5 Keys to Enterprise Cloud Computing

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sometimes referred to as the “third revolution” in the IT industry.describing everything from simple shared infrastructure. to pay-as-you-go computing power and storage space.1 Introduction Cloud computing. follows the personal computer and Internet “revolutions” and is already transforming the way we think about computing.com/EnterpriseCloud powered by . carpathiahosting. with definitions running the gamut -. to a systems architecture abstracted from physical location and ownership. to software as a service. But what is it? Gaining agreement on the definition of cloud computing in the tech industry is approaching the level of a religious war.

scalable compute resources. billing and support. 5. providing a platform for agile and cost-effective business applications and IT infrastructure. Support for private cloud Enterprise cloud services Key #1 . portal. Key #2 – Enterprise-grade support. While these extreme use cases of cloud computing show the power of the model for content providers and highly seasonal businesses. 5 Keys to Enterprise Clouds 1. blending cloud with dedicated hosting All enterprises have dedicated infrastructure . Ultimately. enterprise grade virtual appliances and full visibility into the lifecycle of IT applications running in the cloud. the solution should be able to support private networking. Now Amazon. infrastructure was optimized to handle the surge in retail traffic from Black Friday through the New Year. the poster child for this kind of usage.2 T he cloud concept represents a fundamental shift in computing. must choose a cloud solution that is engineered for production-ready applications. Key #3 – Architected for hybrid computing. These services include 800# support.com/EnterpriseCloud powered by . New traffic patterns.. The under-utilized resources—largely idle for the rest of the year—represented a huge opportunity cost for the company. Customer support services typically offered with traditional managed services (i. Amazon. trouble ticketing and access to solution engineers that can help build a cloud solution. providing a platform for agile and cost-effective business applications and IT infrastructure.e. compliance and IT accountability. 2. enterprises rarely experience these kinds of patterns. which led to the development of Amazon Web Services™. Enterprises demand a greater degree of financial and operational accountability where traditional billing controls and payment terms/conditions are part of the solution.com®. cloud computing is the convergence of virtualization technology and utility-based billing. new forms of content and new applications are key drivers of the need for dynamically allocated. blending cloud with dedicated hosting. Enterprise-grade provisioning. 3. billing and accountability Most public cloud solutions are based on credit-card billing models with no ability to generate monthly invoices or detailed billing information around resource utilization. In Amazon’s case. 24/7/365) should be a natural extension of enterprise cloud solutions. Quite simply. Enterprise cloud solutions must also be architected to support a hybrid carpathiahosting.whether in their own corporate datacenter or in a 3rd-party hosting facility. The cloud concept represents a fundamental shift in computing.Designed for Production-ready Applications Enterprises seeking to use cloud solutions. really created the cloud computing movement as we know it today. It is no longer feasible to pre-provision to account for the peaks of demand. Architected for hybrid computing. Designed for production-ready enterprise applications. Most public cloud solutions assume applications are deployed on a simple network with minimal security. 4. Microsoft® Windows® Azure™ and others provide access to their compute resources using a pay-as-you-go model that creates financial value around their previously under-utilized IT assets.

trouble-ticketing systems. most public clouds recommend sharing accounts. etc. carpathiahosting. simply one line on the buyer’s credit card. basically everyone is on the same network. virtual storage.such as 800 numbers. To allow multiple people to collaborate on a single cloud deployment. DIACAP. is something taken for granted in every traditionally hosted environment. but overlay a SLA or revenue generating solution. Limitations of the Public Cloud Over the last 24 months. Key #4 – Private clouds Private clouds allow enterprise customers full control over their IT platform. and customers want a human to talk to directly. enabling dynamic provisioning of resources to meet the workloads of the enterprise to provide cloud-bursting. Common themes Carpathia Hosting has heard from its customers include: • AuThEnTICATIOn / uSEr ACCESS MOdELS Public clouds assume one person in each organization has full control over all operations. In the public cloud. have come to the conclusion that public cloud as we know it today is not a viable solution for core enterprise IT infrastructure. These solutions make use of the same technology as Carpathia’s InstantOn™ cloud allowing customers to move workloads between private cloud and InstantOn solutions. Key #5 – Enterprise Cloud Services Choosing an enterprise cloud provider that provides actual services on their cloud infrastructure will significantly decrease the time to deployment and increase scale and stability. To enforce security controls. • vIrTuAL MAChInES Or vIrTuAL EnvIrOnMEnTS? Private networking. which allows two or more machines to communicate in isolation. enterprises and federal agencies have begun evaluating cloud technology and not surprisingly. those running on the Citrix® XenServer® platform offer significant savings over a VMware®-based solution (typically a quarter of the cost) while still providing enterprise grade virtualization with full support. • CuSTOMEr SErvICE Enterprises are looking for more traditional ways to interact with customer service -. Enterprises and federal customers especially are looking for much more than a credit card swipe to support production environments. This begins with the network and the ability to securely interconnect cloud and dedicated resources by extending to the orchestration layer. virtual disaster recovery. For example. Twitter and other new methods work great for non-mission critical apps. Forums. virtual development and test and compliant clouds that meet key federal and commercial compliance standards including FISMA. virtual compute. you need to do so with local firewalling in each virtual machine’s operating system. Carpathia Hosting has gained a lot of insight into what customers think about using public clouds for their own production-ready applications.3 computing model that combines cloud/virtual infrastructure and dedicated infrastructure in a single solution. • InvOICIng / bILLIng Often. there is no invoicing in the traditional sense. With significant commercial and federal customers. HIPAA and PCI.com/EnterpriseCloud powered by . This is the underpinning of enterprise architectures and used to define traditionally-hosted security domains and boundaries. Enterprise cloud services should include at a minimum: virtual networking.

400 per month for the same amount of storage.500 per month! Add in bandwidth charges for access to the data.$2. See www. and the cloud costs were 45% more than the internally calculated costs. if you are able to commit to a larger block of storage -. Before moving to the cloud. Paying 15 cents per GB sounds like a great value if you are purchasing in small increments. These challenges have driven the development of our own 2nd generation enterprise cloud solution. However. a customer moved its financial support system to a public cloud provider from an internally hosted solution. Another good example of how cloud economics can break down is storage. If. carpathiahosting. For example. a ROI was created to highlight immediate savings.this comes in at $4. Because of the application architecture. TICKETIng And SErvICE MAnAgEMEnT In the public cloud. dedicated has much higher I/O rates. the person deploying solutions is on the hook to provide service management. the first billing statement was received. The model was extremely complete and took into account power. performance and availability.4 • MOnITOrIng.com to find out more about Carpathia Hosting’s hybrid approach to dedicated hosting and cloud computing. etc. however.000 a month. The cloud makes more sense in situations where you need to grow in smaller increments or to scale up and down to meet the peaks and troughs of customer usage. In a hosted environment assuming some degree of redundancy in storage. InstantOn™. and you are quickly closer to $5. One month into the project. Enterprise customers running production applications demand service management delivered as part of the solution and expect the contents of the virtual machines to be monitored for health. The cloud makes more sense in situations where you need to grow in smaller increments or to scale up and down to meet the peaks and troughs of customer usage.com/EnterpriseCloud powered by . These are just a few of the challenges Carpathia Hosting has heard from customers who are adopting or evaluating cloud solutions. cooling. you can commit to a specific amount of resources (be they compute or storage).800 . In this case.WhatIsInstantOn. as a customer. miscellaneous charges for access to the data. customers would expect to pay $1. This is a good financial use case for a hybrid solution of dedicated and cloud resources. the customer wasn’t able to switch off virtual machines – thus driving the cost up – and exposing one of the significant challenges of this approach. Cloud Economics Cloud is not always the most economical solution to IT problems. buying managed dedicated can often be more effective. The issue? The model was built on a per CPU hour basis. Many content providers have looked at simple storage solutions like those provided by public cloud providers.lets say 30TB -.

They also look for “topology” in that virtual appliances . etc. we get a little more insight into the characteristics that become more important for an enterprise vs. Grouping allows architecture to be defined. Very few public cloud providers offer this level of transparency. cloud on-boarding is something enterprises are coming to expect. Additionally.com/EnterpriseCloud powered by . Sharing the auditor’s opinions of these controls is something enterprises often demand. InstantOn V2 is hosted in two SAS70 Type II facilities.g. carpathiahosting. It’s basically a definition of a set of controls and an auditor’s review and opinion on those controls. Sure. They want the same degree of isolation they have with today’s dedicated infrastructure. building a migration strategy and developing a DR plan – all key items an enterprise looks for when embracing the cloud.such as loadbalancers . a 2. needs it up quickly. A control could be as simple as “we lock the datacenter door. etc. Let’s start with the facility. wants to avoid capital expense. Having great API’s and web UI’s. once a month having some extra horsepower to close the books is great.) When enterprises do take the plunge. do a trial with a new software solution. If we take a look at enterprise workloads. The need for extreme elasticity is rarely included in the workloads of an enterprise.0/developer customer. InstantOn V2 is hosted in two SAS70 Type II facilities.5 Enterprise Cloud Carpathia Hosting developed InstantOn to meet the needs of customers as they experienced challenges on-boarding applications to public clouds. Many enterprise cloud deployments are “project”-based — that is. SAS70 Type II is the “musthave” certification for all hosting companies. group or application. a company needing a development environment for a few months to build out a new version of an app. but when it comes to moving applications and data to the cloud. SAS70 Type II is the “must-have” certification for all hosting companies. They need help understanding what should move and what should remain on dedicated infrastructure. etc.need to connect to firewalls. potential savings. and web servers via vlans/virtual switches. enterprises are looking for consulting and professional services.” which an auditor could review and pass. blueprints created and run books produced. understanding the ROI. CRM). they need more than just a flat pool of virtual machines.g. They look for a higher-level construct. There is also the need for short-term project-based solutions (e. but it’s not an hour-by-hour swing of multiples of the environment we might see from a social media site. is fine. the enterprise needs to add a new feature (e. It’s basically a definition of a set of controls and an auditor’s review and opinion on those controls.

Storage is provided in redundant configuration that is persistent after virtual machines are stopped. • vIrTuAL COMPuTE On-demand computing services for both simple virtual machines and complex topologies including connections to existing dedicated infrastructure in a secure manner. Combines the advantages of cloud technology such as dynamic scaling and instant provisioning and a fully managed environment.5 hypervisor providing industrial level technology and support for virtualization. this ever-expanding list is focused on common enterprise IT challenges.6 InstantOnTM Solutions Carpathia cloud architects can help design a solution that meets your business and financial demands. • vIrTuAL STOrAgE Object and block storage solutions designed to support enterprise compute requirements. Using our cloud foundation.com/EnterpriseCloud powered by . • vIrTuAL nETwOrKIng Networking solutions to support virtual compute and storage allowing InstantOn to be deployed in enterprise configurations taking advantage of solutions like Citrix® Netscaler® VPX™. storage and networking building blocks and construct a solution. we can take cloud compute. • PrIvATE CLOud Or PrIvATE vIrTuAL dATACEnTErS Virtual Compute and Storage solutions deployed in a private or reserved deployment. These solutions can be deployed in minutes to create the agility required for today’s IT. carpathiahosting. InstantOn uses Citrix® XenServer™ 5. Storage can be shared between multiple virtual machines and dedicated servers with multiple copies of each object. Disaster Recovery Development Test Cloud Orchestration Desktop *Virtual CLOUD SOLUTIONS Virtual Networking Virtual Compute Virtual Storage *Q2 2010 CLOUD FOUNDATION InstantOn also has a number of cloud solutions available.

For more information on Carpathia Hosting’s unique enterprise cloud solution. managed services and cloud computing. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. Carpathia Hosting consistently delivers an experience that exceeds customers’ expectations.888. enterprises look for the right blend of people.9494 Fax: 1. carpathiahosting. VPX™. and/or one or more of its subsidiaries. The inclusion of third party products does not infer endorsement by these parties. • vIrTuAL dEvELOPMEnT & TEST Virtual Compute and Storage solutions designed specifically for test labs for easy deployment and promotion into production at a dramatically lower price-point than deploying dedicated development and test lab environments.840. secure. the battle for the cloud would be over. unless otherwise noted. InstantOn. Private Hosted Cloud Compliant Cloud SPECIALIZED CLOUDS Cloud Orchestration Virtual Networking Virtual Compute Virtual Storage CLOUD FOUNDATION Conclusion As we’ve seen here. MPX™ and Citrix Cloud Center™. forcing them into a cloud solution that meets the service providers requirements to scale and manage their own standardized cloud offering. Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries.703. visit www. Carpathia’s suite of services is designed for organizations seeking scalable. SSL VPN for management access and inter/intra virtual machine firewalling. and may be registered in the U.com for more information. Enhancements include RSA authentication. • vIrTuAL dISASTEr rECOvEry Replicated data ensures you have a current offsite copy of mission critical information at a fraction of the cost of traditional disaster recovery solutions. profitable business run by a seasoned management team with deep experience in delivering enterprise hosting solutions including colocation. Carpathia Hosting is a growing.200. Contact Carpathia Hosting at 1.carpathiahosting.com/EnterpriseCloud powered by . delivering secure.888.9494. robust and enterprise-grade hosting solutions that can be quickly provisioned or tailored to meet unique requirements. Backed by its E3 Promise.997. The cloud isn’t one size fits all — if it was. CORPORATE: 43480 Yukon Drive.S. Suite 200 Ashburn.carpathiahosting. XenServer™.3900 Toll Free: 1. To support mission critical workloads.com/EnterpriseCloud Citrix®. and are trademarks of Citrix Systems. There is plenty of room for innovation in the enterprise cloud realm. reliable and compliant IT infrastructure and management for some of the world’s most demanding enterprises and federal agencies. Pay for cloud resources on-demand during DR testing and DR events. NetScaler®.7 • COMPLIAnT CLOud Designed to meet government IT standards including FISMA and DIACAP. The key is for an enterprise to define its requirements and seek out a cloud service provider that will work with a customer to architect and implement the right solution vs. or visit www. Virginia 20147 Voice:1. All companies and/or products mentioned in this document are registered or trademarked by their respective organizations. Inc. Carpathia Hosting is a leading provider of managed hosting services. enterprise cloud is a little more than “enterprises using the cloud”.703. Founded in 2003. process and technology.200.5577 References to other products are made to show compatibility. Carpathia Hosting qualifies as a small business.

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