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1053_2 Elaboración y servicio de platos a la vista del cliente

Gueridon Service is where a dish is prepared, portioned, carved or cooked on a trolley or small table (gueridon) close to the
customer’s table.
This is a specialised form of service which is generally only used in formal or fine dining rooms. It involves a disciplined skill
which comes from practice and experience. Careful mis-en-place is essential.
This type of service has many uses including: Flambe Coffees The making and lighting of special coffees at
the table.
 Lamp work Flambe work is the cooking or finishing  Carving The carving of a piece of meat, fish or
of dishes, by adding a spirit and setting it alight, poultry is portioned at the table. NOTE: Portion size
doing this in front of the customer and usually is very important and if not sure to check with the
serving it whilst it is still alight. Chef or Manager/Supervisor.

 Mixing the Dish There are a number of items  Serving the Dish Soup from the tureen. Hors
arranged on a trolley and the staff member then d’ouvres from Hors d’ouvre trolley.
selects the items to mix together ie Salads.
 Wine Decanting This task may be carried out at the  Liqueur Service A trolley with a selection of liqueurs
table. The transferring of the wine from the bottle to and glasses taken to the table and served.
a decanter.
Successful and Safe Gueridon Work
1 Mise en place 2 Equipment
Talk with the kitchen to ensure all mise en place  Make sure all terms of equipment are clean
(preparation of ingredients) for each gueridon menu and ready for service. Make sure
item is complete. Gueridon/Trolley and all equipment is
stable. Check level of lamp before cooking
 Don’t refill gueridon lamps whilst hot.
 Pan handles should not stick out over edge
of trolley or table
 Space tables/sideboard/restaurant decor
and displays for easy (and safe) movement
of trolleys/table around the restaurant.
 Push; never pull a trolley (you can’t see
where you are going).
 Get help from another waiter to
manoeuvre trolleys applying the brake
when in position.
3 Knives 4 Flaming and Service
 Use the right knife for the right job.  When flaming spirits or liqueurs always
 Always use sharp knives and never cut on pour into the pan from a port glass.
silver or stainless steel platter; use  Pouring directly from a bottle is not
 A cutting board or plate. . recommended as the bottle might explode.
 Carry knives with point to the floor.  Use service cloths to protect your hands
 Position knives safely on Gueridon when from heat eg plates pan handles
not in use.  Don’t flambé beneath a heat sensor or fire
 Clean up spills immediately
 Work as a team (of at least two)
5 Personal 6 Customer Safety
 Hair should be kept tied back (hair gel, hair  Position Gueridon a safe distance from
spray is very flammable) customers.
 Wear long sleeved cotton/woollen clothing  Be aware that butter and oil can burn and
(less flammable than synthetic) splatter customers.
 Wear bow tie - not a standard tie (which  Warn customers when about to flame.
could catch alight)
 Avoid inhaling cooking fumes (eg
vinegar/lemon juice reduction)
 Cold liquids into hot pans cause splatters
and spits.