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Why are you applying for financial aid?

1) I am currently pursuing my Phd in wireless communication at a

reputed university (NSUT) in Delhi, India. And I am willing to
learn various subjects and want to pursue various courses during
this period but I cannot afford to pay for the course. The courses
are no doubt good and would help me a lot. Considering my
current situation, I do not have any source of income. Moreover,
my current course is full-time and does not allow me to do a part
time job to earn some money. So, my only option is to opt for a
financial aid for now. I wish that this condition does not occur but I
have no option but to apply for the aid in order to gain knowledge
about the subject, which would be helpful to me in my career.

2) I am applying for financial aid for the course on Introduction to

programming with MATLAB offered by Vanderbilt University. It
is a certified Coursera course. Akos Ledeczi and Mike Fitzpatrick,
who up-skills the concepts of MATLAB programming in this
course are great researchers in this domain. So, this course has
high amount of credibility and knowledge in it. I require this
course for the software applications of the mathematical
terminologies for my Phd work but I lack some basic concepts of
this domain to apply it efficiently.
Moreover, this course will help me to build my confidence in
MATLAB programming domain and make my basics strong. It
will help me to make my projects more efficient. Eventually, it will
help to increase my chances for getting job after Phd.

How will taking this course help you achieve your career goals?
1) The subject of MATALB is very important for my career as it is
very much used in the communication concepts to carry out the
outputs. The hands-on experience on this software is very
important as this software is most frequently used for carrying out
mathematical techniques and their plotting. The software is very
widely used and learning it would benefit me in ways more than I
could imagine. Also, the course provided knowledge in data inputs,
interpretation and presentation along with finding and correcting
errors. Programming of mathematical equations and creation of
plots is an integral part of deep presentation skills and I would be
glad to learn it as well, which will benefit me in various ways.
Moreover, it will give me an edge over others in performing better
and bringing results.
2) I am a student of Netaji Subhas University of Technology and
currently pursuing Phd in wireless communication domain. I don't
have any source of income at the time. It is very difficult for me to
live in the city all by myself and it is nearly impossible for me to
pay the fees for such certified course. Financial aid will help me
take this course without any other impact on my monthly
I want to complete the course, 'Introduction to programming with
MATLAB' offered by Vanderbilt University. This course will help
me to increase my knowledge on Introduction to programming
with MATLAB and apply that knowledge on projects that I would
work on. Also, this certified course would make my Curriculum
Vitae well built.
I am looking forward to complete all the assignments and complete
the entire quiz better. I would love to contribute to the forms and
solve doubts of my own as well as others.