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An e-Mobility Initiative by CSCSPV

Become a Sub Dealer

➢ Scope of Work
➢ Investment
➢ Opportunities for Sub-Dealers
➢ Documentations
➢ Market and Advertisement
➢ Training and Development
➢ Service Level Agreement
➢ Sale Of Units by a Dealer
➢ Forms and Agreements
➢Steps to Become a Dealer
Scope of Work
Space Requirement
1. For e-Rickshaws (3 Wheeler) – Minimum of 400 Sq. Ft.
2. For e-Scooter (2Wheeler) – Minimum 200 Sq. Ft.
3. VLEs must have seating arrangement for at least 3-4
4. Basic amenities like toilets for male & female and Drinking
water for Visitors.
5. First Aid kit and Fire Extinguisher Type-A
6. Require a person with good marketing skills and a person
with strong technical background.
7. For VLEs opting both the product space requirement
should be 700 Sq. Ft.
• Security Deposit of Rs. 1 Lacs.
E Bike • TTI Cost Rs. 32,450.00 (Non-

• Security Deposit of Rs. 2 Lacs.

E (Refundable)
• TTI Cost Rs. 60,500.00 (Non-
Rickshaw Refundable)

VLE will get the Dealership within 30 Days as the

Process of TC and Setup is time consuming. Still process
will be fast as compare to the other dealers.
NOTE: *Terms & Conditions as per the VLE agreement.
Opportunities for Dealers
a. Sub dealers can earning fix commission on
the Ex-showroom price on selling a unit E-
Rickshaw, E-Auto or E-Loader (3 Wheeler)
b. Sub dealer can earn 4%-5% on selling a unit
E-Scooter/Bike & E Cycle (Two Wheeler)
c. CSC will make the one Sub-Dealers in 1
d. VLE can take dealership from multiple
companies with CSC SPV like Hero, AVON
Mahindra, TVS & GEM.
VLE have to provide following documents to CSC
✓ CSC dealership form.
✓ Online Receipt of CSC E Mobility Portal.
✓ Agreement will be signed with VLE on Rs. 100/- stamp.
Service provider will have to provide following
documents to CSC
• Vehicle Documentations.
• Insurance and RTO of the Vehicle.
• Warranty Details.
• Service Level Agreement.
Service Level Agreement
•A service level agreement will be
made between service provider and
customer that defines the level of
service expected from the service
•For Both Sub-Dealers and Vendors
SLA will be separately defined.
Marketing and Advertisement

Dealer will have a Canopy and Flex

Banner at the centre with CSC Rural e-
Mobility logo.
Flex size is 6 by 3 sq. ft. (CSC SPV will
share the Design).
Pamphlets & Hoardings of the Vehicle
provided by service provider.
Other Advertisement & Marketing
Material will also be provided to the
Dealer after setup.
Training and Development
1. Training will be provided to dealers staff by
the service provider(OEMs)for2 days.
2. Under this Training all the Parts and
Equipment description will be imparted by
the Trainer
3. VLEs can become the Skilled technician by
taking Training for 5 Days complete at
Owners Plant Location.
4. All the items know how and usage will be
taught in the training.
Sale of Unit

I. Accessories will be provided at the time of

delivery of the vehicle.
II. RTO process will be done by dealer in
coordination with the Sub-Dealer.
III. All the Documentation will be done by the Direct
Seller and provide further for the process.
IV. RTO and Insurance Cost will be added
automatically and imposed as per the State
Norms respectively.
V. Amount will paid through CSC SPV E Mobility
Portal for the sale of Units directly.
VI. Commission of Dealer will be paid after total
amount received by CSC SPV in T+5 Days Basis.

i. Dealer/Sub Dealer can also purchase E-Rickshaw for fleet

ii. GPS tracking facility will be provided for fleet management.
iii. VLEs can track there Vehicle as and when required by them in
Real time.
iv. Geo Scanning is enabled in the E-Rickshaws for smooth
v. Application will also be provided if the VLEs require for
monitoring and running it on daily or monthly rental Basis.
vi. Long term revenue for the VLEs and tracking maintaining the
Records online by the Application.
vii. Smooth functioning of the System.
Steps To Become A Sub-Dealer
• VLE have to visit the CSC Rural e-Mobility portal.

• Then click on VLE Login Icon. Then click on the dealership Icon
• Then click on dealership instruction(Please read all the Instruction)
• Then click on the dealership form and fill all the required details carefully.
• After filling all the details click on the submit button.
• After submit the form deposit the security fee of Vehicle and after deposit
the amount you will get the receipt.
• Then click on the download agreement form.

• Print the agreement on Rs. 100/- stamp.

• Share all the documents ( Form, Agreement, payments slip, Address proof
and ID Proof) on mail with us and send hard copy to our state office.
• And co-ordinate with state Head and DM.
Click on Dealership Coordinate with state
Visit the CSC Rural e- form, fill all the head/HO team for
Mobility portal. required details. delivery and sale

Upload all the

Sales & Services will
Click on Dealership Documents and
be made with the help
Icon to Login (VLE) Photographs for
of OEM Dealers.
submission of Form

Fill the Agreement and VLE has to circulate

Dealership Instruction
take the agreement and advertisement the
(Please read Carefully),
print on the E Stamp SDs and Sale e-Bike &
approval from HO
of Rs.100. E Rickshaw.
E Mobility Portal
VLE have to visit the CSC Rural e-Mobility portal.
E Mobility Portal
VLE have to click on VLE Login Icon
E Mobility Portal
VLE have to fill CSC ID and Password for login.
E Mobility Portal
VLE have to click on the dealership form and fill all the required details carefully.
E Mobility Portal
After filling all the details click on the submit button for review and then click on final
submit button.
E Mobility Portal
After submission of the form choose the desired mode of payment after that fill all the
required details then click on pay now
E Mobility Portal
After deposit the security amount you will get the receipt and click on print receipt.
Thank You
Thank you for your precious time and hope you
like it for further quarries feel free to contact us:
Gaurav Choudhary 9654208221