to complete the mission. SHADOWS
Limits: Physical 9(14), Mental 5, Social 3
The team descends through the roughly hewn, twist-
Armor: 8H
ing tunnel. The tunnel branches in two directions. The
Skills: Assensing 4, Construction 4, Perception 4, Unarmed PLAYER
tunnel on the right continues downward while the tun-
nel on the left stretches outward. Six hybrids are found
Powers: Animal Control (Ants), Enhanced Senses (Smell,
here, each of which is possessed by an ant worker spirit.
Thermographic Vision), Hive Mind, Immunity to Normal
The spirits are busy carving out a new tunnel.
Weapons (through Inhabitation), Inhabitation (Living DEBRIEFING
Vessels), Movement, Sapience, Search, Technical Skill LOG
Tell it to Them Straight (Construction)
Weaknesses: Allergy (Insecticides, Severe), Evanescence
The team descends through the roughly hewn, twisting
Gear: Mining tools (picks, shovels, etc.)
tunnel. There is no light here other than what you are
using. At the edge of your vision, the tunnel branches
Claws [Unarmed, Acc 8, Reach —, DV 7P, AP –1]


Pushing the Envelope over one hundred meters in diameter. It’s difficult to
be sure of the exact size because of the poor lighting

There should not be a need to push the envelope in and the pulsating green emanations coming from the
this scene. luminescent magical circle painted in the center of the DARKNESS
room. Glowing paint in a mortar and pestle, along with AND LOSS
Debugging other magical supplies, rest on some discarded pallets
along the wall. The air in this room is stale, but there is
Skip this scene altogether if the runners took too long a palpable uncomfortable energy that even the most
in the earlier portions of the mission. Don’t let the team mundane can feel.
get bogged down here if it risks not finishing the mis- As the green glow flickers in and out, more details MISSION
sion in your allotted time. from the room come into view. First and foremost, SYNOPSIS
If the team has trouble dealing with the worker spir- in view is a tall, lean man in dark red longcoat per-
its, they can run away back through the tunnel from forming an alien ritual in the circle. Beyond the man,
which they came. If the team falls back out of view, the attached to the rounded far wall, you see hundreds SCENE 1
worker spirits resume their construction project. If this of sickly, whitish metahuman-sized egg-like bundles
occurs, the team can regroup and use area effect weap- bathed in the green glow. An enormous ethereal
ons, flee, or proceed down the right tunnel. If they lin- ant-being is quietly tending to the bundles in the rear SCENE 2
ger and do none of the above, two soldier spirits from of the room.
Scene 6: Chains that Bind may be dispatched to deal A flare of green energy bursts from the room five
with the threat to the colony. meters to the right of the man, revealing something SCENE 3
that causes a sickening feeling in the pit of your stom-
Scene 6: ach. The light illuminates the form of a full-sized, adult SCENE 4
western dragon shackled to the stone floor. Eight
Chains That Bind enormous chains tie the stone floor to rune-encrust-
ed metal bands on the dragon’s muzzle, claws, and SCENE 5
body. Sickly green strands of energy emanate from
Scan This the spines along the dragon’s back and slowly weave
through the air into the magical circle causing the great SCENE 6
The team reaches a large chamber at the end of the
beast to shudder with pain.
spiraling downward tunnel. The chamber is very dark
The man turns towards the tunnel opening and
and shadowed, with strange glowing magical runes on SCENE 7
smiles, two pronounced canine teeth gleaming in the
the floor and in various places around the chamber.
flickering light. “And what do we have here—more
Inside the chamber is a vampire insect (ant) shaman.
drones? No—soldiers. Yes, you will make fine soldiers
There are two ant-ork hybrid soldier spirits inside the SCENE 8
when her majesty arrives.”
chamber guarding the shaman, with two guarding the
As he speaks, two very large, strangely disturbing,
entrance and the other two hidden in the chamber.
ork-insect beings step into view. One appears on either PICKING UP
The missing neighborhood residents are in the cham-
side of the tunnel opening. The ork-things have red, THE PIECES
ber, but they are encased in egg-like wraps to prepare
spiky, shell-like growths over their bodies. Multi-facet-
them as future vessels for insect spirits. An ant caretak-
ed eyes face you with antennae moving and mandibles
er spirit tends the “eggs.” Most importantly, the cham-
clicking. The creatures raise combat shotguns in their LEGWORK
ber contains a large adult western dragon secured to
arms menacingly.
the stone floor with rune-encrusted chains. The vam-
pire shaman pauses his ritual and turns to confront the CAST OF
team. After the team destroys the mage, they are con- After the team destroys the vampire
fronted with a moral dilemma. The dragon is wounded, and spirits, the dragon will speak in
and the shaman tortured it. It asks to be destroyed if whispered, suffering breaths.
the team cannot arrange for it to be mended. The run- PLAYER
ners can opt to use a contact for assistance, or they “Thank you. I am Aethelinda ... these crea- HANDOUTS
may decide to destroy the dragon; the choice is entire- tures … the bugs ... found me in … my slumber.
ly up to them. I ... am ... broken. How to mend ... this … dam-
age ... is beyond my power. I suffer.” The dragon LOG
Tell it to Them Straight gasps for air and chokes on a cough. The dragon
The tunnel continues angling and spiraling downward sighs loudly and closes its eyes, slipping into
until ahead you see it opens into an enormous, dark, unconsciousness.
and shadowy chamber. The cavernous room is easily












Behind the Scenes SCENE 7

The area is aspected toward insect spirits, raising the ANT SPIRITS AND
background count to 3, as the whole chamber is an in-
sect shaman’s Lodge. Noise is increased to 6 due to
lack of signal deep below the earth. (PP. 95, 195, STREET GRIMOIRE)
The spirits move to engage the team and defend PICKING UP
their territory, their shaman, and their potential future All physical damage done by Ant spirits is also considered THE PIECES
queen. The shaman engages using magic until the run- Acid damage (see Acid Damage, p. 170, SR5). Ant spirits are
ners move into close combat. The soldier spirits will use highly dependent on their hive mentality and on its controlling
the Intercept action (see sidebar) to prevent runners force in particular. If a single Ant spirit is ever isolated from all LEGWORK
from getting close to the vampire. others of its hive (e.g., through physical distance or due to a
An Arcana + Logic [Mental] (2) Test lets runners mana barrier), or if the shaman or Queen of the hive is killed,
know the egglike sacs are something called Living Ves- the ant(s) suffer a –2 penalty on all tests.
sel Preparation, a necessary step prior to their eventual The constant buzz of insect spirits in an insect shaman’s
insect spirit possession. If the runners score 4 or more mind can be distracting, especially if the hive is agitated.
hits, they are aware a metahuman would need to stay When this occurs, the shaman must succeed in a Magic + PLAYER
in the wraps for four days to be marked for possession, Willpower [Mental] (2) Test to suppress the background HANDOUTS
and removing an individual before they are marked hum and concentrate on something, such as fighting or
would stop this from occurring. spellcasting.
The remaining neighborhood residents are bound in DEBRIEFING
the egglike wraps and stuck onto the wall with one hun- LOG
dred and fifty other unlucky souls. The residents have
not been in the wraps long enough to be marked for
possession, but the others are in varying stages of the
ritual. The caretaker spirit tends them.


The shaman is working to prepare the dragon for an COVER
insect great spirit queen possession. The dragon Aethe-
linda has been held captive, tortured and drained in the
process, leaving her too weak to fight or resist. Heavy (-5 INITIATIVE SCORE, P. 168, SR5) DARKNESS
chains hold her head down, like the ones on the rest AND LOSS
A character may take an Interrupt Action to intercept an
of her body. The bindings prevent her from using her
breath weapon, casting spells, and summoning spirits. opponent who attempts to move past him (within 1 + Reach
Once the vampire is destroyed or the metal bands are meter(s)) or break out of melee combat (see Interception, INTRODUCTION
removed, she will regain those powers, as either cause below). The Intercept Action allows a character to make a
the band to lose their enchantment. Once combat is melee attack out of turn. If the character does not have enough
over, the team needs to decide her fate (next scene). Initiative Score left that Action Phase he cannot intercept. SYNOPSIS
Few have the resources to handle this problem. The
dragon’s wounds cannot be healed with magic (the
vampire saw to that); she requires professional medical INTERCEPTION SCENE 1
care or she will die.
The team may decide to break the chains so the
(P. 194, SR5)
dragon can assist them. There are eight chains (Structure If movement takes a character within one meter (+1 meter SCENE 2
8, Armor 12) binding the dragon, locked with Rating 6 per point of Reach) of an opponent, and the character attempts
mechanical locks. If the team frees two chains holding to pass by without attacking that opponent, that opponent
down the dragon’s head, she uses her breath attack on
can use an Interrupt Action and voluntarily decrease their
the shaman. If the team destroys or opens four chains, Initiative Score by 5 to make a melee attack. This rule also
the dragon can slash with her claws and bite in addition applies to characters who are attempting to move out of melee SCENE 4
to using her breath weapon. If six chains are destroyed,
combat. If the opponent has a melee weapon ready, he uses
the dragon attempts to free herself from the remaining
his normal melee weapon skill rating; otherwise, he uses the
two chains or fight the spirits (whichever makes the SCENE 5
Unarmed Combat skill. If the character is wielding a firearm,
most sense). At the end of the combat, the dragon col-
lapses from exhaustion and wounds—having spent all they may choose to use the weapon as a club and attack
her remaining energy. with the Club skill. This attack follows all the normal rules for SCENE 6
Melee Combat (see p. 184, SR5). If, after their Resistance Test,
the character attempting to pass takes damage equal to their
HYBRID ANT SOLDIER Body, he is intercepted and cannot continue his movement.
Prone combatants cannot intercept. With a little room to move,
(2, FORCE 6) agile characters can avoid the Interception attempts of their SCENE 8
opponents without engaging in combat. Using a Complex
B A R S W L I C EDG ESS M Action with their movement, they can make an Agility +
6(12) 3(9) 2(8) 6(12) 6 6 6 6 3 6 6 Gymnastics (1) [Physical] Test. Each hit above the threshold PICKING UP
allows the character to move past one opponent. THE PIECES
Initiative: 14+3D6
Condition Monitor: 14/11
Limits: Physical 5(15), Mental 8, Social 8 LEGWORK
Armor: 12H
Skills: Assensing 6, Astral Combat 6, Counterspelling 6,
Exotic Ranged Weapon 6, Gymnastics 6, Longarms 6,
Perception 6, Unarmed Combat 6
Powers: Animal Control (Ants), Combat Skill (Longarms),
Fear, Hive Mind, Immunity to Normal Weapons (through PLAYER
Inhabitation), Inhabitation (Living Vessels), Magical HANDOUTS
Guard, Sapience
Weaknesses: Allergy (Insecticides, Light), Evanescence
Enfield AS-7 [Longarms, Acc 4(5), DV 14P, AP –2, SA/BF, LOG
10(c), w/ laser sight, explosive rounds (x10)]
Bite [Unarmed, Acc 12, Reach —, DV 9P(acid*), AP –1]

*All physical damage done by Ant spirits is also considered

Acid damage (see Acid Damage, p. 170, SR5). Please note
that the Soldiers take advantage of the Intercept interrupt
action to stop any opponent that attempts to move past them
into the main chamber. BIND 23
FORM SPIRITS Reflection is an advanced understanding of shielding
metamagic, allowing the magician to turn a defensive ability
(1, FORCE 5) into an offensive action. If an astrally perceiving magician sees COVER
that he or those he’s protecting with spell defense are the target
of a spell (and note that astral perception is a necessity, not just
5 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 3 5 5
the knowledge that a spell is being cast), he can access three
additional Interrupt Actions that can protect the group instead
Initiative: 11 + 3D6
Condition Monitor: 11/11 of using spell defense dice (p. 294, SR5). With each Interrupt
Limits: Physical 7, Mental 7, Social 7 Action, the magician uses up 1 die from the spell defense dice INTRODUCTION
Armor: 10H pool. If no more defensive dice remain, then the Interrupt Action
Skills: Assensing 5, Astral Combat 5, Leadership 5, Perception 5, cannot be taken. The three actions possible are: Reflect Spell,
Spellcasting 5, Unarmed Combat 5
Deflect Spell, and Greater Reflection. Prerequisite: Shielding MISSION
Powers: Animal Control (ant), Astral Form, Binding, Guard, Hive SYNOPSIS
Mind, Immunity to Normal Weapons (through Materialization),
Innate Spell (Physical Barrier), Materialization, Sapience
Weaknesses: Allergy (Insecticides, Severe), Evanescence REFLECT SPELL SCENE 1
Bite [Unarmed, Acc 7, Reach —, DV 8P(acid*), AP –1] INTERRUPT ACTION (–7 INITIATIVE SCORE)
With this action, the magician can use Counterspelling SCENE 2
*All physical damage done by Ant spirits is also considered Acid
damage (see Acid Damage, p. 170, SR5). + Magic [Astral] versus the caster’s Spellcasting Test. If the
reflecting magician scores more hits than the caster, the
spell is redirected at the caster at half the spell’s Force, and
VAMPIRE INSECT SHAMAN the original target takes no damage. The reflecting magician
suffers Drain as if he had used a Reckless Spellcasting action SCENE 4
to cast it (increasing the customary Drain by 3). This reflected
6(9) 5(8) 5 4 6 3 6 6 5 6 7 spell only affects the caster, regardless of whether it was an
area-effect spell. Treat the net hits in reflecting as spellcasting SCENE 5
Initiative: 11 + 2D6
Condition Monitor (P/S): 13/11
hits, as if the magician had cast it. This would add to any net
Limits: Physical 7(8), Mental 6, Social 8 hits from the original Spellcasting Test. If the magician does SCENE 6
Armor: 9 (12 vs. Acid, Electrical, and Fire) not get more hits than the caster, then the spell hits as if the
Skills: Arcana 9, Assensing 5, Conjuring skill group 7, Artificing 9, magician didn’t attempt to defend against it. Prerequisite:
Influence skill group 3, Perception 5, Sneaking 3, Sorcery skill Reflection SCENE 7
group 7, Unarmed Combat 5
Qualities: Magician, Insect Shaman (ant, drain: Willpower +
Critter Powers: Dual Natured, Enhanced Senses: Hearing, DEFLECT SPELL SCENE 8
Enhanced Senses: Smell, Enhanced Senses: Thermographic
Vision, Essence Drain (12 dice pool (10 – Target’s Essence, 1 INTERRUPT ACTION
minute)), Immunity to Aging, Immunity to Pathogens (12 dice (–5 INITIATIVE SCORE, –1 EDGE) THE PIECES
pool), Immunity to Toxins (12 dice pool), Infection (12 dice pool
vs. Body + Willpower), Mist Form, Regeneration (13 dice pool), For any indirect spell targeting those the magician
Sapience is protecting with spell defense, the magician makes a
Weaknesses: Allergy, Severe: Sunlight, Allergy, Severe: Wood, Counterspelling + Magic [Astral] Test against the opponent’s LEGWORK
Dietary Requirement: Metahuman Blood, Essence Loss, Spellcasting Test. Each net hit on the test adds one scatter die
Induced Dormancy: Lack of Air
to the attack, and the gamemaster determines scatter (p.181, CAST OF
Initiate Grade: 5
Metamagics: Channeling, Invocation, Quickening, Shielding, SR5). If the magician does not get more net hits than the caster, SHADOWS
Reflection then the spell hits as if the magician didn’t attempt to defend
Gear: Lined coat (w/nonconductivity 3, fire resistance 3, chemical against it. Prerequisite: Reflection
protection 3), reagents (50 drams) PLAYER
Spells: Agony, Bugs, Deflection, Flamethrower, Ignite, Improved HANDOUTS
Invisibility, Increase Body, Increase Agility, Mass Agony,
Rituals: Living Vessel Preparation, Summon Great Form INTERRUPT ACTION DEBRIEFING
Weapons: LOG
Bite [Unarmed, Reach –1, Acc 7, DV 5P, AP –1] (–10 INITIATIVE SCORE, –1 EDGE)
This works the same as Reflect Spell, but with the option of
*Increase Body is quickened with 3 hits and 3 Karma spent
*Increase Agility is quickened with 3 hits and 3 Karma spent either sending the spell’s full Force back at the caster or as the
*Deflection is quickened with 3 hits and 3 Karma spent (this grants same version (i.e., if the reflected spell was an Area spell, then the
+3 to defense tests against ranged physical attacks, p. 115, Street area of effect would be centered on the caster). If the magician
Grimoire) does not get more hits than the caster, then the spell hits as if
The shaman has six Karma available for quickening additional spells
and quickens successful SCENE
Agony, Bugs, Mass6:Agony,
CHAINS the magician didn’t attempt to defend against it. Regardless of
and Swarm THAT BIND
spells. The shaman will spend two Karma to quicken a successful success, the magician attempting this action must resist Drain 24
spell, and is willing to spend all six available Karma in the fight. as if he cast the spell himself. Prerequisite: Reflection
(1, FORCE 5)
18(9) 7 8 40(15) 8(4) 8 8 8 6 10(2) 10(2)
Initiative: 16 + 2D6 5 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 3 5 5
Movement: x2/x4/+4 (x3/x7/+5 Flight)
Condition Monitor (P/S): 17/12 (Currently has 12 Physical Initiative: 11 + 3D6
and 9 Stun damage, for –7 dice to all rolls) Condition Monitor: 11/11
Limits: Physical 36(16), Mental 11(10), Social 12(8) Limits: Physical 7, Mental 7, Social 7
Armor: 26H (13H due to her currently weakened state) Armor: 10H
Skills: Assensing 5, Astral Combat 5, Leadership 5, Perception 5, SCENE 1
Skills: Assensing 14, Conjuring skill group 12, Exotic
Spellcasting 5, Unarmed Combat 5
Ranged Weapon (Breath) 12, Flight 12, Perception 12,
Powers: Animal Control (ant), Astral Form, Binding, Guard, Hive
Running 10, Sorcery skill group 14, Unarmed Combat 12 Mind, Immunity to Normal Weapons (through Materialization), SCENE 2
Powers: Dragonspeech, Dual Natured, Elemental Attack Innate Spell (Physical Barrier), Materialization, Sapience
(Fire), Enhanced Senses (Smell, Low-Light Vision, Weaknesses: Allergy (Insecticides, Severe), Evanescence
Thermographic Vision, Wide-Band Hearing), Hardened Weapons: SCENE 3
Armor (BOD), Hardened Mystic Armor (WIL), Sapience Bite [Unarmed, Acc 7, Reach —, DV 8P(acid*), AP –1]
Weaknesses: Stats above reflect weeks of torture at the
hands of the vampire shaman *All physical damage done by Ant spirits is also considered Acid SCENE 4
Weapons: damage (see Acid Damage, p. 170, SR5).
Natural Weapon (Bite/Claws: DV 17P, AP –4)
Breath Weapon [Exotic Ranged Weapon (Breath), Acc 36,
DV 20, AP –10, fire, range 10m] HYBRID ANT SOLDIER
(2, FORCE 6) SCENE 6

Pushing the Envelope B

If the team is very experienced, magic heavy, and
needs additional challenge, add more ant spirits into Initiative: 14+3D6
the mix. Add in one additional caretaker spirit and two Condition Monitor: 14/11 SCENE 8
more soldier spirits. The extra spirits are lurking in the Limits: Physical 5(15), Mental 8, Social 8
darkness out of the team’s initial view, but emerge Armor: 12H
once the combat begins. Skills: Assensing 6, Astral Combat 6, Counterspelling 6, PICKING UP
Exotic Ranged Weapon 6, Gymnastics 6, Longarms 6, THE PIECES

Debugging Perception 6, Unarmed Combat 6

Powers: Animal Control (Ants), Combat Skill (Longarms),
If the team is getting schooled, the shaman becomes Fear, Hive Mind, Immunity to Normal Weapons (through
overwhelmed from the buzz of the hive mind. If this Inhabitation), Inhabitation (Living Vessels), Magical
occurs, he grasps at his temples and hair and becomes Guard, Sapience CAST OF
incapable of contributing to the combat. He murmurs Weaknesses: Allergy (Insecticides, Light), Evanescence SHADOWS
about the buzz, the hive, or the colony. This should Weapons:
give the team a chance to destroy him, causing a two- Enfield AS-7 [Longarms, Acc 4(5), DV 14P, AP –2, SA/BF,
dice penalty to all tests from other hive members. 10(c), w/ laser sight, explosive rounds (x10)] PLAYER
The team has the option to flee the chamber. The Bite [Unarmed, Acc 12, Reach —, DV 9P(acid*), AP –1] HANDOUTS
shaman does not follow, opting to stay and protect the
future queen. The soldier spirits pursue until the team *All physical damage done by Ant spirits is also considered
flees the area around the abandoned school. If the team Acid damage (see Acid Damage, p. 170, SR5). DEBRIEFING
returns an hour or more later, the chamber has been LOG
cleared out.


Scene 7: tention, he suggests they contact Dr. Tate to help it. Tate COVER
has more resources than any other street doc he knows.
Conscious Whatever they do, he says they should make the call
now. Goober’s voice trembles and he lets out an invol- DARKNESS
untary shudder at the thought of an insect spirit dragon.
Assensing the dragon (Assensing + Intuition [Mental] (4)
Test) reveals the dragon has a mark of possession to pre-
pare it for inhabitation, but it is not currently possessed. INTRODUCTION
Scan This The higher difficulty is due to the emotional trauma it re-
Having survived the insect shaman’s chamber, the cently endured, which clouds the reading.
team’s work is far from done. They need to figure out Goober asks that they make sure the residents are
how to deal with the people in the egg-like wrappings, placed under professional care or taken home if they
what to do with the dragon, and they need to contact are in the clear. Goober invites the team to meet him at
Mr. Johnson to get paid. his bait-and-tackle shop to claim their rewards, prefera- SCENE 1
Goober is mortified to hear the bugs are back. The bly after they take care of the details.
runners must make a decision on how to deal with the If the runners decide to sell the dragon or shop for
dragon and the people. If the team makes no decisions, offers, have Mr. Johnsons and fixers (other than the ones SCENE 2
or they leave it up to him, Goober asks Dr. Tate to heal listed below) tell them: 1) dragons have enemies; 2)
the dragon and Lothan to have the Ash Union deal with they won’t get involved with a potentially contaminated
the people. Goobers invites the team back to his bait dragon; and 3) the entire affair of figuring out what is SCENE 3
and tackle shop so they can choose a reward based on wrong and fixing it would be a giant money-sink. Mr.
their performance. Johnsons/fixers not mentioned below do not make any
offer and want nothing to do with dragons or bugs. That SCENE 4
leaves the team with only a few people willing to have
Tell it to Them Straight any involvement.
What is worse? Is it the bugs being back, a couple hun- The following contacts have different viewpoints
dred body snatcher pods, or the comatose dragon in and offers for them. The runners must already possess
your custody? At least you should be able to get paid. the contact, or Goober had to tell them about the con- SCENE 6
Of course, you still need to deal with the Johnson and tact (e.g., Dr. Tate and Lothan) before they can speak
hope he keeps his word and makes this worth it. Once with them.
you place the call, Goober is quick to pick up. Dr. Tate reminds the team of the concerns other Mr. SCENE 7
Johnsons mentioned, but as a personal favor he is will-
ing to help. Tate is concerned that moving the dragon
Behind the Scenes may do further harm to the creature. He tells the team SCENE 8
After taking in all the information, Goober is very he can call in a Horizon mobile clinic to work on the
pleased if the team managed to defeat the shaman dragon and Horizon mages to assense and treat the
captives—along with a security team to ensure the site PICKING UP
and save the residents from possession. He’s also very
is secure. He thinks it’s best if nobody is moved right
happy most of them are unharmed. If the team ran
away, he is disappointed, but he also understands how away to ensure the threat is contained. Should the team
dangerous an insect spirit hive can be. He tells them only want Tate to provide care for the dragon, he agrees LEGWORK
the job was to find and bring back the residents, but he to the deal but is concerned that taking the residents is
thinks they should get some pay for their work. asking for trouble.
Goober is horrified to hear the bugs returned. He al- Lothan counsels the runners that the dragon’s body CAST OF
ways suspected they were still out there, but knowing must be healed for its spirit to heal. He believes natu- SHADOWS
they are now active is truly disturbing for someone who ral remedies may be best for the eventual recovery of
survived Bug City. He asks if the team ensured the com- the dragon’s magic. Once it is strong enough, Lothan
munity residents are “clean” and not possessed. If the believes the mark can be removed. Lothan is willing to PLAYER
team doesn’t have the means to Assense the captives lend help from the Ash Union to assense and deal with HANDOUTS
for a mark of possession (Assensing + Intuition [Mental] the dragon and/or captives (free, remove the mark, or
(2) Test), Goober suggests they contact Lothan for help. destroy as appropriate). He believes the group should
He tells the team that Lothan’s Ash Union is a group be assensed and, if not infected, removed from the DEBRIEFING
dedicated to eliminating magical threats to Chicago. place immediately. If the team agrees to let Lothan pro- LOG
None of the community residents were captives long ceed, he calls on a group from the Ash Union to help
enough to have received a mark of possession. him and head right over.
If informed about the dragon, he doesn’t really know Becky99 tells the team to kill everything in the
what to do with it. Since it needs professional medical at- chamber because it’s the only way to be sure there is no


insect contamination. She asks where the team is and Scene 8: COVER
organizes her gang to help destroy everything there. If
the team chooses this option, make it clear that some
of the Desolation Angels seem very impressed at what Goober’s DARKNESS
Bait & Tackle
they have done. Other Angels seem to stare through
their souls, possibly scrutinizing the team for signs they
have been contaminated. The gang is brutal, efficient,
and merciless in destroying everything in the chamber. INTRODUCTION
Perianwyr has heard of the dragon if the runners use Scan This
her name. To his knowledge, she was a protector of The runners meet with Goober, who offers them a MISSION
man. He suggests that, once she’s well enough to travel choice between nuyen and vehicles/drones (these are SYNOPSIS
on her own, Aethlinda could use her hoard to regain her kept in a warehouse next to the bait-and-tackle shop).
power in the same manner he did. He’s not in the city The vehicle quality offered is based on the runner’s
nor able to make the trip to Chicago. Perianwyr doesn’t performance and negotiation ability. When the scene SCENE 1
make any offers to assist the team. He does not have ends, the runners should be pulling out of the ware-
any medical assets in Chicago and is not able to travel to house and riding off as the sun rises.
the city quickly enough to aid them himself. SCENE 2
Simon Andrews is intrigued by the idea of a new
dragon, but he stresses the complications of what the Tell It to Them Straight
team is asking for. As a favor, Simon could send in a You arrive at Goober’s Bait & Tackle, a humble shop on SCENE 3
heavily armed Saeder-Krupp team to secure the area. the waterfront. There are a few connected docks, and
Mages in the security force assense the team and cap- the neighborhood is mostly warehouse space. It’s fairly
tives for insect infestation (killing any deemed too far deserted when you arrive. A whistle draws your atten- SCENE 4
gone to be saved). Simon brings in a Saeder-Krupp tion across the street. There you see Goober standing
medical unit to evaluate the dragon and begin treat- beside a large sheet-metal warehouse. He waves for
ment. It should be clear that once the corp forces arrive, SCENE 5
you to come over and in; then he steps inside. Making
the team no longer has any say in what happens at the your way into the building, you see a nice vehicle se-
site. If the team tries to interfere, they are asked to leave. lection inside, a few racks of various drones, and a fully SCENE 6
Should they fail to leave, they are detained. After about stocked mechanic’s workshop.
two hours, the community residents are released to the Goober looks at your team and says, “I told you I was
runners’ care, and the team is asked to leave the site. a man who keeps his promises. I’m happy to pay each of SCENE 7
you straight-up nuyen for the job you did, like we talk-
Pushing the Envelope ed about. If you are interested in any of this merchan-
dise, feel free to do some shopping after we finalize a SCENE 8
There should be no need to push the envelope in this number. Take a look at what I have on hand, and we can
scene. come to an agreement.”
Debugging Behind the Scenes
The main thing that can go wrong is the team delib- Provided the team rescued the remaining residents,
erately doesn’t call Goober, in which case, they don’t LEGWORK
Goober offers the team 12,000 nuyen + 500 nuyen
get paid. The team may also decide to kill everyone per net hit on a Negotiation + Charisma [Social] Test
(without talking to Becky99) or decide they are just versus Goober’s 12 dice [Social Limit 5] to a maximum CAST OF
leaving. Let them, but remind that of the notoriety po- of 5 hits. As a bonus for a job well done, Goober offers SHADOWS
tentially attached to killing or leaving innocents to a a twenty percent discount on custom work (parts and
horrible fate. If the community residents are dead or labor) for one vehicle.
abandoned, it will impact the payout in Scene 8: Goo- If the team did not confront the insect shaman (they PLAYER
ber’s Bait & Tackle. ran away), and/or the residents were not rescued, or HANDOUTS
Becky99s gang (or the runners) killed them, Goober of-
fers 8,000 nuyen + 500 nuyen per net hit (to a maximum
of 5) on a Negotiation + Charisma [Social] Test versus DEBRIEFING
14 dice [Social Limit 5] (includes a bonus for Goober be- LOG
cause he is disappointed). Even though the team didn’t
succeed, he understands what a threat the bugs are.
Provided the ghoul drivers were freed or returned to
Needles or Long’s Pig Farms, the runners each receive


any funds Needles might have promised them.
If the team delivered the dragon to the Ash Union, Picking Up COVER

each runner receives a mysterious package shortly after

the mission. Inside the package is a small brick of gold
that can be sold for 5,000 nuyen (net).
the Pieces DARKNESS
Remember, if the team forced negotiations with
Goober in Scene 1: Stood Up, they receive that amount Money INTRODUCTION
if he believes they attempted to perform the mission.
• Up to 1,500¥ total from loot stolen at the neigh-
Runners who negotiated early do not receive an offer
borhood + 350¥ total paydata stolen from the
for a discount, or any renegotiation from Goober.
neighborhood host. They may also loot up to 2 MISSION
Should any runners wish to purchase vehicles or
electronic parts from the apartments. This is the SYNOPSIS
drones, the runners will pay full price for them after re-
total amount, not per runner.
ceiving their pay through the team’s negotiations (no
• Team forced price negotiations in Scene 1:
haggling). Goober has access to vehicles up Availably SCENE 1
Stood Up: 8,000¥ + 100¥ per net hit on the Ne-
12 on-hand.
gotiation roll (maximum 5 hits)
• Team failed to rescue the community but tried
Pushing the Envelope to do the job in earnest: 8,000¥ + 500¥ per net SCENE 2
hit on the Negotiation roll (maximum 5 hits)
There is no need to push the envelope in this scene. • The team rescued the community: 12,000¥
+500¥ per net hit (maximum 5) and a 20 per-
Debugging cent discount for parts and labor for work on
one vehicle or drone as a bonus. SCENE 4
The only thing that can go wrong here is if the players • Each runner receives 2,000¥ if they saved the
decide to attack Goober. Make it very clear that attack- Long’s Pig Farms drivers.
ing Goober would be a death sentence in the shadow- • A gold bar that can be sold for 5,000¥ is deliv- SCENE 5
running community even if they succeed. Point out the ered to each runner if the dragon is entrusted to
rail-mounted security guns through the warehouse. the Ash Union for recovery.
He has numerous boltholes built into the warehouse SCENE 6
to duck into, being a cautious sort of person. From his
hidey hole, all the nice vehicles and gear the runners Karma
were drooling over also become their worst nightmare. • 1 Karma – Rescuing the mother and daughter SCENE 7
Use your imagination and have no mercy. from the ghoul cafeteria.
• 1 Karma – Rescuing the community from the in-
sect shaman and insect spirits.

2 Karma – Surviving the Mission
3 Karma – Overall Mission challenge PICKING UP
Gamemaster Reward LEGWORK
When running this adventure, you may choose to
Upgrades: Heavy weapon mount, Ingram Valiant Targeting count the Missions as played for your personal Shad-
Autosoft 3, Smartsoft 3, Clearsight 3 owrun Missions character. You must choose to do this CAST OF
Weapons: Ingram Valiant [Heavy Weapons, Acc 5(6), DV the first time you run this Mission only, and take the SHADOWS
9P, AP –2, BF/FA, RC —, 250(belt), gas-vent system optional results to match those the team you game-
2, regular ammunition (x250), laser sight, external mastered for earned. You may not choose to wait for a
smartlink] better attempt to choose your rewards. You’re on the PLAYER
honor system here, so please don’t skew the adventure HANDOUTS
to help the players gain extra rewards just so that you
can get better results.
You will earn a flat amount of Karma and nuyen, re-
gardless of how well (or poorly) the players do, listed be-
low. For other missions’ results and rewards that you track
on the Debriefing Log (Objectives completed, reputation
and contacts earned, etc.), take the average results of


the group you’re gamemastering for. So if four out of six tion or services. COVER
players earned a point of Notoriety, you will earn one as
well. If only two players out of five earn a +1 Loyalty with Goober (Connection 4)
a contact, you would not get that +1 Loyalty. DARKNESS
Karma Earned: 7 • +1 Loyalty with Goober for accepting the mis- AND LOSS
Nuyen Earned: 13,000¥ sion and not haggling over price in the initial
• +1 Loyalty with Goober for rescuing the resi- INTRODUCTION
Reputation dents
During the adventure, runners may perform actions • –1 Loyalty with Goober for any runner who
walks away from the mission MISSION
that will add to their Street Cred, Notoriety, or Public
• –1 Loyalty with Goober for any runner who loots SYNOPSIS
Awareness (p. 372, SR5). Besides the scenario specific
gains listed below, gamemasters should consider the the neighborhood
characters’ actions throughout the game and award SCENE 1
additional points as appropriate. If a player earns Pub- Martin Tate (Connection 5)
lic Awareness or Notoriety, don’t be afraid to give them • +2 Loyalty with Martin Tate for turning the drag-
extra points. on and captives over to him for treatment SCENE 2
• +2 Street Cred if the players defeat the insect
shaman and rescue the community residents
• +1 Street Cred for rescuing the mother and Lothan (Connection 4) SCENE 3
daughter from the ghouls in the school • +1 Loyalty with Lothan if the dragon and/or cap-
• +1 Street Cred for a runner who punches out tives are turned over to the Ash Union.
Juice in the one-punch contest. SCENE 4
• +1 Notoriety for any runner who loots the neigh- Becky99 (Connection 4)
• +2 Loyalty with Becky99 if the dragon and cap- SCENE 5
• +1 Notoriety for shooting up Long’s Pig Farms.
• +2 Notoriety for any player who leaves the com- tives are all destroyed or given to her for de-
munity residents with the insect shaman struction.
• +2 Notoriety for not making a decision regard-
ing the fate of the dragon and simply leaving it Simon Andrews (Connection 5)
in the lair. • +1 Loyalty with Simon Andrews if the drag- SCENE 7
• +2 Notoriety for leaving living victims trapped on and/or captives are turned over to Saed-
inside the cocoons er-Krupp.
• +2 Public Awareness if the team posts MeFeed SCENE 8
(or other online activity) footage revealing there
is bug activity in Chicago again or information Player’s Contact (from
about a new dragon. Debugging section of Scene 3: PICKING UP
Long’s Pig Farms)
Contacts • –1 Loyalty if the runner ignores the call from
their contact and continues the fight at Long’s LEGWORK
Successfully completing objectives or performing the
Pig Farms
actions listed below will earn characters specific Mis-
sions contacts at a Loyalty of 1, and they should be CAST OF
given the Contact Sheet included with this Mission. If
they already have that contact, they gain a +1 Loyalty Legwork SHADOWS

to that contact (up to a maximum of 4).

Characters might interact with NPCs not specified by When a PC gets in touch with a contact, make an unop- PLAYER
the Mission, and may earn these NPCs as a contact at posed Connection + Connection Test for the contact. HANDOUTS
Loyalty 1. They may also work with non-Mission specif- The results of this test determine how many ranks of
ic contacts that they have already earned or that they information the contact knows about the question. If
bought at character creation, and gain a +1 Loyalty to the relevance of the subject is a specialty of the con- DEBRIEFING
these contacts, with a maximum Loyalty of 4. Gam- tact, they get +3 to this test. The player then makes LOG
emasters should not grant these lightly, and players an unopposed Charisma + Etiquette + Loyalty Test, the
should have to work to earn these contacts by going results of which determine how many ranks of infor-
the extra mile to impress the NPC, offering up favors, or mation the contact is willing to divulge for free, up to
paying them well above the standard rates for informa- the max ranks of information they know. If the con-


tact knows more, they will require a payment of 500¥ She’s not as retired as she lets on. COVER
– (Loyalty x 100¥, minimum 100¥) per rank of informa- 4 6 She helped set up NooseNet,
tion they still know. Chicago’s version of JackPoint.
If the PCs have worked all their contacts and are still If it’s in the Matrix, Quantum can
missing important information, they may request that find it.
a contact ask around. If they do so, have the contact
make an extended (Connection + Connection (1 hour))
Test. Additional information will be available at a cost of The Scorchers
1,000¥ – (Loyalty x 100¥, minimum 200¥).
A Matrix Search action (p. 241, SR5) may also be Contacts to Ask: Any Street or Criminal
utilized to gather information from the following charts,
Contacts Matrix Search Information SYNOPSIS
using the appropriate thresholds and search times.
0 0 Never heard of them. Must run in
different circles.
Dr. Martin Tate 1 1 The Scorchers are a medium-
Contacts to Ask: Chicago Runner, CZ Resident, Street sized gang that operates in the
Doc, Corporate area. They shake down travelers SCENE 2
and residents along 94.
Contacts Matrix Search Information 2 3 They are one of the bigger gangs
0 0 Is that the guy on all the that make up the Horde—a large, SCENE 3
infomercials? mostly ork collection of gangs in
1 1 Tate runs some street clinics the Zone.
around the zone. 3 — The Horde and gangs in it are into
2 3 The person for runners to go to ritual combat and blood sports.
get patched up with very few They take their ork heritage SCENE 5
questions. seriously. A good working
3 — Tate has been acting as a Mr. knowledge of Or’zet is critical
Johnson for Truman Technologies when dealing with them. SCENE 6
since the CZ opened. 4 6 The Scorchers are known for their
4 6 He’s real smart, omae. He has connections with smugglers. They SCENE 7
been gaining the trust of the have some serious hard-core
people since the Zone opened and lieutenants, and their fingers are
keeping his contacts in the local into the drug and flesh trades SCENE 8
government greased at the same along 94.
time. 5 — The Horde and gangs in it are
serious contenders. They have PICKING UP
5 — Rumor has it that Tate has access
T-Birds, VTOLs, and a legion of ork THE PIECES
to the best ’ware in Chicago and
the know-how to install them. warriors at their command.
Quantum Princess Goober
Contacts to Ask: Decker, Fixer, Mr. Johnson Contacts to Ask: Mechanic, Rigger, Armorer, Johnson, CAST OF
Fixer, Smuggler, Chicago Runner SHADOWS
Contacts Matrix Search Information
0 0 Is that the new kids’ trid that Contacts Matrix Search Information
comes with the collectible AR 0 0 That’s an outdated word for PLAYER
card line? peanut, right? HANDOUTS
1 1 She’s a well-known decker in the 1 1 He’s a dwarf armorer that has
CZ. Used to be a runner. operated in Chicago for a long time. DEBRIEFING
2 3 Quantum grew up in the CZ and is 2 3 He operates a bait and tackle LOG
well liked by almost all factions. store near the waterfront.
3 — She maintains a series of Matrix 3 — He’s a survivor of Bug City, so it
relays and has back doors into takes time to earn his trust—but
most systems in and around the CZ. it’s worth it.


4 6 Goober knows everyone who’s mouths, is enough to tell me to COVER
anyone in the city. He’s the go-to stay the hell away.
armorer and mechanic for runners 3 — When the CZ was walled up this
in the Windy City. was the go-to place for fresh DARKNESS
5 — Goober has wide access to hard- pork. They smoke hams, bacon, AND LOSS
to-get gear. If you are in need, he’s and chops—but most reputable
the one to talk to. eateries buy the hog live and
butcher it themselves.
4 6 The ghouls make both regular
Goober’s Bait & Tackle and scheduled deliveries to MISSION
Contacts to Ask: Mechanic, Rigger, Armorer, Johnson, neighborhoods throughout the SYNOPSIS
Fixer, Smuggler sprawl. I have never heard of
them starting any problems.
Contacts Matrix Search Information SCENE 1
5 — The ghouls of Long’s Pig Farms
0 0 Doin’ some fishing, are ya? have a pretty good rep among the
1 1 Goober’s is open at odd hours, shadow community. Word is that SCENE 2
seeming to cater to night-time they are on some kind of special
fishermen. diet, but they clam up if you ask
3 — Shadowrunners and the like about it. If you head over there, SCENE 3
do a lot of business there. It’s a mind your manners and don’t
good place to score new gear or wander around. You don’t want
upgrade what you already have. to get caught by any of the ferals SCENE 4
they have out minding the pigs.
5 — There is a small warehouse under
the shop, and a few others nearby, SCENE 5
that Goober uses to traffic goods. The Golden Palace
If you get any ideas about grabbing
some of them—the rail-mounted Contacts to Ask: Street Contacts, Prostitute/Pimp, Bar- SCENE 6
security guns might change your tender, Taxi Driver, Trucker, Smuggler
mind. If they don’t, Goober knows
pretty much every runner in the Contacts Matrix Search Information SCENE 7
city. Not a good guy to cross. 0 0 Golden Palace delivers! Today
special only—get two-foot-long
deep-fried egg rolls with troll-size SCENE 8
Long’s Pig Farm General Joe combo order! Drone
delivery—fast, fast, fast! Eat now!
Contacts to Ask: Parazoologist, Awakened Contacts, PICKING UP
1 1 It’s a little community in Northside
Street Contacts THE PIECES
that has a few businesses. Pretty
common for the area.
Contacts Matrix Search Information
0 0 Long pig? Is that a joke? 2 3 The Golden Palace is the name LEGWORK
of the walled-off community and
1 1 Everyone knows about the ghouls
its main business—a brothel. The
who run the farm. Supposedly CAST OF
little community also has a noodle
they have a limited diet—they only SHADOWS
place and a tiny convenience
eat pig. Lot of speculation around
that. The rumors keep away
anyone who might be inclined to 3 — It’s nothing fancy, maybe a bit
try to steal their pigs though. rundown, but the girls are clean
and you aren’t likely to get robbed
2 3 The farm is in some old golf
or killed in your sleep.
courses where 94 touches the
Chicago River. The ghouls might 4 6 The brothel has a variety of girls, DEBRIEFING
call themselves vegetarian, but AR suites, and costuming to meet LOG
have you ever been near one? any fantasy you might have.
The way they seem to stare at you 5 — The place is in Horde territory.
through those milky dead eyes, If it wasn’t paying protection, it
with drool dribbling out of their wouldn’t still be standing.


Cast of Shadows B

Goober Initiative: 9 + 1D6 AND LOSS
Condition Monitor (P/S): 13/12
Goober is a dwarf armorer operating out of the Zone
Limits: Physical 7(8), Mental 8, Social 6
along the waterfront. He has a bait & tackle shop
(“Goober’s B&T”) that he works out of, but has a small
Active Skills: Automatics 4, Electronics skill group 4,
warehouse underneath where he runs almost anything
Engineering skill group 7, Heavy Weapons 4, Locksmith 4,
in hardware (guns, vehicles, tech). He has a lot of con-
Longarms 5, Navigation 4, Negotiation 6 (Bargaining +2), MISSION
nections, but he doesn’t trust easily. He’s a survivor of
Pilot Aircraft 3, Pilot Ground Craft 5, Pilot Watercraft 4, SYNOPSIS
Bug City and was mentally scarred by that. He’s a firm
Pistols 5, Unarmed Combat 5
believer in the principle of supply and demand.
Knowledge Skills: Armor Repair 6, Chicago Area 8, Dwarven
He is a typical dwarf, short and rotund with a full red- SCENE 1
Erotica 3, Firearm Repair 8, Local Gangs 4, Local
brown beard and bushy eyebrows. He has several piec-
Shadowrunners 4, Safehouses 4, Vehicle Repair 8
es of obvious cyberware, including older goggle-style
Qualities: Gearhead
cybereyes, two datajacks, and a control-rig jack, plus SCENE 2
Augmentations: (all betaware) Bone lacing (aluminum),
his left arm is obviously cybered. He’s always wearing a
control rig 3, cyberarm (obvious, strength 5, cyberholster,
pair of coveralls with the arms torn off and the pockets
smuggling compartment, commlink DR 6 w/simlink & hot- SCENE 3
stuffed with gear, plus a bulging tool belt with anything
sim), cyberears 4 (audio enhancement 3, damper, select
he might need to do a spur-of-the-moment repair.
sound filter 6, sound link, spatial recognizer) cybereyes 4
(flare comp, image link, lowlight, smartlink, thermo, vision SCENE 4
Connection: 4
enhancement 3, vision mag)
Loyalty: Max Starting 4
Gear: Armor jacket, Transys Avalon commlink (DR 6), weapons
Quote: “Your options are good, fast, or cheap. You
and drone shop (access to a large array of weapons, armor, SCENE 5
drones, and vehicles)
can pick two.”








Goober is a dwarven armorer operating Goober is a dwarven armorer operating Goober is a dwarven armorer operating
out of the Zone along the waterfront. He out of the Zone along the waterfront. He out of the Zone along the waterfront. He
has a bait & tackle shop (“Goober’s B&T”) has a bait & tackle shop (“Goober’s B&T”) has a bait & tackle shop (“Goober’s B&T”)
that he works out of, but has a small ware- that he works out of, but has a small ware- that he works out of, but has a small ware-
house underneath where he runs almost house underneath where he runs almost house underneath where he runs almost
anything in hardware (guns, vehicles, anything in hardware (guns, vehicles, anything in hardware (guns, vehicles,
tech). He has a lot of connections, but tech). He has a lot of connections, but tech). He has a lot of connections, but
doesn’t trust easily. He’s a survivor of Bug doesn’t trust easily. He’s a survivor of Bug doesn’t trust easily. He’s a survivor of Bug
City and was mentally scarred by that. He’s City and was mentally scarred by that. He’s City and was mentally scarred by that. He’s
a firm believer in the principal of supply a firm believer in the principal of supply a firm believer in the principal of supply
and demand. and demand. and demand.


Dwarven Armorer Dwarven Armorer Dwarven Armorer
Male Dwarf Male Dwarf Male Dwarf

Connection Rating: 4 Connection Rating: 4 Connection Rating: 4

Loyalty: Loyalty: Loyalty:

Key Active Skills: Electronics Group, Engi- Key Active Skills: Electronics Group, Engi- Key Active Skills: Electronics Group, Engi-
neering Group, Piloting neering Group, Piloting neering Group, Piloting

Knowledge Skills: Armor Repair, Chicago Knowledge Skills: Armor Repair, Chicago Knowledge Skills: Armor Repair, Chicago
Area, Dwarven Porn, Firearm Repair, Local Area, Dwarven Porn, Firearm Repair, Local Area, Dwarven Porn, Firearm Repair, Local
Gangs, Local Shadowrunners, Safehouses, Gangs, Local Shadowrunners, Safehouses, Gangs, Local Shadowrunners, Safehouses,
Vehicle Repair Vehicle Repair Vehicle Repair

Uses: Weapons, Armor, Vehicles, Rumors, Uses: Weapons, Armor, Vehicles, Rumors, Uses: Weapons, Armor, Vehicles, Rumors,
Information Information Information
Dr. Martin Tate is working on behalf of Dr. Martin Tate is working on behalf of Dr. Martin Tate is working on behalf of
Horizon, heading up their resurrection of Horizon, heading up their resurrection of Horizon, heading up their resurrection of
the Truman Technologies name, utiliz- the Truman Technologies name, utiliz- the Truman Technologies name, utiliz-
ing the assets of that company that they ing the assets of that company that they ing the assets of that company that they
purchased following Crash 2.0. He has set purchased following Crash 2.0. He has set purchased following Crash 2.0. He has set
up several clinics around Chicago and the up several clinics around Chicago and the up several clinics around Chicago and the
Zone, utilizing his medical prowess to help Zone, utilizing his medical prowess to help Zone, utilizing his medical prowess to help
the residents in the area. He’s also acting the residents in the area. He’s also acting the residents in the area. He’s also acting
as a Mr. Johnson for Truman Tech, working as a Mr. Johnson for Truman Tech, working as a Mr. Johnson for Truman Tech, working
to claim former Truman assets in the city. to claim former Truman assets in the city. to claim former Truman assets in the city.


Horizon/Truman Tech Dr. Johnson Horizon/Truman Tech Dr. Johnson Horizon/Truman Tech Dr. Johnson
Male Human Male Human Male Human

Connection Rating: 5 Connection Rating: 5 Connection Rating: 5

Loyalty: Loyalty: Loyalty:

Key Active Skills: Biotech Group, Eti- Key Active Skills: Biotech Group, Eti- Key Active Skills: Biotech Group, Eti-
quette, Negotiation quette, Negotiation quette, Negotiation

Knowledge Skills: Biology, Chemistry, Knowledge Skills: Biology, Chemistry, Knowledge Skills: Biology, Chemistry,
Corporate Politics (Horizon), Cyberware Corporate Politics (Horizon), Cyberware Corporate Politics (Horizon), Cyberware
Design, Local Drug Dealers, Local Gangs, Design, Local Drug Dealers, Local Gangs, Design, Local Drug Dealers, Local Gangs,
Medical Advances, Opera, Organleggers, Medical Advances, Opera, Organleggers, Medical Advances, Opera, Organleggers,
Pyschology, Smugglers Pyschology, Smugglers Pyschology, Smugglers

Uses: Cyber and Bio, Information, Jobs Uses: Cyber and Bio, Information, Jobs Uses: Cyber and Bio, Information, Jobs
A Rat Shaman and a former shadowrun- A Rat Shaman and a former shadowrun- A Rat Shaman and a former shadowrun-
ner, Becky 99 survived in the chaos of the ner, Becky 99 survived in the chaos of the ner, Becky 99 survived in the chaos of the
Containment Zone by joining up with a Containment Zone by joining up with a Containment Zone by joining up with a
group of women who would eventually group of women who would eventually group of women who would eventually
become the Desolation Angels. When become the Desolation Angels. When become the Desolation Angels. When
the wall came down, she stayed with the the wall came down, she stayed with the the wall came down, she stayed with the
group, mostly working in the background group, mostly working in the background group, mostly working in the background
until last year when she stepped forward until last year when she stepped forward until last year when she stepped forward
and challenged the leaders of the different and challenged the leaders of the different and challenged the leaders of the different
factions of the gang. Believing that they factions of the gang. Believing that they factions of the gang. Believing that they
had lost focus and disgusted with the way had lost focus and disgusted with the way had lost focus and disgusted with the way
they treated anyone not a member of the they treated anyone not a member of the they treated anyone not a member of the
gang, especially men, she defeated each gang, especially men, she defeated each gang, especially men, she defeated each
faction’s leader and united the Desola- faction’s leader and united the Desola- faction’s leader and united the Desola-
tion’s under a new banner. She’s now tion’s under a new banner. She’s now tion’s under a new banner. She’s now
working to make the Zone a little bit bet- working to make the Zone a little bit bet- working to make the Zone a little bit bet-
ter, and in the process wants to stamp out ter, and in the process wants to stamp out ter, and in the process wants to stamp out
any and all remaining signs of the Insect any and all remaining signs of the Insect any and all remaining signs of the Insect
Spirits that once invaded her home. Spirits that once invaded her home. Spirits that once invaded her home.


Rat Shaman, Gang Leader Rat Shaman, Gang Leader Rat Shaman, Gang Leader
Female Human Female Human Female Human

Connection Rating: 4 Connection Rating: 4 Connection Rating: 4

Loyalty: Loyalty: Loyalty:

Key Active Skills: Conjuring Group, Spell- Key Active Skills: Conjuring Group, Spell- Key Active Skills: Conjuring Group, Spell-
casting Group, Stealth Group casting Group, Stealth Group casting Group, Stealth Group

Knowledge Skills: Chicago Area, Insect Knowledge Skills: Chicago Area, Insect Knowledge Skills: Chicago Area, Insect
Spirits, Famous Shadowrunners, Local Spirits, Famous Shadowrunners, Local Spirits, Famous Shadowrunners, Local
Bars, Runner Hangouts, Magic Theory, Bars, Runner Hangouts, Magic Theory, Bars, Runner Hangouts, Magic Theory,
Music (Modern Punk), Street Gangs (Chi- Music (Modern Punk), Street Gangs (Chi- Music (Modern Punk), Street Gangs (Chi-
cago) cago) cago)

Uses: Street Info, Rumors, Jobs Uses: Street Info, Rumors, Jobs Uses: Street Info, Rumors, Jobs
Lothan the Wise ran the shadows of Seat- Lothan the Wise ran the shadows of Seat- Lothan the Wise ran the shadows of Seat-
tle for many years, his prime being during tle for many years, his prime being during tle for many years, his prime being during
the mid-’60s when he mentored and the mid-’60s when he mentored and the mid-’60s when he mentored and
teamed with street legend Kellan Colt. He teamed with street legend Kellan Colt. He teamed with street legend Kellan Colt. He
considers himself a mystical genius which considers himself a mystical genius which considers himself a mystical genius which
he backs up with towering confidence he backs up with towering confidence he backs up with towering confidence
and arrogance, and he considers himself and arrogance, and he considers himself and arrogance, and he considers himself
an expert in all areas of magic and magic an expert in all areas of magic and magic an expert in all areas of magic and magic
theory. His attitude may be a little unwar- theory. His attitude may be a little unwar- theory. His attitude may be a little unwar-
ranted, but you cannot deny he knows a ranted, but you cannot deny he knows a ranted, but you cannot deny he knows a
lot about magic. He moved to Chicago a lot about magic. He moved to Chicago a lot about magic. He moved to Chicago a
couple years ago and opened up a talis- couple years ago and opened up a talis- couple years ago and opened up a talis-
monger shop called “The Wisest Troll.” monger shop called “The Wisest Troll.” monger shop called “The Wisest Troll.”


Talismonger Talismonger Talismonger
Male Troll Male Troll Male Troll

Connection Rating: 4 Connection Rating: 4 Connection Rating: 4

Loyalty: Loyalty: Loyalty:

Key Active Skills: Conjuring Group, En- Key Active Skills: Conjuring Group, En- Key Active Skills: Conjuring Group, En-
chanting Group, Instruction, Spellcasting chanting Group, Instruction, Spellcasting chanting Group, Instruction, Spellcasting
Group Group Group

Knowledge Skills: Classic Art, Classic Mu- Knowledge Skills: Classic Art, Classic Mu- Knowledge Skills: Classic Art, Classic Mu-
sic, Elven Wines, History, Magical Theory, sic, Elven Wines, History, Magical Theory, sic, Elven Wines, History, Magical Theory,
Magical Artifacts, Spirit Theory, Vintage Magical Artifacts, Spirit Theory, Vintage Magical Artifacts, Spirit Theory, Vintage
Cars Cars Cars

Uses: Magical Gear, Magical Info Uses: Magical Gear, Magical Info Uses: Magical Gear, Magical Info



SRM 07-06: WINDY CITY CHAOS Rescued the mother and daughter from the ghouls
Rescued the ghoul drivers for Long’s Pig Farms
The number of people going missing has been on the rise this
Looted the community
past year, but now an entire community has vanished! The
Killed the shaman
runners are hired to find out what is going on and put a stop to it
Killed the dragon
once and for all.
Killed the captives
Freed the captives
Turned the captives over to: ____________________________
Turned the dragon over to: ___________________________

Names Character Improvement Karma Cost


Previous Available Street Cred Goober (Connection Rating 4)

Earned Dr. Tate (Connection Rating 5)

Spent Notoriety Lothan (Connection Rating 4)

Remaining Available Becky99 (Connection Rating 4)

New Career Total Public Awareness Simon Andrews (Connection Rating 5)

Earned a 20 percent discount on parts & labor
for one vehicle or drone from Goober
Obtained a bar of gold that may
Previous Available ¥ GM’s Name
be sold for 5,000¥
Earned ¥
Spent ¥ GM’s Signature
Remaining ¥


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