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Digital Video-

HARMONIC ProStream 9100 ACE

High-Density Stream Processor and Transcoder

Aufgrund einer ständig anwachsenden Zahl von Video-Anwendungen wie zB. Mobile, Connected TV, VOD oder OTT benötigt man
heute eine leistungsstarke und flexible Plattform um diesen Ansprüchen gerecht zu werden. Der ProStream 9100 als universelle
High-Density- Plattform von Harmonic bietet optimale Möglichkeiten hinsichtlich Processing und Transcoding von SD- und HD-
Video-Content sowohl für Broadcast- als auch Multiscreen-Anwendungen.

As an ever-increasing quantity of media is consumed through an ever-increasing variety of services — including mobile, connected TV,
VOD and OTT — content owners and service providers need an efficient solution for delivering rich video content to multiple devices.
They also need to contain costs. The Harmonic ProStream® 9100 with ACE® helps overcome these challenges with the industry’s
highest-density solution for the processing and transcoding of SD and HD video and audio for broadcast and multiscreen distribution.

Features Features

• Bis zu 4 Module für Audio- oder Video-Processing für • Up to four audio/video processing modules per chassis,
Broadcasting- oder Multiscreen-Anwendungen configurable for broadcast or multiscreen
• High Density Transcoding von 60 SD oder 20 HD MPEG-2 • High-density transcoding of 60 SD or 20 HD MPEG-2 and
and MPEG-4 AVC Broadcasting-Kanälne MPEG-4 AVC broadcast channels
• 20 SD/HD-Eingänge mit bis zu 80 OTT Multiscreen-Profile • 20 SD/HD inputs with up to 80 OTT multiscreen output
• IP-, ASI- and 8VSB-Ein- bzw. Ausgänge profiles
• Multiplexing von bis zu 250 Services • IP, ASI and 8VSB I/O
• Bis zu 16 integrierte Statmux-Pools • Multiplexing of up to 250 services
• Fortschrittliches Re-Multiplexing, Scrambling und De- • Up to 16 integrated statmux pools
Scrambling • Advanced remultiplexing, scrambling and descrambling
• Komplett flexible Konfiguration bei Audio-Transcoding • Any-to-any audio transcoding
• Integrierte Jünger Level Magic™ Audio-Pegel-Einstellung • Integrated Jünger Level Magic™ audio level adjustment
• HD- nach SD-Down-Konvertierung • HD-to-SD downconversion
• Unterstützt Picture-in-Picture und MS Mediaroom- • Support for Picture-in-Picture and Microsoft Mediaroom
Anwendungen applications
• Dual power supplies • Dual power supplies

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Digital Video-

Spezifikationen / Specifications

Gigabit Ethernet I/O Card Management Interfaces

Type IEEE 802.3z Ethernet 1000Base-TX
Number of Cards Up to two Connectors Two RJ45 (1 management, 1 CAS)
IP Ports Two independent Remultiplexing
Routing Any input to any output
1:1, N:M, HHP
Two 1 GbE SFP (multi mode,
Connectors Input service
single mode, copper) Redundancy
IP Port
1000 Mbps line-rate input per
I/O Speed PID Remapping, filtering, multicasting
Any input PID can be multicasted to multiple TS
IP Encapsulation PID Multicasting outputs with different remapping and
1 to 7 TS/IP
processing (different CW, if scrambled)
MPEG Format 188 B per TS PSI/SI, PSIP Extraction, injection, spooling, regeneration
MPEG Transport Streams MPTS and SPTS Output Mirroring Any to any (ASI/IP to ASI/IP)
Intelligent service substitution, PID
250 sockets Advanced Stream
I/O Processing prioritization, PCR
500 Mbps per card Processing
generation, PID range
Maximum Bitrate per Socket 100 Mbps Scrambling
Addressing Unicast and multicast SCS Internal
DVB common scrambling
Open CAS
DVB simulcrypt v3
IGMPv1, IGMPv2, IGMPv3, Stream Server Divicom 1.4
Management Standards
ARP, ICMP AES-CBC, AES-NSA2 scrambling algorithms
AES descrambling
Fix Key scrambling and descrambling
Selective encryption for VOD
SMPTE 2021-1 and SMPTE Simultaneous connections to 30 different CA
Forward Error Correction CAS Connections
2021-2 systems
Number of ECMs 900 ECMs per platform
ASI I/O Card
Type ASI input/output
Connectors Four BNC, 75 Ω
I/O Direction Configurable, input or output, per port
MPEG Format 188/204 B per TS
One MPTS/SPTS per port
I/O Processing Up to 210 Mbps per input port
Up to 187 Mbps per output port
ASI I/O Ports 4-20 (each card has four ports)
8VSB Input Card
Type 8VSB for ATSC reception
Connectors Four F, 75 Ω
I/O Direction Input
MPEG Format 188 B per TS
One MPTS per port
I/O Processing
Up to 19.39 Mbps per port
8VSB Input Ports Four per card (up to four cards)
Tuner Channels 2-59
Packet Error Rate Threshold 0-12,892 packets per second
Signal Quality Threshold 0.0-27.0 dB
RE-Encoding/Transcoding, Broadcast
Re-Encoding/Transcoding Full decoding and encoding
SD/HD Re-encoding/Transcoding: Up to 60 SD/20 HD services
SD/HD Re-encoding/Transcoding + Microsoft Picture-in-
Broadcast Scalability Picture: Up to 40 SD services + 40 40 MSFP PIP
Up to 20 HD services + 20 40 MSFP PIP
HD to SD Downconversion: Up to 20 HD to SD services

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Digital Video-

Up to 20 HD services + 20 40 MSFP PIP

Force letterbox
Force center-cut
AFD Handling
Follow AFD (fallback to letterbox)
Follow AFD (fallback to center-cut)
Video Re-Encoding and
Transcoding (CBR/VBR)
Video Input Filtering Motion compensated temporal filtering (MCTF)
Aspect Ratios 4:3 and 16:9
625 lines (PAL), 50 Hz:
720x576 @ 25 Hz
704x576 @ 25 Hz
544x576 @ 25 Hz
528x576 @ 25 Hz
480x576 @ 25 Hz
352x576 @ 25 Hz
SD Resolutions and
Frame Rates
525 lines (NTSC), 60 Hz:
720x480 @ 29.97 Hz
704x480 @ 29.97 Hz
544x480 @ 29.97 Hz
528x480 @ 29.97 Hz
480x480 @ 29.97 Hz
352x480 @ 29.97 Hz
50 Hz:
720p: 1280x720 @ 50 Hz
960x720 @ 50 Hz
1080i: 1920x1080 @ 25 Hz
1440x1080 @ 25 Hz
1280x1080 @ 25 Hz
HD Resolutions and
Frame Rates
60 Hz:
720p: 1280x720 @ 59.94 Hz
960x720 @ 59.94 Hz
1080i: 1920x1080 @ 29.97 Hz
1440x1080 @ 29.97 Hz
1280x1080 @ 29.97 Hz
Horizontal Resolution: Any to any
Vertical Resolution: Follow the input
Conversions (SD/HD)
Frame Rate: Follow the input
Interlaced only
Video Bitrate: 100-550 Kbps
Picture-In-Picture SD: 96x96, 192x192, 92x144
Resolution and Bitrate HD: 128x96, 192x192
Frame Mode: Progressive
Audio passthrough and synchronization with processed
Audio Passthrough
video streams (lip sync)
VBI and Data PIDs Passthrough
SD MPEG-2: 0.5-12 Mbps
HD MPEG-2: 0.5-50 Mbps
Video Input Bitrate
SD MPEG-4 AVC: 0.5-12 Mbps
HD MPEG-4 AVC: 0.5-30 Mbps
VBR Video Output Bitrate SD: 0.5-8 Mbps
(DiviTrackMX) HD: 1-20 Mbps
SD MPEG-2: 2-8 Mbps
HD MPEG-2: 3-18 Mbps
Video Output Bitrate (CBR)
SD MPEG-4 AVC: 1-8 Mbps
HD MPEG-4 AVC: 3–18 Mbps
Output Coding Modes: MPEG-1 Layer II
AC-3 2.0 & 5.1
Audio Transcoding E-AC-3 2.0 & 5.1, AAC
HE-AAC (v1 and v2) 2.0 & 5.1
Audio Formats: Stereo (2/0), joint stereo, dual mono,

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Digital Video-

multichannel (3/2 + LFE, 3/2)

Density: Up to four MPEG-1 Layer II audio streams per
video service
Up to two AAC/HE-AAC stereo audio streams per
video service
One AC-3 stereo audio streams per video service
One multichannel (5.1) stream per video service
Sampling Frequency: 48 kHz
MPEG-1 Layer II stereo (2.0): 32-384 Kpbs
AAC stereo (2.0): 32-384 Kpbs
AAC multichannel (5.1): 224-640 Kpbs
HE-AAC v1 stereo (2.0): 32-128 Kpbs
Audio Bitrates HE-AAC v1 multichannel (5.1): 96-192 Kpbs
HE-AAC v2 stereo (2.0): 32-64 Kpbs
AC-3 stereo (2.0): 96-640 Kpbs
AC-3 multichannel (5.1): 32-640 Kpbs
E-AC-3 stereo/multichannel: 32-1024 Kpbs
Audio Level Control Jünger Level Magic
RE-Encoding/Transcoding, Multiscreen
Re-Encoding/Transcoding Full decoding and encoding
HD and SD Inputs: Up to 20 SD/HD services
Multiscreen Scalability Output Profiles: Up to 80
Output Profile per Input: 4 SD, 2 HD, 1 HD + 3 SD
Video Transcoding Options MPEG -4 AVC HP @ L4
MPEG-4 AVC BP @ L1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 3.0
Bitrate Mode
Sub SD: 0.3-1 Mbps
Bitrate SD: 1-2.5 Mbps
HD: 1-5 Mbp
Resolutions HD, SD and sub-SD
Frame Rates 29.97, 25, 14.985 and 12.5 fps
System Management Environmental
Eight fans, temperature controlled air flow front to
NMX™ Digital Service Manager Cooling
right side
+32º to +122º F
Stand-Alone Web User Interface Operating Temperature
0º to +50º C
-4º to +176º F
Storage Temperature
-20º to +80º C
Power Operating Humidity < 95% non-condensing
Electromagnetic FCC Part 15 Class A CE Mark (EN 55022
Power Supply Optional dual supplies
Compliance Class A and EN 50082-1:1997)
85-264 VAC UL 1950 and cUL C22.2#950 EN 60950
Input Voltage Range Safety
42-60 VDC ROHS Directive 2002/95/EC
Line Frequency 47-63 Hz Physical
19 in x 1.75 in x 27 in (1 RU)
Power Consumption Up to 300 W Dimensions (W x H x D)
48.26 cm x 4.45 cm x 68.69 cm
Weight 32 lbs/14.5 kg

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