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Arunrajkumar Dharumar

2217 W Taylor Street, Apt 2M, Chicago, IL - 60612

(770) 330-8256 • •

Seeking a software engineer position that would enable me to apply and enhance my technical skills in a
challenging environment.
• 2+ years in Application Development
• Certified Professional in Java / J2EE development from NIIT, India
• Extensive experience in designing and maintaining databases
• Demonstrated ability to complete complex assignments in tight deadlines
University Of Illinois Chicago, IL December 2010
• Masters in Computer Science Cumulative GPA: 3.5/4.00
Anna University Chennai, India May 2008
• Bachelors in Computer Science Cumulative GPA: 79.2/100
Effective Static Deadlock Detection in Java Libraries
• Languages and Technologies: Java
• The research involves statically detecting Deadlocks that exist in Java Libraries.
• A lock order graph is constructed by identifying a list of synchronized blocks and methods.
• The graph is then analyzed for the existence of any cycles.
• The analysis reduces the false positives using aliasing and guarded lock analysis.
• Proficiency in software development with Java, C#, C, C++, Visual Basic
• Familiarity in scripting with PHP, JSP, ASP, Perl
• Familiarity with Relational Databases like SQL Server, MYSQL, Oracle, Apache Derby
• Knowledge of IDEs like Eclipse, Visual Studio, NetBeans
• Experience with Source Version Control(SVN), Unit Testing(JUnit, NUnit)
Work History
DBTAC ADA GreatLakes (August 2009 - Present)
Web Programmer
• Languages and Technologies: ASP, PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, CSS
• Develop Accessible Web Sites for dissemination of information about the Americans with Disability
• Operate across three tiers of web applications (UI design, Business logic, Backend development)
• Site listing:,, and
MATEC (April 2009 - July 2009)
Database Programmer
• Languages and Technologies: VBA, MS Access
• Built databases that required specific SQL codes/expressions and supported active and past
• Developed VB applications to augment the features of the company information management systems
• Responsible for data collection, analysis and storing records on the training details
• Analyzed, designed and developed new database reports as required
UIC - School Of Criminal Law (January 2009 - March 2009)
Application Developer
• Languages and Technologies: C#.Net, SQL Server, Tortoise SVN
• Created an application that will be used to do analysis of the given raw data.
• Generated charts and reports for racial profiling from raw text data
• Used SQL Server to filter the data and wrote C# code to automate the creation of reports
UIC - School Of Public Health (October 2008 - December 2008)
Software Consultant
• Languages and Technologies: VB.Net, SQL Server, Crystal reports, NUnit
• Built project management software which enables resource allocation and scoping
• Generated reports on projects and employees based on user requirements using Crystal reports
• Languages and Technologies: PERL and MYSQL
• The purpose of the portfolio is to rank software projects based on functional dependencies, (i.e.) on
how projects depend on one another by calling functions or methods of classes that these projects
• Applications contain functional abstractions as API calls with predefined semantics .The Portfolio
uses these abstractions to optimize the code search
• Project hosted at:
Trip Planning in Multimodal Transportation Systems
• Languages and Technologies: Java and Oracle
• A Multimodal transportation system was developed to find a path from the source to the destination
taking into consideration both the static and dynamic constraints involved in transportation
• The user has the option of selecting the type of modes, route and travel preferences
• If any route becomes unavailable the application incrementally computes the new path
Self Correcting MANET
• Languages: Java, SVN
• This project attempts to implement the 2ACK scheme- to mitigate the adverse effects of misbehaving
nodes in a MANET
• The algorithm implemented identifies and isolates misbehaving selfish nodes in a network
Secure Distributed banking system
• Languages and Technologies: Java, JSP, Servlets and MYSQL
• Project involved creating secure login system using a Graphical Authentication Mechanism wherein
the user was required to draw his password rather than type it in
• The system used SSL protocol to communicate between the client and server
• An intrusion detection system with SNORT was developed in order to detect any intruders on the
server side
Wi-Fi Packet Sniffing
• Languages: Java (JNetPcap)
• The project involved capturing packets from Wi Fi hotspots using an antenna
• The captured packets were then filtered reordered and analyzed for any sensitive information
• The sensitive information collected was studied and the results were tabulated
• Languages and Technologies: C#.Net and MSSQL
• Developed a scalable and secure electronic web store where users can make their one stop shopping
• Designed and developed normalized databases with secure and optimized queries
• An analysis of the popular web stores was done to find the security flaws