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V FX D e l i v e r y Co n v e n t i o n s


These conventions should help visual effects houses to deliver data in a

constant and traceable structure. This document contains - File Naming
Conventions - Digital Intermediate Directory Structure - QuickTime
Delivery - Matte Delivery - File Formats and Delivery Medium. If you
follow those guidelines, we can guarantee a fast and easy handling with
our current software and are able to match our client s deadlines.

Fi l e N a m i n g Co n v e n t i o n s :

File names should follow this standard:

e.g. vfx_shot05_v0 2 .00000.dpx
All files must have lower case naming.
The filename should contain no spaces.
No dashes, slashes, hyphens or stars in the file names.
No commas, parentheses, brackets, or strange characters
( i.e. # $@&% * { } ) shall be included the file names.
All frame ranges must have constant padding (i.e. %04d or %05d
throughout the shot.
e.g. 00000.dpx, 00001.dpx 9 9 9 9 9 .dpx
Please keep the padding constant throughout the project.
The number in the filename must be separated from the remainder
by dots (.). No dashes, no underscores, no spaces.
All files delivered must have full permissions (readable, writable,
and executable).

22.06.2007 1/6 Version 2.0

V FX D e l i v e r y Co n v e n t i o n s

Dig it al I n t er m ed iat e Dir ect or y St r u ct u r e:

The preferred file format is 10 bit DPX logarithmic files, but we can also
work with 10 bit Cineon files. If possible, please maintain one file format
throughout a project. The files should be contained in the following
directory structure.

shot_name_version/resolution/shot_name _version.00000.dpx
e.g. vfx_shot05_v02/2048x1556/vfx_shot05_v02.00000.dpx

All VFX shot s m ust st art wit h a zero frame count.

e.g. vfx_shot05_v02.00000.dpx

All VFX shots must have version numbers. When delivering a shot more
than once, the version number must increase.
e.g. vfx_shot05_v02.00000.dpx
vfx_shot05_v03 .00000.dpx

All files delivered to ARRI for use in a digital intermediate session must be
2048x1556 for a 2K/ 4perf, 35mm project,
2048x1168 for a 2K/3perf, 35mm project,
4096x3112 for a 4K/ 4perf, 35mm project,
4096x2336 for a 4K/3perf, 35mm project,
2048x1260 for a 2K, 16mm project.

Any variation from the above file size could cause problems. For different
resolutions, please check with our producers.

22.06.2007 2/6 Version 2.0

V FX D e l i v e r y Co n v e n t i o n s

Qu ick Tim e Delivery :

For all VFX shots delivered to ARRI, a QuickTim e movie must be

rendered of the shot. The QuickTim e must be a guaranteed match of the
2K or 4K files. It will be sent to the editorial for sync check and version
tracking. The name of the QuickTim e must be the same as the 2K/4K
VFX shot name.

e.g. vfx_shot05_v02
Quick Tim e name:

The Movie file must be rendered in a resolution of 720x576 and 24fps.

Our preferred codec is Photo- Jpeg.
Following burn- ins must be rendered into the QuickTim e file:

QuickTim e Movie:

Burn- ins:

Shot name
e.g. vfx_shot05_v02


Frame count/Total Frames

e.g. 53/246

If a new 2K or 4K version is delivered to ARRI, a new QuickTim e version

has to be rendered and delivered.

22.06.2007 3/6 Version 2.0

V FX D e l i v e r y Co n v e n t i o n s

Mat t e Deli v er y :

For secondary color correction of VFX shots, ARRI is able to import 8 bit
uncompressed Targa files. Four different mattes can be stored, one in
each channel of the Targa file (RGBA) .
The Targa files must have the same resolution, frame count and filename
as the VFX shot.

e.g. vfx_shot05_v02.00000.dpx
matte: vfx_shot05_v02.00000.tga

The .tga files should be contained in the following directory structure

within the resolution folder of the .dpx file sequence.

e.g. vfx_shot05_v02/2048x1556/ matte/vfx_shot05_v02.00000.tga

If you want to deliver mattes, we would prefer a short test sequence to

guarantee compatibility.

22.06.2007 4/6 Version 2.0

V FX D e l i v e r y Co n v e n t i o n s

Fi l e Fo r m a t s :

Following file formats require no processing and are available for

im mediate use after copying to our local storage via USB2, Firewire, FTP
or DVD.

.dpx 10bit DPX logarithmic files,

.cin 10bit Cineon files,
.tga uncompressed 8 bit Targa files

DPX, Cineon and Targa files can be loaded for a Digital Intermediate
sessions and are ready for film out and require no extra processing unless
ordered by the Producer.

All other files formats, such as .tiff, .jpeg, or movie files, all require
conversions to .dpx, and may not be available for immediate use.
Photoshop, After Effects, and Shake script files require conversion or

22.06.2007 5/6 Version 2.0

V FX D e l i v e r y Co n v e n t i o n s

Ex t e r n a l H a r d d r i v e D e l i v e r y :

Firewire drives are t he m ost efficient in terms of transferring files.

All drives should be formatted with NTFS file system. Please no SCSI.
All files must be written to the drives using the following directory

shot _ na m e _ ve r sion/ r e solut ion/ shot _ na m e _ ve r sion.0 0 0 0 0 .dpx

e.g. vfx_shot05_v02/2048x1556/vfx_shot05_v02.00000.dpx

Please make sure that there are no other files in the resolution folder than
the .dpx, .cin or .tga files. Please remove all other files.

Please copy all QuickTim e movies in following directory structure

beneath the main directory:

Please mark all hard drives, indicating with which operating system they
were formatted, and label the drives, power supplies and cables with your
company name.

FT P U p l o a d :

If an ARRI FTP account is required, please ask our producers. FTP transfer
should not exceed 5 10 GB of dat a a day.

CD & D V D D e l i v e r y :

CDs or DVDs should only be used for delivering extremely short shots.

Dat a Deliv er y Med iu m :

LTO2, LTO3, SDLT160/320, DTF1, DTF2 - written with unix tar and
not ificat ion about t he used block size.

22.06.2007 6/6 Version 2.0