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The eternal Barcelona - Top Historical Attractions In Barcelona This Year

The city exploded by the Olympics in 1992 and since then it experienced a fabulous
boom.Today, Barcelona aspires to the title fame in the areas of dramatic arts, business,
cuisine and design.Among the sights and attractions in Barcelona, we can include the
Roman ruins, but also the modern contemporary architecture, with a sufficient dose of
gothic and modernist. Great artists of the twentieth century such as Pablo Picasso, Joan
Miro and Antoni Tapies, each have their museum.For the tourists, the best starting
place to visit all the sights and attractions is the Barri Gotic (the Gothic Quarter), where
the cathedral, the palaces and the museums are as a painting which depicts the
Catalan spirit.

This year too, Barcelona was one of the most visited cities in Europe. Tourists from all
over the world have considered that this city, full of history, is the ideal place for their
vacation.Let' s see the most visited historical attractions in Barcelona this year.

The Cathedral La Seu

The imposing facade and the bell tower of this cathedral may seem Gothic, but in fact, it
dates from the nineteenth century.Behind the cathedral, in the first chapel, is the grave
of Ramon d'Escal Count of Barcelona, sculpted by Antoni Canetin in 1409. Not less
than 29 side chapels are bordering the nave and the apse, almost each of them with an
interesting piece of altar. Here is the great "Capella del Santissim Sagrament", whose
crucifix dates from the sixteenth century.Around this crucifix there are a lot of
legends.One of them says that the crucifix was worn on the ship of Don Juan of Austria
in the Battle of Lepanto.

The Arch of Triumph

The Arch of Triumph in Barcelona is a triumphal arch built from colored brick in Mudejar
style - a specific Moorish architectural style.The Arch, designed by the Catalan architect
Josep Vilaseca, is decorated with a large number of statues and bas reliefs.The unique
Arch of Triumph from Barcelona was built for the Universal Exposition in the 1888,
which took place in Parc de la Ciutadella.The Arch of Triumph located at the end of a
wide promenade, served as the main entrance to the exhibition.

Casa Batllo
This is another Gaudi's architectural masterpiece dating from 1905, Casa Batlló is
located on the same avenue as La Pedrera. The house is open to the public, and the
façade is remarkable by the absence of straight lines and corners. This house is
designed to represent the legend of Saint George (patron of Catalonia).The balconies
are protected by skulls and bones 
similar to the vertebral column, which represents victims of the dragon. The roof is like
the dragon's hunched back .Casa Batlo was and is definitely a major historical attraction
of Barcelona.

Mayor Synagogue

One of the oldest synagogues in Europe is located in the center of Barcelona, in the old
Jewish district, and it is known as the Mayor Synagogue . For centuries this place of
worship has been used for various purposes, but it was closely related to the bloodiest
day in the history of the Jewish community in Barcelona - August 5, 1931, when they
were killed.It seems that this year, the Mayor Synagogue was a tourist attraction visited
by many people.

Considerations when thinking about opening a coffee shop

Opening a coffee shop is a "classic" business idea that is successful across the globe.
The big cities and tourist areas are full of cafes that have been running for many years,
and that's why it's one of the business ideas that go through the head of the vast
majority of those who dream of starting a small business. But in business, nothing is
simple, and although it is a business idea that theoretically has great chances to
succeed, many people know that there is also a problem: competition! The battle to win
coffee lovers goes on several levels, including classic cafes, bars, restaurants, coffee
vending machines, or mini cafes that apply the Coffe 2 Go concept. So, do you want to
open a coffee shop? Here are some considerations when thinking about opening a
coffee shop! 
Regardless of the type of coffee shop you want to open, the first question you have to
ask yourself is if there is a proper market. If you want to have a café in a town of 10-15
thousand inhabitants where there are already 2 restaurants and 3 bars, you have to
think very well if it is worth investing your money in it. So the first step you need to do is
market analysis. Have you found a place with intense pedestrian traffic, especially in the
morning, where would you start your business? Is the price reasonable? If so,
depending on the available space, you can think of a classic café, or if the space is
small to one that offers "packed coffee" to hurried passers-by.

The second issue to consider is how much it costs to start the business. If you have
found a great location for opening a classic coffee shop, you should know that
nowadays clients are becoming more and more pretentious and if you open, like 20
years ago, a café with some simple wooden tables, you have no chance to succeed. To
be successful, you're forced to make a coffee shop more special than the rest, in which
case the setting and endowment of the café can cost you a lot. 

The next aspect to be considered is profitability. The goal of any business is to make
profit, and the bigger it is, the better for the business owner. In a "classic" business, the
rule is simple: large investments bring high profits and small investments bring small
profits. Of course the statement is true only if the market analysis has been done
correctly and the employees are in line with the expectations of the clients.

Conclusion: If you're thinking about opening a coffee shop, choosing your business
model depends on the potential of the market, the money you can invest, and of course
the managerial abilities. Invest your money according to the results of your analysis and
good luck!

All-Natural Ways to Stay Young

Although the aging process is natural and can not be stopped, there are several ways
that can slow it. Here are all-natural ways to stay young for much longer.

Drink plenty of water

The human body contains about 70% water but the daily routine diminishes this
valuable resource . Drink a minimum of 7 glasses of water every day! An adequate
water content will hydrate the body and will maintain the internal organs in a good
state.Moreover, water will help your skin look flexible, vibrant and supple, keeping it
hydrated .

Eliminate stress as much as possible!

Each person is stressed, but if you learn how to manage it, your life will be much better.
When you're stressed, you lose the natural balance of the body and the generation of
collagen. There are several ways you can reduce mental stress. Deep breathing
,meditation and sports can be a handy solution.
A healthy diet plays an important role
In order to keep your body young is imperative to eat healthy. Raw fruits and vegetables
should not be missing from your daily diet.
Orange fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene, it is better to be consumed slightly
cooked. This method stimulates the uptake of beta-carotene.

Physical exercises and relaxation keep the body young

Physical activities are recommended at least 4 times a week. If you do not like sports,
try a daily walk through the park. Also three times a week, try relaxation exercises like
yoga or tai chi to keep your mind clear. These methods allow a proper oxygenation of
the brain. 

Take care of your skin naturally

For a youthful skin use with confidence natural masks. There are many products that
you can use. For example, fruit masks vitaminizes the skin , milk provides the
necessary hydration, aloe vera helps to reduce wrinkles and slow the aging process and
the list goes on. Use a natural mask at least twice a week.

As you can see, a healthy lifestyle is the trick by which you can fool the time.Take care
of yourself and use the mother nature to fight against the passage of time.

World's Best 2015 Top Resorts in Europe

A great resort is a destination itself, not just a place for accommodation and some resorts
deserve to buy a plane ticket just to visit them . Here are World's Best 2015 Top Resorts in
Europe - 4 European jewels.

Waldorf Astoria, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The most luxurious hotel from Amsterdam is a newcomer on the market, hidden into 6 noble
houses from 17th and 18th century, on the elegant Herengracht canal. A hand carved staircase
Louis XIV style lobby gives a regal tone, but those 93 stairs have rather a minimalist approach.
The building combines classic and modern with romantic accents.About Vault bar in the hotel ,
that attracts every evening a refined clientele, it is said that offers the best martini in

Adler Mountain Lodge - Italy

It took lots of years of planning for realizing this great resort with a wonderful design that used
the woodworking tradition of the Dolomites.
The artisans have used only spruce wood in order to build about 18 guests rooms with windows
that frame perfectly the view of white peaks nearby. The wool tapestry perfectly completes the
hotel's alpine theme.Rooms are equipped with fireplaces, sauna and leather carpets. Tourists
have access to a heated pool and the restaurant has Tyrolean specific. This hotel is a great
base for cycling, trekking and skiing.

25hours Hotel Bikini, Berlin, Germany

Here are some signs that this is not a normal hotel: 10 bicycles are on the ceiling in lobby , in
the bathrooms you can find comics on the walls and hammocks make the law on the 3rd floor.
The hotel has 149 rooms and is located in the district of West Berlin, which has become "cool
"with this new resort. 
Leaving aside the strange details of the design, this is a very comfortable place. The spacious
rooms have a youthful and a modern air, and the black bathrooms surprise many tourists. An
attraction of the hotel is the rooftop terrace called the Monkey Bar, which quickly became a
magnet for stylish Berliners who know what is a quality party.

Ham Yard Hotel, London, England

Of course the British capital can also be proud of a special resort. All the 91 hotel rooms
surround a tree in the middle of a courtyard. The hotel offers a spa, a cinema, a boutique full of
rare products, and - the best part - a great library with a huge fireplace.The restaurant offers
English cuisine.The rooms are a fantasy of designs, colors and textures, but the most surprising
interior design is found on the ground floor, where it was installed a bowling alley from 1950,
imported from Texas.

Because of its many attractions, places full of history and breathtaking landscapes, Europe is
definitely a must see in life. Building on the impressive tourist potential, many European
countries have built resorts and their visitors have some unforgettable trips. Nowadays, lots of
European states are competing in the construction of unique resorts that not only attract tourists
but also provide experiences and new images.Given that the the offer is extremely wide, the
choice is yours, and your vacation can turn anytime into a special one.